A few institutions have made a selection of their EAD-encoded finding aids available for viewing over the internet. Some are available as html files (converted from the SGML) and are viewable on any standard web browser. Others send the finding aids directly as SGML, requiring the user to have an SGML-aware client to view them. Currently the only net-capable SGML browser is SoftQuad's Panorama. Some institutions make their finding aids available in both formats.

Online Archive of California
A selection from 13 institutions. These are served out as HTML files converted on-the-fly from the SGML via Inso Corporation's DynaWeb server.

American Heritage Union Database
A selection from 4 institutions covering finding aids that deal with American culture and heritage. These are served out as HTML files converted on-the-fly from the SGML via Dynaweb

Library of Congress Sample Finding Aids
Requires Panorama

UC San Diego Finding Aids
A subset of Mandeville Special Collections Library's finding aids are available in both SGML and HTML, generated programmatically from a database. The SGML version is indexed and searchable by means of Verity Query Language

Yale University Finding Aids
A collection of EAD-encoded finding aids are stored and served out via an Open Text database. These are served out in both HTML and native SGML formats

Duke University Finding Aids
Finding aids served in SGML (requires Panorama) or may be converted on-the-fly to HTML from OCLC's FRED.

Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries Finding Aids
A very nice site of 20+ finding aids served out in SGML (requires Panorama) and in some cases in HTML as well.

The Harvard/Radcliffe Finding Aids
A collection of approximately 65 finding aids served out in SGML (requires Panorama) with a handful served out in HTML (more forthcoming).

University of Virginia Finding Aids
Database of finding aids at UVA [currently a test site].