Procedure For Bringing New Affiliates Into The OAC Project

  1. Identify contacts and obtain addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. This list should include all the names of individuals to be added to the project listserv as well.

    New affiliates may contact:
    *Gabriela A. Montoya
    250 Moffitt Library
    Electronic Text Unit
    University of California Berkeley
    Berkeley, California 94720
    Phone: (510) 642-0911

    *In cases where Gabriela may be away from the phone, please feel free to contact:
    Alvin Pollock at the above phone number as well.
  2. Familiarize new affiliates with the project guidelines and procedures for participating.

  3. Add names to listserv. Announce new affiliates to the list and welcome them.

  4. Set up procedures for FTP'ing finding aids to the project.

    1. Have affiliates send finding aid files in the original wordprocessing format.
    2. Advise affiliates to NOT send files as e-mail attachments.
    3. Inform affiliates of precautions to be taken if/when mailing finding aid files on a floppy via mail (i.e. take extra care in packaging the floppy so as to prevent damage).

  5. Add new table in Access database for OAC affiliates.

  6. Gather pertinent information in order to set up the template for the institution.

  7. Do first finding aid as a priority in order to establish the review and publication procedures.

    1. Outline the procedures for corrections (quality control).
    2. Offer to give the institution the sgml-encoded archival file.

  8. Set up new institution ‘collection’ in DynaWeb database.

  9. Add finding aids to queue awaiting conversion; establish priorities for conversion.

  10. Review and publish finished finding aids.

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Last revised: April 12, 1999