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A Curriculum for Middle and High School Students

Quote from "The Social Importance of the Modern School"

The modern school, in teaching history, must bring before the child a panorama of dramatic periods and incidents, illustrative of the main movements and epochs of human development. It must, therefore, help to develop an appreciation in the child of the struggle of past generations, for progress and liberty, and thereby develop a respect for every truth that aims to emancipate the human race. . . . A new day is dawning when the school will serve life in all its phases and reverently lift each human child to its appropriate place in a common life of beneficent social efficiency, whose motto will be not uniformity and discipline but freedom, expansion, good will and joy for each and all.

--Emma Goldman, "The Social Importance of the Modern School"
(Emma Goldman Papers, Rare Books and Manuscripts Division, New York Public Library).

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