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A Curriculum for Middle and High School Students

Using the Documents

The documents are organized into five topics:

Freedom of Expression
Women's Rights
Art and Literature of Social Change

These topics can be taught in any sequence. The documents also may be used individually or in a combination of your choosing. The materials are appropriate for use by students individually, in small groups, or with the entire class.

The questions accompanying each document target a broad range of learning skills from recall to critical thinking. They provide the class with an opportunity to discuss both history and relevant current issues. The reading level varies among documents. The short biographical sketch is intended for easy reading; the fuller biographical essay is appropriate for more advanced students.

Documents were selected to suit the diverse learning styles and interests of 8th through 12th grade students. Each of the five topics includes suggested activities through which students may explore the broader significance of the documents and their context.

The Glossary defines terms that appear in the documents that may be unfamiliar to students. The Selected Resources section includes annotations on books, media, and literature.

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