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A Lasting Treasure

This year donors of $250 or more will receive signed copies of Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years, volumes 1, 2, 3 (after November 2012)..

Both volumes are also available in paperback from University of Illinois Press: Vol. 1 | Vol. 2

Donors of $200 over the years may also request an Emma Goldman police mugshot mug

Donate By Mail

Click here for information on how to send in your gift via mail.

Donate Online

The project is now accepting donations online. Just click the above link to be connected to the University of California's online giving form.

Emma's List

A donation of at least $100 will place you on Emma's List -- a stellar group of individuals who are helping to ensure that Goldman's paper's become an indelible part of the nation's documentary record. Emma's List will be highlighted in the acknowledgements of the forthcoming four-volume book edition. Don't be left out!


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