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A donation of at least $100 will place you on Emma's List -- a stellar group of individuals who are helping to ensure that Goldman's papers become an indelible part of the nation's documentary record. Emma's List will be highlighted in the acknowledgements of the forthcoming four-volume book edition, to be published by the University of California Press. Don't be left out!

The Emma Goldman Papers thanks all of our supporters — many of whom have not yet been added to the following list — for helping to keep history alive through their generous contributions.

Sustaining Sponsors

National Historical Publications & Records Commission

Joseph Cerny, Linda Fabbri, & Susan Hirano, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, University of California

Lois Blum Feinblatt, Irving & Lois Blum Foundation

Steven Silberstein

Cora Weiss, Samuel Rubin Foundation
Judith Taylor, Murray & Grace Nissman Foundation

National Endowment for the Humanities
The William Bingham Foundation
The Ford Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Commonwealth Fund

Mecca Reitman Carpenter
the late Marcus Cohn & the late Harryette Cohn
Marilyn French
Maya Miller

Carolyn Patty Blum
Mariam Chamberlain
Patrick Coughlin
E.L. & Helen Doctorow
Matthew & Victoria Engle
Peter Glassgold & Susan Thibodeau
Nancy Hewitt & Steven Lawson
Ronald Hill
Ronald Hogeland
Eric Alan Isaacson & Susan Kay Weaver
Bill Jersey & Shirley Kessler
Robert Segal & Nancy Bissell Segal
Judith Smith & Family
Shirley Van Bourg

California Council for the Humanities
H.W. Wilson Foundation
Lucius W. Littauer Foundation
The Los Angeles Educational Partnership
Milken Family Foundation

Agape Foundation
American Council for Learned Societies
Bill Jersey & Shirley Kessler, Catticus Corporation
Chadwyck-Healey, Inc.
Earl Warren Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union
Barbara Dobkin, Ma’yan
The Jewish Women’s Project
The Funding Exchange
Hunt Alternatives Fund
The Streisand Foundation
The Vanguard Foundation


Lydia Aronowitz, beloved mother, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law and cherished friend. May her goodness, beauty and sparkle live on in all of us. From Merrill, Andrew, Todd and Adam Stone and her niece, Candace Falk

Leonard Baskin is remembered by Lisa Baskin.

Thomas H. Beadling is remembered by Patricia A. Thomas.

Sarah Bellush, who loved, & taught him to admire, Emma Goldman is remembered by her son, Bernard Bellush

Warren K. Billings, dignified friend & colleague of Alexander Berkman, sentenced to life imprisonment in association with the 1916 Preparedness Day bombing, is remembered by his niece, Marguerite Joseph

Ben & Ida Capes, Emma’s dear friends & comrades, are remembered by David & Judith Capes, their grandchildren; by Bonnie Capes Tabatznik, their daughter; & by Susan & Albert Chasson, their niece & nephew

Alice Checkovitz Mahoney is remembered by her niece, Susan Wladaver-Morgan

Stephanie Checkovitz Wladaver is remembered by her daughter, Susan Wladaver-Morgan

Sarah T. Crome, who helped found the Emma Goldman Papers, is remembered by Andrea Sohn, her niece; Esther & the late Eugene Revitch, her sister & brother-in-law; & by her friends, Victoria Brady, Dale Freeman, Ken Kann & Stephanie Pass

Anna Schilhaus Diamond, Emma Goldman’s seamstress, is remembered by David Diamond, her son.

Marlene Carol Clemens is remembered by her parents, Mary & Alan Dietch

Sophie & Joe Desser, Emma’s dear friends & comrades are remembered by their daughter, Mildred Desser Grobstein

The Ferrer Colony & Modern School of Stelton, New Jersey are remembered by Sally Brown

Emma Goldman was remembered by the late Arthur Bortolotti, with gratitude for fighting "her last battle with the authorities, a battle that lasted until her last breath," on his behalf. Emma Goldman is also remembered by David Diamond with gratitude for encouraging him in his youth to pursue his musical interest & "kling in de ganze Velt"

Esther Laddon, who gave Emma a home in Canada during her exile is remembered by her daughter, Ora Laddon Robbins.

Sarah Lazar is remembered by Shirley Van Bourg

Aunt Faye Levy – a great lady! is remembered by Merrill Stone, by her nephew Neil Solomon & family, & by her niece Candace Falk.

Rella B. Lossy is remembered by Frank T. Lossy

Henry Mayer, friend & fellow biographer, is remembered by Candace Falk

Jane Maverick Welsh is remembered by Béa Welsh Weicker

The late Jessica Mitford & the late Bob Treuhaft are remembered by Peter Stansky

Curtis W. Reese, who delivered Emma’s last eulogy at her gravesite is remembered by his son, Curtis W. Reese, Jr.

Ben Reitman, Emma’s road manager & lover, is remembered by his daughter, Mecca Reitman Carpenter

Zilith Rosen Turitz is remembered by her niece, Nancy Chodorow

Arthur Leonard Ross, Emma’s lawyer & friend, is remembered by his sons, Ralph & Edgar Ross

Irma Sherman, aunt, soul-mate, & respected member of Emma’s List, is remembered by her daughter Valerie Broad and and her niece Candace Falk

Jenny Sidney, comrade & mother, is remembered by Barry & Paul Pateman

Julie Van Bourg is remembered by her mother, Shirley Van Bourg

Kate Wolfson, a friend and admirer of Emma, with whom she shared fun and sun in St. Tropez and Bon Esprit, is remembered by her daughter, Irene Schneiderman

In honor of those who continue to keep Emma's spirit alive--

Lois Blum Feinblatt is honored by the Malino Family.

Jane M. Bouvier is honored by her daughter, Virginia Bouvier

David Caplan is honored by his father, Michael Caplan

Jane Falk is honored by by Merill, Andy, Todd, and Adam Stone

Katy Fenn is honored by Nancy Hewitt

Joseph Friedman is honored by his son Larry Friedman

Eleanor Engstrand & Marge Frantz are honored by Carol Jean & Edward F. Newman

Dorothy R. Healey is honored by Carol Jean & Edward F. Newman

Emma Samelson Jones is honored by Renee Samelson.

Carol Lasser is honored by Cathy Kornblith

David Madson honors his daughter Antonia, "who embodies Emma's spirit"

Kiersten Amanda Roesemann is honored by her father & mother, Douglas N. Roesemann & Marla Erbin-Roesemann

Vera Weiss is honored by Barbara Bloch.

Jean Wilkinson is honored by her friend Lyn Reese

Ari Wohlfeiler is honored by Dan Wohlfeiler.

Emma Wolf is honored by her parents, Louis Wolf & Dolores Newman

Joseph Zelnick is honored by Carl N. Degler

Individual Sponsors

Martha Ackelsberg
Herb Adelman
Janet Adelman
Harriet Alonso
Lisa D. Alvarez & Andrew Tonkovich
Carol Amyx
Ron Anastasia & Kim Anway-Anastasia
Elizabeth Anderson & the late Henry Mayer
Bill Andrews
Joyce Appleby
Jeffery Travis Atwood

Alan Becker
Helen Becker
Jonathan Becker
Marlou Belyea
Eric Berg
Estelle & Howard Bern
Carmina Bernardo
Conn and Anne Hallinan
Elizabeth Berry
Rebeccalyn Bilodeau
Katharine & Charles Blackman
Barbara Bloch
Lynn A. Bonfield
Danice Bordett & William Schechner
Jo Ann Boydston
Marion Brenner & Robert Shimshak
Ramsay Breslin
Bill Broderick
Philip & Sunny Brodsky
Robert Browning & Linda Maio
June & the late Abe Brumer
Mary Lynn Bryan
Paul Bundy

Nancy Caldwell & Ed Sorel
David & Judith Capes
Jane Caplan
Mortimer Caplin
Scott Carpenter
Candace M. Carroll
Clayborne & Susan Carson
JoAnn Castagna
Joseph & Susan Cerny
Yvette Chalom & Paul Fogel
Miriam Chamberlain
Susan Chasson
Bob Cherny
Leah & Marvin Chodorow
Nancy Chodorow
Noam Chomsky
Harry Chotiner
Joy Christenberry
Pat Cody
Natalie Cohen
Elizabeth Colton
William J. Connell
Charles & Beverly Connor
J. Scott & Josie Porras Corporon
Margaret Corrigan Maureen Corrigan & Richard J. Yeselson
Nancy Cott
Carole M. Counihan
Seth Schein & Sherry Crandon
Victoria Crane & Matthew Engle
Matthew & Linda Creager
Fred Croton

Carol DeBoer-Langworthy
Edward de Grazia
Carl Degler
Anna DeLeon
Michael Denneny
John P. Diggens
Barbara Dobkin
Martin & Jill Dodd
Conrad Donner
Martin Duberman
Robert Dunn
William J. Dunn

Jack Edelman
Samuel & Hope Efron
Robin Einhorn
Diane Ehrensaft & Jim Hawley
Eugene & Laurel Eisner
Robert Elias & Jennifer Turpin
Alan C. Elms
Ronald Elson
Shelly Errington
Laurel & Eugene Eisner
Roz Elms & Donald Sutherland
Barbara Epstein

Jane Fajans & Terry Turner
Jane Falk
Elaine Feingold & Randall M. Shaw
Maria Ovina Geldman
Laura Fenster
Emily Filloy & David Weintraub
Robert & Barbara Fishman
Bruce Fodiman
Shirley & Christopher Forster
Steve Fortuna
Nancy Fox
B. Franklin & the late Joan F. Kahn
Marge Frantz & Eleanor Engstrand
Estelle Freedman
Bette Fried
Mark Friedman & Marjorie Solomon Friedman
Robert & Ann Friedman
James & Dianne Fristrom
William Lee Frost
Lisa Fructman & Norman Postone

Judith Gardiner
Daniel & Tina Garrison
Dan C. & Erica Marks George
Donald Gibson
Christina & John Gillis
Nancy Gordon
Sarah Barringer Gordon
Bonnie Glaser
Ruth Glaser
Susan Glenn & James Gregory
Neil Goldberg & Hagit Cohen
Sam & Maria Goldberger
Rick Goldsmith & Sussana Tadlock
Nancy Gordon & Ken Kirsch
Ralph Gorin
Joanne Grant & Victor Rabinowitz
Janet Greenberg
Eleanor Greene
Denyse Gross & Kenneth Morrison
Rachael Grossman
Susan Groves & Eric Anderson
Mary Gutzi
Roland Guyotte

Alice Hall
Conn and Anne Hallinan the late Alice Hamburg
Robert Hamburger
Larry Hannant
Louis & Sadie Harlan
James Harrell
Nina Hartley
Martin O. Heisler
Stuart Hellman
Leroy Hertel
Frederick Hertz
Robert Hillman & Olivia Crawford
Sally Hindman
Adrienne Hirt & Jeff Rodman
Barbara Hoffer
Ronald Hogeland
Pat Holland
Chris Hoofnagle
Victor & Lorraine Honig

Elizabeth Jameson
Susan Jarratt
Thomas E. Jeffrey
Donald Sarason & Mary Jennings
Erica Jong & Ken Burrows
Marguerite Joseph

Henry & Mickey Gillmor
Jane Kahn
Kathy Kahn
Peggy Kahn
Susan Kaplan
Deborah Kaufman & Alan Snitow
Bruce Kayton
Loretta Kensinger
Richard E. & Linda K. Kerber
John Kessell
Alice Kessler-Harris
Kristina Kiehl & Bob Friedman
Kathleen King
Barbara Kingsolver & Steven Hopp
Jessie & James Kingston
Heather & Scott Kleiner
Betty Klausner
Harvey Klein
Scott & Heather Kleiner
Hannah Kranzberg
Julia Kraut
Jay Kugelman

Robin Lakoff
Arthur Charles Leahy & Mary Kathyrn Leahy
Eleanore Lee & Ronald Elson
Madeline Lee
Jesse Lemisch & Naomi Weisstein
Gerda Lerner
Paula Gordon Leventman
Cornelia & Lawrence Levine
Lynda & Carl Levinson
Rita Lewis, Veda and Ofurhe Igbinedion
Steve & Judith Lipson
Rae & William Lisker
Kristin Luker

Nancy MacKay
Jonathan & Sarah Malino
Peter Manicas
Maeva Marcus
Daniel Marschall
Mary Ann Mason
Antje Mattheus & David Kairys
Mary Lynn McCree Bryan
Maggie McFadden
Jennifer Mei & Han Min Liu
Diane Middlebrook & Carl Gerassi
Frederika Miller
Sally Miller & Peg Keranen
Sigrid Miller & Robert Pollin
the late Jessica Mitford & the late Robert Treuhaft
Elissa Mondschein
Dominic Montagu
Marie Morgan
Laura Shaw Murra

Marty Nesselbush Green
Jeffrey Nichols
the late Morris Novik

Karen Offen

Nell Painter
Catherine Pantsios
Thomas Peabody
John Peck
Joan Peters & Peter Passell
Agnes F. Peterson
Antonia Pileggi
Robert Pollin
Carl Prince & family
Coby Prins
the late Adele Proom

Leslie Rabine
Ferenc Raj & Paula Wolk
Harold Ramis
Alan Ramo
Brenda Richardson
Joan & Robert Reese
Victor Roberge
David Roediger
Doug & Audrey Roesemann
Shelly & Coleman Romalis
Peter Rose & Daniel Burton Rose
Joanna Rose
Ruth Rosen
Carolyn Smith Rosenberg
Erica Rosenfeld & James Wilson
Florence Rosenstock & James van Luik
Roy Rosenzweig
Marshall Ross
Matthew Ross & Gloria Lawrence
Shelia Rowbotham
Lillian & Hank Rubin
Lucio & Marcia Ruotolo

Paul & Prentice Sack
Jeffry & Jerolyn Sackman
Harriet Sage
Samuel Salkin & Frankie Whitman
Renee Samelson
Ann Samuelson
Susan Sanvidge & Paul Bluestone
Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins
Camille Saviola
Jaymie Sawyer
Virginia Scardigli
Danny Scher
Lillian Schlissel
Ann & Richard Schmidt, Jr.
Jim Schmidt
Irene Schneiderman
Herb Schreier
Frank & Irene Schubert
Donna Schulman
Jane & Jerome Schultz
Marilyn & Harvey Schwartz
Jules & the late Helen Seitz
Juliet Shaffer
Susan Shaw & Thomas W. Crane
Dick Sheldon
Julius & the late Irma Sherman
Michelle Shocked & Bart Bull
Hannah Shostack
Alix Kates Shulman
Barbara Sicherman
Harriet F. & John Simon
Kitty Sklar & Thomas Dublin
Arlene & Jerome Skolnick
Janet Small
Judith Ellen Smith
Deborah Kaufman & Alan Snitow
Yvon Soares
Margaret Sokolik
Naomi Solomon
Claire Sotnick
Daniel Soyer
Robert Grayson Spillers
Judith Stacey
Peter Stansky
Randolph & Frances Starn
Brenda Start & Charlene Lofgren
Judith Stiehm
Gloria Steinem
Pessl Beckler Semel Stern
Jean Stone
Susan Strasser
Braig Syverson

Evelyn & Norman Tabachnick
Susanna Tadlock & Rick Goldsmith
Suzanne Talmachoff
G. Thomas Tanselle
Reesa Tansey
Dickran L. & Ann Hulting Tashjian
Patricia Anne Thomas
Barrie Thorne
Fern Tiger
Irene Tinker
Ted Tipton
Barbara Tischler
Pamela McCorduck & Joseph Traub
George L. Turin
William M. Tuttle, Jr.
Elaine Tyler & Lary May

Laurel & Gael Ulrich
Carol Unger

Tish M. Valva
Katrina Van den Heuvel
Florence Rose van Luik
Jill & Rudolph Vecoli
Maria Vullo

Richard Walker
Daniel & Judith Walkowitz
Bridget Walsh & Louis Plachowski
Deborah & Dan Waterman
Bruce Watson
Brenda Webster & Ira Lapidus
Bonnie Lynn Weimer
Lynn Weiner & Tom Moher
Myra Weiner
Lila Weinberg
Lynn Weiner & Thomas Moher
Cora Weiss
Jeffrey Conrad & Janet Corey Weiss Susan Wengraf
Marcia Whitebook
Blanche Wiesen Cook
the late Norma Wikler
Norman Francis & Beverly Dean Williams
Beth Wilson
Erica Rosenfeld & James Wilson
Vickie Wilson
Barbara Winslow
Ann Wrixon
the late K. K. Wu

Susumu Yamaizumi

Fay Zadeh
Rhonda Zangwill
Naomi Zauderer
Martin Zeilig
Margaret Zierdt
Roslyn & Howard Zinn
Joan Zoloth
Carol Zullman & Eric Taub

and special thanks to our many donors who chose to remain anonymous

We at the Emma Goldman Papers will sorely miss several staunch supporters who have died in the last year--and honor the memory of Professor Michael Rogin, member of our advisory board whose appreciation dated back to his great aunt Rosie Rogin who, in 1906, was arrested with Emma Goldman; Alice Hamburg, a founder of Women for Peace; Helen Seitz, the life-long activist who grew up in anarchist colonies and remembered sitting on Emma's lap as a child; Bob Treuhaft, labor lawyer and friend; Marcus Cohn, attorney and educator devoted to Emma and to the concept of freedom; Norma Wikler, who longed for the guidance of an Emma; and several sweet family members of the Goldman Papers' staff, including Abe Brumer, Lydia Aronowitz, Faye Levy, and Irma Sherman, all of whom supported our work in their own quiet way.

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