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Transcription of Goldman's letter to Margaret Sanger

To Margaret Sanger

[St. Louis] Dec 8. [1915]

My dear

I wrote you a long letter from Chicago yester day. To day I heard that our good friends Schroeder & others are urging you to plead guilty.

That would be too awful Just kill the movement you have helped to advance in 50 years I hope you will do no such a thing. That you will be as brave as you have so far

Dear dear Girl, I appreciate your state of mind I feel deeply all you have gone through since you began your work. But at the same time I feel that it would be a great impardonable error were you now throw allow yourself to be beaten. To compromise when there is no need of it.

You have friends all over the country You can have what ever means will be needed to fight. You have aroused the interest, as no one ever has Think of losing it all by declaring yourself guilty. Don't do it

I have a suggestion to make to you. Hold out until I come back the 23 rd of this month Then go away with me for 2 weeks to Lakewood or some place. I am terribly tired and need a rest We'd both gain much and I would help you find yourself

What do you think to this? Let me know But in any event don't decide right now what you want to do about your case, don't.

Write me Gen Del Indianapolis Ind With love. E G

ALI, Margaret Sanger Papers, DLC. On stationery of the Marquette Hotel, St. Louis. In an endorsement at the top of the letter, Sanger later wrote: "Emma Goldman 1915"; and at the end of the letter, "Emma Goldman who had heard that the lawyers etc were putting pressure on me to plead guilty."

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