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Hearst Metrotone Newsreel (vol. 5, issue 239): "Famous Anarchist Back From Exile," Emma Goldman, February 2, 1934, New York City

After living in exile for fifteen years, Emma Goldman was granted permission to return to the United States for a brief ninety-day tour on the condition that she limit her lectures to topics involving literature and drama. Her return garnered not only front-page newspaper coverage but also newsreel interviews, such as this one from Hearst Metrotone News.

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[title slide: "New York City"]

Narrator:"How times have changed! Emma Goldman, exiled as a dangerous anarchist fifteen years ago, is back again on a ninety-day permit. No longer the fiery 'Red Emma,' she seems considerably tamed as she faces the reporters."

Reporter: "How about Hitler?"

Goldman: "I don't know him and don't want to."

Reporter: "What is your opinion of Italy?"

Goldman: "Beautiful country, minus Mussolini."

Reporter: "What is your opinion of President Roosevelt?"

Goldman: "I'm glad that President Roosevelt has been one of the very few men in the White House who has come to realize the right of the working people to organize and to better their condition by means of their organized power."

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