Subject Summary Tape File 1:
Foreign-born population in the United States

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Brief Data Description

Content: Sample data weighted to represent the total population; 100-percent counts and unweighted sample counts for total persons and total housing units.

Population items include: ability to speak English, age, children ever born, citizenship, class of worker, disability status, earnings in 1989, educational attainment, employment status, family type and presence and age of children, group quarters, household size, household type and relationship, income in 1989, industry, labor force status, language spoken at home, linguistic isolation, living arrangements, marital status, nativity, occupation, poverty status in 1989, school enrollment, sex, veteran status, workers in family, year of entry.

Housing items include: gross rent, housing units, kitchen facilities, mortgage status, persons per room, plumbing facilities, tenure, units in structure, year householder moved into unit.

Geography: United States, regions, divisions, states.

Note: Only the United States and State geographies are available via this Web site.

Related printed reports: CP-3 held at many Federal Depository Libraries or State Data Centers.

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