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The 1990 Census Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) File on CD-ROM is based on civilian labor force data from the 1990 decennial census. The file contains two sample-based sets of tabulations. The first set is a cross-tabulation of a detailed census occupation distribution by sex, race, and Hispanic origin. The second set shows educational attainment for selected age groupings, by sex, race, and Hispanic origin.

The format of the 1990 EEO File is somewhat different from the 1980 version. Each record contains all occupation and educational attainment categories by sex, race, and Hispanic origin. Shown below is an example of how the data are sorted for each geographic unit, that is, for the United States, each State and the District of Columbia, each county, metropolitan area, place of 50,000 or more persons within each State, and for 12 States, minor civil divisions of 50,000 or more persons. The file will contain data for two sets of three tables (six altogether).

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