1990 Census, Public Law 94-171
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About the data set:
This data set resulted from the census count required by P.L. 94-171 and is used in preparing plans for reapportionment of state legislative districts. The files contain a count of all persons and all housing units in the geographic area. The files provide data for the states and their subareas in hierarchical sequence down to the block level. The P.L. files also have inventories of the following geographic areas: county subdivision, place consolidated city, state portion of American Indian and county portion of American Indian.

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disc 1 - Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon
disc 2 - Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia
disc 3 - Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wisconsin
disc 4 - Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, Wyoming
disc 5 - California, New York
disc 6 - Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island
disc 7 - Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah
disc 8 - Hawaii, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Texas
disc 9 -Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania
disc 10 - New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia
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