Pathfinder Enrichment Project

This is a prototype system designed to show how easy it could be to have student workers scan tables of contents and indexes and link them to the library catalog (which, at Berkeley, is called Pathfinder). For more information about this demonstration, please see the original draft project proposal. Due to political and procedural constraints, the proposal was not submitted in this form. It is here only to help explain the concept and underlying technology. All told, it took a few days to create what you see here.

There is only one book represented in this demonstration: The Opening of the Apartheid Mind: Options for the New South Africa (which by coincidence also happens to now be online in its entirety). Therefore, a search on terms like "Mandela" or "Inkatha" would be appropriate. Due to changing systems, the link to the library catalog record no longer works, and I have not taken the time to fix it. Sorry!

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