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Current Awareness

Linked - Texas Z39.50 List
An electronic discussion regarding implementing Z39.50 systems in the state of Texas. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe z3950-tx yournamehere" to
Linked - Z39.50 Implementor's Workshop Discussion
A very technical and often prolific discussion. Not for the unanointed or the faint of heart.


Linked - ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1995 (version 3)
The version 3 standard.
Linked - Z39.50 Maintenance Agency
Hosted by the Library of Congress, this is the official Z39.50 site and an essential reference site for Z39.50 information.


Linked - Z39.50 Gateway
A Library of Congress site that links to a number of library catalogs that support Z39.50 access.

Articles & Papers

Linked - Highlights related to the Government Information Locator Service (GILS): Toward a Global Information Locator
By Eliot Christian. Published in D-Lib Magazine, March 1996.
Linked - Recent Developments in GALEN II: Evolution of a Digital Library for the Health Sciences
By John A. Kunze and Brian N. Warling. Published in D-Lib Magazine, March 1996.
Linked - Using the Z39.50 Information Retrieval Protocol in the Internet Environment; RFC 1729
By Clifford Lynch, formerly with the University of California Office of the President.
Linked - Z39.50
An overview article by Susannah Iltis.


Linked - A Web-Z39.50 Gateway from Simon Fraser Univ.
"The Simon Fraser University Library Research Instrument (SLRI), is a web to Z39.50 client interface. SLRI was originally adapted from the existing web to Z39.50 gateway developed by Harold Finkbeiner at Stanford."


Served - UCB Library Pathfinder
The Z39.50-based library catalog of the UC Berkeley Library and gateway to other Z39.50-compliant databases. (using OCLC Sitesearch and WebZ)

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