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In 1935, during the Hutchins and Adler days at the University of Chicago where I was a awarded a scholarship, I went in to see Dr. Merriam, the head of the Political Science Department, to thank him and, at the same time, to explain to him that I was an anarchist. His response was gratifying. He said "Thank God, at last we have an anarchist, rather than another communist or socialist, among our students." That, of course, gratified my ego.

In recent years, I helped to establish The Institute for Learning in Washington, D.C., and during the past few years I have led seminars on anarchism which included, of course, Kropotkin, Bakunin, Proudhon and other anarchists. I save, for the last two sessions, the discussion on Emma Goldman.

I do this because of my adoration for this woman who helped to start, in so many different ways, the social and political revolutions that have occurred in our democratic societies and, in particular, in America during the last 40-50 years. Were it not for her devotion and commitment to liberty--not only for women, but for the entire human race--we would not have made the advances that we have and not just tolerate but advocate diversity in all of its complexions.

In brief, Emma's anarchism was founded on the basic theory that freedom, in all forms, is indigenous to the human race and no social or political structure should inhibit its growth.

Marcus Cohn
Attorney, retired


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