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    Since 1980, the Emma Goldman Papers Project has collected, organized, and published over twenty thousand documents by and about Goldman gathered from archives and libraries around the world. Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years 1890-1919 in four volumes (Vol. 1 & 2, University of Illinois Press | Hardback: Vol. 1 & 2, University of California Press, 2003-2009 | Vol 3 & 4 (forthcoming), Stanford University Press), The Emma Goldman Papers: A Microfilm Edition (Chadwyck Healey Inc., 1991) and its companion reference, Emma Goldman: A Guide to Her Life and Documentary Sources (Chadwyck Healey Inc., 1995), are available in libraries internationally. Encourage your local university or public library to add these valuable resources to their collections.
The project is currently working on a four-volume book edition of The Emma Goldman Papers. The book edition includes selections from Goldman's correspondence, her writings, government surveillance documents, feature articles, and newspaper reports of her lectures.The volumes include in-depth analytical introductions to provide context, narrative, and theory, as well as in-depth glossaries of individuals, periodicals, organizations, and trial fund listing to enrich the reading of complex and challenging texts in an under-documented field of history.

Private support is essential to every phase of the project and will help support the project's publications and ongoing work. We urge those of you who value the preservation of women's history to contribute to the Emma Goldman Papers. With your support, through donations and purchases of our commemorative items, Goldman's courageous legacy will serve the broader public at a time when many of the issues she championed--among them reproductive rights and free speech--remain passionately debated.
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