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Nihon Shoki

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Editions and Copyright Information

The edition of NIHON SHOKI inserted on JHTI is taken from the Shoki Shūge (30 volumes) written by Kawamura Hidene and printed by Ritsuan zô in 1785. A copy of this edition is in the Mitsui Bunko collection held by the East Asian Library in Berkeley. Copies of each paragraph, electronically reproduced and printed in modern Japanese characters of this edition, have been inserted on JHTI.

The English translation of the NIHON SHOKI inserted on JHTI is Nihongi: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697 by William G. Aston, first published in Proceedings of Japan Society in 1896. Permission to publish this translation electronically was granted by the Japan Society in 1999.

Copyright to the Aston translation, published in 1896, is owned by the Japan Society. All rights are reserved. No person or institution is permitted to publish electronically or mechanically any portion of this translation beyond brief quotations or other fair use recognized by international law. Nor is any person or institution permitted to place this translation on CD ROM's or convert this translation to printed copies for sale.

Each page or paragraph of each version of the NIHON SHOKI is cross-tagged with the corresponding paragraph or page of the other two. This makes it possible for the user to see ON THE SAME SCREEN those paragraphs of pages containing the word or passage being studied.