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Shoku nihongi

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Editions and Copyright Information

The edition of SHOKU NIHONGI inserted on JHTI is taken from the third volume of the Rikkokushi (11 volumes), edited by Ariyoshi Saeki, published by Asahi Shinbunsha in 1929. Each paragraph of this text, electronically reproduced and printed in modern Japanese characters, is included in JHTI.

The English translation of the SHOKU NIHONGI inserted on JHTI is "Chronicles of Japan, continued, from 697-791 A.D.," published in The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, Volumes 11 (1934) and 14 (1937), translated with annotations by J. B. Snellen.

Each page or paragraph of each version of the SHOKU NIHONGI is cross-tagged with the corresponding paragraph or page of the other two. This makes it possible for the user to see ON THE SAME SCREEN those paragraphs or pages containing the word or passage being studied.