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Vol. VI, No. 2
February, 1961

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Students In Jail and Out

More cases involving students are reported here than in any previous issue ... students sued and suing, some victorious, other serving time at hard labor:

UCLA students filed suit testing the University's licensing requirement for sale of literature on campus. Peck, 14.8.

Four NY students were charged with malicious mischief for painting these words on a Civil Defense model fallout shelter: "Sanity? Reality? Morality?" Rosen, 58.13. A Newton, NY senior was suspended from school for passing out leaflets protesting a school air raid drill, 64.2.

While a Scotch graduate student got his student visa extended to permit completion of his PhD despite his having picketed UnAmerican Activities Comm. hearings in San Francisco, Johnston, 258.10, the First Amendment contempt conviction of another graduate student was affirmed by CA 7. Yellin, 271.33.

Increasing numbers of Southern white students joined Southern Negro students in sit-in demonstrations. While many were convicted and are awaiting appeals, several chose to serve time rather than pay fines in Rock Hill, 552.SC4a, and Lynchburg, 552.Va10, and 89 are jailed pending trial in Atlanta, 552.Ga12. And see 552.Va11.

After serving two sit-in sentences, a white Florida student was refused readmittance to Fla. State Univ. Parker, 552.Fla5b. The appeal of Alabama students from their expulsion for sit-in activities is pending in CA 5. Dixon, 552.Ala1a.

On the other side, students convicted in Marshall sit-ins were freed by the Tex. Ct. of Crim. Appeals. 552.Tex2a.

Teaching — A Hazardous Occupation

The U.S. Supreme Court (5-4) held the Arkansas Teacher Affidavit Law unconstitutional. Carr and Shelton, 280.13, .14.

Meanwhile, NYC teachers, reinstated after refusing to "inform or else", sue for back pay lost during their unemployed years. Adler, 280.5c.

California teachers fight for teaching credentials against charges of conscientious objector activity, Martinson, 120.22, refusal to answer questions before UnAmerican Activities Comm., Mass, 342.4, Erb, 342.13, and for being subpoenaed by the Comm., Macks, 280.16.

The Dean of Men at Lane College and two University of Missouri professors were arrested for photographing a segregated Coca Cola machine and for eating with students Negro and white. 552.Tenn7, 552.Mo2.

A physics prof. from San Diego was arrested for taking a walk at 11:30 p.m. and refusing to show identity papers when asked by police. Brooks, 420.9.

A Michigan teacher was summarily dismissed for giving Camus' "The Stranger" to pupils needing help in reading, tho his "obscenity" conviction for this act was reversed. Olson, 52.23.

The Equal Sex

For the first time in its 11 years on the books, the California Equal Pay statute was successfully invoked to raise the pay of a woman publicity writer to equal that of her male co-worker. Freeman, 572.2.

And Judge Learned Hand held that Petitioner was a person of "as 'good moral character' as is necessary to become a citizen" because "even a continued illicit relation is not inevitably an index of a bad 'moral character'." Posusta, 357.3.

But see Begley, 563.8.

New Integration Battlegrounds

In the first case of its kind, a northern suburban city was ordered by the federal district court to integrate its schools and ungerrymander school attendance districts at once. Taylor, 522.NY4a.

But simultaneously the parents of school segregation — job and housing discrimination — found litigants to test remedial legislation. Fair Housing Practices Laws are being challenged in Colorado, 533.26, Connecticut, 533.35, Massachusetts, 533.33, Oregon, 533.32, New York City, 533.34. Fair Employment Practices Laws are being tested in Colorado and California by interstate carriers claiming no state jurisdiction over them. 571.25, 571.46. A Michigan school board likewise claims immunity from F.E.P.C. legislation. 571.45.


Several examples of justice delayed, but justice done are reported in this issue: Strong, 359.1, Travis, 291.4, Reynolds, 252.52, Carabello, 312.19, Trout, 353.11, Memphis, 551.Tenn4.

But see what happens when a defeated Mississippi Negro student integrationist is convicted of stealing 5 bags of feed, Kennard, 411.12, and an N.A.A.C.P. representative expresses his opinion of the sentence, Evers, 42.5.

Cases in Capsule

...Is the Hollywood Blacklist turning tattle-tale gray? See Wilson, 344.3, Young, 30.7....

...If you're worried about the arrival of Big Brother, don't read Nedrow, 295.1. But do read Husband v. Wife, 301.15. If you take tranquilizers, skip Washington v. Murphy, 303.32, or don't let medical trustee's near your client before he takes the stand in his own defense....

...What IS the Army coming to? See Garlick, 356.11....

...A long way from home: Ida English, 413.3....

New Service for Readers

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