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Vol. VII, No. 4
July, 1962

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Who Is Insane?

A taxpayer refused to pay federal income tax because so much of the money goes for war preparation. He was sent to a federal prison hospital in Iowa for "mental observation". Gormley, 123.23.

A Negro minister and friend attended a Christian Leadership Conference rally in Shreveport, La. They were arrested on a Coroner's commitment for "mental observation". Rev. Walker, 51.33.

Who Is Red, White and Blue?

In 1956, a radio performer sued AWARE, Inc. and its directors for linking him to "Communist conspiracy" and causing him to be blacklisted. In 1962, a jury, after trial, awarded him $1,000,000. compensatory and $1,250,000. punitive damages. Faulk, 269.1.

When Are A Worker's Politics His Boss' Business?

11 Miami workers were fired while organizing a union. NLRB Trial Examiner ordered 6 reinstated, 5 properly discharged. The difference? The 5 had expressed "proCastro" views. Allure Shoe Corp., 30.12.

What Is Academic Freedom?

Hunter College (NYC) has been ordered not to bar the use of its halls to speakers because they voice a minority view or one "not approved of". Buckley, 11.12a.

Tulane University (New Orleans) advised a white student to cease inviting Negro friends to eat with him in the college cafeteria. When he didn't, he was suspended, and sues for reinstatement. Clark, 24.16.

Mississippi Gov. Barnett allegedly called a white student leader a "prominent member" of NAACP. The student did not become editor of the school paper, and now sues the Governor. Barton, 61.16.

55 professors, research assistants, graduate students, visiting professors at University of Washington refuse to sign a loyalty oath, and sue because "the oath unreasonably abridges the freedom of inquiry, communication and dissent that are essential aspects of freedom of speech in a university community." Baggett, 281.1a.

How Maintain Freedom To Become A Grandfather?

Over 100 Americans and many other citizens of the world sue the U.S. Secretary of Defense for an injunction against detonating nuclear weapons which create radio-active fallout and may limit these "natural persons" in their "normal and continuous human relationships as spouses, parents, children, grandchildren, and ancestors of others". Pauling, 490.4a.

Where Does Freedom of the Seas Begin?

U.S. Attorneys in San Francisco and Honolulu got injunctions to prevent American citizens from sailing Everyman I and II into the 1,450,000 square mile nuclear testing area at Christmas Island. Stallings, 252.53; Steadman, 252.54. Then 30 persons were arrested in San Francisco for picketing the federal court building during trial of the Everyman I crew. Sawyer, 51.30.

What Is Representative Government?

Reapportionment suits are now pending in 22 of the 50 United States. Eight cases are reported in this issue. 503.

Equal Justice In What Kind of Courtroom?

Two Negroes were removed from the audience in a Mississippi courtroom and charged with contempt for starting to sit in the "white" section. Brown, 42.8a.

Three white judges were dismissed as parties defendant in the omnibus suit in Lynchburg, Va. seeking to desegregate courtrooms as well as parks, swimming pools, libraries, etc. Wood, 555.Val.

The Court of Appeals for Fifth Circuit did not decide whether a Negro defendant was denied due process because he was tried in a segregated Alabama courtroom. Seals, 512.29.

What Ideas Live After Death?

The California Supreme Court upheld the will of a man who left most of his money in a trust fund for the benefit of Negro children whose parents "have been incarcerated . . . in any Federal, State, County Prison . . ., as a result of the conviction of a crime . . . of a political nature." Said the testator: "I am aware of the unusual and unorthodox provisions. . . . Unorthodoxy or lack of conformity have never been a deterrent or governing factor in my life. They shall play no governing or determining role in my death. . . ." Estate of Robbins, 90.3.

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