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Vol. VIII, No. 3
May, 1963
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The DOCKET is published four times each year, October to July.
DOUGLAS HILL, Assistant Editor



Lecture: Hon. William O. Douglas, Meiklejohn Lecture, Brown U., Providence, R.I., May 3, 1963.

Special Section on Justice Felix Frankfurter: 76 Harvard 1-24, by Dean Acheson, Lord Evershed, Paul A. Freud, Erwin N. Griswold, John M. Harlan, Archibald MacLeish, Reinhold Niebuhr.

Law review articles:

Charles A. Reich, Mr. Justice Black and the living Constitution, 76 Harvard 673-754.

Norman Dorsen, Sen. Eastland's attack on the U.S. Supreme Court: An analysis and response, 111 U. Pa. 693-707.

M. P. Golding, Principled decision-making and the Supreme Court, 63 Columbia 35-58.

Martin Shapiro, Judicial modesty: Down with the old! Up with the new? 10 UCLA 533-560.

Charles Fried, Two concepts of interests: Some reflections on the Supreme Court's balancing test, 76 Harvard 755-78.

Daniel J. Meador, Justice Black and his law clerks, 15 U. Alabama 57-63.

Yosal Rogat, Mr. Justice Holmes: A dissenting opinion, 15 Stanford 254-308.

Joel B. Grossman, Role-playing and the analysis of judicial behavior: The case of Mr. Justice Frankfurter, 11 Journal of Pub. Law 285-309.

Samuel Krislov, The amicus curiae brief: From friendship to advocacy, 72 Yale 694-721.

Henry J. Merry, Scope of the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction: Historical basis, 47 U. Minnesota 53-69.

Arthur Selwyn Miller, The changing role of the United States Supreme Court, 25 Modern L.Q. 641-53.

Alpheus Thomas Mason, Myth and reality in Supreme Court decisions, 48 U. Virginia 1385-1406.

Archibald Cox, The Supreme Court and the federal system, 50 U. California 800-20.


Law review articles:

Thomas I. Emerson, Toward a general theory of the First Amendment, 72 Yale 877-956.

Wallace Mendelson, On the meaning of the First Amendment: Absolutes in the balance, 50 U. California 821-28.

Robert E. Brown, Reinterpretation of the formation of the American Constitution, 42 Boston 412-74.

Norman Redlich, Are there 'certain rights . . . retained by the people'? 37 New York U. 787-812.

Jefferson B. Fordham, The states in the federal system: Vital role or limbo? 49 U. Virginia 666-76.

Charles E. Clark, A plea for the unprincipled decision, 49 U. Virginia 660-65.

Charles L. Black, Jr., The proposed amendment of Article V: A threatened disaster, 72 Yale 877-956.

Stuart S. Nagel, Political parties and judicial review in American history, 11 Journal of Pub. Law 328-40.


Counterrevolution in state constitutional law, 15 Stanford 309-30.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS, ASSEMBLY (0-99) See also Association (200-299)
Law review articles: Milton Conover, Free speech and the common good, 46 Marquette 79-93.

Robert A. Leflar, The free-ness of free speech, 15 Vanderbilt 1073-1084.

10. Licensing
11. Of Meetings (see also 201)

11.3a. ACLU of S. Calif. v. Los Angeles and San Diego Bds. of Educ. (Calif. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 1, 69. Cite: 379 P. 2d 4.
11.15. Fields v. City of Fairfield, Ala. (U.S.S.C., #566.) (143 So. 2nd 177.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 69. March 18, 1963: U.S.S.C. noted prob. juris. Cite: 372 U.S. 940.
12. Of Motion Pictures (see also 52)
13. Of Peddlers
14. Of Books, Magazines (see also 52)

Non-criminal obscenity regulation and freedom of expression, 1962 Washington U. 476-514.

- 92 -

14.10. Haiman and Grove Press, Inc. v. Morris. (Ill. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 2, 69. Ill. Sup. Ct. granted Pls. petition for rehearing. Pending.
14.10a. Grove Press, Inc. and Henry Miller v. Morris. (ND Ill., E. Div., #61 C 1784.)*
14.11. Grove Press, Inc. v. Calissi, Bergen Co. Pros. (DC N.J., #900-61.)*
14.12. Zeitlin v. Arneborgh. (Calif. Dist. Ct. of App., #26592.)*
14.13. Florida ex rel. Gerstein v. Grove Press, Inc. (3d Dist. Ct. of App., Fla.)*
14.14. Ronsley v. Stanczak. (Lake Co. Cir. Ct., Ill., #62-179.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 69. May 1963: Def.-State's atty. admitted error; entered into stipulation against conduct complained of; Pl's. request for injunction pending.
15. Of Miscellaneous Activities
20. Administrative Restrictions
21. By U. S. Customs
22. By U. S. Postmaster

22.14. Manual Enterprises v. Day. (370 U.S. 478.) Facts: VII DOCKET 101.

Case notes: 27 Albany 127-131; 17 Rutgers 213-218; 31 Fordham 570-577; 16 Vand. 251-257; 24 U. Montana 65-71.

23. On Government Information and Secrecy
24. On Students and Professors (see also 223, 262, 281 and 342)
Law review articles:

William W. Van Alstyne, Political speakers at state universities: Some constitutional considerations, 111 U. Pa. 328-42.

William W. Van Alstyne, Procedural due process and state university students, 10 UCLA 368-89.

Comment: Expulsion of college and professional students: Rights and remedies, 38 Notre Dame 174-87.

24.13. Lessin v. Regents, U. of Calif., Chancellor Spieth — Riverside Campus (Calif. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 2. April 1963: Pls. dismissed suit, on indication that policy may be changed by Def-Regents.
24.20. Koch v. Bd. of Trustees, U. of Ill. (Ill. Sup. Ct.). Facts: VIII DOCKET 3. Ill Sup. Ct. denied leave to appeal. Pending.
24.21. Egan v. Moore, Trs. of State Univ. of State of New York. (Albany Sup. Ct., #324-63.)*
24.25. Byrd v. Gary. (ED S.C.)*
24.26. Ritter v. Matthews, Trs. (N. Texas State U.) (ED Tex., Sherman Div., #9238.)*
25. On Miscellaneous Activities

25.10. Smith v. Cremins. (SD Cal.)*
30. Economic Restrictions (see also 251, 261, 268, 281)
Comment: Federal employment and the First Amendment, 1962 Washington U. 432-42.

Case note: Application of the Hatch Act to political activities of a state official: Palmer v. U.S. Civil Service Commission (297 F.2d 450, CA 7 1962) 61 U. Michigan 592-96.

30.1. Independent Productions Corp. and I.P.C. Distributors, Inc. v. Loew's, Inc. et al. (SD NY, Civ. #110-304.)*
30.3. Comm. to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell v. Tavern-on-the-Green Restaurant and City Parks Commr. Morris. (SD N.Y.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 4. 1963: Def.-owner settled; case closed.
30.5. Wagner v. Post Office. (U.S. Post Office.)*
30.6. Eustace v. Day, Postmaster General and U.S. Civil Service Comm. (CA DC.)*
30.7. Young v. Motion Picture Assn. of America, Inc. (DC DC.)*
30.8. Ciepley v. Intl. Assn. of Machinists. (CA 7.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 4. Correction: no appeal taken from dismissal by DC.
30.13. Turn Toward Peace v. Al Molaikan Temple. (Los Angeles Muni. Ct., #908264.)*
30.14. Fort v. Co. of Alameda. (California) (Dist. Ct. of App. 1st Dist., Div. 1, #2168.) June 19, 1962: Pl-psychiatrist employed by Co. fired for political activity for heading speaker's bureau for gubernatorial candidate, under §41 of Co. Charter. Super. Ct. overturned dismissal, held §41 unconstitutional since "so broad in scope . . . and vague as to make it impossible for persons who come within its provisions to ascertain what conduct they may engage in without fear of punishment." Appeal by Def-Co. pending.

Albert Bendich, Esq., 2920 Fulton St., Berkeley, Calif.

40. Contempt
Law review article: Ronald Goldfarb, The Constitution and contempt of court, 61 U. Michigan 283-350.
41. Of Federal Courts
Law review article: Janet Mary Riley, Constitutional limitations on federal contempt proceedings, 11 Loyola 49-70.
42. Of State Courts
Case note: Propriety of holding grand jury in contempt of court: Clemmons v. State (141 So.2d 749, Fla. App. 1962): 17 U. Miami 110-13; 48 U. Iowa 725-31.
42.11. Louisiana v. Defs. (19th Jud. Dist., E. Baton Rouge Parish.)*
41.12. Re Dawley and Holt. (Cir. Ct., Hopewell, Va.)*
42.13. Re Selby and Taylor. (Pa. Sup. Ct.) 1963: Def-executives of Philadelphia Evening Bulletin cited for contempt for refusal to turn over to special grand jury recordings of conversations between reporter and person being investigated. April 10, 1963: Fined $1000 each, 5 days. Appeal to Pa. Sup. Ct. pending.
42.14. Johnson v. Virginia. (U.S.S.C., #715.) Pet.-Negro sat in Traffic Ct. section reserved for whites, refused to move when requested by bailiff and order by Ct.; Pet. did not
- 93 -

behave in boisterous or abusive manner; no disorder in Ct. room. Convicted of contempt. Hustings Ct. convicted in trial de novo; Va. Sup. Ct. of App. refused to grant writ of error because judgment was "plainly right". Apr. 29, 1963: U.S.S.C., per curiam, reversed: arrest and conviction based "entirely" on refusal to comply with segregated seating requirements; ". . . it is no longer open to question that a State may not constitutionally require segregation of public facilities . . . State-compelled segregation in a court of justice is a manifest violation of the State's duty to deny no one the equal protection of its laws."
42.15. George v. Clemmons. (U.S.S.C., #975.) Nov. 29, 1962: Pet.-Negro woman sat in "white" section of courtroom while attending trial of CORE leaders; held in contempt for refusal to sit in "colored" section; $100, 10 days. La. Sup. Ct. affirmed. May 13, 1963: U.S.S.C. granted cert., reversed per curiam, citing Johnson v. Virginia, 42.14.
43. Of Other Agencies (see also 270s, 330s)
50. Criminal Sanctions
51. Against Disorderly Conduct and Similar Offenses (see also 55, 541, 542, 551, 552)

51.8. Storey v. Davis. (Cook Co. Super. Ct., #60 S 9228.)*
51.19. South Carolina v. Carras, Stradley. (Sumter Muni. Ct.)*
51.25. Louisiana v. Rev. Cox. (La. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 5. Decision awaited.
51.26. Louisiana v. 300 Defs. (New Orleans Dist. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 5. 1962: 3 Defs. convicted, $25 fine; charges against other 297 Defs. dismissed.

And see 51.25, 54.2, 54.3, 54.4.

51.27. South Carolina v. Randolph. (Sumter.) (Sumter Co. Cir. Ct.)*
51.34. Georgia v. Forman. (Albany.)*
51.35. Georgia v. Patch. (Albany.)*
51.36. Georgia v. Rev. Anderson. (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
51.37. Mississippi v. Block. (Greenwood.) (Co. Ct.)*
52. Against Obscenity (see also 12, 14)
Law review articles:

Charles W. Froessel, Law and obscenity, 27 Albany 1-10.

Louis Henkin, Morals and the Constitution: The sin of obscenity, 63 Columbia 391-414.

Arlen Specter, William B. Ball, Dr. Philip Q. Roche, and Julian E. Goldberg, Censorship and obscenity: A panel discussion, 66 Dickinson 421-41.

John S. Harrington, The evolution of obscenity control statutes, 3 William and Mary 302-10.


Constitutional obscenity: The Supreme Court's interpretation, 12 De Paul 103-15.

Book censorship in Massachusetts: The search for a test for obscenity, 52 Boston U. 476-91.

52.20. U.S. v. Frew. (ED Mich., #37517.)*
52.22. Massachusetts v. Spiegel. (Cambridge Dist. Ct.)*
52.31. Bantam Books, Inc. v. Sullivan. (U.S.S.C., #118.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 5, 71. Cite: 372 U.S. 58.
52.33. California v. Aday. (Dist. Ct. of App.)*
52.34. New York v. Mishkin. (App. Div., N.Y. Sup. Ct., #5238.) 1960: Def.-bookseller convicted of selling obscene books, violating law requiring imprint of name of publisher on books published in N.Y. Nov. 27, 1962: App. Dept. affirmed conviction for selling obscene books, reversed conviction for failure to "imprint", finding statute unconstitutional; opinion per curiam, cited Talley, 362 U.S. 60.

Emanuel Redfield, Esq., 60 Wall St., NYC.

52.37. Gerstein v. "Pleasure Was My Business". (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6, 71. Petition for cert. Pending.
52.40. Massachusetts v. Interstate News Dealers Supply Co. (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct.)*
52.42. California v. Shaver. (San Mateo Super. Ct., App. Dept.)*
52.44. California v. Bradley Smith. (U.S.S.C. #812.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6. 1962: Calif. Sup. Ct. aff'd. April 29, 1963: U.S.S.C. granted cert. Pending.
52.46. Maryland v. Yudkin. (Md. Ct. of App.) (182 A.2d 798.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6, 71. Jan. 1963: On remand, state nolle prossed charges.

Case note: 12 Cath. U. 53-55.

52.47. U.S. v. Wilmot Enterprises. (DC N.H., ##6584, 6601.)*
52.48. Connecticut v. Huntington. (Conn. Sup. Ct. of Errors.)*
52.49. California v. McGilvery. (San Diego Muni. Ct., #M-11466.)*
52.51. McCauley v. "Tropic of Cancer". (Wis. Sup. Ct., #122.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6, 71. 1963: Wis. Sup. Ct. reversed, held book not obscene. Pls. motion for rehearing pending.
52.52. City of Seattle v. Johnson. (King Co. Super. Ct., #36388.)*
52.53. Whitney v. San Francisco Municipal Court. (Calif. Sup. Ct., SF #21120.)*
52.54. South Carolina v. Ravenell. (Gen. Sess. Ct., Dorchester Co.) 1962: Def.-Negro college student convicted under state obscenity statute after he telephoned white woman for date. Sentence: 3 yrs. on road gang. May 15, 1963: Def. released on parole.

Conrad Lynn, Esq., 401 Broadway, NYC.

52.55. Chicago v. Russell, Compton. (Cook Co. Cir. Ct.) 1963: Defs.-actors arrested after they read portions of Tropic of Cancer during show; charge: obscenity. Pending until decision in Haiman, 14.10.

Elmer Gertz, Esq., 120 S. LaSalle, Chicago, Ill.

52.56. U.S. v. Ginzburg. (ED Pa., #21367 Crim.) May, 1963: Def. indicted for allegedly sending obscene literature("Eros" magazine) through mails. Plea: not guilty. Pending.

David I. Shapiro and Sidney Dickstein, Esqs., 20 E. 46th St., NYC; Norman A. Oshtry, Esq., 20 S. 15th St., Philadelphia; Murray Powlen, Esq., amicus for PCLU, 1405 Locust St., Philadelphia.

- 94 -

52.57. Chicago v. Bruce. (Chicago Muni. Ct.) Dec. 5, 1962: Def.-entertainer arrested during night club performance; charge: obscenity. March 14, 1963: Def. convicted; sentence; 1 year in jail, $1,000 fine. Def. tried in absentia. Appeal pending.
53. Against Defamation (see also 61)

53.4. Louisiana v. Moore. (19th Jud. Dist., E. Baton Rouge Parish.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6. 1963: Motions for new trial pending. Defs. have not been sentenced.
53.5. Louisiana v. Cox. (19th Jud. Dist., E. Baton Rouge.) 1962: Def. charged with: (1) defaming a judge, (2) defaming a district attorney. Convicted. Def's. appeal pending.

Nils R. Douglas, Esq., 2211 Dryades St., New Orleans.

54. Against Sedition, Criminal Anarchy (see also 241-44)

54.2. Louisiana v. Goldfinch. (New Orleans.) (Orleans Parish Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 7. Nov. 1960: Def. moved to quash indictment; pending.
54.3. Louisiana v. Diamond. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 7, 71. May 27, 1963: U.S.S.C. granted Def's. petition for cert.
54.4. Louisiana v. Moore and Rougeau. (19th Jud. Dist. Ct., E. baton Rouge Parish.)*
54.5. Louisiana v. Zellner and McDew. (19th Jud. Dist. Ct., E. Baton Rouge Parish, #42916.)*
55. Against Picketing and Demonstrating (see also 51, 123, 541, 542, 551, 552)
(Some cases involving picketing charges are reported under the subject matter of the protest for which the picketing was conducted, e.g., against discrimination in dining places, 552.)
55.7. Tennessee v. Defs. (Madison Co. Ct.)*
55.16. Alabama v. Rev. Shuttlesworth, Rev. Phifer. (Birmingham Crim. Ct.)*
55.18. Alabama v. Dr. McNair. (Talladega.) (Cir. Ct.)*

And see Alabama v. Gray, 63.2.

55.19. Louisiana v. Moore. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 7.*

Collins, Douglas & Elie, Esqs., 2211 Dryades St.; Smith and Waltzer, Eqs., 1006 Baronne Bldg., all of New Orleans.

55.21. California v. Peterson. (Calif. Sup. Ct.)*
55.24. Scott v. District of Columbia. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 7, 71. June 17, 1963: U.S.S.C. denied cert.
55.25. Jackson v. Allen. (Co. Ct., 1st Jud. Dist., Hinds Co., Miss., #21.)*
55.26. North Carolina v. Frinks. (Chowan Co. Super. Ct.)*
55.28. Illinois v. Tranquilli, Thomas, J. Lewis, Bridges. (Cairo.) (Justice of Peace Ct., Alexander Co. Ct.)*
55.29. City of Cairo v. 12 Defs. (Cairo Muni. Ct., # #20420-20423.)*
55.31. Missouri v. Lewis, Dunlap, Adams, Kundra. (Charleston Muni. Ct., # #8-36-233, 8-60-257, 8-52-249, 8-53-250, 8-55-252.)*
55.32. Crawford, Mitchell, Poole, Salter v. Mississippi. (CA 5.)*
55.33. California v. Brown, Poland, Cook. (Marin Co. Muni. Ct.) May 2, 1963: 13 students arrested at gates of San Quentin prison during demonstration against scheduled multiple executions. Charge: refusal to disperse on command of police officer. 8 Defs. pleaded guilty, 6 mths. probation; 2 convicted after jury trial, same sentence; 3 others not charged.

Benjamin Dreyfus, Esq., 540 Fremont Bldg., San Francisco; Hadden W. Roth, Esq., San Rafael, Calif.

56. Against "Corrupt Practices"

56.3. Int'l. Assn. of Machinists v. Street. (367 U.S. 740.) Facts: VI DOCKET 104.

Case notes: 10 U.C.L.A. 390-401; 22 U. Maryland 348-56.

56.4. Alabama v. Mills. (Ala. Sup. Ct.) Nov. 6, 1962: Def.-editor of Birmingham Post-Herald published election-day editorial urging passage of ballot measure to change city government from commission to mayor-council. Nov. 13, 1962: Def. arrested, charge: violation of "Corrupt Practices Act", Title 17, §285, Ala. Code. Dec. 26, 1962: Co. Court sustained demurrer to complaint on grounds of unconstitutionality under First Amendment. Act purports to punish vote solicitation or electioneering. Appeal by state to Ala. Sup. Ct. pending.
57. Against Vagrancy

57.3. Louisiana v. Trumpower. (E. Baton Rouge Crim. Dist. Ct.)*
57.4. Georgia v. Sherrod and Allen. (Dawson.)*
57.5. Mississippi v. Rev. A. Jones. (Jackson.) (Hinds Co. Ct.)*
57.7. Alabama v. Zellner. (Montgomery.) (15th Jud. Cir., Ala., #948.)*
57.8. Zellner v. Thetford, Smith, Riggs, Lingo. (MD Ala.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 72. May 1963: Pl. dismissed suit.
58. Against Trespassing (see also 541, 542, 551, 552)

58.1. California v. Poland and Cage. (U.S.S.C., #995 Misc.)*
58.2. Delaware v. Anderson, Livingston. (Kent Co. Ct. of Com. Pleas.)*
58.3. Alabama v. Zellner. (Intermediate Ct., #3599.)*

And see 55.18, 63.2.

- 95 -

58.4. Maryland v. Grubb. (Cambridge.)*
58.6. Alabama v. Student Defs. (Huntsville.) (Ala. Ct. of App.)*
59. Against Miscellaneous Criminal Activities
See cases at 123.
59.22. North Carolina v. Crowder, Covington, Lowry, Reape, Mallory. (Union Co. Super. Ct.) (372 U.S. 949.)*
59.22b. North Carolina v. R. Covington and Rorie. (Union Co. Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 9. Covington conviction reversed on appeal. Re-trial pending. Rorie conviction sustained; Def. serving sentence.
59.26. Mississippi v. Bevel. (Jackson.) (Hinds Co. Ct.)*
59.27. Mississippi v. Aaron Henry. (Clarksdale.) (Cir. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 9. 1962: Cir. Ct. reversed conviction, remanded. Pending.
59.27a. Mississippi v. Aaron Henry. (Miss. Sup. Ct.) Jan. 1963: Def. arrested; charge: disorderly conduct involving obscene language and improper advances to white youth; convicted in co. ct.; Cir. Ct. affirmed; appeal to Miss. Sup. Ct. pending.
59.28. Kentucky v. Pfuhl and Duffey. (Louisville City Ct.)*
60. Civil Sanctions
61. Against Defamation
Law review articles:

Herbert W. Titus, Statement of fact versus statement of opinion—A spurious dispute in fair comment, 15 Vanderbilt 1203-46.

Walter Probert, Defamation, a camouflage of psychic interest: The beginning of a behavioral analysis, 15 Vanderbilt 1173-1201.

Colin Rhys Lovell, The 'reception' of defamation by the common law, 15 Vanderbilt 1051-71.

Laurence H. Eldredge, Practical problems in preparation and trial of libel cases, 15 Vanderbilt 1085-92.

Arno C. Brecht, The absolute privilege of the executive in defamation, 15 Vanderbilt 1127-71.

Constitutionality of Oregon's retraction statute: Holden v. Pioneer Broadcasting Co. (365 P.2d 845, Or. 1961) 41 U. Oregon 170-72.

Alec Samuels, Problems of assessing damages for defamation, 79 Law Quarterly Rev. 63-86.

S. Samuel Di Falco, Libel in wills, 8 N.Y.U.L.F. 495-514.

Luis Kutner, Unfair comment: A warning to news media, 17 U. Miami 51-74.

Comments: Privilege of newsmen to conceal source of information, 15 U. Oklahoma 453-56.

Absolute privilege as applied to investigators for Congressional committees, 63 Columbia 326-44.

Case notes:

Libel and slander in broadcasting: American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres, Inc. v. Simpson. (126 S.E.2d 873, Ga. App. 1962): 37 Tulane 147-49; 36 Temple 240-43.

Absolute privilege for federal employees in libel and slander: Poss v. Liebermann (299 F.2d 358, CA 2 1962), Carr v. Watkins (227 Md. 578, 177 A.2d 841, 1962) 48 Cornell 199-206.

Defenses of qualified privilege and fair comment: Ponder v. Cobb (275 N.C. 281, 126 S.E.2d 67, 1962) 41 U. No. Carolina 153-58.

Defamation, unfair competition, right of privacy, right of publicity: Lahr v. Adell Chem. Co. (300 F.2d 256, CA 1 1962) 48 Cornell 360-70.

61.9. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan. (U.S.S.C., #606.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 9, 72. Cite for cert. granted: 371 U.S. 946.*
61.9a. Commr. James v. The New York Times, Rev. Shuttlesworth, et al. (Montgomery Cir. Ct.)*
61.9b. Commr. Parks and Patterson v. The New York Times. (U.S.S.C., #687.)*

Case note: 16 U. Oklahoma 108-110.

61.10. Gov. Patterson v. The New York Times, Rev. King, Shuttlesworth, et al. (Montgomery Co. Ct.)*
61.11. The New York Times v. Connor and Bessemer City Commrs. (CA 5, #19781.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 10. Cite: 310 F.2d 133.
61.16. Barton v. Gov. Barnett. (Hinds Co. Cir. Ct., #16,525.)*
61.17. Franklin v. Paradise American Legion Post 259. (Butte Co. Super. Ct., Calif.)*
61.18. Pauling v. Anti-Communist League of York Co. (MD Pa., #7940.) Nov. 30, 1962: Pl. filed suit for damages, alleging that Def. referred to Pl. as "an identified Communist." Pending.

Drinker, Biddle and Reath, Esqs., 1100 Philadelphia National Bank Bldg., Philadelphia.

61.18a. Pauling v. National Review. (N.Y. Sup. Ct.) 1963: Pl. filed suit charging that articles printed in Def.-magazine branded him "a traitor, a collaborator with subversive foreign and alien elements. . . ." Suit asks $1,000,000. damages.

Michael Levi Matar, Esq., 103 Park Ave., NYC.

61.18b. Pauling v. News Syndicate Co. Inc. (CA 2) Pl. filed suit against Def.-publisher of NY Daily News seeking $500,000 damages for allegedly defamatory editorial comment about him. 1963: Trial resulted in verdict for Defs. Pls. appeal pending.
61.18c. Pauling v. Bellingham Publishing Co. (WD Wash. N. Div.) 1961: Pl. filed suit for libel, based on 5 letters printed in newspaper which reflected on his loyalty. May, 1963: Def.-newspaper published retraction written by Pl., paid $16,000 damages.

Francis Hoague, Esq., 1410 Hoge Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

61.18d. Pauling v. St. Louis Globe-Democrat. (ED Mo., E. Div. #61 C 312.) 1961: Pl. filed suit for publication of allegedly defamatory letters. Pending.

John R. Green, Esq., Boatmen's Bank Bldg., St. Louis.

62. By Injunction in Labor Disputes
- 96 -

63. By Injunction in Other Situations
And see cases at 204.
63.2. Alabama ex rel. Atty. Genl. Gallion v. Gray. (Talladega Co. Cir. Ct., #9760.)*
63.3. Mitnick d/b/a Central Fourth Street Drugstore v. Fair Share Organization. (Ind. App. Ct., #19741.)*

See cases at 570's.

63.4. B & B Cash Grocery Stores, Inc. v. Young Adults for Progressive Action. (Cir. Ct., 13th Jud. Cir., Hillsborough Co., Fla., Chancery, #124971-C.)*
63.5. Kelley v. Page. (Albany.) (MD Ga., #727.)* and

Anderson v. City of Albany. (MD Ga., #730.)* and

Anderson v. City of Albany. (MD Ga., #731.)*

63.6. Potomac Electric Power Co. v. Wash. Chap. of CORE. (DC DC, #3238-62.)*
64. Against Miscellaneous Activities
70. Procedural Problems
71. In Alleging Standing to Sue
72. In Raising and Preserving Constitutional Questions
90. Miscellaneous Freedom of Thought

90.2. Westlake Subdivision Improvement Assn. v. Klein. (San Mateo Super. Ct., #94100.)*
110. Separation of Church and State
111. In Education
Law review articles:

Jesse H. Choper, Religion in the public schools: A proposed constitutional standard, 47 U. Minnesota 329-416.

Leo Pfeffer, Court, Constitution and prayer, 16 Rutgers 635-752.

David W. Louisell and John H. Jackson, Religion, theology, and public higher education, 50 U. California 751-99.

Clifton B. Kruse, Jr., The historical meaning and judicial construction of the establishment of religion clause of the First Amendment, 2 Washburn 65-141.

Edmond Cahn, On government and prayer, 37 New York 981-1000.

M. C. Slough and Patrick D. McAnany, S.J., Government aid to church-related schools: An analysis, 11 U. Kansas 35-75.

Robert E. Rodes, Jr., The passing of nonsectarianism: Some reflections on the school prayer case, 38 Notre Dame 115-137.

The Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Liberty Conference: Public aid to parochial schools and standing to bring suit, 12 U. Buffalo 35-65.


New York prayer decision: Its effect on Arizona school practices, 4 U. Arizona 272-78.

Public school prayers and the establishment of religion, 14 Mercer 284-94.

Religious exercises in the schools, 31 U. Cincinnati 408-34.

Comment: The Supreme Court, the First Amendment, and religion in the public schools, 63 Columbia 73-97.

Judicial disestablishment in public education, 57 Northwestern U. 578-595.

Testing validity of congressional bill authorizing federal aid to private education, 8 Villanova 224-236.

111.6. School Dist. of Abington Township, Pa. v. Schempp. (U.S.S.C., #142.)*
111.8. Engel v. Vitale. (370 U.S. 421.) Facts: VII DOCKET 105.

Case notes: 14 Syra. 48-51; 76 Harv. 25-32; 24 U. Pitt. 179-182; 37 Tulane 124-29; 31 Fordham 201-06; 34 U. Miss. 119-21; 27 U. Albany 119-23; 12 DePaul 128-33; 31 Geo. Wash. 497-504; 1962 U. Ill. 472-75; 46 Marq. 233-37; 16 Vanderbilt 206-14; 24 Ohio St. 173-78; 36 S. Calif. 240-54.

111.10. Chamberlin and Resnick v. Miami and Dade Co. Bds. of Educ. (U.S.S.C.) (143 S.2d 21.)*
111.20. Brown v. Orange Co. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Fla. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 11. Fla. Sup. Ct. denied Def.-Bd's. petition for cert.
111.22. Murray v. Curlett, Baltimore School Bd. (U.S.S.C., #119.)*
111.23. Polster v. Centennial Joint School Bd. (Bucks Co., Pa. Super. Ct., #M 1 (1962).)
110.25. Matthews v. Quinton. (Alas. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VII DOCKET 6, 74. Cite: 362 P.2d 932.

Case note: 8 N.Y.U.L.F. 424-31.

112. In Public Places

112.25. Co. of Los Angeles and Bethlehem Star Parade Assn. v. Hollinger. (Dist. Ct. App., 2nd Dist., #26868.)*
120. Conscientious Objection to War
Law review article: Francis J. Conklin. S.J., Conscientious objector provisions: A view in the light of Torcaso v. Watkins, 51 Georgetown 252-83.
121. Through Application for C. O. Status

121.26. Harshman v. U.S. (U.S.S.C., #515.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 12, 73. April 1, 1963: On motion of government, case remanded to DC with instruction to dismiss indictment.
121.27. U.S. v. Parker. (U.S.S.C., #516.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 12, 73. April 1, 1963: Same action as Harshman, 121.26.
121.28. U.S. v. N.J. Harshman. (ND Ill.)
122. Through Refusal to Register
123. Through Civil Disobedience

123.22. U.S. v. Aarons and Swann. (CA 2.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 12. Cite: 310 F.2d 341.
- 97 -

123.24. U.S. v. Henry Foster. (ND Calif., N. Div., #13468.)*
123.26. Council v. Donovan, NYC Sup't. of Schools. (Kings Co. Sup. Ct., #3496/1963.)*
130. Denial of Tax Exemption to Institutions (see also 202, 266)
140. Sunday Closing Laws
Law review article: John E. Donaldson, Freedom of religion: Recent Sunday closing laws cases, 3 William and Mary 384-94.

Comment: State Sunday closing laws and the First and Fourteenth Amendments, 8 N.Y.U.L.F. 403-09.

Case notes:

Sabbatarian's refusal of Saturday work renders him unavailable for work and constitutes failure to accept suitable work without good cause: Sherbert v. Verner (125 S.E.2d 737, 1962, prob. juris. noted, 31 U.S.L. Week 3201, U.S. Dec. 18, 1962; No. 526):

76 Harvard 854-57; 111 U. Pa. 253-57.

Is a statute constitutional which forbids sale of automobiles on Sunday?: Courtesy Motors v. Ward (24 Ill.2d 82, 179 N.E.2d 692, 1962) 39 Chicago-Kent 176-81.

Right of state legislature to require observance of a day of rest: Mandell v. Haddon (202 Va. 979, 121 S.E.2d 516, 1961) 3 William and Mary 523-27.

140.30. Arlan's Department Store of Louisville, Inc. v. Kentucky. (U.S.S.C., #503.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 73. Cite for U.S.S.C. dismissing appeal; 371 U.S. 218.

Case note: 22 U. Maryland 357-58.

150. Miscellaneous Restrictions
151. In Prisons
Comment: Black Muslims in prison: Of Muslim rites and constitutional rights, 62 Columbia 1488-1504.

And see cases at 304.

151.2. Pierce v. Warden LaVallee. (Dannemora.) (WD NY, #7813.)*
151.4. Sewell v. Pegelow. (ED Va.)*
151.5. Bratcher v. McGinnis. (Attica State Prison.) (WD NY, #9398.)*
152. In Other Places

152.5. Dawud and Dakota Staton v. Muhammad and Muhammad's Temple of Islam. (ED Pa., #31539.)*
152.7. Oliver v. Udall. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 74, Cite for cert. denied: 372 U.S. 908.
200. Organizational Privileges Challenged
201. As to Meetings (see also 11, 63)
202. As to Tax Exemption (see also 130, 266)

202.4. U.S. v. Communist Party, Hall, Flynn, Davis, Bart. (SD N.Y.)*

And see 202.4a.

202.4a. Communist Party v. Commr. of Internal Revenue. (CA DC.)*
202.5. Re Revocation of Exemption of Fellowship of Reconciliation. (Int. Rev. Serv.) 1926: Organization given IRS exemption. Jan. 10, 1963: After administrative due process, exemption revoked. May 15, 1963: Petition for reconsideration filed; after informal conference IRS agreed to take under consideration reinstatement.

Michael Standard, Esq., 30 E. 42d St., NYC.

203. As to N.L.R.B. Certification (see also 245, 291)

203.3. U.S. v. R. Dennis. (DC Colo.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 13, 74. Retrial date: August 27, 1963.

And see Mine-Mill, 212.1.

204. As to Continued Existence (see also 63, 213, 223)

204.1. Alabama ex rel. Gallion v. NAACP. (U.S.S.C.)*
204.4. NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund, Inc. v. Button. (ED Va., #2436.)*
204.4a. NAACP v. Button, Va. Atty. Genl. (U.S.S.C., #5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 14, 74. Cite: 371 U.S. 415.
204.4b. NAACP Legal Defense Fund v. Gray (formerly v. Button.) (Richmond Cir. Ct., #B-2879.)*
204.4c. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar v. NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund, Inc., Va. State Conf. of Branches, NAACP. (Richmond Chancery Ct., #503.)*
204.8. Arkansas ex rel. Atty. Genl. v. NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund. (Cir. Ct., Pulaski Co., #44,679.)*
204.9. Arkansas ex rel. Atty. Genl. v. NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund. (Cir. Ct., Pulaski Co., #45,183.)*
204.18. Alabama ex rel. Gallion v. CORE. (Montgomery Cir. Ct.)*
210. Compulsory Registration
211. Under 1950 Internal Security (McCarran) Act

211.1a. U.S. v. Communist Party. (CA DC.)*
211.1b-1c. U.S. v. Hall and Davis. (DC DC, Cr. # #228-62, 229-62.)*
211.1d-.1m. Albertson, Friedlander, Johnson, Patterson, Tormey, Weinstock, Healey, Lima, Nelson, Proctor, Lightfoot, Davis, Kushner, Hall v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.)*

Amicus brief for National Lawyers Guild filed by Laurent Frantz, Esq., 936 Shevlin Drive, El Cerrito, Calif. and Leonard B. Boudin, Esq., 30 E. 42nd St., NYC.

211.1n-1t. Kennedy v. Taylor, Dobbs, Stanford, L. Libson, Gabow, A. Libson, Tormey. (S.A.C.B.) June 13, 1963: Atty. Genl. filed petitions with SACB for orders requiring Respondents to register themselves as members of the Communist Party under Internal Security Act §8. Pending.

John J. Abt. Esq., 320 Broadway, NYC, and Joseph Forer, Esq., 711 14th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

- 98 -

211.2. Jefferson School v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.)*
211.3. Labor Youth League v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 15. April 25, 1963: CA found organization defunct; refused to affirm order against defunct organization.
211.4. Nat'l. Council of American-Soviet Friendship v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 15. May 16, 1963: CA set aside order for registration; held evidence insufficient to support finding of Communist control of organization.
211.5. Civil Rights Congress v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.)*
211.6. Kennedy v. Washington Pension Union. (S.A.C.B., #114-55.)*
211.7. Haufrecht v. S.A.C.B. (re American Peace Crusade) (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 15. June 6, 1963: CA found organization defunct, refused to affirm order against defunct organization.
211.8. California Labor School in San Francisco v. S.A.C.B. (S.A.C.B.)*
211.9. Am. Comm. for Protection of Foreign Born v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC, #15,960.)*
211.10. Kennedy v. California Emergency Defense Committee. (S.A.C.B.)*
211.12. Blau v. S.A.C.B. (re Colo. Comm. to Protect Civil Liberties. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 16. June 6, 1963: CA found organization defunct, refused to affirm order against defunct organization.
211.13. Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC, #13,174.)*
211.14. United May Day Comm. v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.)*
211.15. Kennedy v. Advance. (S.A.C.B.)*
212. Under 1954 Communist Control Act

212.1. Kennedy v. Intl. Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers. (S.A.C.B.) (CA DC, #17,135.)*

And see R. Dennis, 203.3.

213. Under State Laws (see also 204)
220. Listing
221. By the Attorney General of the United States
222. By Congressional Committees
And see cases at 271.
222.1. Wheeldin v. Wheeler. (U.S.S.C., #493.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 16, 74. June 3, 1963: U.S.S.C. affirmed (6-3) by Douglas, J.: No fedl. cause of action can be made out; there was no search or seizure and no violation of Fourth Amendment; Civil Rights Act inapplicable; Congress has not created a cause of action for abuse of subpoena power by fedl. officer; no claim made under Fedl. Tort Claims Act; statute which only grants power to issue subpoenas does not imply cause of action for abuse of that power, though it could do so. Brennen, J. (Warren, C.J., Black, J.) diss.: Case should be vacated and remanded to CA for consideration of questions not decided in light of correct application of Barr v. Matteo, 360 U.S. 564 (61.7, IV DOCKET 90); tentative bases for cause of action here lie in House Rule XI(q) (2), 60 Stat. 828, or a federal common law right.
223. By State Authorities (see also 24, 281)

223.3. Elfbrandt v. Russell, Arizona Gov. Fannin. (Ariz. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 17. May 1, 1963: Ariz. Sup. Ct. affirmed denial of petition. May 28: Motion for rehearing denied.
Comment: Judicial protection of membership in private associations, 11 Western Reserve 346-60.
240. Criminal Penalties for Membership
241. Under Smith Act: for Conspiracy
242. Under Smith Act: for Mere Membership

242.a. U.S. v. Hall, Davis, Winter, Potash, Green, Thompson, Winston, Gates. (SD N.Y.) Jy. 1948: Defs., alleged Communist Party leaders, indicted under Smith Act conspiracy section (see 241., Dennis, 341 U.S. 494) and membership section (never tried). May 13, 1963: Defs. moved to dismiss on ground indictments insufficient. May 29, 1963: indictments nol pros'd. on motion of U.S. because witnesses no longer available and Defs. "sufficiently punished".

John J. Abt, Esq., 320 Broadway, NYC.

242.4. Noto v. U.S. (367 U.S. 290.) Facts: VII DOCKET 42.

Case note: 17 U. Miami 223-229.

242.8. Hellman v. U.S. (298 F.2d 810.) Facts: VII DOCKET 42.

Case note: 23 Ohio St. 761-766.

243. Under 18 U.S.C. 2384
244. Under Kennedy-Landrum-Griffin Act (29 U.S.C. 504) (See also 203, 291)

244.1. U.S. v. Brown. (CA 9.)*
245. Under State Laws (see also 54)

245.15. Indiana v. Levitt, Bingham, Morgan. (Monroe Co. Cir. Ct., #601.) May 1, 1963: Defs., students at Indiana University, members of Young Socialist Alliance, indicted on charges of subversion under 1951 Indiana statute for "assembling for the purpose of advocating or teaching the doctrine that the government of the United States or State of Indiana should be overthrown by force, violence, or any unlawful means...." Pending.

James R. Cotner, Esq., W. 6th St., Bloomington, Indiana.

- 99 -

246. Under 1950 Internal Security (McCarran) Act

246.1. U.S. v. Robels. (WD Wash., #50676.) 1963: Def.-shipyard worker indicted under §5 (a) (1) (D) of McCarran Act for engaging in defense work while a member of Communist Party knowing final order of registration in effect against Party. Def. has worked at same plant since 1946. Issues: Constitutionality of Act, freedom of association, bill of attainder, due process. Released on own recognizance; returned to work in shipyard pending trial.

John Caughlan, Esq., 220 2nd & Cherry Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

250. Civil Disabilities for Membership: Federal
251. In Federal Employment (see also 30, 268)

251.15. Dew v. Halaby. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 17. March 28, 1963: CA DC affirmed dismissal of suit. Pl's. petition for cert. pending.
251.52. Garrott v. U.S. (U.S. Ct. of Claims, #19-63.)*

See cases at 30.5, 30.6.

252. As to Passport Applications and Right to Travel

252.27a. Worthy v. U.S. (CA 5, #20062.)*
252.33. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn v. Secy. of State Rusk. (DC DC, #3478-62.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 75. June 6, 1963: Argued before 3-judge court. Decision awaited.
252.34. Aptheker v. Secy. of State Rusk. (DC DC, #3886-62.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 75. Status same as Flynn, 252.33.
252.35. Zemel v. Rusk and Kennedy. (DC Conn., #9549.)*
252.36. MacEwan v. Rusk and Kennedy. (ED Pa., #33038.)*
252.54. U.S. v. Steadman, Bonello, Zahn. (CA 9.)*
252.55. Copeland v. Secy. of State Rusk. (DC DC.) 1963: Pl. filed suit to compel issuance of passport; refused to answer questions in application re Communist Party membership. Pl. contends that question on application blank, and statute under which questions asked, are unconstitutional. Pending.

Victor Rabinowitz, and Leonard B. Boudin, Esqs., 30 E. 42nd St., NYC.

252.56. Mayer v. Secy. of State Rusk. (DC DC, #1034-63 Civ.) 1963: Def. refused to renew Pl's. passport when he refused to sign non-Communist affidavit. Pl. filed suit claiming such requirement unlawful. Pending.

Francis Heisler and Charles Stewart, Esqs., P.O. Box 3996, Carmel, Calif.; Oliver E. Stone, Esq., 1500 Massachusetts Ave., and Jack Wasserman and David Carliner, Esqs., 902 Warner Bldg., all of Washington, D.C.

252.57. Jerome v. Secy. of State Rusk. (DC DC) 1963: Pl. filed suit to compel issuance of passport after Def. neither issued nor refused to issue; Pl. denied membership in Communist Party for past year in application. Pending.

Victor Rabinowitz and Leonard B. Boudin, Esqs., 30 E. 42nd St., NYC.

253. As to Army Discharges (see also 341)
254. As to Veterans Disability Payments

254.2. Thompson v. Whittier. (DC DC.)*
255. As to Social Security Benefits (see also 263, 346)
See Heikkila, 358.51.
256. In Housing Projects
257. As to Federal License Applications

257.6. Halaby, Admr., Fed'l. Aviation Agency v. Susemihl. (Fedl. Aviation Agency.)*
257.7. Blumenthal v. F.C.C. (U.S.S.C.) 1962: Def.-Comm. refused to renew radio telegrapher's license; FCC form contains questions re membership and affiliations of applicant. Pl's. appeal to U.S.S.C. asked: does FCC have authority to review where membership and affiliation are the sole standards? June 3, 1963: U.S.S.C. denied cert.

Michael Standard, Esq., 30 E. 42d St., NYC.

258. Through Deportation Proceedings (see also 358)

258.7. Wolf v. Boyd (Imm. Serv.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 18. Jan. 24, 1963: Since Imm. Serv. had withdrawn deportation order, suit dismissed on motion of Pl.
258.9. Gastelum-Quinones v. Kennedy. (U.S.S.C., # #39, 293.)*
259. Through Denaturalization and Naturalization Proceedings (see also 358)

259.52. Sittler v. U.S. (CA 2, #27289.) Pl.-American-born German renounced American citizenship during World War II, broadcast propaganda from Germany. 1954: Pl. returned to U.S., received Ph.D. from Northwestern U., got teaching job at Long Island U. Pl. sued for restoration of citizenship. DC denied; CA affirmed (2-1) on basis Pl. had failed to prove he has changed views since the War.
260. Civil Disabilities for Membership: State, Local and Private
261. In State or Local Government Employment

261.1. Wilkins v. Carlander, et al. (Super. Ct. Kings Co., #490844.)*
262. In Teaching (see also 24, 267, 281 and 342)

262.5. Golden, Detwyler and Mahin, Norman and Boyd v. Ky. State College. (ED Ky., Frankfort Div., # #197-199.)*
262.9. Bd. of Trustees, Fullerton Jr. College v. Phillips. (Dist. Ct. of App.)*
263. As to State Unemployment Insurance Benefits (see also 255, 346)

263.2. Communist Party v. Catherwood. (367 U.S. 389.) Facts: VII DOCKET 9.

Case note: 23 Ohio State 767-70.

264. As to State License Applications
- 100 -

265. In Proceedings Against Attorneys and Bar Applicants (see also 345, 373)

265.28. Willner v. Comm. on Character and Fitness. (U.S.S.C., #995.)*
266. Through Deprivation of Right to Tax Exemption (see also 130, 202)
267. In Private Employment—Teaching (see also 24, 262, 281 and 342)
268. In Private Employment — Defense Establishments (see also 344)
And see Robels, 246.1.
268.1a. Graham v. Richamond. (CA DC.)*
268.7. Kreznar v. Wilson. (DC DC.)*
268.11. Lundquist v. Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn., Local 97. Calif. Sup. Ct.)*
268.18. Margolin v. U.S. (U.S. Ct. of Claims.)*
268.19. Colman v. Richmond. (SD NY.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 75. 1963: Coast Guard granted security clearance to Pl.
269. In Private Employment — Other

269.1. Faulk v. AWARE. (App. Div., N.Y. Sup. Ct.) (231 N.Y.S.2d 270) Facts: VI DOCKET 17, VII DOCKET 9, 43, 108. 1962: Pl. in suit charging blacklisting had jury verdict for $2,250,000. Defs.' appeal pending.

Louis Nizer, Esq., 1501 Broadway, NYC.

270. Criminal Penalties for Non-disclosure (see also 330)
271. Before Congressional Committees (see also 222, 330)
Law review article: Theodore Sky, Judicial review of Congressional investigations: Is there an alternative to contempt? 31 G. Washington 399-430.
271.9. U.S. v. Russell. (DC DC.)*

Joseph A. Fanelli, Esq., 1001 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.

Case note: 41 U. Texas 590-595.

271.12. U.S. v. Gojack. (DC DC.)*
271.15. U.S. v. Shelton. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 20. 1963: On retrial, Def. again convicted. Appeal pending.
271.16. U.S. v. Whitman. (DC DC.)*
271.19. U.S. v. Price. (DC DC.)*
271.20. U.S. v. Liveright. (DC DC.)*
271.27. U.S. v. Hartman. (ND Calif., S. Div.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 76. June 21, 1963: DC dismissed indictment on grounds statute of limitations had run.
271.28. U.S. v. Grumman. (DC DC.)*
271.29. U.S. v. Silber. (DC DC.)*
271.33. Yellin v. U.S. (U.S.S.C., #35.)*
271.34. U.S. v. Lehrer. (ND Ind.)*
271.35. U.S. v. Malis. (ND Ind.)*
271.36. U.S. v. Samter. (ND Ind.)*
271.40. U.S. v. O'Connor. (ND N.J.)*
272. Before State Committees (see also 204, 213, 332)

272.4a. In Matter of Investigation by Comm. on Offenses Against Administration of Justice. (Va. Sup. Ct. of App.)*
272.10. Rev. Gibson v. Florida Legislative Investigation Comm. (U.S.S.C., #6.) (372 U.S. 539.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 22, 76. Mar. 25, 1963: U.S.S.C. reversed (5-4), Goldberg, J.: Since Def. was asked for membership list of NAACP, rather than whether he was a member of the Communist Party or about other alleged Communists, and since the NAACP is "itself a concededly legitimate and nonsubversive organization" which has also taken steps against Communists joining, "the record is insufficient to show a substantial connection between the Miami branch of the N.A.A.C.P. and Communist activities which the respondent Comm. itself concedes is an essential prerequisite to demonstrating the immediate, substantial, and subordinating state interest necessary to sustain its right of inquiry into membership lists of the association." Black, J., conc. Douglas, J. conc. in long, eloquent discussion of First Amendment guarantee of freedom of association. Harlan, J. (Clark, Stewart, White, JJ.) diss. White, J., diss.
272.12. Jordan v. Hutcheson. (CA 4.)*
273. Before Legal and Administrative Tribunals (see also 333)
274. For Refusal to Produce Records
280. Civil Penalties for Non-disclosure
281. By Teachers (see also 24, 223, 262, 342)

281.1a. Baggett v. Bullitt. (formerly v. Odegaard). (U. of Washington.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 22. DC upheld oath. Pls. petition for cert. pending.

Arval Morris, Esq., U. of Washington Law School; Kenneth A. MacDonald, Esq., 1410 Hoge Bldg., Seattle and Byron D. Coney of counsel.

281.5b. Re Nash, et al. (N.Y. Commr. of Educ.)*
281.5c. Adler v. N.Y.C. Bd. of Educ. (N.Y. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 22. Sup. Ct. dismissed Pls.' suit.
281.16. Macks v. Calif. Bd. of Educ. (Dist. Ct. of App.)*
282. By Others (see also 343, 344)
290. Penalties for False Disclosure
291. Under Taft-Hartley Oath (see also 203, 245)

291.6. U.S. v. Killian. (ND Ill.) (368 U.S. 231, 1961.) 1955: Def.-Union official convicted of filing false non-Communist
- 101 -

affidavit. 1957: CA reversed on Jencks point. (See 315.) On retrial, again convicted, sentenced to one-year imprisonment. CA affirmed; U.S.S.C. denied cert. June 13, 1963: Def. entered prison.

David B. Rothstein, Esq., 188 W. Randolph, Chicago; M. Michael Essin, Esq., 623 N. Second St., Milwaukee; Basil Pollitt, Esq., 52 Sidney Place, Brooklyn.

292. On Government Security Questionnaires

292.2. Ogden v. U.S. (CA 9.)*
293. In Miscellaneous Cases

293.3. Los Angeles Bd. of Educ. v. Sloat. (Los Angeles Super. Ct., #794678.)*
295. Right of Privacy
Law review articles:

Leon Brittan, The right of privacy in England and the U.S., 37 Tulane 235-68.

John W. Wade, Defamation and the right of privacy, 15 Vanderbilt 1093-1125.

Case notes:

Republication of photograph from newsworthy magazine article to advertise content and quality of magazine held no invasion of privacy: Booth v. Curtis Publishing Co. (15 App. Div.2d 343, 223 N.Y.S.2d 737, 1st Dept., aff'd mem., 11 N.Y.2d 907, 182 N.E.2d 812, 228 N.Y.S.2d 468, 1962) 62 Columbia 1355-61; 31 Fordham 394-98.

Tort of invasion of privacy recognized in Maryland: Carr v. Watkins (277 Md. 578, 177 A.2d 841) 23 U. Maryland 84-91.

295.4. Hall v. Graybill. (Los Angeles Co. Super. Ct.)*

Law review articles:

John Scurlock, Procedural protection of the individual against the state, 30 U. of Kansas City 111-48.

Roscoe Pound, Policing and justice: Administration and adjudication, 49 U. Virginia 744-58.

300. Searches and Seizures

The Fourth Amendment and evidence obtained by government agent's trespass, 42 U. Nebraska 166-79.

Collateral attack of pre-Mapp v. Ohio convictions based on illegally obtained evidence in state courts, 16 Rutgers 587-96.

Case notes:

Basis for reasonable search: U.S. v. Eldridge (302 F.2d 463, CA 4 1962) 36 Temple 95-98.

Second circuit refuses to limit police investigations of persons accused of crime: U.S. v. Massiah (307 F.2d 62, CA 2 1962) 111 U. Pa. 501-6.

301. By Wiretapping

Legislation note: Electronic eavesdropping: Sec. 345-a, 29 Brooklyn 132-35.

Comment: Wiretap evidence from viewpoint of law enforcement officer, 17 U. Wyoming 49-57.

301.7. Lanza v. New York. (370 U.S. 139) Facts: VII DOCKET 110.

Case note: 24 U. Pitt. 182-4.

301.11. Silverman v. U.S. (365 U.S. 505) Facts: VI DOCKET 113.

Case note: 12 American U. 83-86.

301.16. Washington v. Cory. (Wash. Sup. Ct.)*
301.20. U.S. v. Sen Harris. (ED La., Baton Rouge Div., ##1422-1424.)*
301.22. Dinan v. New York. Facts: VIII DOCKET 24.

Case notes: 111 U. Penn. 832-37; 12 DePaul 159-63; 27 Albany 141-45; 63 Colgate 369-74.

302. In Other Federal Criminal Cases

302.20. DiBella v. U.S.; U.S. v. Koenig (369 U.S. 121.) Facts: VII DOCKET 80.

Case note: 22 U. Maryland 253-54.

302.22. U.S. v. Wallace (CA 5.) (205 F.Supp. 175.) 1962: Def. convicted of violating federal narcotic import act. Issues on appeal: (1) unreasonable search and seizure; (2) coerced confession; (3) hearsay evidence. Pending.

Benjamin Smith, Esq., 1006 Baronne Bldg., 305 Baronne St., New Orleans.

303. In Other State Criminal Cases

303.28. Massachusetts v. Dorius. (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct.)*
303.35. Sackler v. Sackler. (16 N.Y. App. Div. 423.) Facts: VII DOCKET 81.

Case notes: 63 Colgate 168-75; 27 Albany 137-41; 48 Cornell 345-53; 31 Fordham 390-93.

303.41. Hawaii v. Evans. (Haw. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 25, 77. Cite: 372 P.2d 365.
303.42. Ker v. California. (U.S.S.C.)*
303.43. New York v. Randazzo. (NY Sup. Ct., 1st Jud. Dist.)*
303.44. Head v. Mississippi. (U.S.S.C.) (136 So.2d 619.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 77. Cite for cert. denied: 371 U.S. 910.
304. Suits for False Arrest, Police Brutality (see also 580 and 151)
[All cases in this category were formerly reported at 420.]

Pamphlet: Documents on Human Rights in Alabama. Inter-Citizens Comm., Box 1443, Birmingham, Ala.

Case note: Municipal liability for police dog bites: Barr v. District of Columbia (202 F.Supp. 260, 1962) 22 U. Maryland 260-61.

304.1. Prof. Genovese v. N.Y.C. (N.Y. Co. Sup. Ct.)*
304.2. Hallowell v. N.Y.C. (NYC Comptroller, #155363.)*
- 102 -

304.3. Massey v. NYC Police Commr. (Queens Co. Ct.)*
304.4. Jackson v. City of New York. (NYC Comptroller.)*
304.5. Richici v. Bielski. (Ill. Ct. of App.)*
304.6. Monroe v. Pape and City of Chicago. (ND Ill., E. Div., #596329.)*
304.7. Swanson v. McGuire, et al. (ND Ill., #57-C-1164.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 26. Trial date: Sept. 15, 1963.
304.8. Duble v. Brown and Chicago. (Cook Co. Super. Ct., #60 S 19040.)*
304.8a. Duble v. Brown and Chicago. (ND Ill., E. Div., 61 C 1404.)*
304.9. Cedeno, et al. v. Lichenstein. (ND Ill., #58-C-1712.)*
304.10. Gonzalez v. Genl. Investigators Inc. (ND Ill., #60 C 1806.)*
304.11. Dean v. Smith and Chicago. (Cook Co. Cir. Ct., #58 C 12494.)*
304.12. Cunningham v. Stried and Rygiel. (Lake Co. Cir. Ct.)*
304.13. Wirin v. Hilden. (SD Calif.)*
304.14. Goldberger v. Lewis. (San Francisco Super. Ct.)*
304.16. Lucero v. Donovan, Carnover. (SD Calif.)*
304.17. Rev. Morris v. Capt. Ray. (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 27. 1963: After trial, jury verdict for Def. Pl's. appeal to CA 5 pending.
304.18. Rev. Jones v. Teasley. (CA 5.)*
304.19. Nesmith v. Alford. (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 27. May 30, 1963: CA 5 affirmed instructed verdict for one Def.-police officer; reversed (2-1) judgment for other Defs. on point of faulty instructions to jury.
304.20. Horn v. Baillie, Greenwood and U.S. Fid. & Guar. Co. (CA 9, #5319.) (309 F.2d 167.)*
304.21. Ware v. Johnson. (MD Ga., Albany Div., #749.) Facts: VII DOCKET 71. April 12, 1963: After trial, verdict for Def. Appeal pending.
304.22. Brazier v. Cherry. (MD Ga., Americus Div., #475.)*

Case note: 40 U. Texas 1050-53.

304.24. Harkins and Frankfort v. NYC. (Brooklyn Sup. Ct.)*
304.25. California v. Imbler; In re Imbler. (Calif. Sup. Ct., # #6999, 7212 Cr.)*
304.26. Green v. Azzam (ED Mich., E. Div. #23224) 1962: Pl-Negro arrested "for investigation," allegedly beaten, shot trying to escape. No charges filed. Pl. paralyzed, has had one leg amputated. 1963: Pl. sued for damages under 28 U.S.C. 1343, 42 U.S.C. 1988, et. seq. Pending.

Ernest Goodman, Esq., 3220 Cadillac Tower, Detroit.

304.27. Duzynski v. Nosal. (CA 7, #14088.) 1962: Pl. filed suit in DC alleging illegal commitment to Ill. Mental Health Clinic; charges denial of right to counsel, due process. DC dismissed, sustaining immunity of Co. employees. Issue on appeal: Is this defense available under Civil Rights Act when conspiracy and willful acts are charged? Pending.

Barton Joseph, Esq., 134 N. LaSalle, Chicago.

310. Indictment
311. Challenge to Composition of Grand Jury (see also 510s)
312. Attacks on Character of Evidence
Case notes:

Confessions made to court-appointed psychiatrists held admissible for purpose of determining Def's. guilt: People v. Ditson (369 P.2d 714, 20 Cal. Rptr. 165, cert. den. 83 Sup. Ct. 93, 1962) 8 Utah 141-44.

Exclusion of illegally obtained evidence extended to civil action: Lassoff v. Gray (207 F.Supp. 843, WDKy. 1962) 48 U. Iowa 710-17.

Admissibility of a recorded telephone conversation: Carnes v. U.S. (295 F.2d 598, CA 5 1961; cert. denied, 369 U.S. 859, 1962) 16 U. Oklahoma 100-02.

Searches and seizures and admissibility of evidence; People v. Friola (182 N.E.2d 100, N.Y. 1962) 12 DePaul 163-66.

312.26. New York v. Molina del Rio. (NY Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 27, 78. 1963: Def. returned to Cuba in exchange for political prisoner; appeal dropped.
313. Charge of Entrapment
Case note: 21 requests of a Def. with "quick access" to drugs do not constitute entrapment: People v. Toler (185 N.E.2d 874, Ill. 1962) 8 Villanova 413-16.
314. Charge of Conspiracy
Case notes: If only two persons are indicted for the crime of conspiracy and one is acquitted in a separate trial, the acquittal operates to deprive the court of jurisdiction to render a judgment of conviction on the other Def's. guilty plea: Eyman v. Deutsch (373 P.2d 716, Ariz. 1962): 24 U. of Pitt. 647-50; 65 U.W.Va. 151-54; 39 U. No. Dakota 116-18.
314.6. U.S. v. Agueci. (CA 2, #27466) (310 F.2d 817) 1962: Def. convicted of smuggling heroin in trial of 10 Defs. jointly. Dec. 1962: CA affirmed, but criticized practice of mass criminal trials; "these trials do not always steer a straight course toward the determination of innocence or guilt, but are rather excursions in tangential issues..."
315. Inspection of Pre-Trial Statements of Government Witnesses
(Including Jencks point, 353 U.S. 357, and Jencks Act, 18 USC 3500.)
316. Inspection of Grand Jury Minutes
320. Double Jeopardy

Double jeopardy, multiple prosecution, and multiple punishment, 50 U. California 866-79.

Jurisdiction and double jeopardy, 16 Rutgers 597-607.

Case note: Acquittal of federal crime does not bare subsequent trial in state court for state criminal offense arising out of same act: People v. Lo Cicero (230 N.Y.S.2d 384, 2d Dept. 1962) 31 Fordham 587-92.

- 103 -

321. In Federal Cases

321.11. Fong Foo v. U.S. (369 U.S. 141.) Facts: VII DOCKET 111.

Case note: 39 U. Detroit 696-701.

322. In State Cases
Case notes:

Indictment for assault following burglary acquittal based on same occurrence: State v. Robinson (114 N.W.2d 737, Minn.; cert. denied, 371 U.S. 815, 1962) 47 U. Minnesota 273-77.

Recidivist statute does not authorize filing of information against one who has completed sentence for principal offense: Reynolds v. Cochran (138 So.2d 500, Fla. 1962) 48 U. Virginia 1153-58.

330. Self-incrimination: Criminal Sanctions for Exercising Privilege (see also 270)

Scope of statutory immunity required by the Fifth Amendment self-incrimination privilege, 57 Northwestern 561-77.

Unless question itself contains threat, witness must state area or nature of criminal exposure feared, short of giving a hurtful answer, 8 N.Y.U.L.F. 409-23.

Case note: Requirement that prisoner be "duly cautioned": Spry v. Boles (299 F.2d 332, CA 4 1962) 65 U. W. Virginia 60-62.

331. Before Congressional Committees
332. Before State Committees
333. Before Grand Juries and Tribunals
334. Grants of Immunity: Federal

334.7. Shotwell Mfg. Co. v. U.S. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 78. Cite: 371 U.S. 341.
335. Grants of Immunity: State
336. Criminal Registration Laws
And see 1950 Internal Security Act, 211.
337. Miscellaneous
340. Self-incrimination: Civil Sanctions for Exercising Privilege (see also 280)
Comment: The self-incrimination privilege: Barrier to criminal discovery? 51 U. California 136-45.
341. Effect on Army Discharges (see also 253)
342. Effect on Employment — Public School Teachers (see also 262, 267, 281)

342.4a. Mass v. San Francisco Bd. of Educ. (San Fran. Super. Ct.)*
343. Effect on Employment — Other Public Officers (see also 261)
344. Effect on Employment — Private (see also 30, 268, 269)
Law review article: Michael C. Slotnick, The anathema of the security risk: Arbitrary dismissals of federal government civilian employees and civilian employees of private contractors doing business with the federal gov't., 17 U. Miami 10-50.
344.6. United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, Local 610 v. Westinghouse Airbrake Co. (Allegheny Co. Ct. of Common Pleas, #3132.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 29. Appeal to be withdrawn by Union.
345. Effect on Attorneys (see also 265, 373)
346. Effect on Unemployment Insurance and Social Security (see also 263)
And see Heikkila, 358.51.
350. Due Process
Law review article: John S. Harrington, Police detention of suspects, 3 William and Mary 395-402.

Comment: Recent developments in permissible police practice, 46 Marquette 227-32.

Case note: Def. at joint trial has constitutional right not to have comments on his failure to testify made by co-Def's. attorney: De Luna v. U.S. (308 F.2d 140, CA 5 1962) 49 U. Virginia 356-62.

351. In Arraignment (Delay)
352. In Grand Jury Procedures (see also 311, 316)
353. In Obtaining Confessions
Law review articles:

Donald B. King, Developing a future constitutional standard for confessions, 8 Wayne 481-96.

Wilfred J. Ritz, State criminal confession cases: Subsequent developments in cases reversed by U.S. Supreme Court and some current problems, 19 Washington & Lee 202-32.

Gilbert G. Ackroyd, Corroboration of confessions in federal and military trials, 8 Villanova 64-75.

Post-arraignment, pre-indictment confession: Admissibility: New York v. Meyer (182 N.E.2d 103, 1962) 29 Brooklyn 151-54.

Confession elicited during illegal detention renders inadmissible second confession obtained 20 hours later but before accused had conferred with counsel: Killough v. U.S. (No. 16398, CA DC Oct. 4, 1962) 51 Georgetown 394-99.

Admissibility of confessions: New York v. Everett (180 N.E.2d 556, cert. denied, 370 U.S. 963, 1962) 8 N.Y. U.L.F. 554-60.

353.16. Lynumn v. Illinois. (U.S.S.C., #9.) (171 N.E.2d 17.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 29; elaboration: Police officers arrested one Zeno, asked him to cooperate and "they would go light" on him; he went to Def's. apt. and emerged with package containing marijuana. Police arrested Def.; said she would lose Aid to Dependent Children and probably lose custody of children unless she cooperated; Def. made oral confession of sale to Zeno. Def. convicted of possession
- 104 -

and sale of marijuana; 10 yrs. Ill. Sup. Ct. affirmed. Mar. 25, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed, Stewart, J.: (1) Altho Def. did not explicitly assert her fedl. constitutional claim in trial ct., U.S.S.C. ordered Def. to secure certificate from Ill. Sup. Ct. as to whether its judgment rested on adequate independent state ground and Ct. said no; (2) Rule restated that "even though there may have been sufficient evidence, apart from the coerced confession, to support a judgment of conviction, the admission in evidence, over objection, of the coerced confession vitiates the judgment because it violates the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment", Payne v. Ark., 356 U.S. 560, 568 (#353.4, III DOCKET 80.)

Jewel Rogers Lafontant, Esq., 180 W. Washington, Chicago.

353.18. Gallegos v. Colorado (370 U.S. 49.) Facts: VII DOCKET 112.

Case notes: 50 U. California 903-09; 48 U. Iowa 518-24; 15 U. Ala. 234-38; 31 U. Connecticut 454-62; 35 U. Colorado 256-59.

353.19. Missouri v. Cookson. (Mo. Sup. Ct. #49,202.)*
353.20. Pate v. Oklahoma. (U.S.S.C., #286 Misc.) (371 P.2d 500.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 29, 78. May 13, 1963: U.S.S.C. denied certiorari.
353.21. Ralph v. Pepersack, Warden. (DC Md., # 13696.)*
353.22. Davis v. North Carolina. (ED N.C., Raleigh Div., #1302) Dec. 1959: Pet.-Negro found guilty of rape-murder; death. 1962: Pet. brought habeas corpus action alleging: (1) confession given because he was "scared and hungry"; (2) held incommunicado for 16 days. Feb. 20, 1963: hearing in DC. Decision awaited.

W. B. Nivens, Esq., 326 S. Alexander St.; Charles V. Bell and Calvin L. Brown, Esqs., 422½ E. 2nd St., all of Charlotte, N.C.

353.23. Colman v. Denno. (SD NY) June 1963: Pl., under death sentence, seeks to vacate judgment on ground his 5th Amendment rights were violated in state court proceeding. Pending.

Martin Garbus, Esq., 50 W. 8th St.; Jack Kroner and Stanley Levy, Esqs., 99 Park Ave., all of NYC.

354. In Press Releases and Newspaper Coverage
Comment: The jury and the press, 2 Washburn 142-57.

Case notes:

Failure of trial judge to insure adequate protection of notorious Def. from possible effects of prejudicial newspaper articles upon jury: U.S. v. Accardo (298 F.2d 133, CA 7 1962) 12 American U. 90-93.

Photography in courtroom: State v. Sharpe (122 S.E.2d 622, S.C. 1961): 14 U. So. Carolina 557-60.

Defense attorney's reply in press to prosecutor's press release prejudicial to client held not priviliged: Kennedy v. Cannon (182 A.2d 54, 1962) 111 U. Pa. 513-15.

355. In Admitting Perjured Testimony (see also 312)

355.4. Sobell v. U.S. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 30. June 17, 1963: U.S.S.C. denied cert.
356. In Courts Martial (see also 390)
357. In Naturalization Proceedings (see also 259)
358. In Expatriation, Denaturalization and Deportation Proceedings (see also 258, 259)
Annual Report: Los Angeles Comm. for Protection of Foreign Born, 326 W. 3d St., Los Angeles.

Case note: No right to fair hearing for deportable alien subject to physical persecution: Vardjan v. Esperdy (197 F.Supp. 931, SDNY 1961; aff'd. per curiam 303 F.2d 279, 1962) 50 U. California 880-85.

358.8. Kennedy v. Mendoza-Martinez


358.17. Rusk v. Cort. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 30, 79. Cite: 372 U.S. 144.

Law review article: Daniel Klubock, Expatriation—its origin and meaning, 38 Notre Dame 1-49.

358.20. Re Albert Gallo. (Imm. & Nat. Serv., Spec. Inquiry Officer.)*
358.21. E. Rockwell v. Rusk. (DC DC #569-62). Facts: VIII DOCKET 30. April 4, 1963: Dismissed for failure to prosecute.
358.23. Schneider v. Rusk. (U.S.S.C.) (372 U.S. 224). Facts: VIII DOCKET 31, 79. On remand, 3-judge ct. ruled against Pet. Appeal to U.S.S.C. pending.
358.24. Ting v. Immigration Service. (ED Pa., #32424.)*
358.51. Heikkila v. Celebrezze. (formerly v. Barber.)*
358.59. U.S. ex rel. Marks v. Esperdy. (CA 2.) (203 F.Supp. 389.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 31.*

Case note: 31 Fordham 373-78.

358.60. Marcello v. Kennedy. (U.S.S.C.) (312 F.2d 874.)*

Case note: 11 Loyola 100-04.

358.a. U.S. v. Dear Kai Gay. (CA 9.)*
359. In Loyalty Hearings (see also 251 and 268)
360. Speedy and Public Trial
Comment: The right to public trial in criminal prosecutions, 17 U. Wyoming 58-62.

Case note: The right to relief from unduly protracted proceedings: Deering Milliken, Inc. v. Johnston (295 F.2d 856, CA 4 1961) 72 Yale 574-89.

370. Right to Counsel
Comments: Right to counsel during police investigation, 16 Rutgers 574-86.

Right to counsel, 12 DePaul 115-24.

Appointment of counsel for indigent Defs., 19 Washington & Lee 233-36; 29 Brooklyn 121-31.

Case notes:

Post-arraignment incriminatory statements held inadmissible where Def's. right to counsel was not observed: New York v. Meyer (182 N.E.2d 103, 104) 37 St. John's 155-62.

Statutory right to be informed applied to misdemeanors: State v. Moosbrugger (116 N.W.2d 68, Minn. 1962) 47 U. Minnesota 281-85.

- 105 -

371. In Federal Cases
Comment: Representation of indigent criminal Defs. in the federal district courts, 76 Harvard 579-618.

Case note: Absence of counsel during postindictment interrogation by police collaborator does not render Def's. statements inadmissible: U.S. v. Massiah (307 F.2d 62, CA 2 1962) 76 Harvard 1300-03.

371.5. Jamison v. Chappell. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 31. April 11, 1963: CA, sitting en banc in Hyser v. Reed, a group of cases of which this is one, held: warrant for arrest of parolees must state specifically the violations charged; be supported by "satisfactory evidence"; provide a preliminary interview at a place "as near as reasonably possible to the place of violation." Held, further, Parole Bd. need not afford an opportunity to confront and cross-examine witnesses and inspect documents, nor provide counsel for indigent parolees. Petition for cert. pending.
372. In State Cases
Law review articles:

Yale Kamisar, The right to counsel and the Fourteenth Amendment: A dialogue on 'the most pervasive right' of an accused, 30 U. Chicago 1-77.

Yale Kamisar, Betts v. Brady 20 years later: The right to counsel and due process values, 61 U. Michigan 219-82.

Case note: Right of indigent Def. to counsel and transcript on appeal: State v. Dahlgren (107 N.W.2d 299, Minn. 1961) 47 U. Minnesota 277-81.

327.17. Carnley v. Cochran. (369 U.S. 506.) Facts: VII DOCKET 113.

Case notes: 34 Miss. 115-17; 11 W. Reserve 370-72.

372.19. Gideon v. Wainwright. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 32, 79. Cite: 372 U.S. 335.
372.20. Pennsylvania ex rel. Simon v. Maroney. (U.S.S.C., #41 Misc.)*
372.21. New York v. Coe. (Oneida Co. Ct., #113608.)*

And see cases at 452.

372.23. Hazel v. Pepersack, Warden. (MD., #13781; Balt. City Sup. Bench.)*
372.24. New York v. Mawbey. (Washington, NY Co. Ct., #6203A, Cr 699.)*
372.25. Smith v. Mississippi. (U.S.S.C., #374 Misc.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80. Cite for cert. granted: 371 U.S. 939.
372.26. Simon v. Maroney. (U.S.S.C.)*
372.27. Walton v. Arkansas. (Ark. Sup. Ct.) (371 U.S. 28) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80. Pending on remand from U.S.S.C.
373. Indirect Restrictions (see also 265, 345)

373.13. U.S. v. Taylor. (CA 4.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80. 1963: CA 4 reversed DC revocation of probation; held abuse of discretion. Pending.
373.14. Mississippi v. Higgs. (Hinds Co. Crim. Ct., #13495.)*
374. Opportunity for Appellate Review
Comment: A survey: Would allowance of non-printed briefs on appeal result in increase in meritorious appeals? 31 Chicago-Kent 165-75.
374.17. Lane v. Brown. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80. Cite: 372 U.S. 477.
374.18. Douglas v. California. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80. Cite: 372 U.S. 353.
374.19. Draper v. Washington. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80. Cite: 372 U.S. 487.
380. Confrontation
381. In Criminal Cases
See Jamison, 371.5.

Case note: Pre-sentence investigation: Right of confrontation: State v. Pope (126 S.E.2d 126, N.C. 1962) 41 U. No. Carolina 260-67.

381.4. California v. Davenport. (Cal. Sup. Ct.)*
382. In Civil Cases

382.1. D. Williams v. Zuckert. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 32, 81. Cite: 371 U.S. 531.

Comment: Recent AEC regulation expands confrontation in security risk hearings, 38 Notre Dame 188-96.

390. Jury Trials (see also 356, 510)
Law review articles:

S. Edwin Mills, A statistical study of occupations of jurors in a U.S. District Court, 22 U. Maryland 205-14.

Fleming James, Jr., Right to jury trial in civil actions, 72 Yale 655-693.

390.6. Tennessee v. Myers and Horton. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 33, 81. Cite: 371 U.S. 900.
400. Excessive Bail; Parole Conditions
Law review article: Charles E. Ares, The Manhattan Bail Project: An interim report on the use of pre-trial parole, 38 New York U. 67-95.
401. Amount of Bail

401.4. Fernandez v. U.S. (CA 9) (314 F.2d 289) 1963: Def. convicted on 8 counts interstate fraud and conspiracy; bail set at $100,000. plus $50,000, pending trial on 5 additional counts of bankruptcy fraud. Def. moved in CA 9 for order reducing bail on appeal to $25,000. CA held, per curiam: when DC denies motion for bail pending appeal, as distinguished from bail pending trial, this is immediately
- 106 -

reviewable by CA, as is motion for reducton of bail pending appeal. CA ordered bail pending appeal reduced to $25,000 and $50,000 trial bond amended to constitute additional bail on appeal. Pending.

Oscar D. Howlett, Esq., Portland, Oregon.

401.5. Lambert v. Florida. (Fla. Dist. Ct. of App.) (151 So.2d 675.) 1963: Def. convicted of breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony. Trial ct. set supersedeas bond at $10,000.; Def. posted bond, released. Def. then arrested on another charge; Trial Ct. set aside former order, increased supersedeas bond to $20,000. without further hearing. Issue on appeal: Did Trial Ct. abuse discretion in reasonableness of increased bail, and in raising same without a hearing? April, 1963: Ct. of App. denied motion for reduction of bail, citing Fla. Stat. Ann. §§903.04;-13;-19 requiring notice and hearing for admission to bail or for increase or reducton of bail. Pending.

Henry R. Barksdale, Esq., Pensacola, Fla.

402. Conditions Imposed

402.6. U.S. v. Dumeur. (DC N.Y.) (214 F.Supp. 293) 1963: Def. indicted in DC for narcotic violations, able to post bail. Denied freedom from custody because of N.Y. state parole warrant lodged as detainer. Def. sought to test validity of State's warrant by federal habeas corpus proceeding. DC denied writ, held: right of fed'l. prisoner to go free upon posting of bail in fed'l. court does not grant him immunity from detention by state on an unrelated matter.

Louis Kaye, Esq., 336 Broadway, NYC.

Comment: Conditions of probation imposed on Wisconsin felons: Costs of prosecution and restitution, 1962 U. Wisconsin 672-85.

403. Denial of Bail

403.9. Mathis v. Starr. (Fla. Sup. Ct.) (152 So.2d 161) 1963: After indictment for capital charge of rape, Def. filed habeas corpus proceeding. Trial Ct. required Pet. to prove his ability to "make bail in a reasonable amount" as condition precedent to determination of his right to bail in captal case. March, 1963: Fla. Sup. Ct. held: such limitation upon the organic right to bail invalid; if determination is that proof is not evident or presumption of guilt is not great, an accused is entitled, as a matter of right, to bail in the same manner as those accused of non-capital crimes. Cause remanded to trial.

Richard W. Bates, Esq., Orlando, Fla.

403.10. Jimenez v. Aristiquieta. (CA 5.) (314 F.2d 649.) 1963: Habeas corpus proceeding by former Venezuelan chief executive who was subject to extradition proceeding when CA 5 affirmed DC dismissal of complaint. DC revoked bail, remanded Pet. to custody. Issue: whether rules of U.S.S.C. and CA 5 relating to custody of prisoners are directed to DC judge and vest in appellate courts exclusive authority over custodial status of habeas corpus Pets. CA affirmed order revoking bail: "Nothing [in either rule] deprives the DC of the right to revoke . . . bond and remand . . . to custody."

David W. Walters, Esq., Miami, Fla.

410. Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Law review article: M. Albert Figinski, Commitment after acquittal on grounds of insanity, 22 U. Maryland 293-330.

Comment: Enforcement of prison discipline and its effect upon the constitutional rights of those imprisoned, 8 Villanova 379-91.

411. In Criminal Cases
Law review article: Michael F. Armstrong, Banishment: Cruel and unusual punishment, 111 U. Pa. 758-86.

See Ravenell, 52.55.

411.11. Winston v. U.S. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 33, 81. June 17, 1963: U.S.S.C. affirmed (8-0) per Warren, C.J., holding Federal Tort Claims Act extends to prisoners.

Case notes: 72 Yale 506-58; 63 Colgate 144-53; 76 Harvard 413-16; 39 Detroit 701-6; 11 U. Kansas 401-4; 16 Vanderbilt 236-40; 8 N.Y.U.L.F. 516-26.

411.13. Cobb v. Georgia. (Ga. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 33, 81. Cite for cert. denied: 371 U.S. 948.
411.16. Robinson v. California. (370 U.S. 660) Facts: VII DOCKET 113.

Case notes: 37 Tulane 119-24; 29 Brooklyn 139-41; 57 Northwestern 618-26; 51 U. Calif. 219-28; 41 U. Texas 444-48; 111 U. Penn. 122-8; 16 Vanderbilt 214-20; 17 Southwest 134-43.

411.19. Fleishour v. U.S., Fedl. Bureau of Prisons, Assoc. Warden, Stringfellow. (ND Ill., E. Div., #62-C-2270.)*
411.20. Delaware v. Cannon. (Dela. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 81. April 3, 1963: Sup. Ct. held whipping as punishment for crime "does not violate 8th & 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution." Def's. petition for cert. to U.S.S.C. pending.
411.21. Virginia v. Wansley. (Va. Sup. Ct. of App.)*
411.22. Delaware v. Balser. (Wilmington Super. Ct.) May, 1963: Def. convicted of $4 robbery and beating. Sentence: 25 yrs., plus 20 lashes. Def's. appeal pending on same issue as Cannon, 411.20.
412. In Extradition Cases
Law review article: Manual R. Garcia-Mora, The nature of political offenses: A knotty problem of extradition law, 48 U. Virginia 1226-57.

Comment: Executive discretion in extradition, 62 Columbia 1313-29.

And see North Carolina v. Mallory, 59.22.

413. In Civil Cases
430. Due Process for Juvenile Offenders
Law review article: Joe Frazier Brown, The law and the juvenile offender, 14 Baylor 163-78.

Case notes:

Juvenile not entitled to indictment or jury trial under Ohio constitution: In re Darnell (182 N.E.2d 321, Ohio 1962) 32 U. Cincinnati 123-27.

Effect on double jeopardy of juvenile delinquency proceeding: Hultin v. State (351 S.W.2d 248, Tex. Crim. App. 1961) 11 U. Kansas 175-77.

Due process in involuntary commitment procedures: In re Wilson (126 S.E.2d 489, N.C. 1962): 41 U. No. Carolina 141-47.

- 107 -

430.3. Benj. Harris v. Kennedy. (DC DC, #2111-62.)*
440. Due Process for Incompetent Defendants
Law review article: Louis H. Swartz, 'Mental Disease': The groundwork for legal analysis and legislative action, 111 U. of Pa. 389-420.

Comment: Criminal responsibility at random, 14 Baylor 285-98.

Case note: Psychologist's diagnosis regarding mental disease or defect admissable on issue of insanity: Jenkins v. U.S. (307 F.2d 637, CA DC 1962) 8 Villanova 119-24.

440.1. New York v. Codarre. (N.Y. App. Div. 2d Dept.)*
440.2. Lynch v. Overholser. (369 U.S. 705.) Facts: VII DOCKET 114.

Case note: 10 U.C.L.A. 408-17.

450. Post-Conviction Remedies
Case note: "Excusable neglect" in failure to perfect criminal appeal provides no ground for collateral review of conviction: Hodges v. U.S. (368 U.S. 139, 1961; per curiam) 60 U. Michigan 1168-73.
451. In State Courts in State Cases

451.1. Otsuka v. Hite. (Los Angeles Super. Co., #806155.)*
452. In Federal Courts in State Cases
Law review article: Paul M. Bator, Finality in criminal law and federal habeas corpus for state prisoners, 76 Harvard 441-528.
452.1. Fay v. Noia. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 35, 82. Cite: 372 U.S. 391.

Case notes: 31 Fordham 378-85; 76 Harvard 416-20.

452.5. Jones v. Cunningham. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 82. Cite: 371 U.S. 236.

Case note: 51 U. Calif. 228-32.

452.6. Townsend v. Sain. (ND Ill., E. Div.) (372 U.S. 293.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 83. Pending on remand in DC.
453. In Federal Cases
Case note: Coram nobis: The wild ass of the law: U.S. v. Marcello (202 F.Supp. 694, ED La., 1962) 11 Loyola 100-04.

Case note: Federal habeas corpus: Multiple offenders and exhaustion of remedies: U.S. ex rel. LaNear v. LaValle (306 F.2d 417, CA 2 1962) 17 U. Arkansas 78-84.

453.1. Sanders v. U.S. (U.S.S.C., #202.) (297 F.2d 735.) Feb. 10, 1959: Pet. pleaded guilty to bank robbery, waived right to counsel; 15 yrs. Jan. 4, 1960: Pet. filed motion for habeas corpus under 28 U.S.C. 2255 alleging faulty indictment. Feb. 3, 1960: DC denied petition without hearing. Sept. 8, 1960: Pet. filed second motion, alleging that at time of conviction and sentence he was under influence of narcotics and therefore incompetent; DC denied without hearing. 1961: CA affirmed, per curiam, held that since at time of filing first motion Pet. knew the facts on which the second motion was based, and second motion gives no good reason for failure to allege these facts in first petition, DC may decline to hear second motion. April 29, 1963: U.S.S.C. reversed (7-2) per Brennan, J.: Where successive motions are based on different facts, or where prior determinations did not go to merits, held abuse of descretion to deny motion without hearing. White, J., concur; Harlan, J. (Clark, J.) diss.
460. Sentencing and Clemency Procedures

Processing a motion attacking sentence under Sec. 2255 of the judicial code, 111 U. Pa. 788-819.

Freedom and rehabilitation in parole revocation hearings, 72 Yale 368-82.

461. Sentencing Process

461.2. Wood v. Denna. (CA 2) Feb. 1963: Suit filed in DC for vacation of judgement of death against Pet. on ground he was denied fair hearing to determine if his insanity precludes his execution. DC denied application; appeal to CA pending.

Martin Garbus, Esq., 50 W. 8th St.: Norman Redlich, Esq., 29 Washington Sq. West, both of NYC.

462. Application for Probation
463. Application for Parole
464. Applications for Pardons or Executive Clemency
465. Applications for Expungement or Certificates of Rehabilitation
490. Miscellaneous Due Process
Law review article: M. Glenn Abernathy, Police discretion and equal protection, 14 U. South Carolina 472-86.

Case notes:

Conscious exercise of some selectivity in enforcement of a criminal statute is not in itself a federal constitutional violation: Oyler v. Boles (368 U.S. 448, 1962) 24 Pittsburgh 185-88.

Is accused "present" at trial while testifying under influence of tranquilizers? State v. Murphy (355 P.2d 323, Wash. 1960) 3 William and Mary 535-38.

490.4a. Pauling v. McNamara, U.S. Secy. of Def. (CA DC.)*
490.6d. Connecticut v. Griswold and Buxton. (Cir. Ct. App. Div.)*
490.22. Sills v. Gotthilf. (U.S.S.C., #673.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 36, 83. Cite for cert. granted: 372 U.S. 957.
- 108 -


500. Elections
501. Racial Discrimination
Law review article: Alfred Avins, Weapons against discrimination in public office, 14 Syracuse 24-41.

Comment: Federal voting referee plan and the alteration of state voting standards, 72 Yale 770-87.

Survey: Current Field Work: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Comm., 6 Raymond St. N.W., Atlanta, Georgia. Spring, 1963.

501.Ala.2. U.S. v. Registrar and Alabama. (Macon Co.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 37, 83. Oct. 22, 1962: U.S.S.C. granted cert., affirmed per curiam, upholding injunction requiring Def.-registrar to promptly register qualified Negroes, citing U.S. v. Thomas, 362 U.S. 58 (501.La.2. VII DOCKET 18.)
501.Ala.6. U.S. v. Penton, Registrars. (Montgomery Co.) (MD Ala., #1741-N.)*
E501.Ala.9. U.S. v. Mayton and Alabama. (Perry Co.) (CA 5.)*
501.Ga.2. U.S. v. Raines. (Terrell Co.) (MD Ga., Americus, #442.)*
501.Ga.2a. U.S. v. Matthews and Chapell. (Terrell and Sumter Cos.) (MD Ga. Americus Div., #516.)*
501.La.1b. U.S. v. Citizens Council, Lucky and Louisiana (Ouachita Parish.) (WD La.)*
501.La.2. U.S. v. Thomas, Registrars of Washington Parish, and White Citizens Council. (Bogalusa.) (ED La., #9146.)*
501.La.6a. U.S. v. Manning. (E. Carroll Parish.) (WD La., Monroe, Shreveport Divs., #8257.)*
501.La.7. Anderson v. Martin. (U.S.S.C., #684.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 38, 84. Cite for probable jurisdiction noted: 372 U.S. 904.

Case notes: 111 U. Pa. 827-31; 15 Stanford 339-49.

501.La.8. U.S. v. Fox and Louisiana. (Plaquemines Parish.) (ED La., #11625.)*
501.La.9. U.S. v. Registrar, and Louisiana. (Madison Parish.) (WD La.)*
501.La.10. U.S. v. Wilder, Registrar, and Louisiana. (Jackson Parish.) (WD La.)*
501.La.11. U.S. v. Louisiana. (ED La., Baton Rouge Div., #2548.)*
501.Mich.1. Taylor v. Township of Dearborn. (Mich. Sup. Ct.) (370 Mich. 47.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 38. April 5, 1963: Mich. Sup. Ct. aff'd. dismissal of suit.
501.Miss.1a. U.S. v. Daniel, Registrar, and Mississippi. (Jefferson Davis Co.) (SD Miss.)*
501.Miss.2. U.S. v. Registrar and Mississippi. (Panola Co.) (SD Miss., #D-C-45-61.)*
501.Miss.3. U.S. v. Ramsey, Registrar, and Mississippi. (Clarke Co.) (SD Miss., Meridian Div., #1084.)*
501.Miss.4. U.S. v. Wood, Registrar, and Mississippi. (Walthall Co.) (SD Miss., Hattiesburg Div., #1656.)*
501.Miss.4a. U.S. v. Wood. (Walthall Co.) (SD Miss., Hattiesburg Div., #1656.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 38.*

Case notes: 50 U. Calif. 718-23; 15 U. Alabama 217-20; 15 Vanderbilt 1316-22.

501.Miss.5a. Re Theron C. Lynd, Registrar. (Forrest Co.) (CA 5.)*
501.Miss.6. U.S. v. Green, Cir. Clk., and Mississippi. (George Co.) (SD Miss., #2540.)*

And see U.S. v. Bd. of Educ., 571.12.

501.Miss.7. Kennedy v. Lewis, Cir. Clk. and Registrar. (Boliver Co.) (CA 5.)*
501.Miss.8. U.S. v. Dogan. (Tallahatchie Co.) (ND Miss., Delta Div.)*
501.Miss.9. Higgs v. Kennedy and Hoover. (DC DC.)*
501.Miss.10. U.S. v. City of Greenwood. (ND Miss., Greenville Div., #GC638.) Mar. 30, 1963: U.S. filed suit seeking injunction against city officials interfering with voter registration, to protect peaceful demonstrations, release jailed voter registration workers. April 1, 1963: DC refused to issue temporary restraining order. Pending.

U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

501.Miss.11. U.S. v. Sheriff Edwards. (Rankin Co.) (SD Miss., Jackson Div., #3413.) May 6, 1963: U.S. filed suit seeking injunction forbidding Sheriff "from attempting by threats or violence" to discourage the registration of Negro voters. Suit charges Feb. 1, 1963 attack by Def.-Sheriff on three Negroes attempting to register at courthouse. Pending.
501.NY.1a. Camacho v. Kennedy. (SD NY, #60-Civ.-3531.)*
501.NY.2. U.S. v. Sharrow. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 39, 84 Cite for cert. denied: 372 U.S. 949.
501.NC.1. Ivy v. Cole, Registrar. (Halifax Co., N.C.) (ED N.C., Wilson Div., #610-Civ.)*
503. Urban Discrimination
Note: The number of malapportionment cases now pending makes it impossible to cover each case in detail in the DOCKET, since the factual and legal issues are not identical. All pending cases on which facts are available will be listed by title, docket no., court, names and addresses of counsel. The most significant will be described in greater detail. Watch action by state legislatures in 1964 sessions and reports by Natl. Municipal League, 47 E. 68th St., NYC.

Address: Archibald Cox. Current constitutional issues—reapportionment, 30 U. Tennessee 28-35.


The electoral process, part ii, 27 Law and Contemporary Problems 327-536; Robinson O. Everett, Foreword, 327-328; Robert G. Dixon, Jr., Legislative apportionment and the federal constitution, 329-89; Gus Tyler, Court versus legislature, 390-407; Ruth C. Silva, Special reference to New York, 408-433; Elston Roady, Ten years of Florida's 'who gave it—who got it' law, 434-54; Burke Marshall, Federal protection of Negro voting rights, 455-67; Berl I. Bernhard, The federal fact-finding experience—A guide to Negro enfranchisement, 468-80; Sam J. Ervin, Jr., Literacy tests for voters, 481-94; James C. Kirby, Jr., Limitations on the power of state legislatures over presidential elections, 495-509; Douglas B. Maggs and Lawrence G. Wallace, Congress and literacy tests, 510-36.

Some current thinking on voting rights, 61 U. Michigan 643-840; Robert B. McKay, Reapportionment and equal protection, 645-710; Jo Desha Lucas, Legislative apportionment and representative government, 711-804; William W. Van Alstyne, The administration's anti-literacy test bill, 805-22; John R. Schmidhauser, Residency requirements for voting and the tensions of a mobile society, 823-40.

On Baker v. Carr, 72 Yale L. Journal 7-106: E. E. Schattschneider, Urbanization and reapportionment, 7-12; Charles L. Black, Jr., Inequities in districting for Congress, 13-22; Allan P. Sindler, How to 'sear the conscience' of legislators, 23-38; Alexander M. Bickel, The durability of Colegrove v. Green, 39-45; F. William O'Brien, The Swiss federal tribunal and cantonal elections, 46-63; Thomas I. Emerson, Malapportionment and judicial power, 64-80; Louis H. Pollak, Judicial power and 'the politics of the people', 81-89; Arthur L. Goldberg, The statistics of malapportionment, 90-106.

Law review articles:

The Supreme Court, 1961 Term, 76 Harvard 54-222: The reapportionment case, 54-77; Constitutional law, 100-164; Suits against the United States, 220-22.

Royce Hanson, Courts in the thicket: The problem of judicial standards in apportionment cases, 12 American U. 51-81.

Joseph M. Cormack, Baker v. Carr and minority government in the United States, 3 William and Mary 282-301.

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Ruth C. Silva, Apportionment of the New York Assembly, 31 Fordham 1-72.

Karl Kraston, The implementation of representative government in a democracy, 48 Iowa 549-77.

- 109 -

503.Ala.1. Frink v. Sims. (U.S.S.C.) (205 F. Supp. 245; 208 F. Supp. 431.)*
503.Ala.2. Alsup v. Mayhall. (SD Ala.) (208 F. Supp. 713.)*
503.Ala.3. Reynolds v. Sims. (U.S.S.C., #508.)*

Thomas G. Gayle, Esq., 1104½ Water Ave., Selma, Ala.

503.Calif.2. Yorty v. Anderson. (Calif. Sup. Ct., #7455.)*

Roger Arnebergh, Esq., 1803 City Hall, Los Angeles.

503.Calif.3. Silver v. Jordan. (SD Cal., Cent. Div., #62-953-MC.)*

Phil Silver, Esq., 1680 N. Vine St., Hollywood.

503.Calif.4. Mutnick v. Board of Supervisors, Contra Costa County. (Super. Ct., Contra Costa Co., #88406.) March 24, 1963: Pl. filed suit seeking reapportionment of supervisorial districts — charges that 30% of voters elect majority of board, no redistricting since 1873.

Harold E. Mutnick, Esq., 3557 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, Calif.

503.Colo.1. Stein v. General Assembly. (Colo. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Colo.2. Lisco v. McNichols. (DC Colo., #7501.) (208 F. Supp. 471.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. DC found apportionment unconstitutional; delayed injunction pending legislative session.
503.Colo.3. Ryan v. Tinsley. (DC Colo.)*
503.Colo.4. Myrick v. General Assembly. (DC Colo., #7637.) Combined with Lisco, 503.Colo.2.
503.Colo.5. Re Legislative Apportionment. (Colo. Sup. Ct.) (374 F2d 66.)

Phillip J. Caresell, Esq., 410 Majestic Bldg., Denver.

503.Conn.1. Butterworth v. Dempsey. (DC Conn., #9571.)

Milton P. DeVane, Esq., 205 Church St., New Haven, Conn.

503.Conn.2. Valenti v. Dempsey. (DC Conn., #9544.)

Alphonse Di Benedetto, Esq., 195 Church St., New Haven, Conn.

503.Dela.1. Sincock v. Terry. (U.S.S.C.) (207 F. Supp. 205.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. April 17, 1963: DC found discrimination in composition of lower house of state legislature, entered injunction. Defs. appeal to U.S.S.C. pending.
503.Fla.1. Lund v. Mathas. (Fla. Sup. Ct.) (145 So.2d 871.)*
503.Fla.2. Sobel v. Adams. (U.S.S.C.) (208 F.Supp. 316.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. Pls. appeal to U.S.S.C. pending. Jan. 30, 1963: (150 S.2d 721.) Governor advised by Fla. Sup. Ct. that he has power to call recurring special sessions of state legislature to consider reapportionment, notwithstanding contrary state constitutional provision.
503.Ga.1. Helmsley v. Wells. (SD Ga., ##1203, 1204.)*
503.Ga.2. Sanders v. Gray. (DC Ga.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. Cite: 372 U.S. 368.
503.Ga.3. Wesberry v. Sanders. (U.S.S.C., #507.) (206 F.Supp. 276.)*
503.Ga.4. Toombs v. Fortson. (ND Ga. Atlanta Div., #7872.) 205 F.Supp. 248.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. 1963: Legislature reapportioned upper house of state legislature. DC retained jurisdiction.
503.Ida.1. Ceasar v. Williams. (Ida. Sup. Ct., #9158.) (371 P.2d 241, 371 P.2d 255.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. 1963: Ida. Sup. Ct. denied relief; no appeal. See Hearne, 503.Ida.2.
503.Ida.2. Hearne v. Smylie. (DC Ida., S. Div.) 1963: Suit filed in continuance of Ceasar, 503.Ida.1.

McDevitt & McDevitt, Esqs., 1st Security Bank Bldg., Pocatello, Idaho.

503.Ill.1. Germano v. Kerner. (ND Ill. E. Div., #63 C 291.)*

Bernard Kleiman, Esq., 318 W. Randolph St., Chicago, Ill.

503.Ind.2. Stout v. Hendricks. (SD Ind., #1 P61-C-236.)*
503.Ind.3. Grills v. Welsh. (Sup. Ct. Marion Co., #S59-600.)*
- 110 -

Senator Nelson G. Grills, 802 Board of Trade Bldg.,503.Ohio.2 Sive v. Ellis. (SD Ohio, W. Div., #6491.)*

Indianapolis, Ind.

503.Ia.2. Davis v. Synhorst. (SD Ia., Cent. Div.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. April, 1963: DC held apportionment unconstitutional; refused relief pending election set for Dec. 3, 1963 on proposed constitutional amendment changing legislative apportionment. Pending.
503.Kan.1. Harris v. Shanahan. (Kan. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Kan.2. Meeks v. Anderson. (DC Kan., #KC, 1774.)*
503.Ky.1. Schmied v. Combs. (WD Ky., #4380.)*
503.Ky.2. Combs v. Matthews. (Franklin Cir. Ct.)*
503.La.1. Daniel v. Davis. (ED La.)*

J. D. De Blieux, Esq., 233 St. Ferdinand St., Baton Rouge, La.

503.Md.1. Maryland Comm. for Fair Representation v. Tawes. (U.S.S.C., #554.) (180 A.2d 656, 182 A.2d 877, 184 A.2d 715.)*
503.Mass.1. Fishman v. Secretary of the Commonwealth. (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct., #12970.)*

Irving Fishman, Esq., 294 Washington St., Boston, Mass.

503.Mich.1. Beadle v. Scholle. (U.S.S.C., #517.)*
503.Mich.2. Calkins v. Hare. (ED Mich. S. Div., #22720.)*
503.Minn.1. Hedlund v. Hanson. (DC Minn., #4-62-122.)*
503.Minn.2. LaRose v. Takash. (Minn. Sup. Ct.) (115 N.W.2d 687.)*
503.Miss.1. Fortner v. Barnett. (1st Jud. Dist., Hinds Co., Ch. #59,965.)*
503.Mo.1. Preisler v. Hearnes. (Mo. Sup. Ct., #49,370.)*
503.Neb.1. League of Nebraska Municipalities v. Marsh. (DC Nebr., Lincoln, #551L.) (209 F.Supp. 189.)*
503.Nev.1. Paley v. Sawyer. (DC Nev., #1593.)*
503.NH.1. Levitt v. Atty. Genl. (N.H. Sup. Ct., ##5021, 5043.) (179 A.2d 286, 182 A.2d 897.)*
503.NJ.2. Jackman v. Bodine. (Hudson Co. Super. Ct., Ch.)*
503.NM.1. Cargo v. Mechem. (N.M. Dist. Ct., Santa Fe.)*
503.NY.1. WCMA v. Simon. (U.S.S.C.) (208 F.Supp. 368.)*
503.NY.2. Wright v. Rockefeller. (U.S.S.C.) (211 F.Supp. 460.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 41.

Case note: 72 Yale 1041-61.

503.NY.3. Honeywood v. Rockefeller. (U.S.S.C., #177.)*
503.ND.1. Lien v. Sathre. (ND., SW Div., #424.) (205 F.Supp. 536.)
503.Ohio.1. Nolan v. DiSalle. (SD Ohio, #6082.)*
503.Okla.2. Price v. Moss. (formerly listed as Moss v. Burkhart.) (U.S.S.C.) (207 F.Supp 885.)*
503.Okla.3. Jones v. Winters. (Okla. Sup. Ct., #39,857.)*
503.Okla.4. Brown v. State Election Bd. (Okla. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Okla.5. Reed v. State Election Bd. (Okla. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Okla.6. Baldwin v. Moss. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.Pa.1. Start v. Lawrence. (Dauphin Co. Ct., Eq. #2536 and Law #187.)*
503.RI.1. Sweeney v. Notte. (R.I. Sup. Ct.) (183 A.2d 296.)*
503.RI.2. Needham v. LaFrance. (DC R.I., #2930.)

Thomas H. Needham, Esq., 822 Industrial Bk. Bldg., Providence, R.I.

503.Tenn.1. Baker v. Carr. (MD Tenn., Nashville Div., #2724.) (206 F.Supp. 341.)* Facts: VIII DOCKET 42.

Case notes: 12 DePaul 133-38; 34 U. Miss. 117-19; 15 Vanderbilt 1247-91; 27 Albany 45-53; 41 U. Texas 132-36; 24 Pittsburgh 171-78; 28 U. Chicago 673-704; 7 St. Louis 187-90; 72 Yale 968-1040; 65 U. West Va. 127-42; 61 U. Michigan 107-46; 42 Boston U. 553-59.

503.Utah.1. Petuskey v. Clyde. (DC Utah, Central Div.)*
503.Va.1. Mann v. Davis. (U.S.S.C., #797.)*
503.Va.2. Donovan v. Harrison. (DC Va.)*
503.Vt.1. Mikell v. Rousseau. (Vt. Sup. Ct.) (123 Vt. 139.)*
503.Vt.2. Buckley v. Hoff. (DC Vt.)

A. Luke Crispe, Esq., 114 Main St., Brattleboro, Vt.

503.Wash.1. Thigpen v. Myers. (WD Wash., N. Div., #5597.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 42. May 3, 1963: 3-judge ct. held legislative apportionment unconstitutional, enjoined further elections under present statutes. Pending.
503.W.Va.1. Kanawha v. Carson. (SD W.Va.)*

Peters, Merricks, Leslie, Kenna & Mohler, Esqs, Box 1669, Charles, W. Va.

503.Wis.1. Wisconsin v. Zimmerman. (WD Wis., #3540.) (205 F.Supp. 673; 209 F.Supp. 183.)*
503.Wyo.1. Whitehead v. Gage. (Wyo. Sup. Ct., #3143.) (377 P.2d 299.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 42. 1963: trial ct. dismissed, Wyo. Sup. Ct. aff'd. See Shaefer, 503.Wyo.2.
503.Wyo.2. Schaefer v. Thomson. (DC Wyo., #4717.)*
504. 14th Amendment §2 Enforcement

504.1. Denman v. McCormack, Congress of the United States. (DC Mass., #C.A. 62-434-J.) June 1962: Pls. filed suit to declare apportionment of congressional seats unconstitutional as to Southern States which deny voting rights to Negroes. Pending.

Nathaniel A. Denman, pro se, Box 689, Falmouth, Mass.

504.2. Lampkin v. Hodges. (DC DC.) May 1963: Pls. filed suit for declaratory judgment that Bureau of Census and Secretary of Commerce (1) take all steps to compile figures as to denial of right to vote along with the next decennial
- 111 -

census; (2) compute and transmit an apportionment based on these figures to the Congress.

William B. Bryant, Esq., 615 F St., N.W., Washington, D.C.; NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

510. Jury Selection and Appeals to Prejudice (see also 311)
511. Involving Federal Employees
512. Involving Racial Discrimination

512.29. Alabama v. Seals (formerly U.S. ex rel. Seals v. Wiman.) (DC Ala.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 42, 84. Cite for cert. denied: 372 U.S. 915.*

Case note: 72 Yale 559-73.

512.31. Connecticut v. David. (Conn. Sup. Ct. of Err.)*
512.32. Giles and Giles v. Maryland. (U.S.S.C., #834.) (372 U.S. 767.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 43. April 22, 1963: U.S.S.C. dismissed appeal for want of substantial federal question; conviction below stands.
512.33. North Carolina v. Convington. Facts: VIII DOCKET 43, 84. May 8, 1963: on remand Def. failed to appear for trial; bond forfeited.
512.38. U.S. ex rel. Davis v. Gov. Davis. (DC La.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 43, 84. Cite for CA 5 affirming: 311 F.2d 595. Pl's. petition for habeas corpus in State Court pending.
512.39. U.S. ex rel. Poret and Labat v. Davis and Walker. (SD La.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 43. On remand from U.S.S.C., jury exclusion questions being tried by habeas corpus. Pending.
512.40. Mississippi v. George Gordon. (Lowndes Co. Cir. Ct.) 1961: Negro Def. convicted of rape; death sentence. White assigned counsel did raise jury exclusion question; Def.-witness testified no Negroes had ever served on petit jury in co. Miss. Sup. Ct. reversed on this point. On retrial, same counsel failed to raise this point; Def. reconvicted; death sentence. Miss. Sup. Ct. affirmed, denied stay pending appeal to U.S.S.C. Black, J., granted stay pending petition for cert. May, 1962: Miss. constitution amended, changed qualifications for jurors — added freeholder and elector requirements to former requirement of residence. Pet. for cert. raises jury exclusion, coerced confession questions.

Melvin Wulf, Esq., ACLU, 156 Fifth Ave., NYC; R. Jess Brown, Esq., 1105½ Washington St., Vicksburg, Miss.

512.41. Rogers v. Louisiana. (CA 5.) 1962: Def.-Negro convicted of murder. Brought habeas corpus in DC on ground of exclusion of Negroes from petit jury; DC denied writ. Pet's. appeal to CA 5 pending.

Terrance Trowbridge, Esq., Pan American Bldg. and Ernest Morial, Esq., 1821 Orleans Ave., both of New Orleans, for La. CLU.

512.42. Henderson v. Louisiana. (SD La.) Def.-Negro convicted of rape; La. Sup. Ct. affirmed. Pet. for habeas corpus filed; issues include exclusion of Negroes from petit jury. Pending.

Lionel Collins, Esq., 713 13th St., Gretna, La.; A. M. Trudeau, Esq., 1821 Orleans Ave., New Orleans, for La. CLU.

513. Involving Economic Discrimination
514. Involving Political Discrimination
515. Involving Discrimination Against Women
520. Education
Textbook: City Schools Reading Program. Prepared by Detroit, Mich. Bd. of Educ. Pre-primers using integrated cast of characters. Follett Publishing Ct., 1010 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, Ill.
521. Challenges to Unequal Facilities

521.1. Holland v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Palm Beach, Fla.) (SD Fla., #7161.)*
521.2. Johnson v. Marion Co. Bd. of Educ. (S.C.) (CA 4., #8499.)*
522. Suits To Enforce Integration
Law review article: Robert Allen Sedler, School segregation in the north and west, 7 St. Louis U. 228-75.

Comment: The federal courts and integration of southern schools: Troubled status of pupil placement acts, 62 Columbia 1448-79.

522.Ala.2a. Armstrong v. Birmingham Bd. of Educ. (ND Ala., #9678.)*
522.Ala.2b. Nelson v. Birmingham Bd. of Educ. (ND Ala., #10188.)*
522.Ala.3. Koen v. Knight. (Ala. Vocational Schools.) (SD Ala., #2434.)*
522.Ala.4. Reed v. Pearson. (Reeds Chapel.) (CA 5.)*
522.Ala.5. Lee v. Macon Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD Ala., #604E.)*
522.Ala.6. Hereford v. City of Huntsville. (ND Ala.)*
522.Ala.7. U.S. v. Mobile Co. Bd. of School Comm. (SD Ala., #2964.)*
522.Ala.7a. Davis v. Mobile Co. Bd. of School Comm. (SD Ala.) March 27, 1963: Pls. filed suit seeking desegregation of all facilities for all Negro students—not just those from federally-connected families.

NAACP Legal Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

And see 522.Ala.7.

522.Ark.5. Dove v. Parham. (Dollarway School Dist.) (ED Ark., #3680.)*
522.Calif.1. Jackson v. Bd. of Educ. (Pasadena.) (Calif. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 44, 85. June 27, 1963: Calif. Sup. Ct. held: schools have affirmative duty to overcome racial discrimination: "it is not enough for a school board to refrain from affirmative discriminatory conduct." Reversed and remanded.
522.Calif.3. Brock v. Bd. of Educ. (San Francisco.) (ND Calif., S. Div., #41034.)*
- 112 -

522.Dela.2. Evans v. Buchanan. Facts: VII DOCKET 45.

Case note: 63 Colgate 546-53.

522.Fla.2. Gibson v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Dade Co.) (SD Fla., #6978.)*
522.Fla.3. Manning v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. of Hillsborough Co. (Tampa.) (SD Fla., #3554.)*
522.Fla.5. Augustus v. Escambia Co. Bd. of Pub. Educ. (Pensacola.) (ND Fla., #1064.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 45. 1963: On remand, DC ordered complete desegregation.
522.Fla.6. Tillman v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Volusia Co. (SD Fla., Jacksonville Div., #4501.)*
522.Fla.7. Stoudenmire v. Braxton. (Jacksonville.) (SD Fla., #4598.)*
522.Fla.9. Weaver v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Brevard Co. (Cape Canaveral.) (SD Fla., Orlando Div., #1172.)*
522.Fla.10. Mays v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Sarasota Co. (SD Fla., Tampa Div., #4242-Civ. T.)*
522.Fla.11. Ellis v. Kipp, Bd. of Pub. Inst., Orange Co. (Orlando.) (SD Fla., Orlando Div., #1215.)*
522.Fla.12. Steele v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Leon Co. (Tallahassee.) (ND Fla., Tallahassee Div., #854.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 45. 1963: DC ordered complete desegregation.
522.Fla.13. Mills v. Boone. (Polk Co.) (ED Fla.)*
522.Fla.14. Scott v. Bd. of Inst. (St. John's Co.) (SD Fla., #4894.)*
522.Fla.15. Hall v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Broward Co.) (SD Fla., #10,820.)*
522.Ga.3. Calhoun v. Latimer. (Atlanta.) (CA 5.)*
522.Ga.6. Stell v. McCormac. (Savanah.) (SD Ga., #1316.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46. Mar. 29, 1963: DC allowed intervention by white students in opposition to integration.
522.Ga.7. Emory University v. Georgia. (Atlanta.) (Ga. Sup. Ct., #21731.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46. Cite for Ga. Sup. Ct. reversing: 127 S.E.2d 798.
522.Ga.8. Anderson v. Dougherty Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD Ga.) April 5, 1963: Pls. filed school integration suit. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Ill.1. Webb v. Bd. of Educ. (Chicago.) (CA 7.)*
522.Ill.2. Burrows v. Bd. of Educ. (Chicago.) (ND Ill., E. Div., #62 C 206.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46. June 1963: Motion to reinstate made in DC, following U.S.S.C. decision in McNeese, 522.Ill.3.
522.Ill.3. McNeese v. Bd. of Educ. (Centreville.) (U.S.S.C., #480.) (371 U.S. 933.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46, 85. June 3, 1963: U.S.S.C. (8-1) reversed, by Douglas, J.: "We have previously indicated that relief under the Civil Rights Act may not be defeated because relief was not first sought under state law which provided a remedy." Monroe v. Pape, 365 U.S. 167 (303.26). "The purposes [of that Act] were . . . to override certain kinds of state laws, to provide a remedy where state law was inadequate, 'to provide a fedl. remedy where the state remedy, though adequate in theory, was not available in practice', and to provide a remedy in the fedl. cts. supplementary to any remedy any State might have. We would defeat those purposes if we held that assertion of a fedl. claim in a fedl. ct. must await an attempt to vindicate the same claim in a state ct." "We have . . . no underlying issue of state law controlling this litigation. The right allegedly is as plainly fedl. in origin and nature as those vindicated in Brown. . . . Nor is the fedl. right in any way entangled in a skein of state law that must be untangled before the fedl. case can proceed. . . . It is immaterial whether Resp's. conduct is legal or illegal as a matter of state law. . . . Such claims are entitled to be adjudicated in the fedl. cts. . . . Moreover, it is by no means clear that Ill. law provides Pets. with an administrative remedy sufficiently adequate to preclude prior resort to a fedl. ct. for protection of their fedl. rights. . . . The [School] Supt. himself apparently has no power [under Ill. law] to order corrective action [in the face of discrimination by local school bd.] . . . It would be anomalous to conclude that such a remedy forecloses suit in the fedl. cts. when the most it could produce is a state ct. action that would have no such effect." Harlan, J., diss.
522.Ind.1. Bell v. School Bd. (Gary.) (CA 7.)*
522.Kan.2. Downs v. Bd. of Educ. (Kansas City.) (DC Kan., #KC-1443.)*
522.Ky.10. Walker v. Richmond Bd. of Educ. (ED Ky., Richmond Div., #241.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46. Feb. 19, 1963: after trial, DC ordered Def.-Bd. to submit plan. Pls. preparing plan.
522.Ky.11. Mack v. Bd. of Educ. (Frankfort.) (ED Ky., #216.)*
522.Ky.12. Mason v. Jessamine Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED Ky., #1496.)*
522.Ky.13. Lawrence v. Bowling Green Bd. of Educ. (WD Ky.) 1962: School desegregation suit filed. April 8, 1963: at trial, Def.-Bd. offered 3-year plan. DC rejected Bd. plan, ordered complete desegregation in Fall, 1963.

James A. Crumlin, Esq., 608 Walnut St., Louisville, Ky.

522.La.1. Bush v. Orleans Parish School Bd. (New Orleans.) (ED La., #3630.)*
522.La.2. Hall v. St. Helena Parish School Bd. (ED La., Baton Rouge Div., #1068.)*
522.La.4. Davis v. E. Baton Rouge Parish School Bd. (ED La., Baton Rouge Div., #1662.)*
522.La.12. Guillory and Elloi v. Tulane Univ. (ED La.)*
522.La.13. Harris, Crayton v. St. John the Baptist Parish School Bd. (ED La., New Orleans Div., #13212.)*
522.La.14. U.S. v. Bossier Parish School Bd. (WD La., Shreveport Div., #9282-S.)*
522.Mich.3. Sherrill School Parents Comm., Bentley v. Bd. of Educ. (Detroit.) (ED Mich., S. Div., #22092.)*
- 113 -

522.Miss.1a. Greene v. Fair. (SD Miss., Jackson Div.) 1962: Pl. filed suit for admission to U. Miss. DC denied injunction pending exhaustion of administrative remedies. CA 5 denied order for immediate admittance. Pending.
522.Miss.2. Medgar Evers v. Jackson School Board. (SD Miss.) March 7, 1963: School integration suit filed. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Miss.3. Hudson v. Leake Co. School Board. (SD Miss.) March 4, 1963: Pls. filed school integration suit. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Mo.2. Davis v. Bd. of Educ. (Charleston.) (ED Mo. #S62 C51.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 48. May 14, 1963: Def.-Bd. filed plan for desegregation. May 20, 1963: Pls. filed objections to plan. June, 1963: DC rejected Bd. plan, ordered complete desegregation effective September, 1963.
522.NY.6. Branche v. Bd. of Educ. (Hempstead.) (ED NY, #62-C-176.)*
522.NY.6a. Complaint against Bd. of Educ. (Hempstead.) (N.Y. State Commr. of Educ.)*
522.NY.7. Blacker v. Bd. of Educ. (Manhasset, Long Island.) (ED NY, #62-C-285.)*
522.NY.9. Aikens v. Bd. of Educ. (Rochester.) (WD NY, #9736.)*
522.NY.10. Bailey v. Bd. of Educ. (Westbury.) (DC NY.)*
522.NC.6. Jeffers v. Whitley. (Caswell Co.) (MD N.C., Greensboro Div., #1079.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 48, 85. Cite for CA 5 decision: 309 F.2d 621.
522.NC.12. Griffith v. Robinson. (Yancey Co.) (WD N. C., #1881.)*
522.NC.13a. Farmer v. Greene Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C.)*
522.NC.14. Wheeler v. Durham City Bd. of Educ. (M.D. N.C., #C 54-D-60.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 48. Cite for CA 4 reversing DC dismissal: 309 F.2d 630.
522.NC.14a. Spaulding v. Durham City Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C., #C-116-D-60.)*
522.NC.17. Wynn v. Trs., Charlotte Community College System. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 49. Cite for N.C. Sup. Ct. affirming: 122 S.E.2d 404.
522.NC.18. Hunter v. Raleigh City Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C., Raleigh Div., #1308.)*
522.NC.19. Belo v. Randolph Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C., #209-G-62.)*
522.NC.20. Conley v. Transylvania Co. Bd. of Educ. (WD N.C., #2094.)*
522.NC.21. Gilmore v. High Point Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C.)*
522.NC.22. Cabaniss v. Shelby Bd. of Educ. (WD N.C.) 1963: Pls. filed school integration suit. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.NC.23. Ford v. Cumberland Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C.) 1963: Pls. filed school integration suit. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.NC.24. Ziglar v. Reidsville Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C.) (Greensboro Div., #C-226-G-62.) Note: same case erroneously listed at 522.SC.8, VIII DOCKET 86.*
522.Okla.6. Dowell v. Bd. of Educ. (Oklahoma City.) (WD Okla., #9452.)*
522.Pa.1. Chisholm v. Bd. of Pub. Educ. (Philadelphia.) (ED Pa., #29706.)*
522.SC.1. Briggs v. Elliott. (Clarendon Co.) (CA 4.)*
522.SC.2. Brunson v. Bd. of Trs., Clarendon Co. School Dist. No. 1. (ED S.C., #7210.)*
522.SC.5. Stanley v. Darlington Co. School Dist. No. 1. (ED S.C., #7749.)*
522.SC.6. Brown v. School Dist. 20. (Charleston.) (ED S.C., #7747.)*
522.SC.7. Gantt v. Clemson College Bd. of Trs. (U.S.S.C.)*
522.SC.8. Ziglar v. Reidsville Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C., Greensboro, Div. #C-226-G-62.) Listing in error: See Ziglar 522.NC.24.
522.Tenn.1a. Boyce v. Humphreys Co. Bd. of Educ. (Nashville.) (MD Tenn., #3130.)*
522.Tenn.6. Goss v. Bd. of Educ. (Knoxville.) (U.S.S.C., #217.) June 3, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed, by Clark, J.: "The alleged equality — which we view as only superficial — of enabling each race to transfer from a desegregated to segregated school does not save the plans .... Not only is race the factor upon which the transfer plans operate, but also the plans lack a provision whereby a student might with equal facility transfer from a segregated to a desegregated school. The obvious one-way operation of these two factors in combination underscores the purely racial character and purpose of the transfer provisions. We hold that the transfer plans promote discrimination and are therefore invalid .... [N]o official transfer plan or provision of which racial segregation is the inevitable consequence may stand under the Fourteenth Amendment."
522.Tenn.7. Northcross v. Memphis Bd. of Educ. (WD Tenn., #3931.)*
522.Tenn.8. Mapp v. Chattanooga Bd. of Educ. (CA 6, #15038-9.)*
522.Tenn.9. Maxwell v. Davidson Co. Bd. of Educ. (near Nashville.) (U.S.S.C., #217.) June 3, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed; decided with Goss, 522.Tenn. 6.
522.Tenn.11. Vick v. Co. Bd. of Educ. (Obion Co.) (WD Tenn., #3129.)*
522.Tenn.12. Monroe v. Jackson Bd. of Educ. (WD Tenn.) 1963: Pls. filed school integration suit. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

- 114 -

522.Tex.7. Ross v. Rogers. (Houston.) (CA 5.)*
522.Tex.10. Flax v. Potts. (Fort Worth.) (ND Tex., #4205.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 50, 86. On remand, Def.-Bd. submitted grade-a-year plan: approved, with minor modifications, by DC.
522.Tex.14. Eastland v. Wheat. (Northeast Houston.) (SD Tex., #13,330.)*
522.Tex.15. Evans v. Brooks. (Texas City.) (SD Tex., Galveston Div., #2803.)*
522.Tex.16. Sanders v. Ransom. (U. of Tex.) (WD Tex., Austin Div., #1231.)*
522.Tex.17. Thomas v. Bowen. (Bryan.) (SD Tex., #13,850.)*
522.Tex.18. McGrue v. Williams. (WD Tex., Waco Div., #2291.)*
522.Tex.19. Adams v. Matthews. (Longview.) (ED Tex., Tyler Div., #3095.)*
522.Tex.20. Carter v. Hix. (Gatesville.) (WD Tex., Waco Div.) Oct., 1962: Pls. filed school integration suit. April, 1963: DC ordered integration beginning Sept. 1963.
522.Va.1. Allen, Griffin v. Co. School Bd. (Prince Edward Co.) (CA 4.)*
522.Va.1a. U.S. v. Prince George Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED Va., #3536.)*
522.Va.3a. Adkinson v. School Bd. (Newport News.) (ED Va., Newport News Div., #642.)*
522.Va.4. Hill v. School Bd. (Norfolk.) (ED Va.)*
522.Va.5. Dillard v. School Bd. (Charlottesville.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts VIII DOCKET 51, 86.*

Case note: 49 U. Virginia 367-85.

522.Va.6. Brooks v. Co. School Bd. (Arlington Co.)*
522.Va.13. Kilby v. Warren Co. School Bd. (WD Va.) (6 RRLR 121.)*
522.Va.14a. Bradley v. School Bd. (Richmond) (ED Va., #3353.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 52. Mar. 18, 1963: Def.-Bd. abolished dual attendance zones and "feeder schools" for white and Negro children. Pending.
522.Va.20. Blackwell v. School Bd. (Fairfax Co.) (ED Va., #1967.)*
522.Va.21. Green v. School Bd. (City of Roanoke.) (WD Va., Roanoke Div., #1098.)*
522.Va.21a. Marsh v. School Bd. (Roanoke Co.) (WD Va., Roanoke Div., #1095.)*
522.Va.24. Jackson v. School Bd. (Lynchburg.) (WD Va., Lynchburg Div., #534.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 52, 86. Pls. appeal to CA 4 pending; awaiting decision in Dillard, 522.Va.5.
522.Va.25. Anderson v. School Bds., West Point and King William Co. (Richmond.) (ED Va., #3365.)*
522.Va.26. McLeod v. Chesterfield Co. School Bd. and Va. Pupil Placement Bd. (near Richmond.) (ED Va., #3431.)*
522.Va.27. Williams v. Winchester School Bd. (WD Va., Harrison-burg Div., #629.)*
522.Va.28. Scott v. Fredericksburg School Bd. (ED Va., #3438.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 52, 86. April 2, 1963: Def.-Bd. filed plan. Apr. 12: Pls. filed objections. Pending.
522.Va.29. Brown v. Frederick Co. School Bd. (WD Va.)*
522.WVa.3. Taylor v. Raleigh Co. Bd. of Educ. (SD W.Va.)*

Facts: VIII DOCKET 52.

Case note: 41 U.Texas 128-32.

523. Suits To Prevent Integration (see also 204, 213, 223)
524. Miscellaneous Suits to End Segregation (see also 555)

524.2. Shaffer v. White Citizens' Council Forum, Miss. Sovereignty Comm., Miss. Gov. Barnett, Treas. Gandy. (SD Miss., #3068.)*
530. Housing — Racial Discrimination
531. In Public and Publicly-Assisted Housing — Urban Renewal (Title I)

531.10. Arena v. Columbia Univ. (Comm. on Human Rights.)*
531.11. Smith v. Holiday Inns of America. (Nashville.) (MD Tenn.)*
531.12. Johnson v. Redevelopment Agency of the City of Oakland. (California.) (CA 9.) June 15, 1962: Pl.-Negroes filed suit in DC charging that "Acorn" redevelopment project would destroy residential area, converting it to largely industrial use. Area heavily populated by Negroes. DC dismissed complaint; CA 9 affirmed. Petition for rehearing pending.

Benjamin Travis, Esq., 428 13th St., Oakland; Jane H. Van Hook and Mary Montgomery, Esqs., 3106 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Calif.

532. In Publicly-Assisted Housing — FHA and VA

532.18. O'Meara v. Washington and Jones. Facts: VII DOCKET 25, 57, 93.

Case note: 8 Howard 158-68.

532.24. Hudson v. Branden Enterprises, Tropicana Village. (Calif.) (Santa Clara Co. Super. Ct.)*
532.25. Holmes v. Bank of America. (San Diego Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 53, 86. 1963: Dist. Ct. App. reversed; held bank can be charged with conspiracy to violate Civ. Code §§51, 52; held question of fact whether bank can be guilty of discrimination.
532.26. Gregory v. Zehman. (Cleveland.) (Com. Pleas Ct., #742-019.)*
532.29. Scott v. Houston. (Berkeley.) (Alameda Co. Super. Ct.)*
533. In Private Housing
Law review article: Marshall Kaplan, Discrimination in California housing: The need for additional legislation, 50 U. California 635-49.

And see Contra Costa Realty Bd., 576.11.

- 115 -

533.20. Progress Development Corp. v. Mitchell. (Deerfield.) (ND Ill., E. Div., #5 C 2050.)*
533.20a. Progress Development Co. v. Mitchell. (Ill.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 53, 86. Cite for cert. denied: 372 U.S. 968. Cite for Ill. Sup. Ct.: 186 N.E.2d 360.
533.22. Divine v. Koch. (Calif.) (Sacramento Super. Ct.)*
533.26. Case v. Colorado Anti-Discrimination Comm. (Colo.) (Colo. Sup. Ct.)*
533.30. Swann v. Burkett. (Berkeley.) (Dist. Ct. of App., 1st App. Dept., #20,464.)*
533.31. McKibbon v. Michigan Corp. Sec. Comm. (Mich. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54, 87. Cite for Mich. Sup. Ct.: 119 N.W.2d 557.
533.32. Smith v. Curt Craft. (Portland.) (Multnomah Co. Cir. Ct., #265957, #266890.)*
533.33. Colangelo v. Massachusetts Comm. Against Discrimination. Facts: VII DOCKET 120.

Case notes: 46 Marquette 237-41; 16 Vanderbilt 199-204; 12 DePaul 146-49.

533.37. Droeger v. DeVries, Select Realty and Rentals. (San Francisco Super. Ct.)*
533.39. Johnson v. Coldwell, Banker and Co. (Sacramento.) (Sacramento Co. Super. Ct., #132566.)*
533.41. Stevenson and Kent v. Gent. Fedl. Svgs. and Loan Assn., Harris Trust and Svgs. Bank. (Chicago.) (ND Ill., #61-C-178.)*
533.48. Vaught v. Village Creek Homeowners Assn., Inc. (Norwalk.) (Fairfield Co. Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54. Nov. 1962: Motion by Def. to dismiss for want of juris. denied. Pending.
533.49. Ruiz v. Bertolotti. (App. Div., N.Y. Sup. Ct.) 1963: Pl's. appeal pending.
533.51. Hutchinson v. Abstract Investment Co. Facts: VII DOCKET 94.

Case note: 10 UCLA 401-08.

533.53. Duff v. McCoy. (Carmichael.) (Sacramento Co. Super. Ct., #124694.)*
533.54. Mims v. Values, Inc. (Berkeley.) (Berkeley-Albany Muni. Ct.)*
533.55. Curtiss v. Interlake Realty. (Wash. Sup. Ct., #36696.)*
533.56. Thomas v. Goolis, Paxinos. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., #477388.)*
533.57. Mason v. Grenell. (Shaker Hts.) (Cuyahoga Co., # #771,-611, 771,612.)*
533.59. Kammer and Rowland v. Marlon. (S.F. Muni. Ct., #482276.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 87. Trial date: July, 1963.
534. Omnibus Suits to End Housing Segregation

534.1. Cotillion Club, Inc. v. Detroit Real Estate Bd. (ED Mich., S. Div., #22058.)*
535. Miscellaneous Housing Suits
540. Transportation — Racial Discrimination
541. In Interstate Facilities
And see cases at 51, 54, 55, 58.

Symposium on the Interstate Commerce Commission, 31 George Washington v-326: Robert G. Dixon, Jr., Civil rights in transportation and the ICC, 198-241.

541.Ala.1. Baldwin v. Morgan. (Birmingham.) (ND Ala.)*
541.Ala.6. Alabama v. Zweig. (Birmingham.) (Birmingham Muni. Ct.)*
541.Ala.9. Alabama v. Rev. Abernathy. (Montgomery.) (Ala. Sup. Ct.)*
541.Ala.12. U.S. v. City of Montgomery, Bd. of Commrs., Ranch Enterprises, Inc. (CA 5.)*
541.Ala.13. Alabama v. Sizemore, Greyhound Restaurant Mgr. (Birmingham.) (Birmingham Muni. Ct.)*
541.Ala.14. U.S. v. City of Birmingham Officials. (ND Ala.)*
541.Calif.3. Thomas v. Nevada Club. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., #447044.)*
541.Fla.2. Dresner v. City of Tallahassee. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 56. April 15, 1963: U.S.S.C. granted cert.
541.Fla.3. Smith, Callender and O'Connor v. Florida. (Ocala.) (Fla. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 56. 1963: Cir. Ct. affirmed convictions; Defs. appeal pending.
541.Fla.4. Lamb v. Hillsborough County Aviation Auth. (SD Fla., #4020.)*
541.Ga.2. Georgia v. Defs. (Atlanta.) (Atlanta City Ct., Fulton Co. Crim. Ct.)*
541.Ga.3. Georgia v. Rev. Moss. (Atlanta.) (Fulton Co. Crim. Ct.)*
541.Ga.5. Georgia v. Defs. (Atlanta.) (Atlanta City Ct.)*
541.Ill.1. Wright v. C. B. & Q. Railroad, Vanderbilt Better Tours. (ND Ill., #62 C 1282.) 1963: Pls.-Negroes purchased tickets for escorted tour to California. When Pls. prepared to depart, they were sent alone on separate, unescorted tour. Pls. filed suit for damages. Pending.

McCoy, Ming and Leighton, Esqs., 123 W. Madison St., Chicago.

541.La.1. Adams v. City of New Orleans. (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 56. Def.-Bd's. appeal to CA 5 pending.
541.La.2. U.S. v. New Orleans, Aviation Bd. and Interstate Hosts, Inc. (ED La., #19898.)*
541.La.5. Louisiana v. Walmsley, Trailways Station Mgr. (Shreveport.) (Caddo Parish Ct.)*
541.La.6. U.S. v. Local Officials. (Shreveport.) (WD La.)*
541.Miss.1. Mississippi v. Farmer, "Freedom Riders". (Jackson.) (Miss. Sup. Ct.)*
- 116 -

541.Miss.4. Mississippi v. Frieze, Carey, Luster. (Jackson.) (Miss. Sup. Ct.)*
541.Miss.6. Bailey v. Atty. Genl. Patterson. (Jackson.) (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 57, 87. 1962: on remand, DC dismissed, but held statutes requiring segregation unconstitutional. Pl. denied injunctive relief; appeal to CA 5 pending.

Case notes: 50 U. Calif. 729-35; 51 U. Kentucky 171-73.

541.Miss.7. U.S. v. Fraiser. (Greenwood.)*
541.Miss.8. Mississippi v. Moses. (McComb.) (Cir. Ct.)*
541.Miss.9. U.S. v. Mayor and Selectmen of McComb City. (SD Miss., #3215.)*
541.Miss.10. Douglas v. CORE. (McComb.) (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 57. June, 1963: CA 5 set aside injunction.
541.Miss.13. Mississippi v. Rev. Chas. Jones, Taylor and G. Jackson. (Jackson.) (Jackson Muni. Ct.)*
541.Miss.14. U.S. v. Jackson City Officials. (Jackson.) (SD Miss.)*
541.Miss.15. Mississippi v. Bell. (Jackson.) (Jackson City Ct.)*
541.Miss.16. U.S. v. Oxford City Officials. (Oxford.) (DC Miss.)*
541.Miss.17. Mississippi v. Nelson, Thompson and Smith. (Poplarville.) (Pearl River Co. Ct.)*
541.Va.3. Henderson v. Trailways Bus Co.; Robinson v. Hunter. (U.S.S.C.)*
542. In Intrastate Facilities (and see 51, 54, 55, 58)

542.4. Evers v. Dwyer. (Memphis.) (DC Tenn.)*
542.12a. Rev. Shuttlesworth and Phifer v. City of Birmingham. (CA 5, #19497.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 58. Cite for CA 5 affirming: 310 F.2d 303.
542.14. Jemison v. Christian. (Baton Rouge, La.) (U.S.S.C., #428.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 58, 87. Cite for cert. denied: 371 U.S. 920.
542.16. City of Montgomery v. Taylor. (Montgomery City Ct.)*
542.17. City of Petersburg v. Defs. (Petersburg Muni. Ct.)*
542.20. Georgia v. Defs. (Macon.) (Macon Muni. Ct.)*
542.21. Georgia v. 5 Defs. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*

And see cases at 51.34-51.36, 63.5.

542.21a. Georgia v. Forman, Lee, Collins. (Albany.) (Albany Sup. Ct.)*
542.21b. Georgia v. 267 Defs. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct., Juvenile Ct.)*
542.21c. Georgia v. Slater King. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
542.21d. Georgia v. 198 Defs. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
550. Miscellaneous Racial Discrimination (and see 51, 54, 55, 58)
Case note: "General" and "special" laws as applied to public accommodations acts: Marshall v. Kansas City (355 S.W.2d 877, Mo. 1962) 7 St. Louis U. 191-193.
551. In Recreational Facilities

551.Ark.1. Freeman v. City of Little Rock. (ED Ark.) March 8, 1962: Pls. filed suit to desegregate recreation and cultural facilities. Feb. 15, 1963: DC issued injuction enjoining segregation in several specific facilities; auditorium, golf courses, playgrounds, tennis courts. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

551.Calif.5. Santa Clara Voiture 365 v. American Legion 40 & 8 Society. (Santa Clara Super. Ct., #110512.)*
551.Calif.7. Moore v. Thomasson, Police Chief. (Greenfield.) (Monterey Co. Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 59. 1963: Def. settled suit.
551.Calif.9. Lowe v. Given and Donaldson d/b/a Park Lane Hotel. (Menlo Park.) (San Mateo Super. Ct.)*
551.Fla.4b. Ghioto v. Hampton. (Jacksonville.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 59, 87.

Case note: 49 U. Virginia 164-68.

551.Fla.5. Bohler v. Lane, Mayor of Tampa. (SD Fla., #3809.)*
551.Ga.4. Wright v. Georgia. (Savannah.) (U.S.S.C., #68.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 59. May 20, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed convictions for breach of peace [$100. or 5 mths.], by Warren, C. J.: (1) "[T]here was no adequate state ground for the Ga. ct's. refusal to consider error in the denial of Pet's. motion for a new trial"; (2) "Obviously . . . one cannot be punished for failing to obey the command of an officer [to enforce racial discrimination in a public park] if that command is itself violative of the Constitution"; (3) "the possibility of disorder by others cannot justify exclusion of persons from a place if they otherwise have a constitutional right (founded upon the Equal Protection Clause) to be present"; (4) Pets. did not have "adequate notice that their conduct was prohibited by the breach of the peace statute."
551.Ga.5. King v. Mayor Hartsfield, Judge Webb. (Atlanta.) (ND Ga., #7603.)*
551.Ga.6. Brown v. City of Atlanta. (ND Ga., Atlanta Div., #7603.)*
551.Ga.7. Georgia v. Defs. (Atlanta.) (Fulton Co. Crim. Ct.)*
551.Ga.8. Patterson v. MacLean. (Savannah.) (SD Ga., #1321.) 1963: Pls. filed suit to desegregate public recreation facilities. After suit filed, city agreed to desegregation of all facilities except swimming pools. Pending.

NACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

551.Ky.1. M. Switow & Sons Enterprises, Inc. v. Lexington Chap., CORE. (Fayette Co. Cir. Ct., #9613.)*

And see 552.Ky.1.

551.Ky.2. Walker v. Bd. of Educ. (Richmond.) (ED Ky., #238.)*
- 117 -

551.La.3. Bates v. Sheraton Corp. of America. (New Orleans.) (MD La., #12,940.)*
551.Md.1. Griffin, Drews v. Maryland. (Baltimore.) (U.S.S.C., # #26, 7.)*
551.Miss.2. U.S. v. Harrison Co., Co. Bd. of Supervisors, Co. Sheriff, City of Biloxi, City Mayor, Police Chief. (Ca 6.)*
551.Miss.3. Mississippi v. Defs. (Jackson.) (Jackson Muni. Ct.)*
551.Miss.4. Pls. v. City of Jackson. (CA 5, #19961.)*

And see 555.Miss.1.

551.NY.8. New York v. Komisar. (NYC Adolescent Ct.)*
551.NC.4. Edwards v. Abercrombie Enterprises. (Durham.) (MD N.C.) 1963: Pls. filed suit to desegregate movie theatre located on property owned by city and leased to Def. Pending.

NACP Legal Def. and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

551.SC.4.. Brown v. S.C. State Forestry Comm. (ED S.C., #AC-774.)*
551.SC.5. Walker v. Shaw. (Greenville.) (WD S.C., #2983.)*
551.Tenn.6. Watson v. Memphis. (U.S.S.C., #424.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60. May 27, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed, by Goldberg, J.: (1) "Desegregation of parks and other recreational facilities does not present the same kinds of cognizable difficulties inherent in elimination of racial classification in schools, at which attendance is compulsory, the adequacy of teachers and facilities is crucial, and questions of geographic assignment often of major significance. (2) Most importantly . . . it must be recognized that even the delay countenanced by Brown was a necessary, albeit significant, adaptation of the usual principle that any deprivation of constitutional rights calls for prompt rectification. The rights here asserted are, like all such rights, present rights; they are not merely hopes to some future enjoyment of some formalistic constitutional promise. The basic guarantees of our Constitution are warrants for the here and now and, unless there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason, they are to be promptly fulfilled . . . (3) [T]he city must sustain an extremely heavy burden of proof [on this point]." (4) "[C]onstitutional rights may not be denied simply because of hostility to their assertion or exercise." (5) "The best guarantee of civil peace is adherence to, and respect for, the law." (6) [V]indication of conceded constitutional rights cannot be made dependent upon any theory that it is less expensive to deny than to afford them."
551.Tenn.8. City of Knoxville v. Defs. (Knoxville Muni. Ct.)*
551.Va.7. Virginia v. James. (Hampton.) (Hampton Cir. Ct.)*
551.Va.9. Pls. v. City of Richmond. (Richmond Hustings Ct.)*
552. In Dining Places (and see 51, 54, 55, 58)

552.Ala.4a. City of Montgomery v. King and Embry. (Ala. Ct. of Appeals.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60. New trial denied: Pls. appeal pending.
552.Ala.5. Rev. Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham. (U.S.S.C., #721.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60. May 20, 1963: U.S.S.C. (8-1) reversed, by Warren, C. J.: "Pets. were convicted for inciting, aiding, and abetting a violation of the city trespass ordinance . . . committed by the Pets. in Gober, [552.Ala.-11]. Since the convictions in Gober have been set aside, it follows that the present Pets. did not incite or aid and abet any crime, and that therefore their own convictions must be set aside." Harlan, J., diss.
552.Ala.10. City of Birmingham v. Burks. (Birmingham Muni. Ct.)*
552.Ala.11. Gober v. City of Birmingham. (U.S.S.C., #66.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60-1. May 20, 1963: U.S.S.C. (8-1) reversed convictions for refusal to leave lunch counter after being ordered to do so, per curiam, citing Peterson, 552.SC.8. Harlan, J., diss.
552.Ark.2. Briggs, Smith, Lupper v. Arkansas. (Ark. Sup. Ct., # #4992, 4994, 4997.)*
552.Fla.4. Florida v. Robinson. (Shell City, Miami.) (U.S.S.C.)*
552.Ga.10. Georgia v. King. (Atlanta City Ct.)*
552.Ga.11. Georgia v. Def. (Atlanta.) (City Ct.)*
552.Ga.13. Georgia v. 8 Drs. (Atlanta.) (Fulton Co. Ct.)*
552.Ky.1. Kentucky v. Defs. (Louisville.) (Muni Ct.)*

And see 551.Ky.1.

552.Ky.2. Kentucky v. Defs. (Louisville.) (Muni. Ct.)*
552.La.1. Garner, Briscoe, Hoston v. Louisiana. (Baton Rouge.) (U.S.S.C.)*

Case notes: 24 Ohio St. 211-17; 39 Chicago-Kent 87-91.

552.La.2. Lombard v. Louisiana. (New Orleans.) (U.S.S.C., #58.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 61. May 20, 1963: U.S.S.C. (8½-½) reversed, by Warren, C. J.: While no state statute or city ordinance forbade desegregation, before Defs'. arrests City Supt. of Police and Mayor issued statements that attempts to secure desegregated service would not be permitted. "Equally the State cannot achieve the same result by an official command which has at least as much coercive effect as an ordinance. The official command here was to direct continuance of segregated service in restaurants, and to prohibit any conduct directed toward its discontinuance; it was not restricted solely to preserve the public peace in a non-discriminatory fashion in a situation where violence was present or imminent by reason of public demonstrations." Douglas, J., conc.: I. The equal protection standard is our guide. "And under that standard business serving the public cannot seek the aid of the state police or the state courts or the state legislatures to foist racial segregation in public places under its ownership and control. the constitutional protection extends only to 'state' action, not to personal action. But we have 'state' action here, wholly apart from the activity of the Mayor and police, for Louisiana has interceded with its judiciary to put criminal sanctions behind racial discrimination in public places. II. "There is even greater reason to bar a State through its judiciary from throwing its weight on the side of racial discrimination in the present case, because we deal here with a place of public accommodation under license from the State." Harlan, J., diss in part.

John P. Nelson, Esq., Gravier Bldg., New Orleans.

Archibald Cox, U.S. Solicitor Genl., amicus curiae.

- 118 -

552.Md.4. Maryland v. Wagner. (Queenstown.) (Centerville Muni. Ct.)*
552.Md.5. Bell v. Maryland. (Baltimore.) (U.S.S.C., #167.)*
552.Mo.2. Missouri v. Def. (Columbia.) (Police Ct.)*
552.NC.3. Avent v. North Carolina. (Durham.) (U.S.S.C., ##11 and 12.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 61. May 20, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously vacated and remanded to N.C. Sup. Ct. for consideration in light of Peterson, 552.SC.8, Patterson v. Alabama, 294 U.S. 600, since N.C. Sup. Ct. had proceeded on erroneous assumption no city ordinance requiring segregation in restaurants existed in Durham.
552.NC.4. Willaims v. North Carolina. (Monroe.) (U.S.S.C., #10.)*
552.NC.10. North Carolina v. Defs. (Rutherford.) (Muni. Ct.)*
552.NC.11. North Carolina v. Nelson. (Statesville.) (Crim. Ct.)*
552.SC.2. Fields v. South Carolina. (Orangeburg.) (U.S.S.C., #399.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62, 87. Cite: 372 U.S. 522.
552.SC.2b. South Carolina v. Davis. (Cir. Ct., Orangeburg Co.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62. 1962: Defs. convicted of breach of peace. 1962: Cir. Ct. affirmed. Defs.' appeal to U.S.S.C. pending.
552.SC.3a. Barr and Bouie v. South Carolina. (U.S.S.C., ##847, 1015.)*
552.SC.3b. Edwards v. South Carolina. (Columbia.) (U.S.S.C., #86.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62, 87. Cite: 372 U.S. 229.
552.SC.3c. South Carolina v. Carter. (Columbia.) (Richland Co. Ct.)*
552.SC.4. City of Rock Hill v. Henry. (U.S.S.C.)*
552.SC.4b. South Carolina v. Rev. Ivory, Dietrich, Hackley. (Rock Hill.) (Muni. Ct.)*
552.SC.4c. South Carolina v. Ivory. (Rock Hill.) (York Co. Cir. Ct.)*
552.SC.4d. City of Rock Hill v. Hamm. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62. Pls. petition for cert. pending.
552.SC.6. City of Florence v. George. (Florence Co. Cir. Ct.)*
552.SC.7. City of Spartanburg v. Defs. (Spartanburg Recorder's Ct.)*
552.SC.8. Peterson v. City of Greenville. (U.S.S.C., #71.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62. May 20, 1962: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed, by Warren, C. J.: "...[T]hese convictions cannot stand, even assuming, as resp. contends, that the [store] manager would have acted as he did independently of the existence of the [city] ordinance. The State will not be heard to make this contention in support of the convictions. [T]he convictions had the effect ... of enforcing the ordinance passed by the City ..., the agency of the State. When a state agency passes a law compelling persons to discriminate against other persons because of race, and the State's criminal processes are employed in a way which enforces the discrimination mandated by that law, such a palpable violation of the Fourteenth Amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the mental urges of the discriminators." Harlan, J. concurred in result (see Lombard, 552.La.2.)

Matthew J. Perry, Esq., 1107½ Washington St., Columbia, S.C.

Archibald Cox, Solicitor Genl., for U.S., amicus curiae, by special leave of Ct.

552.SC.9a. City of Darlington v. Stanley. (U.S.S.C.)*
552.SC.10. Mitchell v. City of Charleston. (U.S.S.C., #89.)*
552.SC.11. South Carolina v. 8 Defs. (Greenville.)*
552.Tenn.4a. City of Nashville v. Carnaham. (Nashville.) (Cir. Ct.)*
552.Tenn.8. Tennessee v. Lewis. (Nashville.) (Crim. Ct.)*
552.Va.5. Randolph v. Virginia. (Richmond.) (U.S.S.C., #20.)*
552.Va.9. Virginia v. Allen. (Hopewell.) (U.S.S.C.)*
552.Va.10. Virginia v. Brumback. (Lynchburg.) (U.S.S.C., #60.)*
552.Va.10a. Wood v. Virginia. (U.S.S.C., #79.)*
553. In Other Facilities (and see 42)

553.Ala.1. Alabama v. Defs. (Talladega.) (Muni. Ct.)*
553.Ore.1. James v. Barr. (Multnomah Co. Cir. Ct.) Sept. 1962: Pl.-Negro filed suit against Def.-tavern owners charging discrimination in refusal to serve her, under Oregon equal accommodations act. June, 1963: After 2-day trial before all-white jury Pl. awarded $500. damages (maximum allowable under statute.)

Charles Paulsen, Esq., 901 Loyalty Bldg., Portland, Oregon.

553.Miss.1. Mississippi v. Defs. (Jackson.) (Muni. Ct.)*
553.NY.1. Patterson v. Max Beauty Salon. (Mineola, L.I.) (Nassau Co. Dist. Ct.)*
553.Tenn.1. Tennessee v. Freeman and Exum. (Memphis.) (Memphis Muni. Ct.)*
553.Tenn.2. Ford v. Tennessee. (Memphis.) (U.S.S.C., #397.)*
554. In Hospitals

554.Ga.1. Dr. Bell v. Grady Memorial Hospital. (Atlanta.) (ND Ga., #7966.)*
554.Ill.1. Dr. Morris, Jr. v. Chicago Hospital Council. (ND Ill., E. Div., #61 C 232.)*
554.NC.1. Simkins and U.S. v. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Community Hospital. (Greensboro.) CA 4.)*
554.NC.2a. Eaton v. Grubbs. (ED N.C., #932.)*
554.NC.3. Dr. Hawkins v. N.C. Dental Society and Second Dist. Dental Society. (WD N.C., #1505.)*
554.NC.4. Porter v. N.C. Hospitals Bd. of Control. (DC N.C.)

Facts: VIII DOCKET 64. March 28, 1963: DC declared statute unconstitutional; ordered Pl. admitted to hospital.

- 119 -

554.SC.1. Rackley v. Bd. of Trs., Orangeburg Regional Hospital. (ED S.C., Columbia Div., #AC-887.)*
554.Va.1. Wood v. Hogan, Admr., Lynchburg General Hospital. (WD Va., Charlottesville, #535-A.)*
555. In Government Facilities: Omnibus Suits

555.Ala.2. Faulkner v. City of Gadsden. (ND Ala., Birmingham Div.)*
555.Ala.3. Smith v. City of Birmingham. (ND Ala., S. Div.)*
555.Ala.4. Gardner v. Kendrick. (Birmingham.) (ND Ala., S. Div.)*
555.Fla.1. Kenon v. Joanos. (Tallahassee.) (ND Fla., Tallahassee Div.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 65. 1963: Pls. dismissed suit.
555.Fla.2. Brown v. Bryant. (SF Fla., Miami Div., #63-161.)*
555.Miss.1. Rev. Clark v. Thompson. (Jackson.) (CA 5, #19961.)*
555.Va.1. Wood v. Vaughan. (Lynchburg.) (WD Va., Charlottesville Div., #535.) (CA 4, #8689.)*
555.Va.2. Rev. Dunlap v. Councilmen of City of Danville. (WD Va., Danville Div.)*
560. Family Matters—Racial, Religious Problems
561. In Marriage and Divorce
Law review article: Enforceability of antenuptial agreements providing for the religious upbringing of children, 2 Willamette 172-82.
561.2. Carr and Catto v. St. John's Univ. (N.Y. Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 65, 88. Cite: 187 N.E.2d 18.

Case notes: 31 Fordham 215-21; 37 New York U. 1164-70.

562. In Adoption Proceedings

562.4. Re J. Rockefeller. (Sup. Ct., Mineola.)*
563. In Custody Proceedings

563.9. Potter v. Potter. (Mich. Sup. Ct., 50,169.)*
564. In Miscellaneous Proceedings

564.6. Perricone v. New Jersey. (U.S.S.C., #369.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 65, 88. Cite for cert. denied: 371 U.S. 890.

Case notes: 24 U. Pittsburgh 642-46; 34 U. Miss. 219-20.

570. Employment
571. Racial Discrimination Against Teachers

571.10. Owens v. School Dist. #36, Pulaski & Alexander Co. (ED Ill., #1886-D.)*
571.11. Connellsville Joint School Bd. v. Pa. Human Rights Comm. Ct. of Com. Pleas, Dauphin Co., #397-1962.)*
571.12. U.S. v. Bd. of Educ. (Greene Co., Miss.) (SD Miss., Hattiesburg Div., #1729.)*
571.13. Sylvia Taylor v. Chicago Bd. of Educ. (Ill. FEPC, #62-1.)

Facts: VIII DOCKET 66. June, 1963: Hearing officer found Pl. had been discriminated against; Comm. considering whether act applies to municipalities. Pending.

571.14. Henry v. Coahoma Co. Bd. of Educ. (ND Miss.)*
572. Racial Discrimination by Government Agencies
573. Racial Discrimination Involving Government Contracts
Note: The President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity does not make available to the public lists of complaints pending before it, or the disposition of particular complaints. For this reason, the DOCKET will describe only complaints which are reported in the press at the time of their conclusion.

Law review articles:

Owen Birnbaum, Equal employment opportunity and executive order 10925, 11 U. Kansas 17-34.

William H. Speck, Enforcement of nondiscrimination requirements for government contract work, 63 Columbia 243-65.

574. Racial Discrimination by Transportation Companies

574.8. Cooks v. Bro. of Railway Carmen, Locals 991 and 783; and Texas and New Orleans R.R. Co. (SD Tex., Houston, #12329.)*
574.10. Colorado Anti-Discrimination Comm. v. Continental Air Lines; Green v. Continental Air Lines. (U.S.S.C., #1325 Misc.) (372 U.S. 714.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 67. April 22, 1963: U.S.S.C. unanimously reversed, by Black, J.: "[A]ny state or fedl. law requiring applicants for any job to be turned away because of their color would be invalid under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment and the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment .... We hold that the Colo. statute as applied here to prevent discrimination in hiring on account of race does not impose a constitutionally prohibited burden upon interstate commerce." Ry. Labor Act was not intended to bar states from protecting employee against racial discrimination, nor do Executive Orders.

Case notes: 35 U. Colorado 261-65; 48 U. Virginia 1149-53.

575. Racial Discrimination by Unions
Case note: Appeals to racial prejudice grounds for setting aside union representative election: Sewell Mfg. Co. (138 NLRB No. 12, 1962), Allen-Morrison Sign Co., Inc. (138 NLRB No. 11, 1962), 8 Villanova 254-59; 17 U. Miami 75-83.
575.15. Sells v. Intl. Bro. of Firemen and Oilers. (WD Pa.)*
575.18. Pls. v. Bro. of RR Trainmen. (ED Mo.)*
576. Other Racial and Religious Discrimination
Case note: Voluntary associations of physicians and surgeons subject to judicial scrutiny when membership policies of exclusion conflict with public policy of the state: Falcone
- 120 -

v. Middlesex Medical Society (34 N.J. 582, 170 A.2d 791, 1961), 37 N. Dame Lawyer 453-61.


Merit Employment in Michigan 1963: Fair Employment Practices Comm., 900 Cadillac Square Bldg., Detroit. 32 pp.

Biennial Report—Jan. 1963, Fair Employment Practices Division, Wisconsin State Industrial Comm., 634 N. Second St., Milwaukee. 30 pp.

576.10. Atkinson Co. v. McNeil. (San Francisco Super. Ct., #520283.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 67. 1963: Ct. granted writ of mandate against F.E.P.C. Pending.
576.11. Contra Costa Realty Bd. v. Fair Employment Practices Comm. (Contra Costa Co. Super. Ct., #87501.)*
576.12. Lombardo, Mullally v. Queens College. (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)*
576.13. Calhoun v. General Motors. (Michigan FEPC, #1165.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 88. June, 1963: Complaint filed May 1960 still under investigation by Comm.
577. Nationality Discrimination
578. Sex Discrimination

578.1. Beary v. Queens Co. Bar Assn. (N.Y. Sup. Ct., Queens Co., #5394-1960.)*
578.3. Shpritzer v. Civil Service Comm. (N.Y. Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 68. 1962: App. Div. affirmed denial of relief. 1963: Ct. of App. reversed, ordered Def. admitted to examination.
579. Age Discrimination
580. Civil Actions under Civil Rights Law Not Otherwise Covered (see 304)

580.5. Patterson v. Smith. (ED Mich., S. Div.)*
580.6. Royal News v. Schultz. (ED Mich., S. Div., #23094.)*
590. Criminal Prosecution under Civil Rights Law

590.5. U.S. v. Donald Jones, Wm. King. (Birmingham.) (ND Ala.)*
600. Suits Involving Constitutional Rights of American Indians
Case note: Applicability of constitutional limitations to Indian tribal government: Native American Church of North America v. Navaho Tribal Council (272 F.2d 131, CA 10 1959), 16 U. Oklahoma 94-97.
601. Civil Actions between Individual Indians and Indian Tribes
602. Civil Actions Against Indians on Reservations
603. Criminal Actions Against Indians on Reservations
604. Actions Involving Property Rights
605. Condemnation of Land of American Indian Reservations