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Vol. IX, No. 3
April, 1964
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The DOCKET is published four times each year, October to July.



Law review articles:

William O. Douglas, The Bill of Rights and the free society: An individual view. 13 Buffalo 1-7.

Arthur J. Goldberg, Government under law. 40 Chicago-Kent 1-6.

Tom C. Clark, Random thoughts on the Court's interpretation of individual rights. 1 Houston U. 75-87.

Samuel Krislov, Mr. Justice Black reopens the free speech debate. 11 U.C.L.A. 189-211.

Jerome Barron, Decision without power—the dilemma of the Supreme Court. 40 North Dakota 57-64.

Warren J. Madden, One Supreme Court and the writ of certiorari. 15 Hastings 153-160.

Henry M. Holland, Jr., Mr. Justice Cardozo and the New Deal court. 12 J. of P.L. 383-407.

Webster Myers, Jr., Cardozo and personal rights. 67 Dickinson 337-352.

Symposium: Mr. Justice Holmes—Some modern views. 31 Univ. of Chicago 213-278: Yosal Rogat, The judge as spectator; Francis A. Allen, Criminal law; Harry Kalven, Jr., Torts; Malcolm P. Sharp, Contracts.


Comments: Judicial performance in the fifth circuit. 73 Yale 90-133.

Constitutional law—criminal law—habeas corpus—the 1963 trilogy. 42 North Carolina Univ. 352-373.

The three-judge district court: Scope and procedure under section 2281. 77 Harvard 299-317.

Address: James B. Parsons, Our number one domestic problem. 40 Chi-Kent 15-21.

Law review articles: John P. Roche, Civil liberty in the age of enterprise. 31 Univ. of Chicago 103-135.

Robert H. Hall, Improving the administration of justice. 12 J. of P.L. 376-382.

Gerald Gunther, The subtle vices of the "passive virtues": A comment on principle and expediency in judicial review. 64 Columbia 1-25.

John E. Crow, Subterranean politics: A judge is chosen. 12 J. of P.L. 275-289.

Fu-shun Lin, Self-defense—a permissible use of force under the U.N. charter. 13 De Paul 43-72.

F. B. Fingland, Recent constitutional developments in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. 15 Univ. of Toronto 299-316.

Comments: Constitutional law—case or controversy—dismissal for mootness. 41 North Carolina Univ. 847-853.

Reflections on the judicial process, 35 Mississippi Univ. 62-67.


Law review articles: Louis L. Jaffe, Suits against governments and officers: Damage actions. 77 Harvard 209-239.

Morgan D. Dowd, The courts as a restraint on administrative power: A comparative study in constitutional theory. 40 U. of Det. 597-616.

Harold Weintraub, Statutory procedures governing judicial review of admiinstrative action: From state writs to article 78 of the civil practice law and rules. 38 St. John's 86-126.

Comment: Presidential power: Use and enforcement of executive orders. 39 Notre Dame 44-55.

Movie: Daniel Talbot and Emile de Antonio, Point of order. 97 min.-excerpts from 1954 Army—McCarthy hearings.

Book: Upton Sinclair, ed, The cry for justice. 1916 coll. updated. 640 pp. Lyle Stuart. $10.

See also Association (200-299)

Annual Reports:

ACLU, To secure: To use: these rights. 1963. 96 pp. ACLU, 156 Fifth Ave., NYC.

N. Calif. CLU Report, 1960-63. 48 pp. 503 Market St., San Francisco.

10. Licensing
11. Of Meetings (see also 201)

11.15. Fields v. City of Fairfield, Ala. (U.S.S.C., #30.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 69, 91. Dec. 16, 1963: U.S.S.C., per curiam, reversed decision enjoining Pls. from distributing handbills or holding meeting without permit, citing Thompson v. Louisville, 312.21, 362 U.S. 199; Garner v. La., 552.La.1, 368 U.S. 157.
11.16. Tennessee v. Weinberger. (Brownsville.) (Haywood Co. Ct.)*
- 36 -

11.17. Forbes v. Redondo Beach City Council (Super. Ct.) Def. denied American Nazi Party speaker use of public park for meeting. Super. Ct. issued injunction allowing Def. to hold meeting on posting $1,000 corporate bond and filing affidavit that speech would not tend to incite to riot.
12. Of Motion Pictures (see also 52)
13. Of Peddlers

13.2. City of Indianola v. Defs. (Indianola, Miss.) (City Ct.)*
14. Of Books, Magazines (see also 52)

14.10. Haiman and Grove Press, Inc. v. Morris. (Ill. Sup. Ct., #37276.)*
14.10a. Grove Press, Inc. and Henry Miller v. Morris. (ND Ill., E. Div., #61 C 1784.)*
14.11. Grove Press, Inc. v. Calissi, Bergen Co. Pros. (U.S.S.C.)*
14.12. Arnebergh v. Zeitlin. (U.S.S.C., #584.) (27 Cal. Rptr. 320.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 2, 69, 121. Dec. 10, 1963: U.S.S.C. denied cert.
14.13. Florida ex rel. Gerstein v. Grove Press (U.S.S.C.)*
14.15. Larkin v. G. P. Putnam's Sons. (NY Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 121. App. Div. (3-2) reversed Sup. Ct. decision for Def. Apr. 1, 1964: Def's. appeal argued.
14.16. Tralins v. Gerstein. (U.S.S.C., #246.)*
14.18. The National Insider, Inc. v. Chicago Transit Authority. (ND Ill., E. Div., #64 C 33) Jan. 8, 1964: Pls.-publisher and distributor of newspaper, sued to enjoin Def. from ordering news dealers to withhold Pls'. publication from newsstands in def's. bldgs., and for $600,000 general and punitive damages. Case settled: Def. agreed to permit sale of Pls'. publication; dismissed by stipulation.
15. Of Miscellaneous Activities

15.5. F.C.C. v. Palmetto Broadcasting Co., S.C. (CA DA.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 121. Mar. 1964: CA upheld FCC on nonconstitutional ground.
15.6. City of Baltimore v. Moore, Henderson. (Crim. Ct.)*
15.7. Coleman v. City of Torrance, Calif. (Super Ct.)*

And see 58.8 and 533.63.

15.8. California v. Canon. (Cal. Dist. Ct. App., 3d Dist.) 1962: Def. distributed anonymous letter in support of local political candidate. 1963: Def. prosecuted under Cal. Elections Code §12047 (misdemeanor to publish anonymous campaign material); prosecuting witness was opponent of Def's. candidate. Justice Ct. denied Def's. motion to dismiss. Super. Ct. aff'd. Jan. 9, 1964: Dist. Ct. of App. reversed; held statute "denies the spokesman the anonymity which protects him in the utterance of truth and legitimate criticism," and acts as prior restraint on free speech and press.

Case note: Use of sound trucks on public streets: Wollam v. City of Palm Springs (370 P.2d 481, Calif. 1963) 49 Iowa Univ. 567-74.

20. Administrative Restrictions
21. By U. S. Customs
22. By U. S. Postmaster

22.15. Heilberg v. Fixa. (ND Calif.)*
22.16. Amlin v. Postmaster General. (SD Calif., #63-635-PH.)*
22.17. McReynolds v. Christenberry. (SD NY.) Pl. sued for declaratory judgment and injunction against enforcement of 39 U.S.C. §4008 (detention of mail from certain countries as "communist political propaganda" and destruction of mail unless addressee indicates willingness to receive it.) 3-judge ct. requested.

Melvin L. Wulf, Esq., ACLU, 156 Fifth Ave., NYC.

23. On Government Information and Secrecy
24. On Students and Professors (see also 223, 262, 281 and 342)
Law review article: Daniel M. Pollitt, Campus censorship: Statutes barring speakers from state educational institutions. 42 N.C. Univ. 179-199.

Comment: The constitutional rights of college students. 42 Texas U. 344-363.

See Henry, 571.14.

24.20. Koch v. Bd. of Trustees, U. of Illinois. (U.S.S.C., #670 Misc.) (187 NE.2d 340.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 9, 92, 122. Jan. 13, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied petition for cert.
24.21. Egan v. Moore, Trs. of State Univ. of state of New York. (App. Div., 3d Dept., #61 43.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 3. Dec. 28, 1963: App. Div. reversed, ordered dismissal of injunction proceeding: 1) New York's statutory scheme re Communist Party activities is not equivalent to legislative ban on Communist spokesman's appearance at state Univ.; 2) this interpretation commends itself because "the tradition of our great society has been to allow our universities in the name of academic freedom to explore and expose their students to controversial issues without gov't. interference."
24.25. Byrd v. Gary. (ED S.C.)*
24.26. Ritter v. Matthews, Trs. (N. Texas State U.) (ED Tex., Sherman Div., #1525.)*
24.27. Wilkinson and Schwartz v. Bd. of Trs., Ohio State Univ. (SD Ohio, E. Div., #6611.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 122. Apr. 7, 1964: Pls. filed petition for writ of mandamus in U.S.S.C. to require DC to act on application for 3-judge ct. Apr. 10: DC denied 3-judge ct. Pls'. amended mandamus petition for granting 3-judge ct. pending in U.S.S.C.
24.29. Re Gordon Lish. (San Mateo Union High School Dist. Bd. of Trs.)*
24.30. Morial v. Orleans Parish School Bd. (ED La.)*
24.31. Finot v. Pasadena Bd. of Educ. (Los Angeles Super Ct., #827326.) Facts: IX DOCKET 2. Super. Ct. denied writ of mandate.
24.32. Woods v. Wright (Birmingham.) (ND Ala., S. Div., #63249.)*
- 37 -

24.33. Re Gloria Rackley. (Orangeburg, S.C. School Bd.) Oct. 1963: Pet.-Negro teacher, Pl. in 554.SC.1, participated in civil rights demonstrations; 1,400 arrested. Oct. 7: Pet. discharged for participation; Pet. arrested for using white restroom in courthouse while awaiting Juvenile Ct. hearing of daughter. Oct. 10: Picket line at school protesting Pet's. dismissal; teachers and students stayed outside; many arrests.
25. On Miscellaneous Activities

25.10. Smith v. Cremins. (SD Cal., #53-61-WB.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 3. Case settled; Defs. paid nominal damages.
25.11. Belshaw v. City of Berkeley, (formerly In re Claude Belshaw.) (Alameda Co. Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 122. Bd. (3-1) sustained suspension. Feb. 1964: Pl. filed for writ of mandate in Super. Ct. to compel Def. to reinstate him. Pending.
25.12. Forstner v. Personnel Bd. (San Francisco Super. Ct.) Oct. 1963: Pl.-Youth Guidance Officer suspended from duty for growing beard after starting work, refusing to shave; fired. Jan. 9, 1964: Def.-Bd. affirmed firing. Pl's. writ of mandate to compel reinstatement pending.

Marshall Krause, Esq., for ACLU, 503 Market St., San Francisco.

30. Economic Restrictions (see also 251, 261, 268, 281)

30.1. Independent Productions Corp., and I.P.C. Distributors, Inc. v. Loew's Inc. (SD NY, Civ. #110-304.)*
30.5. Wagner v. Post Office. (U.S. Post Office.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 4. No action filed. Matter closed.
30.7. Young v. Motion Picture Assn. of America, Inc. (DC DC.)*
30.13. Turn Toward Peace v. Al Molaikan Temple. (Los Angeles Muni. Ct., #908264.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 4. New trial date: Jan. 4, 1965.
30.14. Fort v. Co. of Alameda. (California) (Dist. Ct. of App. 1st Dist., Div. 1, #2168.)*
40. Contempt (see also 63)
41. Of Federal Courts
42. Of State Courts

42.11. Louisiana v. Defs. (19th Jud. Dist. E. Baton Rouge Parish.)*
42.12. Re Dawley and Holt. (Va. Sup. Ct.)*
42.13. Re Selby and Taylor. (Pa. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 92, 122. Cite: 193 A.2d 181. Case note: 112 U. of Pa. 438-44.
42.17. Ex parte Mary Hamilton. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: IX DOCKET 3. Mar. 28, 1964: USSC (5-4) granted cert., reversed per curiam. Black, J., concurred separately on ground contempt citation vague and uncertain. Clark, Harlan, and White, JJ., diss.

Case notes: Refusal to answer question following punishment for contempt for earlier, identical refusal in same proceeding is ground for similar punishment: In the matter of the Second Additional Grand Jury v. Cirillo (12 N.Y. 2d 206, 188 N.E.2d 138, 1963) 39 Notre Dame 231-236.

The questionable existence of inherent contempt power: New Hampshire v. Moquin (191 A.2d 541, N.H. 1963.) 13 De Paul 151-158.

43. Of Other Agencies (see also 270s, 330s)
50. Criminal Sanctions
51. Against Disorderly Conduct and Similar Offenses (see also 55, 541, 542, 551, 552)

51.8. Helgason, Storey v. Davis. (Cook Co. Super. Ct., #60 S 9228.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 5. Feb. 28, 1964: After trial, judgment for Pls., each awarded $250 damages.

And see cases at 304.

51.19. South Carolina v. Carras, Stradley. (Sumter Muni. Ct.)*
51.25. Rev. Cox v. Louisiana. (Baton Rouge.) (U.S.S.C., #735.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 5, 122, IX DOCKET 3. Issues in U.S.S.C.: (1) Is La. breach of peace statute void for vagueness; (2) do breach of peace and obstruction of sidewalk statutes, as applied, violate Def's. First and Fourteenth Amendment rights; (3) was Def.-CORE officer denied due process and equal protection by being tried in segregated courtroom? Pending.

And see Cox, 51.25a, 53.5.

51.25a. Louisiana v. Rev. Cox. (Baton Rouge.) (La. Sup. Ct.)*
51.27. South Carolina v. Randolph. (Sumter.) (Sumter Co. Cir. Ct.)*
51.34. Georgia v. Forman. (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
51.35. Georgia v. Patch. (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
51.36. City of Albany v. Rev. Anderson. (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
51.37. Mississippi v. Block. (Greenwood.) (City Police Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 70. Appeal pending in Leflore Co. Ct.

Carsie A. Hall, Esq., 115½ N. Farish St., L. H. Rosenthal, Esq., Suite 1, 221 N. President St., both of Jackson, Miss.

51.41. New York v. 15 Defs. (Rochester Co. Ct.)*
51.42. New York v. 8 Defs. (Manhattan Supr. Ct.)*
51.43. New York v. Blackmon, Beebe and Hicks. (Manhattan Crim. Ct.)*
51.44. City of Plaquemine, La. v. Farmer. (Crim. Dist. Ct.) Facts: IX DOCKET 3. Appeal pending.
51.45. Alabama v. 200 Defs. (Selma.) (Selma Recorder's Ct., Dallas Co. Ct.)*

And see 56.12, and other peace bond cases at 59.

51.46. Louisiana v. I. S. Daniel and 85 Defs. (New Orleans.) (Crim. Ct.)*

Augustine and Smith, Esqs., 1400 N. Clarborne St., New Orleans.

- 38 -

51.47. District of Columbia v. Am. Nazi Party. (D.C. Muni. Ct.)*
51.48. Tennessee v. Gustafson. (Blount Co. Genl. Sessions Ct., Juvenile Ct., ##36761-36770.)*
51.49. Pennsylvania v. 100 Defs. (Chester Police Ct.) Apr. 3, 1964: Defs. in sit-down demonstration in front of police station, arrested: unlawful assembly, affray, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest. April 4: At 3:00 A.M., Defs. convicted by Magistrate. April 5: After a series of technical objections, Magis. released Defs. on total of $130,000 bail. Appeals pending.
51.50. Pennsylvania v. Dotort. (Ct. of Quarter Sess., Phila. Co., #759) Sept. 20, 1963: Defs. conducted orderly, quiet sit-in office of city officials, protesting policy on relocating residents of substandard housing. After 5 p.m., Defs. refused to leave, arrested. Oct. 1963: After trial, Defs. convicted of disorderly conduct (18 P.S. 4406); breach of peace charges dismissed. Appeal pending. Issues: 1) Does construction of statute require finding that Defs. disturbed a resident of the locality, annoyed a member of travelling public, or disturbed the peace? 2) Does conviction infringe First Amendment freedoms, as defined in Edwards, 372 U.S. 229, and Terminello, 337 U.S. 1?

William Lee Akers, Esq., Harry Lore, Esq., Suite 400, The Wellington, 19th & Walnut Sts., Philadelphia.

51.51. City of Newark v. Gibson and Wims. (Newark Muni. Ct., ##57574, 57575.) July 3, 1963: Def.-CORE members arrested during protest at high school construction site against alleged discrimination by building trades unions in hiring. Nov. 27, 1963: Defs. convicted of creating a disturbance (City Ord. 20:3); $50. or 10 days.

William Rossmoore, Esq., 60 Park Pl., Newark, N.J.

51.52. New York v. Stauble. (Yonkers City Ct.) Dec. 15, 1962: 8 Defs. inserted cards in merchandise at S. Klein store describing goods as communist-made, chanted "Klein's is Communist"; crowd of 300 gathered. Def. also allegedly swore at police officer. Jan. 8 1964: Def. convicted of disorderly conduct. Other cases arising from same incident pending. Def's. appeal pending.

Alfred Skidmore, Esq., Hicksville, Long Island, N.Y.

51.53. California v. Huss, Krauss, McLaughlin, Holstein, Reeves. (Los Angeles) (L.A. Co. Super. Ct., #274332.) 1963: Defs.-Nazis arrested for creating disturbance at "Salute to Israel" rally. Nov. 11: All Defs. convicted of conspiracy to riot; 4 of felonious assault. Jan. 2, 1964: Sentences: 1-10 yrs. down to 10 mths. Appeals pending.

A. L. Wirin, ACLU, 323 W. Fifth St., Los Angeles.

51.54. Maryland v. Frankhouser. (Riverside Park.) (Muni. Ct.) 1963: Def. making anti-integration speech; arrested: disorderly conduct, making speech without permit. Def. convicted; 30 days and $50. Appeal pending.
51.55. Mississippi v. Stoner. (Hattiesburg Justice Ct.) (SD Miss.) Feb. 5, 1964: Def.-SNCC worker went to Hattiesburg jail to visit fellow-SNCC worker; told to leave, refused, jailed: breach of peace, resisting arrest, profanity, contempt of court. Feb. 6: Def. tried by Justice of Peace in his locked cell: 2 Forrest Co. Dep. She riffs assigned as Def's. "counsel", refused to raise constitutional objections; Def. dismissed them, stood mute, convicted: 60 days and $376. April 10: Def. filed, through 2 out-of-state attorneys, petition for habeas corpus, for leave to proceed in forma pauperis, for waiver of DC rule of court requiring out of state attys. to associate with Mississippi counsel. Pending.

George W. Crockett, Esq., 3220 Cadillac Tower, Detroit; Benjamin E. Smith, Esq., 1006 Baronne Bldg., New Orleans.

And see cases at 56.

52. Against Obscenity (see also 12, 14)
Law review article: Erwin A. Elias, Obscenity: The law, a dissenting voice. 15 Baylor 1—38.

Comment: Obscenity in the mails: Post office department procedures and the first amendment, 58 Northwestern 664-684.

52.31. Bantam Books v. Sullivan. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 5, 71. Cite: 372 U.S. 58.

Case note: 9 N.Y.L.F. 385-90.

52.33. California v. Aday. (Dist. Ct. of App.)*
52.34. New York v. Mishkin. (N.Y. Ct. of App.)*
52.35a. G.I. Distributors, Inc. v. Murphy. (ED N.Y.)*
52.40. Massachusetts v. Interstate News Dealer Supply Co. (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6, 123. Addition: Reversal was based on Mapp, 52.25, and Marcus, 52.30, illegal search and seizure.
52.44. California v. Bradley Smith (U.S.S.C., #72.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 6, 93, 123. Dec. 16, 1963: U.S.S.C., per curiam, vacated and remanded in light of Zeitlin v. Arnebergh, 14.12. In remand, Los Angeles Co. Super Co., App. Dept. reversed conviction; case dismissed.
52.48. Connecticut v. Huntington. (Conn. Sup. Ct. of Errors, #5454.)*
52.53. Whitney v. San Francisco Municipal Court. (Calif. Sup. Ct., SF #21120.)*
52.55. Chicago v. Russell, Compton. (Cook Co. Cir. Ct.)*
52.56. U.S. v. Ginzburg. (CA 3.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 93-4. Def.-author: 5 yrs. and $28,000; 3 Def.-publishers: $14,000. Appeal pending.
52.57. Chicago v. Bruce. (Chicago Muni. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 94.*

W. Robert Ming, Jr., Esq., 123 Madison St.; Maurice Rosenfield, Esq., 208 S. LaSalle St.; Harry Kalven, Jr., Univ. of Chicago Law School, all of Chicago.

52.60. City of Chicago v. Kroch's and Brentano's. (Chicago Muni. Ct., #63 MC 167714.) Facts: IX DOCKET 4. Complaint dismissed by agreement.
52.61. New York v. G. P. Putnam Sons. Error: This is same case as 14.15.
52.62. New York v. Weisfeld and Downs. (NY Co. Sup. Ct., App. Term.) Facts: IX DOCKET 4. Def.-bookstore operator: 30
- 39 -

days and $500.; Def.-bookstore clerk: 10 days. Appeal pending.
52.63. California v. Ernie Smith. (L.A. Super. Ct., App. Dept., #Cr. A 5214.) 1962: Def.-artist convicted in Muni. Ct. under L.A. city ordinance prohibiting display of pictures of female breasts, or male or female public area so that they could be seen from sidewalk. Jan. 7, 1963: Super. Ct., App. Dept. reversed: state laws on obscenity have preempted local ordinances; case closed.

Hugh Manes, Esq., 1680 N. Vine St., Hollywood.

52.64. U.S. v. Leigh (San Francisco.) (ND Calif.) 1963: Def.-author, researching for book on "wife-swapping," wrote letters to married couples signed with fictitious name. 1964: Def. indicted for sending obscene letters. Pending.

Richard Gladstein, Esq., 240 Montgomery St., San Francisco.

52.65. U.S. v. Walker. (ED S.C., Cr. #23,178.) Apr. 25, 1960: Def.-disc jockey broadcast allegedly obscene language in radio program. Dec. 5, 1963: Def. convicted in jury trial. Appeal pending.

LaNue Floyd, Esq., Kingstree, South Carolina.

52.66. U.S. v. 18 Packages of Magazines. (ND Calif., S. Div.) Nov. 1963: U.S. brought libel action to forfeit and destroy imported nudist magazines on ground each package contained at least one obscene magazine. Dec. 4, 1963: DC ruled 19 U.S.C. §1305 does not allow forfeiture of nonobscene material packaged with obscene material ("rotten apple" theory), ordered 10,000 magazines released. U.S. appealed to CA 9, but dismissed appeal by stipulation. Trial pending on obscenity of remaining magazines.

Marshall Krause, Esq., for ACLU of N. Calif., 503 Market St., San Francisco.

52.67. Michigan v. Dakota. (Genesee Co. Circuit Ct., #19637.) Def.-bookseller prosecuted under state obscenity statute after state officials searched his place of business on warrant, padlocked his store. Apr. 1964: Circ. Ct. quashed search warrant, ordered seized merchandise returned, dismissed charges: (1) warrant ordering officers to search and seize books "which would create and excite improper thoughts in the minds of the average people in the community" is unconstitutionally vague; (2) magazines legally seized not hard core pornography; (3) conduct of state officials in closing Def.'s business was intimidation; power to close a business reserved to judiciary on proper hearing.

Ronald Joseph, Esq.

Case notes: Standard for suppression of "filthy" material distinct from that for obscenity: U.S. v. Darnell (316 F.2d 813, CA 2, 1963) 49 Iowa Univ. 552-60, 16 Stanford 463-69.

New York v. Fritch. (192 NE.2d 713.) 9 N.Y.L.F. 371-84.

53. Against Defamation (see also 61)

53.4. Louisiana v. Moore. (19th Jud. Dist., E. Baton Rouge Parish.)*
53.5. Louisiana v. Cox. (19th Jud. Dist., E. Baton Rouge, ##47018, 47019.)*

Symposium: Group Defamation. 13 Cleveland-Marshall 1-117. Tom C. Clark, The problem of group defamation; Thomas H. Kuchel, The fright peddlers; James Jay Brown and Carl L. Stern, Group defamation in the U.S.A.; David R. Fryer, In England; Manfred Zuleeg, In West Germany; Jean Peytel, In France; W. H. Bijleveld, In the Netherlands; Richard J. Quigg, Defenses to group defamation actions.

54. Against Sedition, Criminal Anarchy (see also 241-44)

54.2. Louisiana v. Goldfinch. (New Orleans.) (Orleans Parish Ct.)*
54.3. Diamond v. Louisiana. (U.S.S.C., #100.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 7, 71, 124. Feb. 24, 1964: U.S.S.C. dismissed writ of certiorari as improvidently granted.
54.6. George v. Perdew, Harris, Allen. (Americus.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 124, IX DOCKET 4 at 54. 7a. Dec. 10, 1963: Def.-Allen convicted of assault with intent to commit murder; 2 yrs. Appeal pending. Other Defs. await trial.
54.7. Georgia v. Aelony. (Americus.)*

See 54.7a.

54.7a. Aelony v. Pace, Ga. Solicitor Genl.; Dir., Dept. of Public Safety; Mayor and City Council and City of Americus; Sumter Co. Sheriff. (MD Ga., #530.1963.) Facts: IX DOCKET 4. Mar. 1964: DC granted preliminary injunction against prosecution of other charges. Pending.
57.8. Louisiana v. Bell. (Clinton.) (20th Jud. Dist. Ct., B4281, B4283-B4293.) Sept. 19, 1963: Defs.-12 CORE members, sent letter to Clinton officials asking that biracial committee be appointed, composed of Negro leaders and local officials, to "avoid racial tension". Dec. 3: Defs. indicted for "conspiracy to commit public intimidation" (L.S.A.-R.S. §14:122). Defs'. motions to set aside jury venire, and dismiss indictment pending.

Collins, Douglas, and Elie, Esqs., 2211 Dryades St., New Orleans.

55. Against Picketing, Leafleting, and Demonstrating (see also 51, 123, 541, 542, 551, 552)
(Some cases involving picketing charges are reported under the subject matter of the protest for which the picketing was conducted, e.g., against discrimination in dining places, 552.)
55.7. Tennessee v. Defs. (Madison Co. Ct.)*
55.18. Alabama v. Dr. McNair. (Talladega Recorder's Ct., #3165 closed; Cir. Ct.)*

And see Alabama v. Gray, 63.2.

55.19. Moore v. Louisiana. (U.S.S.C., #734.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 7, 94, IX DOCKET 5. One issue on appeal: Trial Ct's. overruling of motion to desegregate courtroom as reversible error. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied certiorari.
55.25. Jackson v. Allen. (Co. Ct., 1st Jud. Dist., Hinds Co., Miss., #21.)*
55.26. North Carolina v. Frinks. (Chowan Co. Super. Ct.)*
- 40 -

55.28. Illinois v. Tranquilli, Thomas, J. Lewis, Bridges. (Cairo.) (Justice of Peace Ct., Alexander Co. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 8. Defs'. requests for separate trials de novo on appeal pending.
55.32. Crawford, Mitchell, Poole, Salter v. Mississippi. (CA 5.)*
55.34a. Barnes v. CORE. (Butte Co. Super. Ct., Calif., #40296.)*
55.35. Baines v. City of Danville. McGhee v. City of Danville. (CA 4, ##9080, 9082.)*

Amicus brief for ACLU by Peter Weiss, Esq., NYC., Fred Weisgal, Esq., Baltimore, and Melvin L. Wulf, Esq., 156 5th Ave., NYC.

55.36. Chase v. McCain. Chase v. Aiken. (CA 4, ##9081, 9082.)*


55.37-55.66. All cases pending. See 55.78.
55.67. U.S. v. Anderson. (MD Ga., Albany Div.)*

And see Rabinowitz, 55.68.

55.68. U.S. v. Rabinowitz. (CA 5.)*

And see Anderson, 55.67.

55.69. New Jersey v. Whipper. (Elizabeth.) (Union Co. Ct.)*
55.70. New York City v. Defs. *

And see Gaynor, 573.4a.

55.71. Wisconsin v. 3 Defs. (Milwaukee.) (Milwaukee Co. Ct.)*
55.72. Alabama v. 10 Defs. (Selma.) (Crim. Ct.)*
55.74. Georgia v. Havice. (Macon.) (Macon Co. Ct.)*
55.73. Georgia v. Tuttle, Jr. (Savannah.) (Chatham Co. Ct.)*
55.76. City of Chicago v. Barney, Gregory. (Crim. Ct.) Facts: IX DOCKET 5. By stipulation, of 100 Defs. charged on 350 counts, 4 found guilty; $25 fines paid; 16 found guilty; fines suspended; all other charges dismissed.
55.77. Alabama v. 2,500 Defs. (Birmingham.) (Jefferson Co. Cir. Ct.)*

And see 55.77a, 63.7, 63.7a.

55.77a. Birmingham v. Croskey. (ND Ala., S. Div., #63-143 Cr.)*
55.78. Georgia v. 24 CNV A Members. (Albany.) Dec. 1963-Jan. 23, 1964: Def.-peace walkers, in repeated efforts to walk, as integrated group, through populous section of city, arrested: disorderly conduct. Feb. 22: Defs. released after agreement with city officials on route through city. (Defs. previously arrested in Lawrenceville, Griffin, Macon, Ga.)
56. Against and Concerning Minors (see also 430)

56.10. White and Cromwell v. Maryland. (Cambridge.) (Md. Ct. of App.) Facts: IX DOCKET 6. Correction: Ct. of App., reversing, released Defs. on condition they not participate in further demonstrations. Def's. motion to set aside conditions pending.
56.11. Singleton and Anderson v. Davis and Walters. (St. Augustine, Fla.) (St. Johns Co. Cir. Ct.)*
56.12. Alabama v. Defs. (Selma.) (Dallas Co. Juv. Ct.)*
56.13. City of Americus v. 32 Defs. (Sumter Co., Ga.) (Crim. Ct.)*

And see Gustafson, 51.48.

57. Against Vagrancy

57.3. Louisiana v. Trumpower. (E. Baton Rouge Crim. Dist. Ct.)*
57.4. Georgia v. Sherrod and Allerz. (Dawson.)*
57.5. Mississippi v. Rev. A. Jones. (Jackson.) (Hinds Co. Ct.)*

And see Jones, 58.12, 58.13, 401.7.

57.9. California v. Sandness, Hill. (San Francisco Super. Ct., App. Dept.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 127. March 1964: Ct. reversed (2-1) Muni. Ct. sustaining of demurrer, certified case to Dist. Ct. of App. Pending.
58. Against Trespassing (see also 541, 542, 551, 552)

58.1. California v. Poland and Cage. (U.S.S.C., #21 Misc.)*
58.2. Delaware v. Anderson, Livington. (Kent Co. Ct. of Com. Pleas.)*
58.3. Alabama v. Zellner. (Talladega.) (Ala. Sup. Ct.)*

And see 63.2.

58.4. Maryland v. Grubb. (Cambridge.)*
58.6. Alabama v. Student Defs. (Huntsville.) (Ala. Ct. of App.)*
58.7. Ohio v. Schlesinger. (Xenia.) (Greene Co. Com. Pleas Ct., ##9850-9866.) Facts: IX DOCKET 6. After conviction in Co. Ct., appeal argued in Com. Pleas Ct. Issue: Whether, in a state with a Public Accommodations Act providing remedies for its violation, persons refused service because of color can stage a sit-in to enforce their rights. Pending.
58.8. California v. Defs. (Torrance.) (Muni. Ct.) Facts: IX DOCKET 6. Remaining charges dismissed.

And see Coleman, 15.7, and 533.63.

58.9. New York v. 7 Defs. (NYC.) (Crim. Ct.)*
58.12. Georgia v. Rev. A. Jones. (Fulton Co. Super. Ct.) June 30, 1963: White Calif. minister, 67, and 3 Negro and white youths attempted to enter Atlanta First Baptist Church on integrated basis; refused admittance; police called; arrested: disturbing divine worship (1792 act). Defense counsel moved to disqualify Judge Pye; motion denied, counsel charged with contempt. Def. convicted; 18 mths. (part at hard labor) and $1,000. Appeal argued in Ga. Sup. Ct.; pending.

And see Jones v. Grimes, 401.7, on related bail problems.

Donald L. Hollowell and Howard Moore, Esqs., 859½ Hunter St. NW, Atlanta.

- 41 -

58.13. Georgia v. Rev. A. Jones, et al. (ND Ga.) Fall 1963: 57 Defs., whites and Negroes, attempted to integrate restaurant; arrested: trespass. Some tried in Fulton Co. Super. Ct.; convicted; 18 mths. and $1,000.; (appeal bond: $15,000.) All cases removed to fedl. DC. Pending.

Donald L. Hollowell, Esq., 859½ Hunter St. NW., Atlanta.

58.14. U.S. v. Hobson and Kessler (Dist. of Col. Ct. of Gen. Sess., Crim. #7255-63) Sept. 6, 1963; Defs.-CORE officials attempted to register at (private) Benj. Franklin Univ. School of Accounting; refused to leave; arrested: trespass (D.C. Code Tit. 22 §3102). Dec. 16, 1963: Ct. granted Defs'. motions for judgments of acquittal at close of Govt.'s case: material variance between information and proof.

Scupi and Witt, Esqs., 600 F St. NW, Washington, D.C.

58.14a. U.S. v. Goff and Goodwin. (Dist. of Col. Ct. of Gen. Sess., Crim. ##6740-63, 6741-63) Aug. 22, 1963: Defs.-CORE members arrested on same facts as 58.14. Mar. 27, 1964: Jury found Defs. not guilty of trespass.

Scupi and Witt, Esqs., 600 F St. NW, Washington, D.C.

58.14b. U.S. v. Whittlesey. (Dist. of Col. Ct. of Gen. Sess., Crim. #9415-63) Nov. 8, 1963: 8 Defs., including two clergymen, arrested for refusing to leave school lobby (see 58.14) until school officials agreed to discuss discrimination. Mar. 18, 1964: Jury found Defs. guilty. Defs'. motions for new trial or acquittal pending. Issue: State action in aid of private discrimination, relying on Shelley v. Kraemer.

Scupi and Witt, Esqs., 600 F St. NW, Washington, D.C.


58.15. California v. Hallinan. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., #H 65768, J 65805 - H 65826.) Nov. 2-3, 1963: Negro and white youth (Ad Hoc Comm. To End Discrimination) satin at Mel's Drive-In to protest discriminatory hiring practices; 59 arrested: trespass (Pen. C. §602) and disturbing the peace (Pen. C. §415). Contract signed between Mel's chain and Ad Hoc Comm.; some Negro carhops, bartenders hired immediately. Defs'. demurrer filed, pending decision of U.S.S.C. in Griffin, 551.Md.1, VIII DOCKET 59.
58.16. California v. Bradley, Gregory. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., ##J 14447, 14140.) Feb., 1964: Hundreds peacefully picketed Sheraton-Palace Hotel to protest discriminatory hiring practices; no arrests. Injunction issued (63.16). Mar. 1: Picketing outside Hotel, 88 arrested: resisting arrest (Pen. C. §148). Mar. 2: Criminal contempt charges filed (Pen. C. §§166.4, 166.5). Defs. filed motion to dismiss or for indefinite continuance because newspaper accounts of statements of state and city officials condemning pickets made fair trial impossible; no ruling. Apr. 3: Ct. dismissed contempt charges because restraining order (63.16) void (under C. of Civ. Proc. §527.) Other charges pending.

And see 63.16.

58.17. California v. Sims. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., ##J 15591, 15602-15701.) Mar. 6-7, 1964: Thousands demonstrated in front of Sheraton-Palace Hotel and in lobby, slept-in; negotiations in progress between S.F. Hotel Assn., United Freedom Movement and Ad Hoc Comm. Mar. 7: When hotel refused to sign, some pickets sat down, locked arms next to main entrance; 171 arrested (9 juveniles): disturbing the peace (Pen. C. §415); other pickets remained. Agreement signed. Defs. demurrer that statutes unconstitutionally applied to civil rights demonstrations denied; motion for dismissal or indefinite continuance because publicity made fair trial impossible denied; motion to disqualify 2 judges denied on procedural grounds (Civil Proc. C. §§170, 446, 2015.5) and despite judge's alleged statement that predominantly Negro Fillmore district "not a safe place to go" and use of "n----r" to describe Negro Def. in conversation. Defs. being tried in groups of 10.

And see 401.10.

58.18. California v. Burbridge. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., #J 24265.) Mar. 16, 1964: Thousands of whites and Negroes picketed outside, sat-in at Cadillac showroom protesting discriminatory hiring practices, allegedly refused to leave when ordered by police, 107 arrested: trespassing (Pen. C. §602), disturbing the peace (Pen. C. §415), unlawful assembly (Pen. C. (§407), present at place of riot when ordered to disperse (§409). Agreement signed between S.F. Motor Car Dealers Assn. and NAACP. All defense motions (see 58.17) denied: trials in groups of 10. April 13: 226 arrested; pending.

Counsel in San Francisco cases: Terry A. Francois and Willie Brown, Esqs., 2085 Sutter St.; John E. Dearman, Esq., 683 McAllister St.; Garfield Steward, Esq., 2006 Sutter St.; Joseph Williams, Esq., 995 Market St.; Beverly Axelrod, Richard Werthimer, Vincent Hallinan, Patrick S. Hallinan, Esqs., all of 345 Franklin St.; Francis McTernan, Esq., 341 Market St.; Allan Brotsky, Esq., 45 Polk St.; Jerrold E. Levitin, Esq., Penthouse, Whitcomb Hotel; Joseph Filippeli, Esq., 1606 Stockton St.; Norman Leonard, Esq., 240 Montgomery, all of San Francisco; Malcolm Burnstein, Esq., 1440 Broadway, Oakland; Alexander P. Hoffman, Esq., 1166 Keeler St., Berkeley.

Amicus appearance by San Francisco Chapter, Natl. Lawyers Guild by Rubin Tepper, Esq., 228 McAllister, San Francisco.

59. Against Miscellaneous Criminal Activities
See cases at 123.
59.22. North Carolina v. Crowder, Covington, Lowry, Reape, Mallory. (Union Co. Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 9, 72, IX DOCKET 7. All Defs. convicted after trial.
59.22b. North Carolina v. R. Covington. (Union Co. Super. Ct.)*
59.26. Mississippi v. Bevel. (Jackson.) (Hinds Co. Ct.)*
59.27. Mississippi v. Aaron Henry. (Clarksdale.) (Cir. Ct.)*
59.27a. Mississippi v. Aaron Henry. (U.S.S.C.)*

Case note: 35 Mississippi Univ. 109-10.

59.28. Kentucky v. Pfuhl and Duffey. (Louisville City Ct.)*
59.31. U.S. v. Gibson. (ED Ky., Jackson Docket #10,095.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 127, IX DOCKET 7. Feb. 7, 1964: Gov't. filed motion to remove trial from Jackson (coal field area) on ground of impossibility of securing jurors not intimidated by Defs.; DC denied. Jy. 14, 1964: trial date.
59.32. City of Columbus, Ohio v. Miqdadi. (Muni. Ct., #16633.) Facts: IX DOCKET 7. Def's. motion to quash granted; Ct.
- 42 -

held ordinance unconstitutional: (1) City cannot license foreign commerce, as the conduct of foreign relations is reserved to the fed'l. gov't.; (2) the ordinance violates freedom of the press, is discriminatory and arbitrary, and takes no notice of social or educational content of the literature; (3) license fee of $100 is repressive.

Paul L. Selby, Jr., 1659 N. High St., Columbus.

And see cases at 14, and 52.

59.33. Louisiana v. Rev. Davis. (Baton Rouge.) (La. Sup. Ct., Crim. #47-225.) Facts: IX DOCKET 7. Appeal pending.


In several southern cities recently, civil rights leaders have been arrested and held until they put up peace bonds.

59.34. Lubeck v. Hosea Williams. (Savannah.) (Muni. Ct.)*
59.35. Anderson and Long v. Alabama. (Selma.) (Ala. Ct. of App.)*
60. Civil Sanctions (and Contempt Charges)
61. Against Defamation
Comment: Defamation by mass communication media: Some problems. 32 Univ. of Cincinnati 520-30.
61.9. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan. (U.S.S.C., #39.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 9. Mar. 9, 1964: U.S.S.C. reversed, Brennan, J., held: (1) Altho this is civil suit between private parties, Ala. cts. applied a state rule of law which infringes Pls'. First and Fourteenth Amendment freedoms of speech and press; (2) "if the allegedly libelous statements would otherwise be constitutionally protected ..., they do not forfeit that protection because they were published in the form of a paid advertisement"; (3) "Like 'insurrection', contempt, advocacy of unlawful acts, breach of the peace, obscenity, solicitation of legal business, and the various other formulae for the repression of expression that have been challenged in this ct., libel can claim no talismanic immunity from constitutional limitations." (4) "We consider this case against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on gov't. and public officials." (5) "The constitutional protection does not turn upon 'the truth, popularity, or social utility of the ideas and beliefs which are offered.' " (6) "What a State may not constitutionally bring about by means of a criminal statute is likewise beyond the reach of its civil law of libel. The fear of damage awards under a rule such as that invoked by the Ala. cts. here may be markedly more inhibiting than the fear of prosecution under a criminal statute." The Def. in a civil libel action is not protected by ordinary criminal-law safeguards or double-jeopardy limitation. (7) "It would give public servants an unjustified preference over the public they serve, if critics of official conduct did not have a fair equivalent of the immunity granted to the officials themselves." (8) "We hold today that the Constitution delimits a State's power to award damages for libel in actions brought by public officials against critics of their official conduct. Since this is such an action, the rule requiring proof of actual malice is applicable." Proof of actual malice here "lacks the convincing clarity which the constitutional standard demands." Black, J. (Douglas, J.) conc. "I vote to reverse exclusively on the ground that the Times and the individual Defs. had an absolute, unconditional constitutional right to publish in the Times ad ... their criticisms of the Montgomery agencies and officials." Goldberg, J. (Douglas, J.) conc.
61.9a. Commr. James v. The New York Times, Rev. Shuttlesworth, et al. (Montgomery Cir. Ct.)*
61.9b. Commr. Parks and Patterson v. The New York Times. (U.S.S.C., #52.)*
61.10. Gov. Patterson v. The New York Times, Rev. King, Shuttlesworth. (Montgomery Cir. Ct.)*
61.11. The New York Times v. Connor and Bessemer City Commrs. (ND Ala.)*
61.16. Barton v. Gov. Barnett. (Hinds Co. Cir. Ct., #16,525.)*
61.17. Franklin v. Paradise American Legion Post 259. (Butte Co. Super. Ct., Calif., # #39103, 39906.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 10, 127. Feb. 20-21, 1964: Calif. Assembly Comm. hearings (Ryan) on alleged attacks on Pl. and academic freedom. Apr. 17: Ct. dismissed 13 charges, ordered 13 Defs. to answer 7 charges.
61.18. Pauling v. Anti-Communist League of York Co. (MD Pa., #7940.)*
61.18a. Pauling v. National Review. (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)*
61.18b. Pauling v. News Syndicate Co. Inc. (CA 2.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 95.*

Donner and Piel, Esqs., 36 W. 44th, NYC.

61.18d. Pauling v. St. Louis Globe-Democrat. (ED Mo., E. Div. #61 C 312(3) ) Facts: VIII DOCKET 95. Mar. 19, 1964: Decision for Def. Pl's. post-trial motions pending.
61.19. Brent v. Singlemann, Citizen's Council of New Orleans. (ED La.)*
61.20. Harper v. National Review and Buckley. (NYC Sup. Ct.)*
61.22. Normile v. Am. Medical Assn. (formerly AFL-CIO v.) (DC DC, #CA 2806-23.)*

Faller, Bredhoff and Anker, Esqs., 1001 Conn. Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

61.23. Collins and Pearson v. Henry. (Clarksdale.) (Miss. Sup. Ct.)*
61.24. City of Gadsden v. Am. Broadcasting Co. (Etowah Cir. Ct., #9072.)*

Albert M. Rains and Hobdy G. Rains, Esqs., Carter Bldg., 823 Forrestt Ave., Gadsden, Ala.

61.25. Goldmark v. Holden. (Okanogan Super. Ct., Washington.) Sept. 1962: Pl.-candidate for Washington state legislature and wife sued local newspaper publisher, operator of "private intelligence agency", and John Birch Society members for calling Pls. "Communists" and members of ACLU, "Communist-front". Jan. 22, 1964: After 2½ mth. trial, jury held for Pls., found $40,000. damages.
- 43 -

62. By Injunction in Labor Disputes
Case note: Interference by management of large privatelyowned shopping center with peaceful distribution of handbills on shopping center sidewalk is enjoinable violation of freedom of speech: Amalg. Clothing Workers v. Wonderland Shopping Center, Inc. (122 NW.2d 785, Mich. 1963) 49 Virginia U. 1571-78.
63. By Injunction in Other Situations (see also 40)
And see cases at 204.
63.2. Alabama ex rel. Atty. Genl. Gallion v. Gray. (Talladega.) (Ala. Sup. Ct., #630.)*
63.4. B & B Cash Grocery Stores, Inc. v. Young Adults for Progressive Action. *
63.5. Kelley v. Page. (Albany.) (CA 5, #20720.)


Anderson v. City of Albany. (CA 5, #20711.)*

63.6. Potomac Electric Power Co. v. Wash. Chap. of CORE. (DC DC, #3238-62.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 10, 73. Feb. 2 1964: Case dismissed by stipulation without prejudice (moot).
63.7. City of Birmingham v. Walker. (Cir. Ct., 10th Jud. Cir., Ala., #130-173.) (Ala. Sup. St., 6th Div., #999.)*
63.8. City of Jackson v. Salter. (Hinds Co. Chancery Ct., 1st Jud. Dist., #63,429.)*
63.8a. NAACP v. Thompson (Jackson.) (SD Miss., #3432.)*
63.9. Zellner v. Lingo. *
63.10. Alabama ex rel. Flowers v. M. Robinson. (Gadsden.) (Etowah Co. Cir. Ct., #16,743.)*
63.10a. Ex parte Marvin Robinson. (Gadsden.) (Ala. Ct. of App.)*
63.11. Louisiana v. CORE. (Clinton.) (CA 5.)*
63.12. U.S. ex rel. Louisiana v. CORE. (Plaquemine.) (CA 5.)*
63.13. City of Tallahassee v. 150 Defs. (City Ct.)*
63.14. Porzio v. Williams. (Savannah.) (Super. Ct.)*
63.15. U.S. v. Patridge. (Winona, Miss.) (SD Miss., Jackson Div.)*
63.16. Sheraton-Palace Hotel v. Bensusen. (San Francisco Super. Ct., #540931.) March, 1964: After Ad Hoc Comm. picketing Pl. for jobs for Negroes, (58.16), Pl. sought $50,000 damages and injunction against picketing, alleging Defs: (1) trespassed in lobby and caused disorder; (2) FEPC given exclusive jurisdiction over alleged FEPA violations; (3) Defs. sought to compel Pl. to make agreement violating FEPA, Labor C. §1420(3) and Hughes v. Super. Ct. 339 U.S. 460 (1950). Mar. 1: Ct. issued temporary restraining order. Mar. 6: On order to show cause, Ct. dissolved order because improperly served, issued new order limiting pickets to 100 covering perimeter of Pl. on 2 streets and public alley. Mar. 7: Pl. and pickets signed agreement; Pl. dismissed suit.

And see 58.16, but see 58.17.

63.17. Burford v. Nonviolent Action Comm. (Inglewood, Calif.) (L.A. Co. Super. Ct., #SWC 3816.) Jan., 1964: Pls.-owners of drive-in restaurant used for temporary restraining order and permanent injunction against picketing, alleging prior picketing had cut business 75% forcing Pls. out of business. Super. Ct. granted temporary restraining order; 15 pickets arrested. On hearing, Ct. dissolved order, dismissed contempt citations, refused to issue injunction. Trial date: Oct. 7, 1964.

Wirin and Okrand, Esqs., 259 S. Spring St., Los Angeles.

63.18. Long v. Isen. (L.A. Super. Ct.) 1963: Pl.-publisher of Socialist Labor Party Newspaper sued Def.-mayor of Torrance for injunction against interfering with sale of paper and damages for past interference. Super. Ct. granted temporary restraining Order. Trial pending.

Wirin and Okrand, Esqs., 259 S. Spring St., Los Angeles.

63.19. Pa. NAACP v. Mummers. (Com. Pleas Ct.) Dec. 30, 1963: Pl. requested injunction against use of blackface in Philadelphia parade as against public policy. Def. argued no violation of law, as use of blackface traditional, not intended to ridicule. Ct. denied request.

See 63.19a.

63.19a. Pa. Council of Churches v. Mummers, CORE, and Committee for Freedom Now. (Com. Pleas Ct.) Jan. 2, 1964: New application for injunction against paraders and civil rights demonstrators granted by 3-man ct. en banc, held judicial intervention necessary to prevent disorder.
64. Against Miscellaneous Activities
70. Procedural Problems
71. In Alleging Standing to Sue
Comment: Constitutional litigation: Standing to sue in the Supreme Court. 8 St. Louis Univ. 83-95.
72. In Raising and Preserving Constitutional Questions
73. In Removing from State to Federal Courts

73.1. Lefton v. City of Hattiesburg. (CA 5, #21,441.) Negro Defs. arrested for violating new state statute (misdemeanor for individual or group to picket before any public bldg. with intent to intimidate). Fedl. DC Clerk refused to accept petition to remove cases (28 U.S.C. §1443) for filing. Defs. filed alternative petition for writ of mandamus in CA 5 to coerce DC Judge to file removal petition. Apr. 17, 1964: CA 5 held: (1) any local fedl. DC rules requiring filing of cost bonds in removals of criminal prosecutions from state courts are improper (see Note to 28 U.S.C.A. §1446); (2) any DC rules requiring separate petitions for each Def. seeking to remove are improper; (3) if local counsel are unavailable to sign pleadings, "We cannot assume that ... the District Court would close its doors on those litigants or their attorney who is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar". CA indicated atty. signing petition should have requested (1) admission to DC barpro hac vice or (2) waiver of DC rule requiring signature of atty. licensed to practice in that DC because of unavailability of local counsel (shown by affidavits). CA retained jurisdiction over petition in event DC failed to comply with opinion within 15 days.

Smith, Waltzer, Jones & Peebles, Esqs., 1006 Baronne Bldg., New Orleans; Kunstler, Kunstler & Kinoy, Esqs., 511 Fifth Ave., NYC.

- 44 -

90. Miscellaneous Freedom of Thought
Comment: Zoning, aesthetics, and the First Amendment. 64 Columbia 81-108.

Case notes: Municipal ordinance prohibiting clotheslines based on municipality's interest in beauty held sufficient to justify limited abridgement of speech: New York v. Stover (191 NE.2d 272, 240 NYS.2d 734, U.S.S.C. dism'd. appeal, 375 U.S. 42) 28 Albany U. 140-43; 38 N.Y.U. 1002-08; 9 N.Y.L.F. 596-603.

110. Separation of Church and State
Books: David R. Manwaring, Render unto Caesar: The flag-salute controversy. 331 pp. U. of Chicago Press. $5.50.

Paul Blanshard, Religion and the schools. 246 pp. Beacon Press. $4.95.

Dallen H. Oaks, ed. The wall between church and state. 179 pp. U. of Chicago Press. $6.75 (paperbound, $1.95).

Law review articles: Tom C. Clark. Religion and the law. 15 S. Carolina U. 855-66.

Robert C. Casad, The "establishment" clause and the ecumenical movement. 62 Michigan U. 419-64.

John Norton Moore, The Supreme Court and the relationship between the "establishment" and "free exercise" clauses. 42 Texas U. 142-98.

Lawrence List, A child and a wall: A study of "religious protection" laws. 13 Buffalo U. 9-57.

Robert G. Weclew, The "establishment" clause and "coercion." 47 Marquette U. 359-67.

111. In Education
Law review articles: Gerald Tockman. The constitutionability of furnishing publicly-financed transportation to private and parochial school students in Missouri. 1963 Washington Univ. 455-505.

Joseph G. Schumb, Jr., Church, state and the public schools. 4 Santa Clara U. 54-71.

Comment: Bible reading and the Lord's prayer in public schools. 9 N.Y.L.F. 540-55.

111.6. School Dist. v. Schempp. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 11, 128.

Case note: 49 Iowa U. 560-67.

111.10. Chamberlin and Resnick v. Miami and Dade Co. Bds. of Educ. (Fla. Sup. Ct.)*
111.23. Polster v. Centennial Joint School Bd. (Bucks Co., Pa. Super. Ct. #M 1 (1962).)*
111.26. Re Five Pupils. (N.J. State Educ. Comm.)*
111.27. New Jersey v. Hawthorne School Bd. (Super. Ct. Trenton.)*
111.28. Prayer Rights for American Youth v. N.Y. Bd. of Educ. (ED NY.) 1963: Pl.-parents of kindergarten children in P.S. 184 sued to enjoin school officials from interfering with voluntary recitation of a prayer and singing of devotional song discontinued after U.S.S.C. decisions in Schempp, 111.6, Murray, 11 1.22. Dec. 20, 1963: DC enjoined interference, distinguished U.S.S.C. holdings: prayer and song not prescribed by law, but by school officials, participation is voluntary.

Leo A. Larkin, NYC Corporation Counsel.

112. In Public Places

112.25. Co. of Los Angeles and Bethlehem Star Parade Assn. v. Hollinger. (Dist. Ct. App., 2nd Dist., #26868.)*
112.26. Jenison v. Minnesota. (120 NW.2d 515, 84 S. Ct. 63.) Facts: IX DOCKET 9.

Case notes: 77 Harvard 550-52; 18 Rutgers 204-09.

120. Conscientious Objection to War
Comment: Conscientious objector provisions—a constitutional survey. 28 Albany U. 82-9.
121. Through Application for C. O. Status

121.28. U.S. v. N. J. Harshman. (ND Ill., #61 CR 48.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 12. June 19, 1963: Indictment dismissed.
121.29. Mang v. Pasadena Draft Bd. No. 91. (SD Calif.)*
121.30. U.S. v. Stolberg. (CA 7.)*
121.31. U.S. v. Peter. (U.S.S.C., #787.) Facts: IX DOCKET 10, CA 9 affirmed. Def's. petition for cert. pending.

Richard Heath and Duane Besson, Esqs., San Francisco.

121.32. U.S. v. Seeger. (CA 2.) After registering for draft, Def. filed C.O. form, indicated no religious training or clear belief in Supreme Being (50 U.S.C. App. §456 (j)); Bd. ordered Def. inducted; Def. refused. 1963: Def. convicted under 50 U.S.C. App. §462. Jan. 1964: CA 2 reversed: Statutory distinction between those who profess belief in Supreme Being and those who don't violates "establishment" clause of First Amendment.

Kenneth Greenawalt, Esq., 2 Broadway, NYC.

122. Through Refusal to Register
123. Through Civil Disobedience

123.26. Council v. Donovan, NYC Supt. of Schools. (Kings Co. Sup. Ct., #3496/1963.)*
123.27. McCaffrey v. N.Y.C. Bd. of Educ. (Kings Co. Super. Ct.)*
130. Denial of Tax Exemption to Institutions (see also 202, 266)
140. Sunday Closing Laws

140.31. Sherbert v. Verner. (374 U.S. 398.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 129.

Case notes: 32 George Washington 387-93; 15 S. Carolina U. 988-93; 38 Tulane 207-09.

- 45 -

150. Miscellaneous Restrictions
151. In Prisons
And see cases at 304.
151.4. Sewell v. Pegelow. (ED Va.)*
151.4a. Childs v. Pegelow. (CA 4, # #8948-8950.) (321 F.2d 487, 8 RRLR 805.) Dec. 1962: 21 Muslim inmates alleged Def.-prison officials reneged on agreement. DC denied temporary restraining order, found Defs. rearranged Pet's. dining schedule to provide pork-free meal after-sunset as determined by Naval Observatory, dismissed petition as moot after Dec. Aug. 1, 1963: CA 4 affirmed dining hours and practices within administrative discretion of prison officials; (2) Defs. have no duty to adjust these to conform to inmates' religious beliefs. Sobeloff, C. J., diss.: Cause should be remanded for full hearing, as DC accelerated proceedings and denied Pets. counsel in order to render decision during Dec. 1962.
151.5. SaMarion (formerly Bratcher) v. McGinnis. (Attica State Prison.) (CA 2.)*
151.6. Cooper v. Pate. (U.S.S.C.)*
152. In Other Places

152.5. Dawud and Dakota Staton v. Muhammad and Muhammad's Temple of Islam. (ED Pa., #21,367.)*
Law review article: William O. Douglas, The right of association. 63 Columbia. 1361-83.
200. Organizational Privileges Challenged
201. As to Meetings (see also 11, 63)
202. As to Tax Exemption (see also 130, 266)

202.4. U.S. v. Communist Party, Hall, Flynn, Davis, Bart. (SD N.Y.)*

And see 202.4a.

202.4a. Communist Party v. Commr. of Internal Revenu. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 13. Apr. 9, 1964: CA reversed order of Tax Ct. dismissing Pet's. petition for redetermination of alleged $326,000. deficiency in 1951 and 1956.
202.5. Re Revocation of Exemption of Fellowship of Reconciliation. (Int. Rev. Serv.)*
203. As to N.L.R.B. Certification (see also 245, 291)

203.3. U.S. v. R. Dennis. (CA 10.)*
204. As to Continued Existence (see also 63, 213, 223)

204.1. NAACP v. Alabama ex rel. Flowers (formerly Alabama ex rel. Gallion v. NAACP). (U.S.S.C. #169.)*
204.4. NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund, Inc. v. Button. (ED Va., #2436.)*
204.4a. NAACP v. Button. (371 U.S. 415.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 14, 74.

Case notes: 63 Columbia 1502-13; 4 Wm. & Mary 222-28; 32 Cincinnati U. 550-53.

204.4b. NAACP Legal Defense Fund v. Gray. (Richmond Cir. Ct., #B-2879.)*
204.4c. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar v. NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund, Inc., Va. State Conf. of Branches, NAACP. (Richmond Chancery Ct., #503.)*
210. Compulsory Registration
211. Under 1950 Internal Security (McCarran) Act

211.1a. Communist Party v. U.S. (CA DC, #17583.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 15, 74, IX DOCKET 10-11. CA denied Pet's. petition for rehearing and Resp's. petition for rehearing en banc.
211.1b-1c. U.S. v. Hall and Davis. (DC DC, Cr. # #228-62, 229-62.)*
211.1d-1m. Albertson and Proctor v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 15, 74, 97. Apr. 1964: CA affirmed SACB order that individual Respondents register as members of Communist Party; did not rule on question of Resps'. privilege against self-incrimination; refused to require new showing of character of Communist Party in these hearings in absence of showing of changed circumstances since SACB ruling in CP case in 1953. Petition for cert. pending.

But see Macks, 281.16.

211.1n-1t. Kennedy v. Taylor, Dobbs, Stanford, L. Libson, Gabow, A. Libson, Tormey. (S.A.C.B.)*
211.2. Jefferson School v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC, #12876.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 15, IX DOCKET 11. Pet. defunct, taking no further action.
211.5. Patterson, as Liquidator of Civil Rights Congress v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.)*

Reuben Terris, Esq., 150 Nassau St., NYC.

211.8. California Labor School v. S.A.C.B. (CA DC.)*
211.9. Am. Comm. for Protection of Foreign Born v. S.A.C.B. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 16, IX DOCKET 11-12. Apr. 27, 1964: U.S.S.C. granted petition for cert.
211.10. Kennedy v. California Emergency Defense Comm. (S.A.C.B.)*
211.13. Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade v. S.A.C.B. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 16, IX DOCKET 12. CA denied petition for rehearing. Application for certiorari pending.
211.15. Kennedy v. Advance. (S.A.C.B.)*
212. Under 1954 Communist Control Act

212.1. Kennedy v. Intl. Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers. (CA DC, # #17,135, 18,429.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 16. Dec., 1963: SACB dismissed Def's. petition for redetermination. Feb., 1964: Def. filed petition to review.
213. Under State Laws (see also 204)
220. Listing
221. By the Attorney General of the United States
- 46 -

222. By Congressional Committees
And see cases at 271.
223. By State Authorities (see also 24, 281)

223.3. Elfbrandt v. Russell, Arizona Gov. Fannin. (U.S.S.C.)*

And see Dulgov, 281.19.

240. Criminal Penalties for Membership
241. Under Smith Act: for Conspiracy
242. Under Smith Act: for Mere Membership
243. Under 18 U.S.C. 2384
244. Under Kennedy-Landrum-Griffin Act (29 U.S.C. 504) (See also 203, 291)

244.1. U.S. v. Brown. (CA 9.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 17, 75. CA heard argument en banc. Decision pending.
245. Under State Laws (see also 54)

245.15. Indiana v. Levitt, Bingham, Morgan. (Monroe Co. Cir. Ct., #601.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 98, 130, IX DOCKET 12. Cir. Ct. held state statute unconstitutional, without written opinion. State's appeal pending.
245.16. Louisiana v. Smith, Waltzer, Dombrowski. (Baton Rouge Crim. Dist. Ct.) Facts: IX DOCKET 12. Jan., 1964: Attys. Smith and Waltzer indicted for failure to register with state as members of Natl. Lawyers Guild and S. Conference Educ. Fund (listed as "subversive" organizations by HUAC/SISS), and for "managing" a "subversive" organization; Dombrowski only charged re S.C.E.F., under La. Rev. Stats. 14:388, 14.390. $250 bond. Penalty if convicted: 10 yrs. and $10,000., confined pending appeal. Pending.

And see 245.16a-245.16d.

Pamphlet: Anne Braden: House Un-American Activities Comm.: Bulwark of segregation. 48 pp. Natl. Comm. To Abolish HUAC, 555 N. Western Ave. #2, Los Angeles. 25c.

245.16a. Dombrowski v. La. State Police. (CA 5.)*
245.16b. SCEF v. Eastland. (DC DC.) Facts: IX DOCKET 13. Dec., 1963: DC dismissed request for injunction; suit for damages pending.
245.16c. SCEF v. Louisiana Officials. (SD La.)*
245.16d. Dombrowski v. Pfister (formerly listed as SCEF v. Joint Legislative Comm. on Un-American Activities.) (U.S.S.C., #941.) Facts: IX DOCKET 13. Jan. 10, 1964: 3-judge ct. (2-1) held La. statutes constitutional under Tenth Amendment, refused to hear testimony on their illegal application; injunction against further criminal proceedings withdrawn; Wisdom, J. diss. Feb. 4: 3-judge ct. vacated Jan. 10th ruling on constitutionality under abstention doctrine pending state ct. decision; dismissed complaint. Appeal pending in U.S.S.C.

Amicus brief of Natl. Lawyers Guild by David Rein, Esq., 711 14th St. NW, Washington, D.C. and Ernest Goodman, Esq., 3220 Cadillac Tower, Detroit.

245.17. Stanford v. Texas. (U.S.S.C., #869.) Dec. 26, 1963: SACB ordered Pet.-book dealer to register (211.1). Dec. 27: Bexar Co. Dist. Atty. sought search warrant under McCarran-type act (Tex. Rev. Civ. Stats. §6889-3A) after 2 Tex. Asst. Attys. Genl. received mailing of anti-McCarran Act pamphlet from Pet. Tex. Dist. Ct. ordered Pet.'s home searched; in 5-hrs., 2,000 pieces taken, incl. records of Pet's. book business, marriage certificate, auto registration, private library. Jan. 20, 1964: Dist. Ct. denied application for return of materials seized. Jan. 29: Dist. Ct. overruled Pet's. motions to set aside judgment, for new trial. Since no appeal in state cts., March 1964: Pet. filed petition for cert. in U.S.S.C., (under 28 U.S.C. §1257(3)). Issues: (1) probable cause for issuance of warrant: (2) whether warrant specified crime charged against Pet., since statute proscribes many seditious activities; (3) whether warrant properly described things to be seized; (4) whether statute authorizing issuance of warrant solely to gather evidence allegedly showing violation of law violates Fourth and Fifth Amendments; (5) whether seizure violates First Amendment rights; (6) whether statute is void under preemption. Pending.

Maury Maverick, Jr., Esq., Maverick Bldg., San Antonio, Tex.; Melvin L. Wulf, Esq., ACLU, 156 Fifth Ave., NYC.

246. Under 1950 Internal Security (McCarran) Act

246.1. U.S. v. Robels. (WD Wash. N. Div., #50,676.)*
250. Civil Disabilities for Membership: Federal
251. In Federal Employment (see also 30, 268)

251.15. Dew v. Halaby. (U.S.S.C., #844.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 17. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. granted certiorari and motion to proceed in forma pauperis.
251.52. Garrott v. U.S. (U.S. Ct. of Claims, #19-63.)*

See cases at 30.5, 30.6.

251.53. In re Loletta Leary. (U.S. Civ. Serv. Comm.)*
252. As to Passport Applications and Right to Travel

252.27a. Worthy v. U.S. (CA 5, #20062.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 17. Feb. 1964: CA 5 held unconstitutional 8 U.S.C. §1185B for violating a citizen's "fundamental right to have free ingress" to his home country by prohibiting a citizen from leaving or entering U.S. without valid passport. U.S. did not appeal.
252.33. Flynn v. Rusk. (U.S.S.C.)*

Amicus brief for ACLU by Osmond K. Fraenkel, Esq., 120 Broadway, NYC.

252.34. Aptheker v. Rusk. (U.S.S.C.)*
252.35. Zemel v. Rusk and Kennedy. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 75. Feb. 21, 1964: 3-judge ct. (2-1) upheld Secy. of State banning travel to Cuba because conduct of foreign affairs and internal security "inseparable." Appeal to U.S.S.C. pending.
- 47 -

252.36. MacEwan v. Rusk and Kennedy. (ED Pa., #33038.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 75, IX DOCKET 13. Mar. 30, 1964: DC upheld Def's. motion for summary judgment. Pl's. appeal pending.
252.55. Copeland v. Rusk. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 99. Jan. 24, 1964: 3-judge Ct. upheld requirement of non-Communist oath for passport applicants to prevent communication between U.S. Communists and foreign Communists. Jurisdictional statement filed in U.S.S.C.
252.56. Mayer v. Rusk. (U.S.S.C., #746.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 99. IX DOCKET 13. Jurisdictional statement filed.
252.58. U.S. v. Travis. (SD Calif., #32380-1R.) Corrected statement of facts: Def. charged with twice leaving U.S. without valid passport to go to Cuba, under 8 U.S.C. §1185B. Apr. 7, 1964: Def. moved to dismiss because statute: (1) not intended for geographic limits on travel; (2) delegates legislative power to Pres.; (3) as applied to authorize geographic limitation on travel is fatally vague and denies liberties under First and Fifth Amednments; denied. Apr. 7: trial; Def. argued State Dept. decree adding Cuba to list of countries requiring special passport validation was not based on §1185B. Pending.
252.59. U.S. v. Laub. (ED NY, 62-Cr.-635.) Facts: IX DOCKET 13. After decision in Worthy, 252.27a, superseding indictments filed deleting charge of illegal entry. Pending.
252.60. U.S. v. Druckman. (ND Calif.) Facts: IX DOCKET 13. In abeyance pending U.S.S.C. decision in Flynn, 252.33.
252.61. U.S. v. Seigel. (ED NY.) Feb. 13, 1964: Def. indicted by fedl. grand jury in Brooklyn, N.Y., arrested at home in California, for using U.S. passport while allegedly a Communist Party member (McCarran Act violation). Def. arraigned; $500 bail.

Aubrey Grossman, Esq., 1095 Market St., San Francisco.

253. As to Army Discharges (see also 341)
254. As to Veterans Disability Payments

254.2. Thompson v. Gleason. (Veterans Affairs Adm.)*
255. As to Social Security Benefits (see also 263, 346)
See Heikkila, 358.51.
256. In Housing Projects
257. As to Federal License Applications

257.6. Halaby, Admr., Fed'l. Aviation Agency v. Susemihl. (Fedl. Aviation Agency.)*
258. Through Deportation Proceedings (see also 358)

258.7. In re Wolf. (Imm. Serv.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 18, 19, 131, IX DOCKET 13. Pending compliance with demand for production of FBI records.
258.14. In re Maurice Paul. (Imm. & Nat. Serv., NY Dist., #A5-142-538.) 1922: Resp. entered U.S. 1959: Deportation proceeding for membership in Communist Party, 1949 and 1957 (8 U.S.C. §1251 (a) (6)). Bd. of Imm. App. ordered deportation. Dec. 27, 1964: On motion to reconsider in light of Gastelum-Quinones, 258.9, Bd. reversed: testimony of Govt. witness fails to show such participation in Party activities as to infer knowledge of political nature of Party. Mar. 27, 1964: Serv. did not move to reopen proceedings in 3-mth. period; closed.

Blanch Freedman, Esq., 320 Broadway, NYC.

259. Through Denaturalization and Naturalization Proceedings (see also 358)

259.8. U.S. v. Bimba. (ED NY.) 1913: Def. entered U.S., aged 19. 1926: arrested in Mass. for blasphemy and inciting overthrow of gov't.; charges dropped. 1927: Def. naturalized. 1924-1964: Editor of Lithuanian daily. 1957: Rep. Scherer (of HUAC) asked his deportation. Dec. 1963; U.S. sued to cancel Def's. naturalization for concealment of material facts in application for citizenship, e.g. 1926 Mass. charges. Mar. 1964: Def's. motion to dismiss argued.
260. Civil Disabilities for Membership: State, Local and Private
261. In State or Local Government Employment

261.1. Wilkins v. Carlander. (Super. Ct. Kings Co., #490844.)*
262. In Teaching (see also 24, 267, 281 and 342)

262.9. Bd. of Trustees, Fullerton Jr. College v. Phillips. (Dist. Ct. of App. #4 Civ. 7194.)*
263. As to State Unemployment Insurance Benefits (see also 255, 346)

263.5. Lewis v. Bennett. (CA 4, #9083.)*
264. As to State License Applications

264.5. Morgan and Pursley v. Berkeley Realty Bd. (Alameda Co. Super Ct.) Jan. 1964: Def.-Bd. ordered Pl.-realtor Pursley to dismiss Pl.-saleswoman Morgan for being "an identified Communist". Pl.-realtor refused; Def. threatened termination of membership on Bd., which Calif. law requires in order to use title "realtor". March 1964: Pls. sued for injunction, general and punitive damages for restraint of trade, violation of Calif. Labor Code provision against firing employee for political activity. Apr. 6, 1964: Ct. granted temporary restraining order. Pending.

Marshall Krause, Esq., ACLU, 503 Market St., San Francisco.

265. In Proceedings Against Attorneys and Bar Applicants (see also 345, 373)
See Smith and Waltzer, 245.16-245.16d.
266. Through Deprivation of Right to Tax Exemption (see also 130, 202)
267. In Private Employment—Teaching (see also 24, 262, 281 and 342)
268. In Private Employment — Defense Establishments (see also 344)
And see Robels, 246.1.
- 48 -

268.1a. Graham v. Richmond. (CA DC.)*
268.7. Kreznar v. Wilson. (DC DC.)*
268.18. Margolin v. U.S. (U.S. Ct. of Claims.)*
269. In Private Employment — Other

269.1. Faulk v. AWARE. (N.Y. Ct. of App.)*
270. Criminal Penalties for Non-disclosure (see also 330)
271. Before Congressional Committees (see also 222, 330)
Pamphlet: Anne Braden, HUAC: Bulwark of segregation. 48 pp. Natl. Comm. to Abolish HUAC, 555 N. Western Ave. #2, Los Angeles. 25c.
271.9. U.S. v. Russell. (DC DC.)*
271.12. U.S. v. Gojack. (DC DC.)*
271.15. U.S. v. Shelton. (CA DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 20, 100. Dec. 30, 1963: CA (2-1) reversed conviction on nonconstitutional ground that subpoena procedure was incorrect, since subpoena was addressed to Willard Shelton but was served on Robert Shelton.
271.16. U.S. v. Whitman. (DC DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 20, IX DOCKET 14. Conviction not appealed. Case closed.
271.19. U.S. v. Price. (CA DC, #18,374.)*
271.20. U.S. v. Liveright. (CA DC.)*
271.28. U.S. v. Grumman. (DC DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 21. Acquitted after trial.
271.29. U.S. v. Silber. (DC DC.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 21. Acquitted after trial.
271.33. Yellin v. U.S. (374 U.S. 109.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 21, 131-2.

Case note: 1963 Illinois U. 507-11.

271.34. U.S. v. Lehrer. (ND Ind.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 21. Gov't. moved to dismiss indictment on basis of Yellin, 271.33; granted.
271.40. U.S. v. O'Connor. (ND N.J.)*
272. Before State Committees (see also 204, 213, 332)

272.4a. NAACP v. Committee, (formerly in Matter of Investigation by Comm. on Offenses Against Administration of Justice.) (Va. Sup. Ct. of App., #5614, 5615.) (204 Va. 693.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 22. Dec. 2, 1963: Va. Sup. Ct. reversed denial of App'ts. motion to quash.

Lawrence D. Wilder, Esq., 3026 P St.; Tucker and Marsh, Esqs., 214 E. Clay St., all of Richmond.

272.10. Gibson v. Florida Legislative Investigation Comm. (372 U.S. 539.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 22, 76, 100.

Case notes: 16 Florida U. 493-97; 28 Albany U. 153-58.

273. Before Legal and Administrative Tribunals (see also 333)
274. For Refusal to Produce Records
280. Civil Penalties for Non-disclosure
281. By Teachers (see also 24, 223, 262, 342)

281.1a. Baggett v. Bullitt. (U. of Washington.) (U.S.S.C., #220.)*
281.5b. Nash v. Allen (formerly Re Nash.) (Albany Co. Super. Ct.)*
281.16. Macks v. Calif. Bd. of Educ. (Dist. Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 23. Jan. 28, 1964: Dist. Ct. of App. reversed: (1) Bd. of Educ. erred in judicially noticing that Communist Party advocated violent overthrow between 1953 and 1957; this is not "certain and indisputable"; (2) legislature has power to bar advocates of overthrow from public office, but to bar Party members, per se, is unconstitutional; remanded for Defs. to attempt to establish that Party advocated overthrow and Pls. knew that fact. Calif. Sup. Ct. denied hearing. Pending in Super. Ct. on remand.
281.19. Dulgov v. Bd. of Educ. (Tucson.) (Pima Co. Super Ct., #82067.) Pl.-teacher's wages withheld when Pl. refused to sign loyalty oath (Ariz. Rev. Stats. §§38-321—38-323), as in Elfbrandt, 222.3. May 1, 1963: Pl. executed required oath. Dec.: Pl. sued to recover back wages, relying on dictum in Ariz. Sup. Ct. decision in Elfbrandt. Pending.

W. Edward Morgan, Esq., 45 W. Pennington, Tucson.

282. By Others (see also 343, 344)
290. Penalties for False Disclosure
291. Under Taft-Hartley Oath (see also 203, 245)
292. On Government Security Questionnaires

292.2. Ogden v. U.S. (U.S.S.C.) (303 F.2d 724, 323 F.2d 818.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 23, 76, IX DOCKET 14. Apr. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied certiorari.

And see Robels, 246.1.

293. In Miscellaneous Cases

293.3. Los Angeles Bd. of Educ. v. Sloat. (Los Angeles Super. Ct., #794678.)*
293.4. Wellbaum v. State Bd. of Educ. (Los Angeles.) (L.A. Co. Super. Ct., #830731.) 1963= Def. refused renewal of Pl's. teaching credential on ground Pd. falsely swore on 1956 loyalty oath he did not advocate violent overthrow. Bd. took 'official notice' Communist Party advocates such overthrow, and imputed knowledge of fact to Pl. Dec. 26, 1963: Pl. sued for writ of mandate to compel issuance of credential. Trial set for Mar. 30, 1964.

Jerry Pacht, Esq., 6535 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.

But see Macks, 281.16.

295. Right of Privacy

295.4. Hall v. Graybill. (Los Angeles Co. Super. Ct.)*

Book: Morris L. Ernst and Alan U. Schwartz, Privacy. 238 pp. Macmillan. $6.00.

Case notes: Right to retreat from the spotlight: Barbieri v. News-Journal Co. (189 A.2d 773, Dela. 1963.) 42 N. Carolina U. 481-86.

Exists in S. Dakota founded on flexibility of common law: Truxes v. Kenco Enterprises (119 NW.2d 914.) 1 Houston U. 286-88.

Law review article: Marc A. Franklin, A constitutional problem in privacy protection: Legal inhibitions on reporting of fact. 16 Stanford 107-48.

Comment: Advertising and the right of privacy, 9 Villanova 274-83.

- 49 -


300. Searches and Seizures
Law review articles: Fowler Harper, Mr. Justice Rutledge and Fourth Amendment. 18 Miami U. 48-67.

Gregory U. Evans, Search and seizure incidental to a lawful arrest. 4 William & Mary 121-28.

Survey: Search and seizure authorized as incident to lawful arrest despite failure to state authority and cause. 13 Buffalo U. 173-77.

Comment: Interference with the right to free movement: Stopping and search of vehicles. 51 U. of California 907-22.

301. By Wiretapping
Law review article: Anthony G. Amsterdam, Search, seizure, and §2255: A comment. 112 U. of Pa. 378-92.
301.16. Washington v. Cory. (Wash. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 24, 132. Cite: 382 P.2d 1019.

Case note: 9 Villanova 138-44.

301.20. U.S. v. Sen. Harris. (ED La., Baton Rouge Div. ##14221424.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 24. Apr., 1964: Def's. motion to quash granted on technical grounds. U.S. reindicted Def. for same crime. Trial pending.

Case notes: Government agent's surreptitious recording of conversation to which he was a party held not to violate Fourth Amendment: Lopez v. U.S. (373 U.S. 427) 63 Columbia 1496-1502; 2 Duquesne U. 107-14; 30 Brooklyn U 119-22.

Evidence obtained by intentional eavesdropping of Gov't. agents admissible in fedl. prosecutions: Anspach v. U.S. (305 F.2d 48, CA 10, 1962) 7 S. Texas 69-70.

302. In Other Federal Criminal Cases
Symposium: Interstate organized crime. 38 Notre Dame 627-726. Rufus King, the Fifth Amendment privilege and immunity legislation; Richard C. Donnelly, Electronic eavesdropping; Milton R. Wessel, Conspiracy charge as a weapon against organized crime; Monrad G. Paulsen, Civil liberties and proposals to curb organized crime.

Comment: The federal standard of search and seizure. 13 Drake 65-86.

Case notes: Evidence resulting from illegal entry admissible because of prior knowledge from "independent source": Wayne v. U.S. (318 F.2d 205, D.C. Cir. 1963; cert. denied, 375 U.S. 860) 13 American U. 108-12.

Search of a vehicle without a warrant: Sirimarco v. U.S. (315 F.2d 699, 10th Cir. 1963) 49 Iowa U. 574-81.

302.19. Hall v. Warden. (313 F.2d 483.) Facts: VII DOCKET 46, VIII DOCKET 133. Case notes: 28 Albany 148-53; 63 Duke 770-77.
302.22. U.S. v. Wallace. (CA 5.)*
302.23. U.S. v. Cohn. (SD NY.) Feb. 1964: Def.-former aide to Sen. Jos. McCarthy moved to dismiss indictment for perjury because govt. had ordered "mail cover" on all first class mail received by Def's. atty., or to suppress any evidence obtained by means of the cover. On DC order to show cause, Gov't. admitted "mail covers" used to secure names and addresses of persons writing to suspect, denied first class mail opened or read without ct. order. US Atty. said he ordered cover of mail sent to Def. and his atty.; Justice Dept. officials denied authorization came from Washington. Mar. 5: DC denied Def's. motions: shocking that govt. would put mail watch on Def's. atty. "which could posibly lead to discovery of steps defense counsel was using in preparing for trial," but "no indication that any such result eventuated from the watch in question."

Saxe, Bacon, & O'Shea, Esqs., 20 Exchange Pl., NYC.

302.24. Ramsey v. U.S. (CA 9.) Action to recover property seized and forfeited as contraband in administrative proceedings by Secy. of Treasury. DC granted Gov't. motion for summary judgment. Question on appeal: Does claimant's failure to appear in administrative proceeding amount to waiver or abandonment of right to complain of illegal seizure and forfeiture when his property was illegally seized under search warrant invalid on its face for lack of probable cause, and summarily forfeited (26 U.S.C. §7325) but claimant did not receive adequate personal notice, was incarcerated by U.S. with knowledge of seizing agents, was financially unable to post bond, and was under indictment for illegal possession of firearms?
303. In Other State Criminal Cases
Case notes: Federal injunction against state official in state proceeding improper remedy for illegally obtained evidence: Cleary v. Bolger (371 U.S. 392, 1963) 48 Minnesota U. 349-57.

Law of landlord and tenant re search and seizure: New Jersey v. Scrotsky (189 A.2d 23, 1963) 58 Northwestern U. 828-55.

Standard for waiver of constitutional rights by consent: Holt v. Wisconsin (117 N.W.2d 626, cert. denied, 374 U.S. 844, 1963) 1964 Wisconsin U. 119-33.

A frisk made prior to ascertaining probable grounds for arrest is illegal and unreasonable: New York v. Rivera (238 N.Y.S.2d 620, Sup. Ct. 1963) 15 Syracuse 85-88.

Unreasonable search and seizure, variations on a theme: Pennsylvania v. Bosurgi (190 A.2d 304, 1963), Pennsylvania v. Cockfield (190 A.2d 898, 1963) 67 Dickinson 419-27.

52.25. Mapp v. Ohio. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VI DOCKET 4. Cite: 367 U.S. 643. Note: 9 N.Y.L.F. 555-62.

Mapp does not apply in collateral attack on pre-Mapp conviction: U.S. ex rel. Linkletter v. Walker (323 F.2d 11, CA 5, 1963) 1 Houston U. 289-91.

- 50 -

303.42. Ker v. California. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 25, 133. Cite: 374 U.S. 23.

Case notes: 30 Brooklyn U. 145-49; 1963 U. of Illinois 501-07; 39 Notre Dame 227-31; 9 N.Y.L.F. 576-84.

Case notes: New limitations on California doctrine of consent to search: Tompkins v. Super Ct. (378 P.2d 113, 1963); Castanada v. Super. Ct. (380 P.2d 641); Calif. v. Haven (381 P.2d 927) 51 U. of Calif. 1010-15.

Law review article: David R. Manwaring, California and the Fourth Amendment. 16 Stanford 394-415.

303.43. New York v. Randazzo. (NY Sup. Ct., 1st Jud. Dist.)*
303.45. Illinois v. Mike's Place. (Chicago Muni. Ct.) Police with warrant seized publications Def. had for sale under statute permitting confiscation without ct. hearing. Def. argued warrants so vague police became individual censors, statute unconstitutional. Warrants suppressed, publications returned.

Seymour H. Bucholz, Esq., Ill. CLU, 19 S. La Salle, Chicago.

303.46. California v. Parham. (U.S.S.C., #955 Misc.) (384 P.2d 1001.) At Super. Ct. trial for armed robbery, Def. denied motion to inspect written statements given by alleged eye witnesses to FBI, on ground statements protected from disclosure by U.S. Atty. Genl's. order; confession admitted tho obtained after police beating. Convicted; 3 yrs. Calif. Sup. Ct. affirmed: (1) state courts have no authority to order statements produced by fedl. officials; (2) admission of confession harmless error. Def's. petition for cert. pending.

On certiorari: Marshall Krause, Esq., for ACLU of N. Calif., 503 Market St., SF.

Case note: 64 Columbia 367-72.

303.47. Camara v. San Francisco Municipal Ct. (5th Dist. Ct. of App.) Nov. 22, 1963: City housing inspector sought entrance to Pet's. private apt., without warrant, to make "routine health inspection." Pet. refused entry; charged with misdemeanor. Resp.-Ct. overruled demurrer to complaint; Pet. seeks writ of prohibition. Issue: Validity of S.F. Muni. Housing Code §503, permitting searches by health inspectors without necessity of showing of probable cause; Frank v. Maryland, 303.9a, 359 U.S. 360. Mar. 1964: Super. Ct. denied writ, distinguishing between private homes and apartments: latter are subject to municipal licensing power, hence inspection reasonable. Pet's. appeal pending.
304. Suits for False Arrest, Police Practices (see also 580 and 151)
And see Helgason, Story v. Davis, 51.8.
304.1. Prof. Genovese v. N.Y.C. (N.Y. Co. Sup. Ct.)*
304.2. Hallowell v. N.Y.C. (NYC Comptroller, #155363.)*
304.3. Massey v. NYC Police Commr. (Queens Co. Ct.)*
304.4. Jackson v. City of New York. (NYC Comptroller.)*
304.5. Richichi and Bielski v. Chicago. (Ill. Ct. of App.)*
304.7. Swanson v. McGuire. (ND Ill., #57-C-1164.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 26, 102. Oct. 30, 1963: dismissed by stipulation.
304.8. Duble v. Brown and Chicago. (Cook Co. Super. Ct., #60 S 19040.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 26. Jury verdict for Def.
304.8a. Duble v. Brown and Chicago. (ND Ill., E. Div., 61 C 1404.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 26. Def's. motion to dismiss granted.
304.10. Gonzales v. Genl. Investigators Inc. (ND Ill., #60 C 1806.)*
304.11. Dean v. Smith and Chicago. (Cook Co. Cir. Ct., #58 C 12494.)*
304.12. Cunningham v. Stired and Rygiel. (Lake Co. Cir. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 26. Case settled.
304.13. Wirin v. Hilden. (SD Calif.)*
304.14. Goldberger v. Lewis. (San Francisco Super. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 26. Jury held (10-2) for Defs. Motion for new trial denied. Appeal pending on erroneous instructions.
304.16. Lucero v. Donovan, Carnover. (CA 9.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 27, 77. After trial, directed verdict for Defs. Issues on appeal: (1) Is evidence of past arrest record of Civil Rights Act Pl. admissible on question of damages? (2) Is legality of search or seizure in Civil Rights Act case a question for Court or for jury? (3) Can police officers claim defense that their acts were permitted by or acquiesced in by municipality or other authority? Pending.
304.17. Rev. Morris v. Capt. Ray. (CA 5, #21325.)*
304.18. Rev. Jones v. Teasely. (CA 5.)*
304.19. Sullivan v. Nesmith (formerly Nesmith v. Alford). (MD Ala.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 27, 102, 133. Jan. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied Def's. petition for cert. Pending in trial ct.

Case note: 16 Alabama U. 217-22.

304.20. Horn v. Baille, Greenwood and U.S. Fid. & Guar. Co. (CA 9, #5319.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 27, 77, 102. Settled before trial for $2,000. Jan. 1963: Claim made to Wash. State Legis., which passed appropriation of $250./mo. for 2 yrs. Another claim to be made Jan. 1965.

Stuart K. Nielsen, Esq., 1608 Smith Tower; Maurice Kadish, Esq., 1807 Smith Tower, both of Seattle.

304.21. Ware v. Johnson. (MD Ga., Albany Div., #749.)*

And see Anderson, 55.67, Rabinowitz, 55.68.

304.22. Brazier v. Cherry. (MD Ga., Americus Div., #475.)*
304.24. Harkins and Frankfort v. NYC. (Brooklyn Sup. Ct.)*
304.25. California v. Imbler; In re Imbler. (Calif. Sup. Ct. ##6699, 7212 Cr.)*
304.27. Duzynski v. Nosal. (U.S.S.C.)*
304.28. Thomas v. McCain. (WD Va., #591.)*
304.30. Williams v. Clinton. (WD Wash., N. Div., #5997-Civ.)*
304.31. Pritchard v. Downie. (Little Rock.) Facts: IX DOCKET 16. CA 8 affirmed DC judgment for Def.
- 51 -

304.32. U.S. v. Partridge. (Winona, Miss.) (SD Miss., Jackson Div., #1122-Civ.) Facts: IX DOCKET 16. Sept. 4, 1963: Case removed from DC calendar and remanded to files subject to further ct. order.

Robert E. Hauberg, U.S. Atty., P. O. Box 2091, Jackson, Miss.

304.33. Gaston v. Tobriner. (DC DC, Civ. #3994.) 1963: Pl.-Howard Univ. students sued Washington, D.C. Commissioners and several police officers, alleging Pls. detained several hours without probable cause. Pending on Defs'. motion to dismiss.

NAACP Legal Defense & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

304.34. Giancana v. J. Edgar Hoover and Johnson. (ND Ill., 63-C-1145.) Mar. 13, 1963: Pl.-alleged gangster sued to enjoin Def.-FBI Director and Def.-agent-in-charge of Chicago FBI office from following him, his guests and relatives. Jy. 23: DC granted injunction: (1) FBI cars within one block of Pl's. home reduced to one, but no limit on number beyond one block; (2) FBI may not follow Pl. on golf course closer than 2d foursome back; (3) FBI agents may not follow Pl's. relatives after they visit Pl's. home; (4) no more than one FBI auto may follow Pl. as he drives. DC cited Def.-Johnson for contempt for refusing to answer questions about 4 reels of movie film introduced by Pl., showing FBI agents watching Pl., following him to church, in his auto, on golf course, and at cemetery. Def.-Johnson said he was ordered not to answer by Atty.-Gen. Kennedy. Gov't. appeal pending in CA 7.

George N. Leighton, Esq., 123 W. Madison St., Chicago.

304.35. Griffin v. Kerr. (ND Calif.) Mar. 13-Mar. 16, 1964: Pl.-Negro student stopped on U. of Calif. campus by campus police, refused to produce identification, taken into custody, handled roughly, jailed 7½ hours before release by Muni. Ct. Judge. Disorderly conduct charges brought by campus police dropped at request of Univ. Apr.: Pl. sued Univ. officials and police for false arrest, conspiracy to deny civil rights on account of color, false imprisonment, battery, defamation (28 U.S.C. §§1331, 1343 and invoking pendant jurisdiction.)

Peter Franck, Thelton Henderson, Esqs., 2890 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley.

310. Indictment
311. Challenge to Composition of Grand Jury (see also 510s)
312. Attacks on Character of Evidence

312.33. U.S. ex rel. Butler v. Maroney. (CA 3, #14016.) Facts: IX DOCKET 16. Def. found guilty of 1st degree murder, life sentence.
313. Charge of Entrapment
Comment: The affirmative trap and doctrine of entrapment: Device and defense. 31 U. of Chicago 137-70

Case note: Prosecution required to produce alleged entrapper as witness at trial: U.S. v. Clarke (220 F. Supp. 905, ED Pa. 1963: U.S. v. Ramsey, 220 F. Supp. 86, ED Tenn. 1963) 64 Columbia 359-66.

314. Charge of Conspiracy
See Gibson, 59.13; Bell, 54.8.
315. Inspection of Pre-Trial Statements of Government Witnesses
(Including Jencks point, 353 U.S. 357, and Jencks Act, 18 USC 3500.)

Comment: The Jencks act: After six years. 38 N.Y.U. 1133-47.

Case note: Right to inspection under Jencks Act of U.S. Attorney's notes of interviews with witnesses: Saunders v. U.S. (316 F.2d 346, DC Cir. 1963) 13 American U. 89-94.

316. Inspection of Grand Jury Minutes
320. Double Jeopardy
Comment: A new trial after appellate reversal for insufficient evidence. 31 U. of Chicago 365-72.

Case notes: Dismissal of jury due to abscence of prosecution witness before any testimony held to bar subsequent prosecution: Downum v. U.S. (372 U.S. 734) 8 St. Louis U. 263-66; 16 Alabama U. 133-37; 35 Mississippi U. 111-13; 28 Albany U. 162-68; 38 St. John's 158-64.

321. In Federal Cases

321.11. Fong Foo v. U.S. (369 U.S. 141.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 81, 111. Case note: 9 N.Y.L.F. 398-403.
322. In State Cases

322.7. New York v. Martinis. (N.Y. Sup. Ct., App. Div., #6670.) Facts: IX DOCKET 16. Dec. 12, 1963: App. Div. granted writ of prohibition barring Def's. trial on ground of double jeopardy: prior acquittal of reckless driving determines conclusively an essential element of vehicular homicide barring prosecution for the latter.

Maurice Edelbaum Esq., 1440 Broadway, NYC.

330. Self-incrimination: Criminal Sanctions for Exercising Privilege (see also 270)
331. Before Congressional Committees
332. Before State Committees
Comment: The constitutional rights of associations to assert the privilege against self-incrimination. 112 U. of Pa. 394-416.

Law review article: David C. Murchison, Rights of persons compelled to appear in federal agency investigational hearings. 62 Michigan U. 485-504.

333. Before Grand Juries and Tribunals
334. Grants of Immunity: Federal

334.7. Shotwell Mfg. Co. v. U.S. (371 U.S. 341.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 78, 103, 134. Case note: 11 U.C.L.A. 302-08.
335. Grants of Immunity: State
- 52 -

336. Criminal Registration Laws
And see 1950 Internal Security Act, 211. and 245.16.
337. Miscellaneous
340. Self-incrimination: Civil Sanctions for Exercising Privilege (see also 280)
341. Effect on Army Discharges (see also 253)
342. Effect on Employment — Public School Teachers (see also 24, 262, 267, 281)

342.4a. Mass v. San Francisco Bd. of Educ. (Calif. Dist. Ct. of App. 1st Dist., Div. 3, #21,330.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 29, 78. Mar. 1964: Dist. Ct. of App. held Pl. entitled to full back earnings (now $90,000), less interim earnings and to reinstatement, provided Pl. proves he was at time of firing, and remains professionally qualified to teach. Ct. rejected Def's. contention that Pl. did not have clean hands because he refused to answer HUAC questions in 1953. Both parties' petitions for hearing pending in Calif. Sup. Ct.
343. Effect on Employment — Other Public Officers (see also 261)
344. Effect on Employment — Private (see also 30, 268, 269)
345. Effect on Attorneys (see also 265, 373)
Case note: Assertion of right against self-incrimination by attorney: U.S. v. Judson (322 F.2d 460, CA 9, 1963) 38 Tulane 206-07.
346. Effect on Unemployment Insurance and Social Security (see also 263)
350. Due Process
351. In Arraignment (Delay)

351.4. McNear v. Rhay, Supt., Wash. Penitentiary. (Wash. Sup. Ct., #36981.)*

Case note: Evidence obtained through Def's. re-enactment of crime not admissible where re-enactment occurs during period of unnecessary delay in bringing him before magistrate after arrest without warrant: Naples v. U.S. (307 F.2d 618, DC DC 1962) 7 S. Texas 61-63.

352. In Grand Jury Procedures (see also 311, 316)
353. In Obtaining Confessions

353.18. Gallegos v. Colorado. (370 U.S. 49.) Facts: VII DOCKET 112.

Case note: 16 Oklahoma U. 438-40.

353.21. Ralph v. Pepersack, Warden. (CA 4.)*
353.22. Davis v. North Carolina. (ED N.C., Raleigh Div., #1302.)*
353.23. U.S. ex rel. Coleman v. Denno. (U.S.S.C.) (313 F.2d 457.)* Case note: 48 Minnesota U. 357-65.
353.24. Haynes v. Washington. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 135. Cite: 373 U.S. 503. Case note: 18 Rutgers 209-15.

Comment: The coerced confession cases in search of a rationale. 31 U. of Chicago 3 13-27.

Effective law enforcement and constitutional liberty: An analysis of New York law on confessions. 32 Fordham 339-58.

Case notes: Reaffirmation of inadmissible confession also held inadmissible: Killough v. U.S. (315 F.2d 241, CA DC 1962) 39 Notre Dame 214-20; 41 N. Carolina U. 858-63.

Confession's "voluntariness" vitiated by misleading police representations: Minnesota v. Biron, 48 Minnesota U. 160-65.

Inadmissibility of post-arraignment admissions: police interrogations: New York v. Meyer (182 NE.2d 103, 227 NYS.2d 427) 49 Cornell 145-61.

Involuntary confessions and New York procedure: N.Y. v. Tuomey (234 NYS.2d 318) 20 Washington & Lee 331-35.

354. In Press Releases and Newspaper Coverage

354.4. New York v. Martin and Giles. (NY Sup. Ct., App. Div.) Defs. filmed and interviewed over TV while being booked for 1st degree murder. Oct. 9, 1963: Ct. ordered change of venue because "the potential influence on possible talesman is significant. The effect of the telecast cannot but be prejudicial."

Comment: The changing approach to "trial by newspaper." 38 St. Johns 136-50.

Case note: General admonitions to jury to not read newspaper account of trial held sufficient to counteract adverse publicity: Montana v. Moran (384 P.2d 777) 25 Montana U. 156-64.

Case note: Court will assume juror prejudice from newspaper publicity absent at judicial polling of jury: Massachusetts v. Crehan (188 NE.2d 923) 15 Syracuse U. 88-90.

355. In Admitting Perjured Testimony (see also 312)

355.4. Sobell v. U.S.
355.11. U.S. ex rel. Miller v. Pate. (CA 7, #14570.) Facts: XI DOCKET 17. DC granted new trial on ground of perjury of principal prosecution witness. State's appeal pending.

Willard Lassers, Esq., George C. Pontikes, Esq., 11 S. La Salle St.; George N. Leighton, Esq., 123 W. Madison St.; Seymour Bucholz, Esq., 19 S. LaSalle St.; Edwin H. Conger, Esq., 120 S. La Salle St., all of Chicago.

356. In Courts Martial (see also 390)
Comment: Constitutional rights of serviceman before court martial. 64 Columbia 127-49.

Case note: Sixth Amendment right to counsel applies to accused in special court martial, but requirements satisfied by nonlawyer: U.S. v. Culp (14 U.S.C. M.A. 199, 33 C.M.R. 411, 1963) 32 Geo. Washington 415-23; 49 Virginia U. 1581-88.

357. In Naturalization Proceedings (see also 259)
358. In Expatriation, Denaturalization and Deportation Proceedings (see also 258, 259)

358.20. Re Albert Gallo. (Imm. & Nat. Serv., Spec. Inquiry Officer.)*
- 53 -

358.22. Woo Tai King v. Holton, Dist. Dir. (ND Cal., S. Div.)*
358.23. Schneider v. Rusk. (U.S.S.C., #368.)*

Case note: 32 G. Washington 381.

Comment: Involuntary loss of citizenship by naturalized citizens residing abroad. 49 Cornell 52-80.

358.24. Ting v. Immigration Service. (Imm. & Nat. Serv.)*
358.51. Heikkila v. Celebrezze. (ND Cal., S. Div.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 31, 79. DC held for Pl., ordering payment of lump sum benefits to widow. No appeal by Gov't.
358.59. U.S. ex rel. Marks v. Esperdy. (U.S.S.C., #253.)*
359. In Loyalty Hearings (see also 251 and 268)

359.2. Scott v. Macy. (CA DC, #1050-63 Civ.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 135. DC dismissed complaint. Appeal pending.
360. Speedy and Public Trial
Survey: Right to prompt trial not lost by incarcerated prisoner when requests for new trial not forwarded to prosecutor by prison authorities. 13 Buffalo U. 187-90.

Case note: Right of accused to have complaint dismissed for failure to prosecute: New York v. Saccenti (239 NYS. 2d 725, 1963) 9 N.Y.L.F. 589-95.

370. Right to Counsel
Law review articles: Tom C. Clark, The Sixth Amendment and the law of the land. 8 St. Louis U. 1-13.

Arval A. Morris, Poverty and criminal justice. 38 Washington U. 819-42.

Joseph J. Simeone and Orville Richardson. The indigent and his right to legal assistance in criminal cases. 8 St. Louis 15-58.

371. In Federal Cases

371.5. Hyser v. Reed (formerly Jamison v. Chappell). (U.S.S.C.) (318 F.2d 225.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 31, 105. Dec. 16, 1963: U.S.S.C. denied cert.
372. In State Cases

372.14. Alabama v. Hamilton, (formerly Hamilton v. Alabama.) (Jefferson Co. Cir. Ct., #98942) (363 U.S. 852; 368 U.S. 52.) 1957: Negro-Def. arraigned for burglary (intent to ravish); minute entries showed Def. had counsel, but pleas which, under Ala. law, can only be made at arraignment not made: insanity, motion to quash based on systematic exclusion of Negroes from grand juries, etc. Def. pleaded not guilty; convicted, death sentence. On appeal, Def. alleged denial of counsel at arraignment; Ala. Sup. Ct. affirmed, could not impeach minute entries on appeal. U.S.S.C. denied cert. when Ala. said only remedy by way of coram nobis. On coram nobis, Ala. Sup. Ct. recognized Def's. right to counsel at arraignment under Ala. Code Tit. 15, §318, held Def. not "disadavantaged in any way" by counsel's absence. Nov. 13, 1961: U.S.S.C. reversed, Douglas, J.: degree of prejudice to Def. "can never be known." 1963: On arraignment, Def. moved to quash indictment on ground of systematic exclusion of Negroes from jury. Aug. 9: Cir. Ct. denied motion. Dec. 11: Def. convicted; life. Feb. 7, 1964: Def's. motion for new trial filed and argued. Pending.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

372.19. Gideon v. Wainwright. (372 U.S. 335.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 32, 79, 105, IX DOCKET 18.

Case notes: 32 Fordham 358-63; 13 American U. 80-84; 16 Vanderbilt 1228-31; 43 Boston U. 570-76; 30 Brooklyn 122-26; 8 St. Louis 132-37; 9 N.Y.L.F. 390-97; 39 Notre Dame 150-60.

372.20. Pennsylvania ex rel. Simon v. Maroney. (U.S.S.C., #41 Misc.)*
372.21. New York v. Coe. (Oneida Co. Ct., #113608.)*

And see cases at 452.

372.23. Hazel v. Pepersack, Warden. (MD., #13781; Balt. City Sup. Bench.)*
372.24. New York v. Mawbey. (App. Div., 3rd Dept.)*
372.25. Smith v. Mississippi. (U.S.S.C., #374 Misc.)*
372.26. Simon v. Maroney. (U.S.S.C.)*
372.27. Walton v. Arkansas. (Ark. Sup. Ct., #5001.)*

Cecil E. Johnson, Esq., Ashdown, Ark.

372.28. White v. Maryland. (373 U.S. 59.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 136.

Case note: 25 Montana U. 174-80.

372.30. Michigan v. Cook. (Genesee Co. Cir. Ct., #1490.) 1928: Def. pleaded guilty to murder at arraignment not stenographically recorded, Def. not represented by counsel; life imprisonment. Jan. 18, 1963: Def. moved for new trial, citing Gideon, 372.19. Jy. 1964: Cir. Ct. granted motion: lack of stenographer meant Def. had no record on which to predicate appeal; record shows Def. had no advice on nature and consequences of plea. Oct. 1963: On retrial, Def pleaded guilty to manslaughter; 2 yrs. probation to help adjustment to society.

A Glenn Epps, C. Frederick Robinson, Esqs., 2501 Saginaw St., Flint, Mich.

Law review article: Yale Kamisar and Jessie H. Choper, The right to counsel in Minnesota: Some field findings and legal-policy observations. 48 Minnesota U. 1-117.

Comment: Effective assistance of counsel. 49 Virginia U. 1531-62.

Constitutional rights of indigents in Alabama criminal proceedings under recent legislation. 16 Alabama U. 237-54.

Case note: Indigent's right to counsel when charged with series of misdemeanors, carrying possible substantial prison sentence: Melvin v. J. C. Burke, Warden (ED Wis., #63-c-52, 1963) 47 Marquette 432-34.

Comments: Vestiges of Betts v. Brady and right to communicate with persons necessary to one's essential interests between arrest and court interrogation in state criminal prosecutions. 9 Howard U. 163-76.

Whether a motorist arrested for driving while intoxicated has right to counsel before submitting to blood test. 40 Chicago-Kent 53-9.

Case notes: Due process does not guarantee right to counsel during police interrogation: Illinois v. Escobedo (190 N.E.2d 825, cert. granted) 1963 U. of Illinois 511-16.

Denial of opportunity to contact counsel immediately upon being charged: Connecticut v. Krozel (190 A.2d 61, Cir. Ct. App. 1963) 16 Alabama U. 137-41.

Mandamus does not lie to compel prison official to allow an inmate polygraph test or hypnosis treatment: Ohio ex rel. Sheppard v. Koblentz (187 NE.2d 40, 1962, cert. denied, 373 U.S. 911, 1963) 77 Harvard 358-61.

- 54 -

373. Indirect Restrictions (see also 265, 345)
See also Smith, 245.16; Hollowell in 58.12.
373.13. U.S. v. Taylor. (CA 4.)*
373.14. In re Proceedings Against R. Jess Brown. (SD Miss., #3382 Civ.) Mar. 1963: Atty. filed Hudson v. Leake Co. School Bd., 522.Miss.3, school desegregation case. Apr. 6, 1963: DC issued order to Atty. to show cause why he should not be held in contempt because: (1) one Pl. alleged she had not retained Atty. in school suit; (2) Complaint alleged Pls.' homes were shot into after their petition to School Bd. Aug. 20: After hearing at which Atty. produced signed retainers from all Pls. and proof of shootings, DC dismissed charges against Atty., assessed $263. costs against Atty. Oct. 25: DC refused to set aside costs. Appeal pending.

Jack H. Young, Esq., 115½ N. Farish St., Jackson.

374. Opportunity for Appellate Review
Comment: Equal protection and the indigent defendant: Griffin (351 U.S. 12, 1956) and its progeny. 16 Stanford 394-415.
374.18. Douglas v. California. (372 U.S. 353.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80, 105. Case note: 15 Syracuse 90-2.
374.19. Draper v. Washington. (372 U.S. 487.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 80, 105. Case notes: 9 N.Y.L.F. 609-14; 8 St. Louis U. 125-32.

Comment: Right to a free transcript in Louisiana criminal cases. 24 Louisiana U. 107-14.

374.21. Hardy v. U.S. (U.S.S.C., #112.) Indigent Def. represented by ct.-appointed counsel; convicted; counsel withdrew. Def. prepared petition for leave to appeal in forma pauperis; CA appointed new counsel, ordered transcript of part of trial; then denied petition for rehearing, denied complete transcript. Jan. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C. reversed (8-1), Douglas, J.: "when . . . new counsel represents the indigent on appeal, how can he faithfully discharge the obligation which the ct. has placed on him unless he can read the entire transcript?" "The duty of counsel on appeal . . . is not to serve as amicus to the Court of Appeals, but as advocate for the appellant". Goldberg, J. (Warren, C.J., Brennan, Stewart, J.J.) conc.: "in the interests of justice this Court should require, under our supervisory power, that full transcripts be provided, without limitation, in all fedl. criminal cases to Defs. who cannot afford to purchase them, whenever they seek to prosecute an appeal" even when appeal is handled by trial lawyer. Clark, J. conc. in result. Harlan, J., diss.
380. Confrontation
381. In Criminal Cases

381.4. California v. Davenport. (Cal. Sup. Ct.)*

Case note: Right of alleged parole violator to confrontation and cross-examination at parole bd. revocation hearing: Hyser v. Reed (318 F.2d 225, CA DC) 32 Geo. Washington 393-97.

382. In Civil Cases
390. Jury Trials (see also 356, 510)
Survey: Waiver of trial by jury in criminal cases. 13 Buffalo U. 177-81.

Case note: Is waiver of jury trial in a state criminal action a constitutional right? New York v. Duchin (190 NE.2d 17, 239 NYS.2d 670) 15 Syracuse U. 81-3.

Case note: Possible collective jury prejudice altho each juror qualified individually: U.S. ex rel. Bloeth v. Denno (313 F.2d 364, 2d Cir., cert. den. 372 U.S. 978); Casias v. U.S. (315 F.2d 614, 10th Cir., cert. den. 374 U.S. 845) 112 U. of Pa. 444-50.

400. Excessive Bail; Parole Conditions
Pamphlet: Vera Foundation, Toward justice for the poor: The Manhattan bail project. 30 E. 39th, NYC.
401. Amount of Bail

401.4. Fernandez v. U.S. (CA 9.)*
401.5. Lambert v. Florida. (Fla. Dist. Ct. of App., #E-32.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 106. Apr. 6, 1964: Case dismissed by administrative order.

Curtis A. Golden, Esq., Professional Bldg., and Philip D. Beall, Esq., 505 Fla. Natl. Bank Bldg., both of Pensacola.

401.7. Rev. A. Jones v. Grimes. (Ga. Sup. Ct.) (134 SE.2d 790.) Def. 67 yr. old minister convicted of disturbing divine worship (misdemeanor) (See 58.12). On motion for new trial, trial ct. set $20,000. bail. Ga. Sup. Ct. ordered bail assessed in amount not to exceed $5,000, considered that, altho Def. had no residence or property in state, and had been frequently arrested, no evidence Def. had forfeited bonds; held constitutional prohibition against excessive bail applied in misdemeanor cases after conviction altho no such specific constitutional right.

Donald L. Hollowell, Esq., 859½ Hunter NW, and Howard Moore, Jr., Esq., both of Atlanta.

And see Rev. Jones, 58.12, 58.13, and 57.5.

401.8. Altobella v. District Ct. (Jefferson Co.) (Colo. Sup. Ct.) (384 P.2d 663.) Def. with 2 prior felony convictions, relied on counsel to get a continuance, was about 30 minutes late for trial on charges of burglary, larceny, and receiving stolen goods. Trial ct. increased bail from $4,000 to $100,000. Colo. Sup. Ct. ordered trial ct. to set bond not over $7,500, held increase was tantamount to denial of right to be admitted to bail in a reasonable amount.

Bellinger, Faircy & Tursi, Esqs., 1010 N. Grand St., Pueblo, Colo.

- 55 -

401.9. Gaar v. Muni. Ct. (Oakland) (Alameda Co. Super. Ct., #338225.) Dec. 1963: Pet. cited for 2 traffic violations, ordered to appear before Resp.-Ct. On plea of not guilty, and demand for jury trial, Resp. said: "It is my policy to set a minimum bail of $220 when a jury trial is demanded." Bail schedule set $59. Feb. 14, 1964: Super. Ct. granted writ of prohibition: (1) prohibition is proper remedy, proscription of excessive bail being a constitutional right; (2) request for jury trial is not proper motive for increasing bail.

Malcolm Burnstein, Esq., 1440 Broadway, Oakland.

401.10. California v. Sims, et al. (San Francisco Muni. Ct.) After second series of arrests in Sheraton-Palace Hotel, 58.17, Muni. Judge Horn issued order fixing bail at $500. for any person arrested for 2d time in civil rights demonstration; if bail schedule set higher bail, it would prevail. After meeting of Muni. Ct. judges, protests by newspapers, attys., ACLU, etc., Judge Horn said order only applicable on one week-end (during which no arrests made.)
402. Conditions Imposed

402.6. U.S. v. Dumeur. (DC N.Y.)*
402.7. Pennsylvania ex rel. Alberti v. Boyle. (Pa. Sup. Ct.) (195 A.2d 97.) Def. charged with capital offense, trial ct. released Def. on bail because Govt. did not show proof was evident and presumption great at bail application hearing. Pa. Sup. Ct. reversed, remanded for proper hearing, and condemned practice of making decision of whether proof was evident and presumption great within constitutional provision on bail on basis of testimony presented by Govt. at coroner's inquest, as was done here.

Ralph S. Sapp and Alvin J. Porsche, Esqs., Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh.

402.8. Mathis v. Starr. (Fla. Sup. Ct.) (152 S.2d 161.) 1963: Pet. charged with rape, trial ct. denied bail on ground Pet. could not prove ability to make bail in reasonable amount. Fla. Sup. Ct. remanded: unconstitutional to require Pet. to prove his ability to make bail as condition precedent to determination of his right to bail in a capital case; "such a limitation upon the organic right to bail cannot be countenanced." (Fla. Stat. Ann. Const., Decl. of Rts. Secs. 8 and 9.)

Richard W. Bates, Esq., 217 N. Eola Dr., Orlando, Fla.

But see Lambert, 401.5.

403. Denial of Bail

403.11. Colorado v. Smaldone. (Colo. Sup. Ct.) (385 P.2d 127.) 1963: Pet. convicted of contempt; 4 months; trial ct. refused to grant stay of execution or to admit Pet. to bail pending appeal. Colo. Sup. Ct. ordered execution stayed pending appeal, admitted Pet. to $3,500. bail, held ruling of trial ct. would compel Pet. to suffer full punishment imposed prior to appellate court decision as to whether contempt judgment was valid.

Edw. S. Barlock, Esq., and C. J. Beradini, Esq., Suite 745, Petroleum Club Bldg., both of Denver.

404. Miscellaneous Bail Problems

404.1. Persons v. Summers. (151 S.2d 210, Ala. 1963.) Proceeding for injunction against the city recorder in re forfeiture of bail bonds. Temporary bill reversed, injunction dissolved, on ground that neither illness of accused nor imprisonment in same state for another offense was valid excuse for surety on a bail bond.

Howell, Johnston & Langford, Esqs., Waterman Bldg., P. O. Box 1652, Mobile, Ala.

410. Cruel and Unusual Punishment
411. In Criminal Cases

411.11. Winston v. U.S. (ED N.Y.)*
411.13. Cobb v. Georgia. (Ga. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 33, 81, 106, 136. Nov. 1963: DC denied petition for writ of habeas corpus. Dec. 4: Huttle, C. J. stayed execution of state death sentence pending appeal.
411.19. Fleishour v. U.S., Fedl. Bureau of Prisons, Assoc. Warden, Stringfellow. (ND Ill., E. Div., #62-C-2270.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 81, 136. Pl's. motion for summary judgment on issue of liability pending.
411.20. Delaware v. Cannon. (U.S.S.C.)*
411.21. Virginia v. Wansley. (Va. Sup. Ct. of App.)*
411.22. Delaware v. Balser. (Dela. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 106. Nov., 1963: Sup. Ct. affirmed conviction for robbery, remanded to trial ct. for resentencing, as trial judge did not set date for public whipping of Def. Jan. 7, 1964: Trial judge set Jan. 28 for whipping, reduced sentence to 15 yrs. and 10 lashes. Sentence stayed pending appeal. Feb. 25, 1964: Dela. Gov. commuted whipping sentence: "the good name of our state is being damaged by the continued association of Delaware with the whipping post."
411.23. New York v. La Fountain. (N.Y. Sup. Ct., App. Div., 3rd Dept.)*

Survey: Consecutive citations for criminal contempt allowed. 13 Buffalo U. 203-05.

Legislation note: Elimination of the mandatory death penalty. 30 Brooklyn U. 96-100.

412. In Extradition Cases
413. In Civil Cases
430. Due Process for Juvenile Offenders (see 56)
Case note: Conviction for murder was deprivation of fundamental fairness and due process when based upon same act of murder used to declare a delinquent child: Garza v. State (369 S.W.2d 36, Tex. Crim. App. 1963.) 1 Houston 281-284.
440. Due Process for Incompetent Defendants

440.1. New York v. Codarre. (N.Y. Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 34, 82. Appeal pending in Ct. of App.

Law review article: Albert A. Ehrenzweig, A psychoanalysis of the insanity plea—clues to the problems of criminal responsibility and insanity in the death cell. 73 Yale 425-41.

Survey: Legal insanity not established by showing defendant operates under own standard of morality. 13 Buffalo U. 200-03.

Case note: Due process of law right to counsel in sanity proceedings in state courts: New York ex rel. Kamisaroff v. Johnston (192 NE.2d 11) 16 Alabama U. 109-17.

- 56 -

450. Post-Conviction Remedies
Law review article: Bruce J. Cameron, Compensation for victims of crime: The New Zealand experiment. 12 J. of P.L. 367-75.

Comment: Right to counsel in criminal post-conviction review proceedings. 51 U. of Claif. 970-85.

Survey in 13 Buffalo U.: Coram Nobis—Proper remedy where Def. has been wrongfully prevented from taking or perfecting an appeal, 162-65; And exhaustion of the appellate process, 183-87; As proper remedy for testimony not perjured and not knowingly used, 190-93.

451. In State Courts in State Cases
Case note: Availability of coram nobis as a post-conviction remedy: Minnesota v. Tellock (118 NW.2d 347) 48 Minnesota U. 142-46.

Law review article: Robert R. Granucci, Review of criminal convictions by habeas corpus in California. 15 Hastings 189-98.

452. In Federal Courts in State Cases

452.1. Fay v. Noia. (372 U.S. 391.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 35, 82, 107.

Case notes: 40 N. Dakota U. 107-09, 35 Mississippi 105-07, 30 Brooklyn 141-44, 13 American U. 73-80, 9 Villanova 168-74.

452.6. Townsend v. Sain. (CA 7, #58 C 2140.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 83, 107. Jan. 13, 1964: DC granted new trial, issued writ of habeas corpus. Appeal pending. Case notes: 16 Oklahoma U. 431-38, 30 Brooklyn 111-16.

Comments: Exhaustion of state remedies before bringing federal habeas corpus: A reappraisal of U.S. Code §2254. 43 Nebraska 120-36; State prisoners and federal habeas corpus. 28 Albany 98-107; Federal habeas corpus and Maryland post-conviction remedies. 24 Maryland U. 46-66.

Symposium: Evolving post-conviction procedures: 39 N.Y.U. 50-192: The two-trial system in capital cases; Federal habeas corpus for state prisoners—The isolation principle; Executive clemency in capital cases.

453. In Federal Cases
Case note: Collateral relief under 28 U.S.C. §2255—Discretion of sentencing court to dismiss successive application without hearing: Sanders v. U.S. (373 U.S. 1), 62 Michigan U. 903-08.
460. Sentencing and Clemency Procedures
Law review article: David J. Gray. Criminology: The treatment-punishment controversy. 4 Wm. & Mary 160-71.
461. Sentencing Process

461.2. Wood v. Denna. (CA 2.)*
461.4. California v. Morse. (Calif. Sup. Ct.) Sept. 2, 1962: Def. killed mother and sister. 1963: On jury trial, Def. convicted of 1st degree murder. Super. Ct. instructed jury if Def. sentenced to life imprisonment, eligible for parole in 7 yrs.; sentence: death. Jan. 7, 1964: Sup. Ct. affirmed conviction, reversed penalty: prejudicial to stress possibility of parole as ground for sentence of death; trial ct. must instruct jury that "the matter of parole is not to be considered by you in determining the punishment of this Def.," and that jurors must assume Adult Authority, as body responsible for parole, will do its job competently.
461.5. U.S. v. Behrens. (U.S.S.C., #86.) (312 F.2d 223.) Def. convicted in DC of assault with intent to murder; DC committed Def. to Atty. Gen'l's. custody to await study by Dir. of Bureau of Prisons under 18 U.S.C. §4208, ordered Def's. commitment, deemed to be for 20 yrs., subject to modification under §4208(b). After Director's report, DC reduced imprisonment to 5 yrs. in absence of Def. and counsel. DC denied Def's. motion to vacate sentence; CA reversed and remanded. Dec. 9, 1963: U.S.S.C. affirmed, Black, J.: (1) DC action finally determining sentence under §4208(b) is final, appealable order (see Corey v. U.S., 845 S. Ct. 298); (2) original order under §4208(b) is wholly tentative; (3) right of Def. to make statement to judge in his own behalf when punishment is fixed "is of most importance", recognized in Rule 32(a), F.R. Cr. P. Harlan, conc.

Law review articles: Agata C. Burton, Time served under a reversed sentence or conviction—a proposal and a basis for decision. 25 Montana U. 1-74.

James Benton Parsons, The personal factor in sentencing. 13 DePaul 1-14.

John P. Higgins, Confidentiality of presentence reports. 28 Albany 12-44.

Case notes: Admissibility of evidence in post-trial proceeding to determine punishment: California v. Griffen (383 P.2d 432) 16 Alabama U. 129-33.

Civil commitment of narcotic drug addict held constitutional: In re De La O (378 P.2d 793, cert. den. 83 S. Ct. 1927) 8 Utah U. 367-75.

462. Applications for Probation
463. Applications for Parole
464. Applications for Pardons or Executive Clemency
Case note: Conditional pardoning of undesirables: Mansell v. Turner (384 P.2d 394, Utah 1963) 47 Marquette 426-32.
465. Applications for Expungement or Certificates of Rehabilitation
490. Miscellaneous Due Process

490.4a. Pauling v. McNamara, U.S. Secy. of Def. (CA DC.)*
490.6d. Connecticut v. Griswold and Buxton. (Conn. Sup. Ct.)*
490.22. Sills v. Gotthilf. (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)*
490.23. U.S. v. Cook. (ED S.C. #23, 705.) Facts: IX DOCKET 19. Trial: Apr. term, 1964.

Terrell L. Glenn, U.S. Atty., Columbia, S. C.

- 57 -

490.24. New York v. Sanabria, Scifo. (N.Y. Co. Sup. Ct., App. Div.) (242 NYS2d 986.) Facts: IX DOCKET 19. Apr. 27, 1964: App. Div. affirmed conviction in this and 2 cases presenting similar problem: "The requirement that guilt be proven beyond a reasonable doubt loses none of its vitality, by a verdict of the court, albeit concurred in by only two of its three members."

Bennett H. Glotzer, Esq., 165 W. 46th St., NYC.

Case note: 32 Fordham 364-72.

490.25. Pennsylvania v. Giaccio. (Pa. Sup. Ct., #218.) 1961: Def. acquitted in Chester Co. Ct. of Quarter Sess. of wantonly pointing and discharging firearm; assessed costs of prosecution ($230.95) by jury under 1802 Pa. statute. Quarter Sess. Ct. held imposition of such costs unconstitutional. Dec. 12, 1963: Super. Ct. reversed: statute does substantial justice. Appeal allowed to Pa. Sup. Ct. Pending.

James C. N. Paul, Peter Hearn, Esqs., 2001 Fidelity-Phila. Trust Bldg., Philadelphia.

Law review article: George M. McClure, III, Vagrants, criminals and the constitution. 40 Denver 314-40.

Comment: Effects of the new Illinois criminal code on prosecutions for inchoate crimes. 1963 Washington U. 508-22.



Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Mississippi: A Chronology of Violence and Intimidation Since 1961. 20 pp., SNCC, 6 Raymond St. NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30314. 50c.

Vivian W. Henderson, The Economic Status of the Negro: In the nation and in the south. Southern Regional Council, 5 Forsyth St. NW, Atlanta.


Pa. Human Relations Comm. 7th Annual Report. 1963. Harrisburg, Pa. 36 pp.

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Books: John P. Roche, The quest for the dream. 308 pp. Macmillan. $5.95.

Lewis Killian and Charles Grigg, Racial crisis in America: Leadership in conflict. Prentice-Hall.

500. Elections
501. Racial Discrimination
And see Canon, 15.8.
501.Ala.6. U.S. v. Penton, Registrars. (Montgomery Co.) (MD Ala., #1741-N.)*
501.Ala.9. U.S. v. Mayton and Alabama. (Perry Co.) (CA 5.)*
501.Ala.10. U.S. v. Bd. of Registrars, Jefferson Co. (ND Ala., S. Div., #CA64-367.)*
501.Ga.2. U.S. v. Raines. (Terrell Co.) (MD Ga., Americus, #442.)*
501.Ga.2a. U.S. v. Matthews and Chapell. (Terrell and Sumter Cos.) (MD Ga. Americus Div., #516.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 37. Jan. 27, 1964: At trial, Gov't. proved Def.-Dawson Police Chief, Sasser Mayor and Councilmen and 8 residents entered voter registration meeting in Mt. Olive Baptist Church Jy. 25, 1962, sought to terrorize 38 Negroes and 2 whites present while others poured sand in gas tank of reporter's car; Gov't. dropped Sumter Co. Sheriff as Def.; DC issued permanent injunction against Defs.
501.La.1b. U.S. v. Citizens Council, Lucky and Louisiana. (Ouachita Parish.) (WD La.)*
501.La.2. U.S. v. McElveen (formerly v. Thomas.) (Bogalusa.) (ED La., #9146.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 37. Appeal pending.
501.La.6a. U.S. v. Manning. (E. Carroll Parish.) (WD La., Monroe, Shreveport Div., #8257.)*
501.La.7. Anderson v. Martin. (U.S.S.C., #51.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 38. Jan. 13, 1964: U.S.S.C. reversed 3-judge ct's. (2-1) decision, by Clark, J.: Compulsory designation of candidate's race on ballot, under 1960 La. statute, discriminates against Pls. and therefore violates Fourteenth Amendment equal protection clause: "In the abstract, La. imposes no restriction upon anyone's candidacy nor upon an elector's choice in the casting of his ballot. But by placing a racial label on a candidate at the most crucial stage in the electoral process . . . the State furnishes a vehicle by which racial prejudice may be so aroused as to operate against one group because of race and for another."
501.La.8. U.S. v. Fox and Louisiana. (Plaquemine Parish.) (ED La., #11625.)*
501.La.9. U.S. v. Registrar, and Louisiana. (Madison Parish.) (WD La.)*
501.La.10. U.S. v. Wilder, Registrar, and Louisiana. (Jackson Parish.) (WD La.)*
501.La.11. U.S. v. Louisiana. (U.S.S.C.)*
501.La.12. Carter v. Registrar and Sheriff. (St. Francisville, W. Feliciana Parish, La.) (DC La.)*
501.Miss.1a. U.S. v. Daniel, Registrar, and Mississippi. (Jefferson Davis Co.) (SD Miss., Hattiesburg Div., #1655.)*
501.Miss.2. U.S. v. Registrar and Mississippi. (Panola Co.) (SD Miss., #3312.)*
501.Miss.3. U.S. v. Ramsey, Registrar, and Mississippi. (Clarke Co.) (CA 5.)*
501.Miss.4. U.S. v. Wood, Registrar, and Mississippi. (Walthall Ct.) (SD Miss., Hattiesburg Div., #1656.)*
501.Miss.4a. U.S. v. Wood. (Walthall Co.) (SD Miss., Hattiesburg Div., #1656.)*
501.Miss.5a. Re Theron C. Lynd, Registrar. (Forrest Co.) (CA 5.)*
- 58 -

501.Miss.6. U.S. v. Green, Cir. Clerk, and Mississippi. (George Co.) (SD Miss., #2540.)*

And see U.S. v. Bd. of Educ., 571.12.

501.Miss.7. Kennedy v. Lewis, Cir. Clk. and Registrar. (Boliver Co.) (CA 5, #20411.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 39. Dec. 6, 1963: CA 5, per curiam, affirmed DC in part, modified in part and remanded. Petition for cert. pending.
501.Miss.8. U.S. v. Dogan. (Tallahatchie Co.) (ND Miss., Delta Div., #D-C-53-61.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 39, 138, IX DOCKET 20. Defs. tried separately; decisions awaited.
501.Miss.9. Higgs v. Kennedy and Hoover. (DC DC.)*
501.Miss.10. U.S. v. City of Greenwood. (ND Miss., Greenville Div., #GC638.)*
501.Miss.11. U.S. v. Sheriff Edwards. (Rankin Co.) (SD Miss. Jackson Div., #3413.)*
501.Miss.12. U.S. v. Ashford, Registrar (Hinds Co.) and Mississippi. (SD Miss., #3457.)*
501.Miss.13. Kennedy v. Owen. (Mississippi.) (SD Miss., Jackson Div.)*
501.Va.1. Butts v. Harrison. (Norfolk, Va.) (ED Va., #3912.) Facts: IX DOCKET 20.*

J. A. Jordan, Esq., 1228 Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk.

502. Political Discrimination
503. Urban Discrimination

503.Ala.1. Vann and McConnell v. Baggett (formerly v. Frink.) (U.S.S.C., ##27, 41.)*
503.Ala.2. Alsup v. Mayhall. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.Ala.3. Reynolds v. Sims. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.Calif.3. Silver v. Jordan. (SD Calif., Cent. Div., #62-953-MC.)*
503.Calif.4. Mutnick v. Bd. of Super., Contra Costa Co. (Super Ct., Contra Costa Co., #88406.)*
503.Calif.6. Coughlin v. Bd. of Supers., San Benito Co. (San Benito Co. Super. Ct., #6868.) Def. redrew boundary lines of Co's supervisorial districts decreasing % in largest from 43 to 31%, raising % in smallest from 4 to 7%. Jan. 1964: Pl.-Co. Bar Assn. sued for injunctive relief against redistricting as inadequate. Jan. 24: Ct. granted writ, then expunged writ after Def. complied.

Coughlin, Wyckoff, Parker and Paxton, Esqs., 390 5th St. and Chester E. Ross, Esq., 345 5th St., all of Hollister, Calif.

503.Colo.1. Stein v. General Assembly. (Colo. Sup. Ct.) (374 P.2d 66.)*
503.Colo.2. Lisco v. McNichols. (DC Colo., #7501.)*
503.Colo.3. Ryan v. Tinsley. (DC Colo.)*
503.Colo.5. Re Legislative Apportionment. (Colo. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Conn.1. Butterworth v. Dempsey. (DC Conn., #9571.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 109. Mar. 26, 1964: 3-judge fedl. ct. held for Pls.: (1) Conn. Senate is malapportioned, depriving Pls. and those similarly situated equal protection (ratio of most populous district to least populous is 8:1). (2) Town unit method of selecting members of Conn. House of Representatives denies Pls. equal protection: due to unique Const. provisions, discriminates between towns chartered before 1818 and those chartered after. The unit system could never be consistent with equal protection clause; the analogy to U.S. Senate is inapposite, for no state is a federal union of sovereign towns and counties. Ct. granted injunction as prayed, stayed proceedings pending review by U.S.S.C. of this and related cases.
503.Conn.2. Valenti v. Dempsey. (DC Conn., #9544.)*
503.Dela.1. Sincock v. Terry. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.Dela.2. Roman v. Sincock. (U.S.S.C., #307.)*
503.Fla.1. Lund v. Mathas. (Fla. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Fla.2. Sobel v. Adams. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.Ga.1. Helmsley v. Wells. (SD Ga., ##1203, 1204.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. Suit dismissed.
503.Ga.2. Sanders v. Gray. (DC Ga.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40, 84. Mandate of U.S.S.C. (372 U.S. 368) made decision of 3-judge fedl. ct.
503.Ga.3. Wesberry v. Sanders. (U.S.S.C., #22.) (376 U.S. 1.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 40. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. (6½-2½) reversed, Black, J.: "in debasing the weight of appellants' votes the State has abridged the right to vote for members of Congress guaranteed them by the U.S. Constitution, that the DC should have entered a declaratory judgment to that effect, and that it was therefore error to dismiss this suit. The question of what relief should be given we leave for further consideration and decision by the DC in light of existing circumstances", citing Baker v. Carr, 503.Tenn.1, 369 U.S. 186, rejecting Colegrove v. Green, 328 U.S. 549. Clark, J. conc. & diss.; Harlan, J. diss.; Stewart, J. diss.
503.Ga.4. Toombs v. Fortson. (ND Ga. Atlanta Div., #7872.)*
503.Ida.2. Hearne v. Smylie. (DC Ida., S. Div.)*
503.Ill.1. Germano v. Kerner. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.Ind.2. Stout v. Hendricks. (SD Ind., #1 P61-C-236.)*
503.Ind.3. Grills v. Welsh. (Sup. Ct. Marion Co., #S59-600.)*
503.Ia.2. Davis v. Synhorst. (SD Ia. Cent. Div.)*
503.Kan.1. Harris v. Shanahan. (Kan. Sup. Ct., #43, 289.) (378 P.2d 157; 387 P.2d 771.) Facts: IX DOCKET 21. Mar. 1964: Kan. legislature passed acceptable reapportionment statutes. Kan. Sup. Ct. approved.
503.Kan.2. Meeks v. Anderson. (DC Kan., #KC, 1774.)*
503.Ky.1. Schmied v. Combs. (WD Ky., #4380.)*
503.Ky.2. Combs v. Matthews. (Franklin Cir. Ct.)*
- 59 -

503.La.1. Daniel v. Davis. (ED La.)*
503.Md.1. Maryland Comm. for Fair Representation v. Tawes. (U.S.S.C., #554.)*
503.Mass.1. Fishman v. Secretary of the Commonwealth. (Mass. Sup. Jud. Ct., #12970.)*
503.Mich.1. Beadle v. Scholle. (U.S.S.C., #24.)*
503.Mich.2. Calkins v. Hare. (ED Mich. S. Div., #22720.)*
503.Mich.3. Marshall v. Hare. (U.S.S.C., #962.) Suit challenging apportionment provisions of new 1963 Michigan constitution.

Theodore Sachs, Esq., 3610 Cadillac Tower, Detroit.

503.Minn.1. Hedlund v. Hanson. (DC Minn., #4-62-122.)*
503.Minn.2. LaRose v. Takash. (Minn. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Miss.1. Fortner v. Barnett. (1st Jud. Dist., Hinds Co., Ch. #59,965.)*
503.Mo.1. Preisler v. Hearnes. (Mo. Sup. Ct., #49,370.)*
503.Mo.2. Roddy v. Dalton. (DC Mo.)*
503.Neb.1. League of Nebraska Municipalities v. Marsh. (DC Nebr., Lincoln, #551L.)*
503.Nev.1. Paley v. Sawyer. (DC Nev., #1593.)*
503.NH.1. Levitt v. Atty. Genl. (N.H. Sup. Ct., ##5021, 5043.)*
503.NH.2. Levitt v. Atty. General. (N.H. Sup. Ct.)*
503.NJ.2. Jackson v. Bodine. (Hudson Co. Super. Ct., Ch.)*
503.NM.1. Cargo v. Mechem. (N.M. Dist. Ct., Santa Fe.)*
503.NY.1. WCMA v. Simon. (U.S.S.C., #460.)*
503.NY.2. Wright v. Rockefeller. (U.S.S.C., #950.) (211 F.Supp. 460) Pl.-citizens of NYC's 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th Congressional Districts challenged constitutionality of NY's 1961 Congressional apportionment statute alleging lines redrawn in violation of Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of Fourteenth Amendment and Fifteenth Amendment to segregate voters by race and place of origin. 18th Cong. Dist. Cong. Powell and other political leaders permitted to intervene as Defs. Issue: "ghettoizing" to create white Cong. Dist. and non-white Cong. Dist.; not question of under-representation because of size variations in districts. 3-judge fedl. ct. (2-1) dismissed complaint, held no proof motivation for redrawing boundaries was creation of racial districts. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. affirmed, Black, J.: Pls. failed to prove racial motivation. Harlan, J. conc. Douglas, J. (Goldberg, J.) diss.: "I . . . assumed" that Anderson, 501.La.7, supra, meant "no State could make an electoral district out of any racial bloc unless the electorial unit represented an actual neighborhood. . . . When racial or religious lines are drawn by the State, the multiracial, multireligious communities that our Constitution seeks to weld together as one become separatist; antagonisms that relate to race or to religion rather than to political issues are generated; communities seek not the best representative but the best racial or religious partisan. . . . 'Separate but equal' and 'separate but better off' have no more place in voting districts than they have in schools, parks, railroad terminals, or any other facility serving the public." Goldberg, J. (Douglas, J.) diss.: "Appellants . . . by their evidence established a pattern of segregation not adequately explained on a geometric, geographic, equalization, party-compromise, neighborhood or other basis. To require a showing of racial motivation in the legislature would place an impossible burden on complainants."
503.NY.3. Honeywood v. Rockefeller. (U.S.S.C., #177.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 84, 139. Mar. 2, 1964: U.S.S.C., per curiam, affirmed, citing Wright, 503.NY.2.
503.ND.1. Lien v. Sathre. (ND., SW Div., #424.)*
503.Ohio.1. Nolan v. DiSalle. (SW Ohio, #6082.)*
503.Ohio.2. Sive v. Ellis. (SD Ohio, W. Div., #6491.)*
503.Okla.3. Jones v. Winters. (Okla. Sup. Ct., #39,857.)*
503.Okla.4. Brown v. State Election Bd. (Okla. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Okla.5. Reed v. State Election Bd. (Okla. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Okla.6. Baldwin v. Moss. (U.S.S.C.) June 10, 1963: U.S.S.C. dismissed appeal.
503.Pa.1. Start v. Lawrence. (Dauphin Co. Ct., Eq. #2536 and Law #187.)*
503.RI.1. Sweeney v. Notte. (R.I. Sup. Ct.)*
503.RI.2. Needham v. LaFrance. (DC R.I., #2930.)*
503.Tenn.1. Baker v. Carr. (MD Tenn., Nashville Div., #2724.)*
503.Tex.1. Martin v. Bush. (U.S.S.C., #675.) (224 F.Supp. 499.) Mar. 2, 1964: U.S.S.C. (7-2), per curiam, affirmed, citing Wesberry, 503Ga.3.
503.Utah.1. Petuskey v. Clyde. (DC Utah, Central Div.)*
503.Va.1. Mann v. Davis. (U.S.S.C., #797.)*
503.Va.2. Donovan v. Harrison. (DC Va.)*
503.Vt.1. Mikell v. Rousseau. (Vt. Sup. Ct.)*
503.Vt.2. Buckley v. Hoff. (DC Vt.)*
503.Wash.1. Thigpen v. Myers. (U.S.S.C.)*
503.W.Va.1. Kanawha v. Carson. (SD W.Va.)*
503.Wis.1. Wisconsin v. Zimmerman. (WD Wis., #3540.)*
503.Wyo.2. Schaefer v. Thompson. (DC Wyo., #4717.)*
504. 14th Amendment §2 Enforcement

504.2. Denman, Lampkin v. Hodges. (DC DC, #1355-63.)*

William B. Bryant, Esq., 613 F St. NW, Washington, D.C.

510. Jury Selection and Appeals to Prejudice (see also 311)
511. Involving Federal Employees
- 60 -

512. Involving Racial Discrimination
And see Hamilton, 372.14.
512.29. Alabama v. Seals. (DC Ala.)*
512.32. Giles and Giles v. Maryland. (Gov. Tawes.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 43, 84, 111, IX DOCKET 21. Oct. 1963: Gov. granted stay of execution. Pending.
512.38. U.S. ex rel. Davis v. Gov. Davis. (DC La.)*
512.39. U.S. ex rel. Poret and Labat v. Davis and Walker. (SD La.)*
512.40. Mississippi v. George Gordon. (ND Miss.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 111. DC took jurisdiction, issued stay, ordered hearing set on date agreed by counsel.
512.41. U.S. ex rel. Rogers v. Davis. (CA 5, #20436.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 111. Oct. 25, 1964: CA 5, per curiam, reversed and remanded DC denial of writ of habeas corpus.

Ernest N. Morial, Esq., 1821 Orleans Ave.; Nils R. Douglas, Esq., 2211 Dryades St., both of New Orleans.

512.42. Henderson v. Louisiana. (SD La.)*
512.43. Henslee v. Stewart. (Pulaski Co., Ark., Cir. Ct.)*
512.44. Lillard v. Arkansas. (U.S.S.C.)*
512.45. North Carolina v. Arnold. (U.S.S.C.)*
512.46. Louisiana v. Barksdale. (New Orleans.) (Crim. Ct., #177-037.)*
513. Involving Economic Discrimination
514. Involving Political Discrimination
515. Involving Discrimination Against Women
520. Education
521. Challenges to Unequal Facilities

521.1. Holland v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Palm Beach, Fla.) (SD Fla., #7161.)*
522. Suits To Enforce Integration

522.Ala.2a. Armstrong v. Birmingham Bd. of Educ. (CA 5, #20,-595.) (U.S.S.C.) (323 F.2d 333.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 44, 140, IX DOCKET 22. Sept. 1963: 5 Negro pupils entered 3 formerly all-white schools under Def's. desegregation plan. Jan. 27, 1964: DC overruled Pls'. objections to plan; appeal pending in CA 5. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied cert. on Def.-Bd's. petition to review CA 5 injunction pending appeal.
522.Ala.2b. Nelson v. Birmingham Bd. of Educ. (CA 5.)*
522.Ala.3. Koen v. Knight. (Ala. Vocational Schools.) (SD Ala., #2434.)*
522.Ala.4. Reed v. Pearson. (Reeds Chapel.) (CA 5.)*
522.Ala.5. Lee and U.S. (Pl. and Amicus) v. Macon Co. Bd. of Educ. and Ala. Bd. of Educ. (Tuskegee.) (MD Ala., E. Div., #604-E.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 85, 140. Pls. filed amended complaint for desegregation on state-wide basis. Jy. 17, 1963: U.S. designated as Pl. and Amicus. Sept. 1963: 13 Negro students entered high school, all white students withdrew. Jan. 30, 1964: Def.-State Bd. ordered school closed. DC ordered Negro students transferred to 2 other white schools in Co. Feb.: Negro students turned back at one school; other school boycotted by all white students. Feb. 21: 3-judge ct. hearing on Pls'. motion for preliminary injunction. Briefs filed answering 6 questions posed by Ct.: (1) should temporary restraining order be enlarged into preliminary injunction; (2) should Ct. declare Ala. grants-in-aid statute unconstitutional on its face or as applied; (3) should Gov. and Def.-State Bd. be enjoined from interfering with Co. and City Bds. of Educ. thruout Ala.; (4) should Ct. issue order desegregating all public schools in state because of Gov's. usurpation of authority; (5) should private (white) Macon Academy be made a party and heard on whether it has become public institution; (6) should Ct. declare Ala. Placement Law unconstitutional in its application? Pending.

Fred D. Gray, Esq., 34 N. Perry St., Montgomery, Ala.

522.Ala.6. Hereford v. City of Huntsville. (ND Ala., #63-109.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 85, 140. Jan. 1964: Def.-Bd. admitted 10 more Negro pupils including 8 of 10 named Pls. in 522.Ala.6a. Pls'. objections to Def's. desegregation plan filed.

And see 522.Ala.6a.

522.Ala.6a. Lorder v. Huntsville Bd. of Educ. (ND Ala., #63-612.) Suit by members of Armed Forces and civilian employees at Redstone Arsenal for desegregation of public schools. DC granted motion to stay pending decision in 522.Ala.6. Motion to consolidate cases pending.
522.Ala.7. U.S. v. Mobile Co. Bd. of School Comm. (CA 5.)*
522.Ala.7a. Davis v. Mobile Co. Bd. of School Comm. (SD Ala., #3003-63.)*
522.Ala.8. U.S. v. Madison Co. Bd. of Educ. (ND Ala., NE Div., #63-23.)*
522.Ala.8a. Bennett v. Madison Co. Bd. of Educ. (ND Ala., NE Div., #63-613.) 1963: Pls. sued to desegregate public schools. Jan. 24, 1964: At hearing on motion for preliminary injunction, Def.-Bd. announced adoption of grade-a-year plan, beginning with 12th grade. DC refused to rule on preliminary injunction, ordered Def. to consider applications for transfer by named Pls. Feb. 5, 1964: Def. denied applications for stated reasons. May 20, 1964: Trial on merits.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Ala.9. Franklin and U.S. (Pl. and Amicus) v. Auburn Univ. Trs. (MD Ala., #621-E.) Facts: IX DOCKET 22. Dec. 4, 1963: CA 5 (2-1) denied Def's. motion for stay of order admitting Pl. Def. rejected Pl's. application to live in dormitory; Pl. sought relief. Jan. 3, 1964: DC issued restraining order against Def. Jan. 4: Pl. registered.

Fred Gray, Esq., 34 N. Perry St., Montgomery; Constance Baker Motley, Esq., 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Ala.10. Gunn v. Florence State College Trs. (ND Ala.)*
- 61 -

522.Ala.11. Miller v. Bd. of Educ. of Gadsden. (ND Ala.) 1963: Pls. sued to desegregate public schools. Dec. 1963: After hearing, DC issued temporary injunction, ordered Def.-Bd. to submit desegregation plan by Apr. 1, 1964.

NAACP Legal. Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Cir., NYC.

522.Calif.1. Jackson v. Bd. of Educ. (Pasadena.) (Calif. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 44, 85, 111. Cite: 382 P.2d 878. Case note: 16 Stanford 434-42.
522.Calif.3. Brock v. Bd. of Educ. (San Francisco.) (ND Calif., S. Div., #41034.)*
522.Calif.4. Pls. v. Bd. of Educ. (Sacramento.) (Super Ct.)*
522.Calif.5. Crawford v. Bd. of Educ. (Los Angeles City.) (Super. Ct., #822854.) Facts: IX DOCKET 23. June 23, 1964: Hearing on alternative writ of mandate.
522.Fla.2. Gibson v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Dade Co.) (SD Fla., #6978.)*
522.Fla.3. Manning v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. of Hillsborough Co. (Tampa.) (SD Fla., #3554.)*
522.Fla.5. Augustus v. Escambia Co. Bd. of Ed. (Pensacola.) (ND Fla., #1064.) (306 F.2d 862.)*
522.Fla.6. Tillman v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Volusia Co. (SD Fla., Jacksonville Div., #4501.)*
522.Fla.7. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Duval Co. v. Braxton. (Jacksonville.) (CA 5, #20294.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 45, IX DOCKET 23. Jan. 10, 1964: CA 5 (2-1) held DC order requiring Def.-Bd. to submit a plan for assignment of teaching and supervisory personnel without regard to race: (1) is an appealable order; (2) falls within permitted range of relief projected by U.S.S.C. in Brown decision. Def's. petition for certiorari pending.
522.Fla.9. Weaver v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Brevard Co. (Cape Canaveral.) (SD Fla., Orlando Div., #1172.)*
522.Fla.10. Mays v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Sarasota Co. (SD Fla., Tampa Div., #4242-Civ. T.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 45. Sept. 19, 1962: After trial, DC ruled favorably to Pl. on most points. Defs. desegregated elementary grades. DC ordered desegregation of Jr. High on grade-a-yr. basis beginning Sept. 1963.
522.Fla.11. Ellis v. Kipp, Bd. of Pub. Inst., Orange Co. (Orlando.) (SD Fla., Orlando Div., #1215.)*
522.Fla.12. Steele v. Bd. of Pub. Inst., Leon Co. (Tallahassee.) (ND Fla., TCA #854.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 45. Feb. 28, 1963: After trial, DC ordered Def. to submit plan. Apr. 22, 1963: DC approved grade-a-yr. desegregation. Motion for further relief pending.
522.Fla.13. Mills v. Boone. (Polk Co.) (MD Fla., #63-50.)*
522.Fla.14. Scott v. Bd. of Inst. (St. John's Co.) (SD Fla., transferred to MD Fla.)*
522.Fla.15. Hall v. Bd. of Pub. Inst. (Broward Co.) (SD Fla., #10,820.)*
522.Fla.17. Hammond v. Univ. of Tampa. (MD Fla., #63-51, Civ. T.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 141. Jy. 1, 1963: DC denied Def's. motion to dismiss. Feb. 3, 1964: DC denied motion for preliminary injunction, held Def. not subject to Fourteenth Amendment, dismissed complaint. Appeal to CA 5 pending.

NAACP Legal Defense & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Ga.3. Calhoun v. Latimer. (Atlanta.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 45, 85, IX DOCKET 23. Jan. 13, 1964: U.S.S.C. granted certiorari.
522.Ga.6. Stell v. Savannah-Chatham Co. Bd. of Educ. (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46, 112, 141. Main appeal pending in CA. Dec. 11, 1963: White Intervenors filed petition for cert. in U.S.S.C. for review of CA order granting injunction pending appeal.
522.Ga.6a. Chandler v. Savannah City Bd. of Pub. Educ. (U.S.S.C., #120.) 1963: White residents sued to enjoin Def. from carrying out proposal to use elementary school in all-white area for Negro pupils only. DC dismissed complaint. Mar. 6, 1963: CA 5 affirmed, per curiam: Pls. have no standing to sue; no danger of deprivation of any fedl. right. Oct. 14, 1963: U.S.S.C. granted motion to dispense with printing petition, denied cert.
522.Ga.7. Emory University v. Georgia. (Atlanta.) (Ga. Sup. Ct. #21731.)*
522.Ga.8. Gaines v. Dougherty Co. Bd. of Educ. (CA 5, #20984.)*
522.Ga.9. Gibson v. Glynn Co. Bd. of Educ. (Brunswick.) (CA 5.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: IX DOCKET 23. Main appeal pending in CA. Dec. 11, 1963: White-Pls. filed petition for cert. for review of CA order granting injunction pending appeal.
522.Ga.10. Bivins v. Bd. of Public Educ., Bibb Co. (Macon.) (MD Ga., #1926.) Aug. 13, 1963: Pls. sued to desegregate public schools. Co. has 34 white schools (21,082 pupils) and 17 Negro schools (12,717 pupils). Jan. 24, 1964: DC ordered Def. to submit desegregation plan by Feb. 24. Pending.

Donald L. Hollowell, Esq., 859½ Hunter St. NW, Atlanta; Thomas Jackson, Esq., 845 Forsyth St., Macon.

522.Ga.11. Bryan and Lockett v. Muscogee Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD Ga.) Jan. 13, 1964: Pl.-Negro children sued to desegregate public schools. Pending.
522.Ill.1. Webb v. Bd. of Educ. (Chicago.) (CA 7.)*
522.Ill.1a. Webb v. Bd. of Educ. (Chicago.) (ND Ill., E. Div., #63 C 1895.)*
522.Ill.2. Burrows v. Bd. of Educ. (Chicago.) (ND Ill., E. Div. #62 C 206.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46, 112. DC granted Def's. motion to dismiss with prejudice.
522.Ill.3. McNeese v. Bd. of Educ. (Centerville.) (DC Ill.)*

Case note: 1963 U. of Ill. 520-25.

522.Ind.1. Bell v. School Bd. (Gary.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46, 85, 141, IX DOCKET 24. May 4, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied Pl's. petition for cert.
522.Kan.2. Downs v. Bd. of Educ. (Kansas City.) (CA 10.)*
522.Ky.10. Walker v. Richmond Bd. of Educ. (ED Ky., Richmond Div., #241.)*
- 62 -

522.La.1. Bush v. Orleans Parish School Bd. (New Orleans.) (ED La., #3630.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 46, IX DOCKET 24. Report of Def. awaited re desegregation of kindergarten 1964-65.
522.La.2. Hall v. St. Helena Parish School Bd. (ED La., Baton Rouge Div., #1068.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 47, 85, IX DOCKET 24. Feb. 14, 1964: Pls'. motion for further relief submitted.
522.La.3. Angel v. La. State Bd. of Educ. (La. Trade Schools.) (DC La.)*
522.La.4. Davis v. E. Baton Rouge Parish School Bd. (ED La. Baton Rouge Div., #1662.) (219 F.Supp. 876.)*
522.La.13. Harris, Crayton v. St. John the Baptist Parish School Bd. (ED La., New Orleans Div., #13212.)*
522.La.14. U.S. v. Bossier Parish School Bd. (WD La., Shreveport Div., #9282-S.)*
522.La.15. Booker v. Calcasieu Parish School Bd. (WD La.) Jan. 31, 1964: Pls.-Negro parents sued, alleging their eight children denied admission to parish white schools, and asking DC to order desegregation of parish school system.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund., 10 Columbus Cir., NYC.

522.La.16. Conley v. Lake Charles School Bd. (WD La.) Jan. 31, 1964: Pls.-5 Negro parents sued to compel admittance of their 14 children to public schools in Lake Charles, which is part of Calcasieu Parish, see Booker, 522.La.15, but operates an independent city school system.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Cir., NYC.

522.La.17. Williams v. Iberville Parish School Bd. (Plaquemine.) (ED La., #2921.) Jan. 23, 1964: Pls. sued to desegregate parish schools within one year. Hearing on motion for preliminary injunction set for Feb. 14, 1964.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Cir., NYC.

522.La.18. McCoy v. La. State Bd. of Educ. (Northeast State College). (ED La., #2916.) Jan. 15, 1964: Pl.-Negro college student sued to gain admittance to Northeast La. State College, alleging prior college work, 2 unsuccessful attempts to gain admittance, praying preliminary injunction for admission Spring semester. Feb. 14, 1964: DC hearing.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.La.19. Welch v. La. State Bd. of Educ. (Southern Univ.) (ED La.) Feb. 3, 1964: Pl.-white school teacher sued for admission to Southern Univ., (New Orleans) which La. state law limits to Negroes, asked preliminary injunction to allow admission for Spring semester.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Mich.3. Sherrill School Parents Comm., Bentley v. Bd. of Educ. (Detroit.) (ED Mich., S. Div., #22092.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 47. May 1, 1964: Report of amicus filed recommending redistricting of city, assignment of teachers and administrators to achieve greater racial balance.
522.Miss.1a. Green v. Fair. (U. of Miss.) (U.S.S.C., #107.)*
522.Miss.2. Evers v. Jackson School Bd. (CA 5, #20824.)*
522.Miss.3. Hudson v. Leake Co. School Bd. (CA 5, #20825.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 113, 141, IX DOCKET 24. Jan. 8, 1964: Appeal argued.

And see R. Jess Brown, 373.14.

522.Miss.4. U.S. v. Biloxi Muni. Separate School Dist. (CA 5.)*
522.Miss.4a. Mason v. Biloxi Separate School Dist. (CA 5, #20826.) Facts, issues, status same as 522.Miss.2 and 3.
522.Miss.5. U.S. v. School Bd. (Gulfport.) (CA 5.)*
522.Miss.6. McDowell v. Tubb. (U. of Miss. Law School.) (SD Miss., Jackson Div., Civ., #3425.)*
522.Mo.2. Davis v. Bd. of Educ. (Charleston.) (ED Mo., #S62 C 51.)*
522.Mo.3. Lewis v. Bd. of Educ., Deering. (Pemiscot.) (DC Mo.)*
522.NJ.4a. Fisher v. School Bd. of Orange. (N.J. Commr. of Educ.)*
522.NY.6. Branche v. Bd. of Educ. (Hempstead.) (ED NY, #62,-C-176.)*

See also 523.NY.1, 523.NY.2

522.NY.6a. Mitchell v. Bd. of Educ. (Hempstead.) (NY State Commr. of Educ., #7240.)*

See also 522.NY.6.

522.NY.7. Blacker v. Bd. of Educ. (Manhasset, Long Island.) (ED NY, #62-C-285.)*
522.NY.9. Aikens v. Bd. of Educ. (Rochester.) (WD NY, #9,-736.)*
522.NY.10. Bailey v. Bd. of Educ. (Westbury.) (DC NY.)*

See also 523.NY.1, 523.NY.2.

522.NC.12. Griffith v. Robinson. (Yancey Co.) (WD N.C., #1881.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 48, IX DOCKET 25. 8 Negro students, 2 teachers remain in 18-student school after Def. accepted all Negroes' applications for transfers.
522.NC.13a. Farmer v. Greene Co. Bd. of Educ. (CA 4, #9125.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 86, 142. Nov. 6, 1963: Appeal argued. Feb. 17, 1964: Hearing in DC on Pl's. motion to strike Def's. motion for jury trial.
522.NC.14. Wheeler v. Durham City Bd. of Educ. (M.D. N.C., #C 54-D-60.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 48, 113, 142. Jan. 20, 1964: Appeal argued. May 1, 1964: Def's. plan for total desegregation due under DC order.
522.NC.14a. Spaulding v. Durham City Bd. of Educe. (MD N.C., #C-116-D-60.)*
522.NC.14b. Thompson v. Durham Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C., Greensboro Div., C-140-D-63.)*
- 63 -

522.NC.16b. Chance v. Harnett Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C.) Facts: VI DOCKET 39. Oct. 17, 1960: Pls.-27 Indian children sued for admission to public schools. Oct. 1960: DC issued, then dissolved, temporary injunction compelling admission. Jan. 2, 1964: DC ordered 27 Pls. admitted to white schools, but stated order applied only to these Pls. (Indian children have attended local high school since 1961.)
522.NC.16c. Felder v. Harnett Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C., Raleigh Div., #1469-Civ.) Oct. 9, 1963: Pls.-19 Negro children sued to desegregate public schools. May 6, 1964: Hearing on Def's. motion to strike portions of complaint.

Conrad O. Pearson, Esq., 203½ Chapel Hill St., Durham, N.C.

522.NC.17. Wynn v. Trs., Charlotte Community College System. (U.S.S.C.)*
522.NC.18. Hunter v. Raleigh City Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C., Raleigh Div., #1308.)*
522.NC.19. Belo v. Randolph Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C., #209-C-62.) Facts: IX DOCKET 25. Jan. 30, 1964: Def. filed plan for initial assignment and reassignment to schools on nonracial basis. All Pls. now enrolled in formerly all-white schools.
522.NC.20. Conley v. Transylvania Co. Bd. of Educ. (WD N.C., #2094.)*
522.NC.21. Gilmore v. High Pt. Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 86, IX DOCKET 25. Pls. filed objections to Def's. plan, that new set of single zone lines gerrymandered to maintain segregation. Pending.
522.NC.22. Cabaniss v. Shelby Bd. of Educ. (WD N.C., #2134.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 113, IX DOCKET 25. Case moot.
522.NC.23. Ford v. Cumberland Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C., #668.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 113, IX DOCKET 25. Def. filed plan merely adopting N.C. Pupil Assignment Law. Pl's. objections filed.
522.NC.24. Ziglar v. Reidsville Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C.) (Greensboro Div., #C-226-G-62.)*
522.NC.25. DuBissette v. Carbarrus Co. Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C.)*
522.NC.26. Turner v. Warren Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED N.C.)*
522.NC.27. Gill v. Concord City Bd. of Educ. (MD N.C., #C-223-S-63.) Sept. 1963: Pls. filed suit to desegregate schools. Feb. 20, 1964: Pls. motion for preliminary injunction denied; complt. dismissed as to indiv. Def.-Supt. of Schools; Def.-Bd.'s motion to dismiss denied. Parties will refrain from discovery until Mar. 15, 1964: if no agreement reached on desegregation plan, 60 days allowed for discovery; trial to be held July, 1964.

Conrad O. Pearson, Esq., 203½ Chapel Hill St., Durham, N.C.

522.NC.28. Williams v. Hendersonville City School Bd. (WD N.C., #2182.) Oct. 1963: Pls. sued to desegregate public schools. Nov. 27, 1963: Def.-Bd. answered: alleged failure to exhaust administrative remedies, survey shows most Negro parents want their children to remain in Negro school, suggested desegregation plan. Negotiation underway.

NAACP Legal Defense and Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Cir., NYC.

522.NC.29. Bowditch v. Buncombe Co. Bd. of Educ. (WD N.C., #2196.) Jan. 24, 1964: Pl.-parents of 32 Negro children sued to enjoin Def.-Bd. from discriminating in any manner against Negro children or teachers, beginning with 1964-65 school year. Def. voluntarily began token integration in 1963; 3-yr. desegregation plan in effect. Pending.

Ruben J. Dailey, Esq., 13½ Eagle St., Asheville, N.C.

522.Okla.6. Dowell v. Bd. of Educ. (Oklahoma City.) (WD Okla., #9452.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 49, 142, IX DOCKET 25. Bd. now following policy of filling all positions, professional and other, without regard to race.
522.Okla.7. Hill v. New Lima Bd. of Educ. (DC Okla.)*
522.Pa.1. Chisholm v. Bd. of Educ. (Philadelphia.) (ED Pa., #29706.)*

Isaiah W. Crippens, Esq., 154 N. 15th St., Philadelphia.

522.SC.1. Briggs v. Elliott. (Clarendon Co.) (CA 4.)*
522.SC.2. Brunson v. Bd. of Trs., Clarendon Co. School Dist. No. 1. (ED S.C., #7210.)*
522.SC.5. Stanley v. Darlington Co. School Dist. No. 1. (ED S.C., #7749.)*
522.SC.6. Brown v. School Dist. 20. (Charleston.) (CA 4.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 49, IX DOCKET 25. Jan. 27, 1964: CA 4 unanimously affirmed DC order admitting 11 Negro Pls., noted DC included invitation to Def. to submit desegregation plan.
522.SC.10. Randall v. Sumter School Dist. No. 2. (Sumter.) (ED S.C.)*
522.SC.11. Whittenberg v. Greenville Co. School Dist. (WD S.C., #4396.)*
522.Tenn.1a. Boyce v. Humphreys Co. Bd. of Educ. (Nashville.) (MD Tenn., #3130.)*
522.Tenn.6. Goss v. Bd. of Educ. (Knoxville.) (CA 6.)*
522.Tenn.7. Northcross v. Memphis Bd. of Educ. (CA 6, #14,642) (303 F.2d 818, 1962.)*
522.Tenn.8. Mapp v. Chattanooga Bd. of Educ. (CA 6, #15038-9.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 50, 142. Nov. 27, 1963: DC approved plan requiring immediate integration at Chattanooga Technical Inst.
522.Tenn.11. Vick v. Co. Bd. of Educ. (Obion Co.) (WD Tenn., #3129.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 50. Def. submitted plan for: (1) compulsory segregation to be abolished in 1962-63 yr.; (2) racial school zones to be established; (3) students to be assigned according to zones; (4) minimum race transfers permitted.
522.Tenn.12. Monroe v. Jackson Bd. of Educ. (CA 6.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 113, 143, IX DOCKET 25. Pls.' appeal pending.
522.Tenn.13. Pls. v. Madison Co. Bd. of Educ. (WD Tenn.)*
- 64 -

522.Tenn.14. Robinson v. Memphis Bd. of Educ. (Shelby Co.) (DC Tenn., Memphis.)*
522.Tenn.15. Hill v. Franklin Co. Bd. of Educ. (ED Tenn.) 1963: Pls. sued to desegregate public schools. Jan. 2, 1964: DC ordered Def.-Bd. to desegregate two elementary schools by Mar. 2. Pending.
522.Tex.7. Ross v. Rogers. (Houston.) (CA 5.)*
522.Tex.10. Flax v. Potts. (Fort Worth.) (ND Tex., #4205.)*
522.Tex.14. Eastland v. Wheat. (Northeast Houston.) (SD Tex., #13,330.)*
522.Tex.16. Sanders v. Ransom. (U. of Tex.) (WD Tex., Austin Div., #1231.)*
522.Tex.17. Thomas v. Bowen. (Bryan.) (SD Tex., #13,850.)*
522.Tex.18. McGrue v. Williams. (WD Tex., Waco Div., #2291.)*
522.Tex.20. Carter v. Hix. (Gatesville.) (WD Tex., Waco Div., #2276.)*

J. Phillip Crawford, Esq., 2305 E. 7th St., Austin; Weldon H. Berry, Esq., 618 Prairie Ave., Houston; Robert L. Penrice, Esq., 316 Sherman St., Waco.

522.Tex.23. Miller v. Barnes. (Georgetown.) (CA 5.)*
522.Tex.24. Rice Institute v. Carr. (DC Tex.)*
522.Tex.25. Price v. Denison Independent School Dist . (ED Tex., #1565.) Jan. 9, 1964: Pl.-Negro children sued for complete desegregation by Sept. 1964, claiming Def.-Bd's. grade-a-year plan "too little and too late." Early April: trial date.

W. H. Berry, Esq., 618 Prairie Ave., Houston, Texas; NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

522.Tex.26. Brown v. Hendrix. (Beaumont.) (ED Tex.) Sept. 9, 1962: Pl.-Negro children sued to desegregate schools. Sept. 1963: Bd. of Educ. adopted grade-a-year plan. Pls. asked that their children, in higher grades, be admitted to white schools immediately. Jan. 1964: After hearings, case submitted.
522.Tex.27. Richard v. Christ. (Jefferson Co.) (ED Tex.) Sept. 18, 1962: Pl.-Negro children sued to desegregate schools. Jan., 1964: Hearings held and case submitted with Brown, 522. Tex.26.
522.Va.1. Griffin v. Co. School Bd. (Prince Edward Co.) (U.S.S.C., #592.) (133 SE.2d 565.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 51, 143, IX DOCKET 26. Jan. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C., per curiam, granted cert., declining to wait until final action by CA 4. Issues: (1) Does closing of public schools in one Va. Co. deny equal protection when schools are open in rest of Va.? (2) Is fedl. abstention doctrine appropriate or required here? Pending.
522.Va.1a. U.S. v. Price George Co. Bd. of Educ . (ED Va., #3536.)*
522.Va.3a. Adkinson v. School Bd. (Newport News.) (ED Va., Newport News Div., #642.)*
522.Va.4. Hill v. School Bd. (Norfolk.) (ED Va.)*
522.Va.5. Dillard v. School Bd. (Charlottesville.) (DC Va.)*
522.Va.6. Brooks v. School Bd. (Arlington Co.) (ED Va.)*
522.Va.13. Kilby v. Warren Co. School Bd. (WD Va.)*
522.Va.14a. Bradley v. School Bd. (Richmond.) (ED Va., #3353.) (317 F.2d 429, 1963.)*
522.Va.20. Blackwell v. School Bd. (Fairfax Co.) (ED Va., #1967.)*
522.Va.21. Green v. School Bd. (Roanoke.) (WD Va., Roanoke Div., #1095.)*
522.Va.21a. Marsh v. School Bd. (Roanoke Co.) (WD Va., Roanoke Div., #1095.)*
522.Va.24. Jackson v. School Bd. (Lynchburg.) (WD Va., Lynchburg Div., #534.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 52, 86. Jy. 1, 1963: CA 4 reversed DC order for grade-a-year desegregation, held racial minority transfer plan invalid. On remand, DC ordered Def. to submit new plan, including teacher desegregation.
522.Va.25. Anderson v. School Bds., West Point and King William Co. (Richmond.) (ED Va., #3365.)*
522.Va.26. McLeod v. Chesterfield Co. School Bd. and Va. Pupil Placement Bd. (near Richmond.) (ED Va., #3431.)*
522.Va.27. Williams v. Winchester School Bd. (WD Va., Harrisonburg Div., #629.)*
522.Va.28. Scott v. Fredericksburg School Bd. (ED Va., #3438.)*
522.Va.29. Brown v. Frederick Co. School Bd. (CA 4.)*
522.Va.30. Gillman v. Hopewell School Bd. (ED Va.)*
522.Va.31. Buckner v. School Bd. (Greene Co.) (DC Va.)*
522.Va.32. Bell v. Co. School Bd. of Powhatan Co. (DC Va.)*
522.Va.32a. Powhatan Co. School Bd. v. Pupil Placement Bd. (Richmond.) (Richmond Cir. Ct., Ch. #B-2903.)*
522.WVa.3. Taylor v. Raleigh Co. Bd. of Educ. (SD W.Va., Beckley #159.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 52, 114. Jan. 1964: Submitted to DC.

Willard Brown, Esq., Charleston, W. Va.

523. Suits To Prevent Integration (see also 204, 213, 223)

523.NY.1. Balaban v. Rubin. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) (Sup. Ct., App. Div., 2d Jud. Dept.) Facts: IX DOCKET 26. Mar. 10, 1964: App. Div. reversed, held: "in drawing attendance lines for a school, it is not only within the power of the Bd. to take into consideration the ethnic composition of the children therein, but that under the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States it is the Bd's. responsibility so to do in order to prevent the creation of a segregated public school." Ct. found Bd. drew zone lines so that white-Pls. and other pupils would all attend nearest Jr. High; Educ. Law §3201 passed (1900) to prevent school segregation; no "quota" system established here. Ct. said Brown "does not mean ... that white children who live in non-contiguous or outlying areas must be 'bussed' into a Negro area in order to desegregate a Negro school."

Leo A. Larkin, NYC Corp. Counsel; Seymour B. Quel and Benjamin Offner, Esqs., Municipal Bldg., NYC.

Amicus brief by NAACP by Robert L. Carter, Barbara A. Morris, Jawn A. Sandifer, Esqs., 20 W. 40th St., NYC.

- 65 -

523.NY.2. Vetere and Hummell v. Allen, Comm'r. of Educ. (Hempstead.) (Albany Co. Sup. Ct., #5217-63, 5440-63.) Facts: IX DOCKET 27. Dec. 31, 1963: Ct. denied Def's. motion to dismiss, annulled Def's. determination to redraw zone lines to eliminate de facto racial imbalance.
524. Miscellaneous Suits to End Segregation (see also 555)

524.2. Shaffer v. White Citizens' Council Forum, Miss. Sovereignty Comm., Miss. Gov. Barnett, Treas. Gandy. (SD Miss., #3068.)*
530. Housing — Racial Discrimination
Law review article: Richard R. B. Powell, The relationship between property rights and civil rights. 15 Hastings 135-52.

Carmen H. Warschaw, California's new fair housing law. 37 S. Calif. 47-49.

Symposium: Civil rights and the south, 42 N.C. Univ. 1-176: Martin E. Sloane, Housing discrimination—The response of law; Charles J. Bloch, Property rights—Are there any?

Booklet: N.J. Division on Civil Rights, Open doors. 16 pp. 1963. Dept. of Law and Public Safety.

531. In Public and Publicly-Assisted Housing — Urban Renewal (Title I)
Law review article: Clarence C. Ferguson, Jr., A brief commentary on urban redevelopment and civil rights. 9 Howard 101-15.
531.10. Arena v. Columbia Univ. (Comm. on Human Rights.)*
531.11. Smith v. Holiday Inns of America. (Nashville.) (CA 6, #3409.) (220 F.Supp. 1.)*

Case note: 16 Vanderbilt 1228-31.

531.13. Re House and Home, Ltd. (Veterans' Admin.)*
532. In Publicly-Assisted Housing — FHA and VA

532.24. Hudson v. Branden Enterprises, Tropicana Village. (Calif.) (Santa Clara Co. Super. Ct.)*
532.26. Gregory v. Zehman. (Cleveland.) (Com. Pleas Ct., #742-019.)*
532.29. Scott v. Houston. (Berkeley.) (Alameda Co. Super. Ct.)*
533. In Private Housing

533.20. Progress Development Corp. v. Mitchell. (Deerfield.) (ND Ill., E. Div., #59 C 2050.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 53. Jy. 16, 1963: DC sustained Defs'. affirmative defense, dismissed with prejudice at Pl's. costs.

John W. Hunt, W. Willard Wirtz, Newton N. Minow, Richard G. Kahn, Howard Hoosin, Esqs., 135 S. La Salle, Chicago.

533.22. Divine v. Koch. (Calif.) (Sacramento Super. Ct.)*
533.31. McKibben v. Michigan Corp. & Sec. Comm. (Mich. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54, 87, 115. Cite: 119 NW.2d 557. Case note: 41 U. of Detroit 114-18.
533.32. Smith v. Curt Craft. (Portland.) (Multnomah Co. Cir. Ct., #265957, #266890.)*
533.37. Droeger v. DeVries, Select Realty and Rentals. (San Francisco Super. Ct., #508828.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54.*

William J. Losh, Esq., 857 Montgomery St., San Francisco.

533.39. Johnson v. Coldwell, Banker and Co. (Sacramento.) (Sacramento Co. Super. Ct., #132566.)*
533.41. Stevenson and Kent v. Genl. Fedl. Svgs. and Loan Assn. Harris Trust and Svgs. Bank. (Chicago.) (ND Ill., #61-C-178.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54, 87. After decision for Defs., no appeal.
533.49. Ruiz v. Bertolotti. (App. Div., N.Y. Sup. Ct., 2d Dept., #277 HE.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54, 87, 115. Dec. 19, 1963: App. Div. affirmed Sup. Ct's. denial of Def's. motion to dismiss. Trial to be held.
533.54. Mims v. Values, Inc. (Berkeley.) (Berkeley-Albany Muni. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54. Before trial, settled for $1,750.
533.55. Curtis and Washington State Board Against Discrimination v. Interlake Realty. (King Co. Ct., #H-708.)*
533.56. Thomas v. Goolis, Paxinos. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., #477388.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 54. Jan. 15, 1964: After trial, jury (11-1) awarded Pl. $1,250 damages. Feb. 17, 1964: Defs'. motion for new trial granted.
533.57. Mason v. Grenell. (Shaker Hts.) (Cuyahoga Co., ##771,-611, 771,612.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 55.*

Thomas S. Watson, Esq., 11617 Superior Rd., Cleveland.

533.60. Illinois Terra Realty and Building, Inc. v. Flanagan, Bldg. Comm'r. (Harvey, Ill.) (ND Ill., ED., #63-C-1329.)*
533.61. Bolden v. Perlstein (formerly v. Fleck.) (NY State Comm. for Human Rights, #CH-9122-62.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 144. Jan. 8, 1964: After public hearing, Comm. found Def.-apt.-house owner and Def.-managing agent refused to rent apt. to Pl. solely on basis of race, Def.-lessee signed lease solely to prevent rental to Pl. and without intention to live in apt.; cease and desist order issued.
533.63. California v. Don Wilson Builders. Don Wilson Builders v. Super. Ct. and California. (2d App. Dist. Ct. of App., #27491.) Facts: IX DOCKET 27. Sept. 11, 1963: D.C.A. (2-1) held State had standing to sue, denied Pet's. petition for writ of prohibition against State. Calif. Sup. Ct. denied Pet's. petition for hearing. Nov. 13: Super Ct. issued preliminary injunction prohibiting discrimination in tract.

And see 533.63a.

533.63a. FEPC v. Don Wilson Builders. (Los Angeles Super. Ct., #829678.) Dec. 5, 1963: FEPC filed suit for temporary injunction to preserve status quo pending Comm. determination of complaint of housing discrimination under Rumford Act (Calif. Health & Safety C. §§35700-35744), based on determination by investigating commr. that there is probable cause to believe allegations of complaint are true. Pending.

Robert E. Burke and Charles B. McKesson, Esqs., Deputy Attys. Genl. of Calif.

And see 15.7 and 58.8.

- 66 -

533.65. Wagner v. O'Bannon. (Pomona, Calif.) (Los Angeles Co. Super. Ct., #East C-2148.) Facts: IX DOCKET 28.*

Daniel N. Fox, Esq., 632 N. Park Ave., Pomona, Calif.

533.66. Bell v. Eyring Investment Co. (Berkeley-Albany Muni. Ct., #15010.) Facts: IX DOCKET 28.*

Malcolm Burnstein, Esq., 1440 Broadway, Oakland.

533.70. N. J. Home Builders Assn., N.J. Assn. of Real Estate Bds., and Montoro v. Div. on Civil Rights. (Atlantic Co. Super. Ct., Ch., #C-2196-61.) (81 N.J. Super. 243.) Facts: IX DOCKET 28. Pls. did not appeal from decision upholding statutory definition of real property in N.J.S.A. 18-25-5m, n (Fair Housing Act).

Joseph A. Hoffman, Deputy Atty. Genl. of New Jersey.

533.71. David v. Vesta Co. (Bergen Co. Super. Ct., App. Div., #A-391-63.) (81 N.J. Super. 593.) Facts: IX DOCKET 28. Appeal on constitutionality of N.J.S.A. §18:25-5n pending.

Howard H. Kestin, Deputy Atty. Genl. of New Jersey; Checki and Politan, Esqs., 201 Stuyvesant Ave., Lyndhurst, N.J. for Comp.

Aaron Dines, Esq., 24 Washington St., Morristown, N.J., for Intervenor, Amicus briefs by Morton Stavis, Esq., 744 Broad St. and Herbert H. Tate, Esq., 126 Court St., both of Newark.

533.73. Diaman and Howard v. Shannon. (San Francisco Muni. Ct.) Pl.-white tenant rented apt. from Def.-manager. Pls. allege when Pl.-Negro roommate also moved in, Def. ordered them to move out, beat them with his fists. Pls. sued for $2,000 punitive damages. Nov. 21, 1963: Muni. Ct. denied Def's. motion to strike petition for damages above Civ. C. $250. limit. Trial date to be set.

Ephraim Margolin, Esq., 683 McAllister, San Francisco.

533.74. Calif. FEPC v. Williams. (Los Angeles Co. Super. Ct., #C 830025.) Negro-Comp. alleged Def.-tenants refused to rent their apt. to him solely because of race. Dec. 11, 1963: FEPC obtained temporary restraining order against rental pending FEPC hearing. Jan. 8, 1964: Super Ct. dissolved T.R.O., denied preliminary injunction, held 1963 Rumford Fair Housing Act (Health & Saf. C. §35700) does not apply to apts. of 4 or fewer units. Case closed.

Robert E. Burke, Deputy Atty. Genl. of Calif.

533.75. In the Matter of Accusation of Ciufo, Parker, Marlin, (Calif. FEPC, L.A. No. 3.) Complainants alleged Def.-owner and Def.-rental agent refused to rent to Comps. solely on the basis of race. Jan. 23, 1964: FEPC held first public hearing under Fair Housing Act, at which Def.-agent testified he advised Def.-owner against renting to Pls. because it would be "committing financial suicide." Apr. 6: FEPC found against Resps., ordered compliance with Act and to offer apt. to Comp.
533.76. Porter v. City of Oberlin. (Ohio Sup. Ct., #38,734.) Tax-payer's suit testing constitutionality of open housing ordinance #235 AC-CMS. Com. Pleas Ct. upheld ordinance; Ct. of App. affirmed. Pending before Ohio Sup. Ct.

G. L. Severs, Esq., Lorain Co. Bank Bldg., Elyria, Ohio.

Amicus brief by Oberlin Citizens Comm. for Fair Housing and Ohio Civil Liberties Union by Jack G. Day, Esq., 1748 Standard Bldg., Cleveland.

533.77. Bachrach v. 1001 Tenants Corp. (N.Y.C. Sup. Ct., 1st Jud. Dist., #40637-63.) Pl.-Temple pres. alleged Def.-co-op apt. denied his application for $30,000 apt. solely because he is Jewish. Pl. sued for $70,000. compensatory damages for expenses in buying another apt., $250,000. punitive damages. Dec. 27, 1963: Hofstadter, J. denied Defs'. motion to dismiss (with opinion).
534. Omnibus Suits to End Housing Segregation

534.1. Cotillion Club, Inc. v. Detroit Real Estate Bd. (ED Mich., S. Div., #22058.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 55. Jan. 24, 1964: DC upheld Defs'. motion to dismiss, held no showing of interstate commerce to support complaint under Anti-Trust Act, no showing of state action to support Civil Rights Act complaint. Motions under FR Civ. Proc. 52, 59 pending.
535. Miscellaneous Housing Suits

535.2. Lewis v. Jordan. (Calif. Sup. Ct.) Pl. made unsuccessful attempts to enjoin Co. clerks from accepting petitions sponsored by Calif. Real Estate Assn. to place on Calif. November ballot a state constitutional amendment repealing existing fair housing legislation and prohibiting such legislation in future. Mar. 1964: Pl. sued to enjoin Calif. Secy. of State from placing measure on ballot. Issues: (1) Whether initiative on its face violates Fourteenth Amendment equal protection clause; (2) Whether it affects so many statutory and constitutional provisions that it is not "amendment" which can be placed on ballot by initiative, but "revision" which must be proposed by both houses of legislature; (3) Whether initiative would impermissibly curtail state police power. Pending.

Loren Miller, Esq., 2824 Western Ave., Los Angeles.

As amici:

Stanley Mosk, Calif. Atty.-Genl. for State Bd. of Educ., urging initiative would increase racial tension in schools, preserve pattern of ghetto housing which leads to de facto school segregation; Ephraim Margolin, Esq., 683 McAllister St., San Francisco, for Am. Jewish Congress; ACLU, ILGWU, Community Service Organization.

[For Def.-Secy. of State: By leave of State Dept. of finance, private attorney Samuel Preitt, Esq., (counsel to Calif. Real Estate Assn.)]

540. Transportation — Racial Discrimination
541. In Interstate Facilities

541.Ala.1. Baldwin v. Morgan. (Birmingham.) (ND Ala.)*
541.Ala.6. Alabama v. Zweig. (Birmingham.) (Birmingham Muni. Ct.)*
541.Ala.9. Abernathy v. Alabama. (Montgomery.) (U.S.S.C., #575.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 55, IX DOCKET 28. Jan. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C. granted certiorari.
541.Ala.12. U.S. v. City of Montgomery, Bd. of Commrs., Ranch Enterprises, Inc. (CA 5.)*
- 67 -

541.Ala.13. Alabama v. Sizemore, Greyhound Restaurant Mgr. (Birmingham.) (Birmingham Muni. Ct.)*
541.Ala.14. U.S. v. City of Birmingham Officials. (ND Ala.)*
541.Calif.3. Thomas v. Nevada Club. (San Francisco Muni. Ct., #447044.)*
541.Fla.2. Dresner v. City of Tallahassee. (Fla. Sup. Ct.)*
541.Fla.3. Smith, Callender and O'Connor v. Florida. (Ocala.) (Fla. Sup. Ct.)*
541.Fla.4. Lamb v. Hillsborough County Aviation Auth. (SD Fla., #4020.)*
541.Ga.2. Georgia v. Defs. (Atlanta.) (Atlanta City Ct., Fulton Co. Crim. Ct.)*
541.Ga.3. Georgia v. Rev. Moss. (Atlanta.) (Fulton Co. Crim. Ct.)*
541.Ga.5. Georgia v. Defs. (Atlanta.) (Atlanta City Ct.)*
541.Ill.1. Wright v. C. B. & Q. RR., Vanderbilt Better Tours. (CA 7.)*
541.La.1. Adams v. City of New Orleans. (CA 5.)*
541.La.2. U.S. v. New Orleans, Aviation Bd. and Interstate Hosts, Inc. (ED La., #19898.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 56, 87. Defs. desegregated Airport facilities over 2-3 yr. period. Case closed.
541.La.5. Louisiana v. Walmsley, Trailways Station Mgr. (Shreveport.) (Caddo Parish Ct.)*
541.Miss.1. Mississippi v. "Freedom Riders." (Jackson.) (Miss. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 56. See specific cases at 541.Miss.1a, .1b, .1c.
541.Miss.1a. Davidov v. Mississippi. (Miss. Sup. Ct., #12,665.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 56 at 541.Miss.1. Cir. Ct. affirmed convictions in 20 of 72 cases appealed from Co. Ct. Miss. Sup. Ct. denied Defs'. motion to consolidate all cases. Sept. 8, 1963: Cases argued; pending.
541.Miss.1b. Thomas v. Mississippi. (Miss. Sup. Ct.) Facts: 541.Miss.1a (above). Feb. 18, 1964: Miss. Sup. Ct. affirmed conviction. Def's. suggestion of error pending.
541.Miss.1c. Farmer v. Mississippi. (Miss. Sup. Ct.) Facts: 541. Miss.1a (above). Mar. 2, 1964: Miss. Sup. Ct. affirmed convictions of 24 Defs.: "The jury had ample evidence from which to draw an inference that a breach of the peace was imminent unless Appt. and his party moved on to wherever they wished to go."
541.Miss.4. Mississippi v. Frieze, Carey, Luster. (Jackson.) (Miss. Sup. Ct.)*
541.Miss.6. Bailey v. Atty. Genl. Patterson. (Jackson.) (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 57, 87, 116, IX DOCKET 29. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied certiorari.
541.Miss.7. U.S. v. Fraiser. (Greenwood.)*
541.Miss.8. Mississippi v. Moses. (McComb.) (Cir. Ct.)*
541.Miss.9. U.S. v. Mayor and Selectmen of McComb City. (SD Miss., #3215.)*
541.Miss.13. Mississippi v. Rev. Chas. Jones, Taylor and G. Jackson. (Jackson.) (Jackson Muni. Ct.)*
541.Miss.14. U.S. v. City of Jackson. (CA 5.) (318 F.2d 1.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 57, IX DOCKET 29.

Case note: 32 Geo. Washington 375-81.

541.Miss.15. Mississippi v. Bell. (Jackson.) (Jackson City Ct.)*
541.Miss.16. U.S. v. Oxford City Officials. (Oxford.) (DC Miss.)*
541.Miss.17. Mississippi v. Nelson, Thompson and Smith. (Poplarville.) (Pearl River Co. Ct.)*
542. In Intrastate Facilities (and see 51, 54, 55, 58)

542.4. Evers v. Dwyer. (Memphis.) (DC Tenn.)*
542.12a. Shuttlesworth v. Alabama. (Ct. of App.; Ala. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 58, IX DOCKET 29. Petition for habeas corpus filed in DC. Dec. 12, 1963: DC held: (1) State remedies exhausted; (2) not necessary to seek cert. in U.S.S.C. (Fay v. Noia, 452.1, 372 U.S. 391); (3) evidence before Cir. Ct. shows no disorderly conduct by Defs.; (4) charges against Defs. "so totally devoid of evidentiary support as to render their conviction unconstitutional" under Fourteenth Amdt. due process clause; (5) fact that Defs. were released on bail after filing petitions for habeas corpus writs does not abrogate their right to have DC decide issues in petition; writs issued.
542.16. City of Montgomery v. Taylor. (Montgomery City Ct., #16372.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 58. Nov. 28, 1960: Def. convicted; $50 and costs. Appealed to Montgomery Co. Cir. Ct.
542.17. City of Petersburg v. Defs. (Petersburg Muni. Ct.)*
542.20. Georgia v. Defs. (Macon.) (Macon Muni. Ct.)*

See summary of Albany cases at 55.

542.21. Georgia v. 5 Defs. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
542.21a. Georgia v. Forman, Lee, Collings. (Albany.) (Albany Super. Ct.)*
542.21b. Georgia v. 267 Defs. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct., Juvenile Ct.)*
542.21d. Georgia v. 198 Defs. (Albany.) (Albany Recorder's Ct.)*
550. Miscellaneous Racial Discrimination (and see 51, 54, 55, 58)
Comment: Equal protection and discrimination in public accommodations. 32 Fordham 327-39.
551. In Recreational Facilities

551.Ark.1. Freeman v. City of Little Rock. (ED Ark., W. Div., #LR-62-C-40.)*
551.Calif.5. Santa Clara Voiture 365 v. American Legion 40 & 8 Society. (Santa Clara Super. Ct., #110512.)*
- 68 -

551.Calif.9. Lowe v. Given and Donaldson d/b/a Park Lane Hotel. (Menlo Park.) (San Mateo Super. Ct., #96573.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 59. Apr. 2, 1964: Settled and dismissed.
551.Ga.5. King v. Mayor Hartsfield, Judge Webb. (Atlanta.) (ND Ga., #7603.)*
551.Ga.7. Georgia v. Defs. (Atlanta.) (Fulton Co. Crim. Ct.)*
551.Ga.8. Patterson v. MacLean. (Savannah.) (SD Ga. #1321.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 116. Jan. 28, 1964: DC heard Pl's. motion on desegregation of swimming pool. May 1: Trial date.
551.Ga.9. Law v. Jekyll Island State Park Auth. (ND Ga.) Facts: IX DOCKET 29. Nov. 9, 1963: DC denied Def's. motions to dismiss and add lessees as indispensible parties. Mar. 30, 1964: Trial.
551.Ga.10. Newton v. City of Macon. (Bibb Co. Super. Ct., #25864.) Bacon devised property to Def. for use as park for whites only. Def. did not enforce restriction. Bacon's heirs and Park Bd. of Mgrs. sued to enforce restriction. Def. attempted to resign as trustee. Negro-Intervenors sought order directing Def. to operate park on non-discriminatory basis. Mar. 10, 1964: Super. Ct. accepted Def's. resignation, will appoint new "private" trustees.

NAACP Legal Def. & Educ. Fund, 10 Columbus Circle, NYC.

551.Ky.2. Walker v. Bd. of Educ. (Richmond.) (ED Ky., #238.)*
551.La.3. Bates v. Sheraton Corp. of America. (New Orleans.) (MD La., #12,940.) (8 RRLR 625.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 87, IX DOCKET 29. Cite: 217 F.Supp. 661.
551.La.4. Bynum v. Schiro. (New Orleans.) (U.S.S.C., #580.) (219 F.Supp. 204.) Facts: IX DOCKET 29. Jan. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C. affirmed, citing Johnson v. Va., 373 U.S. 61.

A. P. Tureaud, Esq., 1821 Orleans Ave., New Orleans.

551.La.5. New Orleans v. Barthe. (U.S.S.C., #663.) Sept. 27, 1963: 3-judge fedl. ct. held Def.-City may not constitutionally maintain racially segregated municipal parks and recreational facilities. Feb. 17, 1964: U.S.S.C. dismissed Def's. appeal, granted certiorari and affirmed.

A. P. Tureaud, Esq., 1821 Orleans Ave., New Orleans.

551.Md.1. Griffin, Drews v. Maryland. (Baltimore.) (U.S.S.C., ##26, 7, 6.)*
551.Md.2. Statom v. Co. Commissioners. (Prince Georges Co.) (Md. Ct. of App.)*
551.Miss.2. U.S. v. Harrison Co., Co. Bd. of Supervisors, Co. Sheriff, City of Biloxi, City Mayor, Police Chief. (CA 6.)*
551.Miss.3. Mississippi v. Defs. (Jackson.) (Jackson Muni. Ct.)*
551.Miss.4. Pls. v. City of Jackson. (CA 5, #19961.)*

And see 555.Miss.1.

551.NY.8. New York v. Komisar. (NYC Adolescent Ct.)*
551.NC.4. Edwards v. Abercrombie Enterprises. (Durham.) (MD N.C., #C-138-D-62.)*
551.SC.4. Brown v. S.C. State Forestry Comm. (CA 5.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60. IX DOCKET 30. Newspaper editor-Intervenor appealed, claimed $10,000,000. damages from Pls. and NAACP for allegedly boycotting his newspaper; pending.
551.SC.5. Walker v. Shaw. (Greenville.) (WD S.C., #2983.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60. Pl's. motion for new trial pending. Def. converted swimming pool into den for sea lions, but 2 died, others live in shower room because of swimming pool leak.
551.SC.6. James v. Carnegie Public Library. (Sumter.) (ED S.C., #AC-1163.) Suit to desegregate public library. Def's. motion to dismiss pending.

Jenkins and Perry, Esqs., 1107½ Washington St., Columbia, S.C.; Ernest A. Finney, Jr., Esq., Sumter, S.C.

551.Tenn.8. City of Knoxville v. Defs. (Knoxville Muni. Ct.)*
551.Va.7. Virginia v. James. (Hampton.) (VA Sup. Ct. of App.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 60. Apr. 17, 1962: Sup. Ct. reversed.

W. Hale Thompson and Philip Walker, Esqs., Newport News, Va.

551.Va.9. Pls. v. City of Richmond. (Richmond Hustings Ct.)*
552. In Dining Places (and see 51, 54, 55, 58)

552.Ala.4a. City of Montgomery v. King and Embry. (Ala. Ct. of Appeals.)*
552.Ala.10. City of Birmingham v. Burks. (Birmingham Muni. Ct.)*
552.Ark.2. Briggs, Lupper v. Arkansas. (U.S.S.C.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 61, 146, IX DOCKET 30. Petition for cert. pending.
552.Fla.4. Florida v. Robinson. (Shell City, Miami.) (U.S.S.C.)*
552.Ga.10. Georgia v. King. (Atlanta City Ct.)*
552.Ga.11. Georgia v. Def. (Atlanta.) (City Ct.)*
552.Ga.13. Georgia v. 8 Drs. (Atlanta.) (Fulton Co. Ct.)*
552.Ga.14. Van Clark v. Georgia. (Savannah.) (Ga. Sup Ct., #22322.) 1963: Several hundred Negroes arrested at lunch counter sit-ins; trespassing (Ga. C. Tit. 26-3005). City Ct.: convicted. Jan. 30, 1964: Ga. Sup. Ct. upheld constitutionality of 1954 law, affirmed convictions. Defs'. notice of appeal pending.

B. Clarence Mayfield, Esq., 9 10 W. Broad St.; E. H. Gadsden, Esq., 458½ W. Broad St., both of Savannah.

552.Ky.1. Kentucky v. Defs. (Louisville.) (Muni. C.)*

And see 551.Ky.1.

552.Ky.2. Kentucky v. Defs. (Louisville.) (Muni. Ct.)*
552.La.1. Garner, Briscoe, Hoston v. Louisiana. (Baton Rouge.) (U.S.S.C.)*
552.La.2. Lombard v. Louisiana. (New Orleans.) (373 U.S. 267.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 61, 87, 117.

Case note: 9 Villanova 129-33.

- 69 -

552.Md.4. Maryland v. Wagner. (Queenstown.) (Centerville Muni. Ct.)*
552.Md.5. Bell v. Maryland. (Baltimore.) (U.S.S.C., #12.)*
552.Mo.2. Missouri v. Def. (Columbia.) (Police Ct.)*
552.NC.4. Williams v. North Carolina. (Monroe.) (U.S.S.C., #10.)*
552.NC.10. North Carolina v. Defs. (Rutherford.) (Muni. Ct.)*
552.NC.11. North Carolina v. Nelson. (Statesville.) (Crim. Ct.)*
552.SC.2. Fields v. South Carolina. (Orangeburg.) (S.C. Co. Ct.) (8 RRLR 799.)*
552.SC.2b. South Carolina v. Davis. (U.S.S.C.)*
552.SC.3a. Barr and Bouie v. South Carolina. (U.S.S.C., ##9, 10.)*
552.SC.3b. Edwards v. South Carolina. (Columbia.) (372 U.S. 229.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62, 87.

Case note: 30 Brooklyn 116-19.

552.SC.3c. South Carolina v. Carter. (Columbia.) (Richland Co. Ct.)*
552.SC.4. City of Rock Hill v. Henry. (U.S.S.C., #97.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62, IX DOCKET 30. Nov. 15, 1963: On remand, S.C. Sup. Ct. reaffirmed conviction. Apr. 6, 1964: U.S.S.C. granted certiorari; reversed conviction.
552.SC.4b. South Carolina v. Rev. Ivory, Dietrich, Hackley. (Rock Hill.) (Muni. Ct.)*
552.SC.4c. South Carolina v. Ivory. (Rock Hill.) (York Co. Cir. Ct.)*
552.SC.4d. City of Rock Hill v. Hamm. (U.S.S.C., #105.)*
552.SC.6. City of Florence v. George. (Florence Co. Cir. Ct.)*
552.SC.7. City of Spartanburg v. Defs. (Spartanburg Recorder's Ct.)*
552.SC.8. Peterson v. City of Greenville. (373 U.S. 244.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 62, 118.

Case notes: 35 Mississippi U. 103-05; 8 St. Louis 273-75.

552.SC.9a. City of Darlington v. Stanley. (U.S.S.C.)*
552.SC.10. Mitchell v. City of Charleston. (U.S.S.C., #89.)*
552.SC.11. South Carolina v. 8 Defs. (Greenville.)*
552.Tenn.4a. City of Nashville v. Carnaham. (Nashville.) (Cir. Ct.)*
552.Tenn.8. Tennessee v. Lewis. (Nashville.) (Crim. Ct., #15866.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 88. Defs. convicted of unlawful conspiracy (Tenn. C. §39-1101). Jan. 9, 1964: Tenn. Sup. Ct. affirmed. Mar. 10, 1964: Petition for rehearing denied.
552.Va.9. Virginia v. Allen. (Hopewell.) (U.S.S.C.)*
552.Va.10a. Wood v. Virginia. (Va. Sup. Ct. of App.)
553. In Other Facilities (and see 42)

553.Ala.1. Alabama v. Defs. (Talladega.) (Muni. Ct.)*
553.Calif.1. Neville v. Peralta Steam Baths. (Berkeley Muni. Ct.)*
553.Ga.1. Henderson v. Grady Hotel Corp. (Atlanta.) (CA 5.)*
553.Miss.1. Mississippi v. Defs. (Jackson.) (Muni. Ct.)*
553.NY.1. Patterson v. Max Beauty Salon. (Minneola, L.I.) (Nassau Co. Dist. Ct.)*
553.Ohio.1. Gegner v. Graham. (Yellow Springs.) Pl. refused to give a haircut to a Negro. Ohio Civil Rights Comm. issued cease and desist order. Pl. filed petition for review of Comm. order testing constitutionality of Ohio R. C. 4112.01 (I), 4112.02 as applied to personal service trade.

John E. Duda, Esq., Lawyers Bldg., Cleveland.

Amicus brief by Joshua J. Kancelbaum, Esq., 1748 Standard Bldg., Cleveland, for O.C.L.U.

And see arrests of those protesting Pl's. discriminatory conduct, 553.Ohio.1.

553.Pa.1. Johnson v. Cafaro. (Ct. of Common Pleas., Dauphine Co., Pa., #521-1963.)*
553.Tenn.1. Tennessee v. Freeman and Exum. (Memphis.) (Memphis Muni. Ct.)*
553.Tenn.2. Ford v. Tennessee. (Memphis.) (U.S.S.C., #15.)*
553.Wash.1. In re Johnson and Wheeler and Washington State Board Against Discrimination. (Spokane Co. Super. Ct., #172524.) Nov. 7, 1963: After hearing, State Bd. found Resp.-Wheeler had refused to give Comp.-Johnson a haircut solely because of race; ordered Resp. to cease this practice. Resp's. appeal pending.

Morton M. Tytler, Asst. Atty. Genl. of Washington.

554. In Hospitals

554.Ga.1. Dr. Bell v. Grady Memorial Hospital. (Atlanta.) (ND Ga., #7966.)*
554.Ill.1. Dr. Morris, Jr. v. Chicago Hospital Council. (ND Ill., E. Div., #61 C 232.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 64. Jan. 31, 1964: Dismissed by stipulation.
554.NC.1. Simkins and U.S. v. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Community Hospital. (Greensboro.) (U.S.S.C., #776.) (323 F.2d 959.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 64, 88, IX DOCKET 31. Feb. 25, 1964: U.S.S.C. denied Defs'. petition for cert.
554.NC.2a. Eaton v. Grubbs. (CA 4, #9058.)*
554.NC.3. Dr. Hawkins v. N.C. Dental Society and Second Dist. Dental Society. (WD N.C., #1505.)*
554.NC.4. Porter v. N.C. Hospitals Bd. of Control. (DC N.C.)*
554.SC.1. Rackley v. Bd. of Trs., Orangeburg Regional Hospital. (ED S.C., Columbia Div., #AC-887.)*
554.Va.1. Wood v. Hogan. (CA 4.)*

Case note: 16 Stanford 197-202.

And see 555.Va.1.

- 70 -

555. In Government Facilities: Omnibus Suits

555.Ala.2. Faulkner v. City of Gadsden. (ND Ala., Birmingham Div.)*
555.Ala.3. Smith v. City of Birmingham. (ND Ala., S. Div., #10212.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 64. Dec. 4-5, 1963: Trial. Later Def. showed DC discrimination at City Hall and Library stopped; DC did not enjoin City, did enjoin discrimination at motel. DC granted Def's. motion for stay. Feb. 10, 1964: CA 5 granted Pl's. motion to vacate stay. Defs. abandoned appeal; motel being used on nondiscriminatory basis.
555.Ala.4. Gardner v. Kendrick. (Birmingham.) (ND Ala., S. Div.)*
555.Fla.2. Brown v. Bryant. (SD Fla., Miami Div., #63-161.)*
555.Miss.1. Clark v. Thompson. (DC Miss.)
555.Va.1. Thaxton v. Vaughan. *
555.Va.2. Rev. Dunlap v. Councilmen of City of Danville. (WD Va., Danville Div., #540.)*
560. Family Matters—Racial, Religious Problems
561. In Marriage and Divorce

561.3. Hoffman v. Florida. (U.S.S.C.)*
561.4. Medaglia v. Gill. (Baltimore Co. Cir. Ct., #2956.) Pl.-white woman sued Ct. Clerk to issue her license to marry Filipino physician. Feb. 13, 1964: Ct. ordered license issued, did not rule on constitutionality of old Md. law barring "members of Malay race" from marrying whites.
562. In Adoption Proceedings

562.4. Re J. Rockefeller. (Sup. Ct., Mineola.)*
563. In Custody Proceedings

563.9. Potter v. Potter. (Mich. Sup. Ct., #50,169.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 65. Mich. Sup. Ct. (5-2) affirmed custody in father and maternal grandparents.
564. In Miscellaneous Proceedings
570. Employment
Law review article: Daniel Pollitt, Racial discrimination in employment: Proposals for corrective action. 13 Buffalo U. 59-92.
571. Racial Discrimination Against Teachers

571.11. McPherson v. Connellsville Joint School Bd. (Ct. of Com. Pleas, Dauphin Co., #397-1962.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 66. Nov. 18, 1963: Ct. remanded to Pa. Human Relations Comm. Pending.
571.12. U.S. v. Bd. of Educ. (Greene Co., Miss.) (SD Miss. Hattiesburg Div., #1729.)*
571.13. Sylvia Taylor v. Chicago Bd. of Educ. (Ill. FEPC, #62-1.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 66, 119. FEPC held it had no jurisdiction over municipal corporations. Case closed. FEP Act amended to cover municipalities.
571.14. Henry v. Coahoma Co. Bd. of Educ. (ND Miss.)*
571.15. Ross and Simmons v. Taylor Township Bd. of Educ. (Mich. Sup. Ct.)*
572. Racial Discrimination by Government Agencies
573. Racial Discrimination Involving Government Contracts
Note: The President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity does not make available to the public lists of complaints pending before it, or the disposition of particular complaints. For this reason, the DOCKET will describe only complaints which are reported in the press at the time of their conclusion.
573.4. Bishop Childs v. Rockefeller, Wagner. (SD NY, #632,-127.)*
573.4a. Gaynor v. Rockefeller. (NYC.) (NY Sup. Ct., NY Co., #15038-1963.) Facts: IX DOCKET 32. Dec. 6, 1963: Sup. Ct. denied Pl's. motion for temporary injunction.
574. Racial Discrimination by Transportation Companies
Law review article: Irving Kovarsky, Common carriers and state FEPC. 8 St. Louis U. 175-89.
574.8. Cooks v. Bro. of Railway Carmen, Locals 991 and 783; and Texas and New Orleans R.R. Co. (CA 5.)*
574.10. Colorado Anti-Discrimination Comm. v. Continental Air Lines. (83 S. Ct. 1022.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 67, 119.

Case note: 35 Mississippi U. 108-09.

574.16. Baker v. Bro. Ry. & Steamship Clerks, Louisville & Nashville R.R. (WD Ky., #4605.)*
574.17. Wilcox v. Jacksonville Terminal Co. and Bro. of Railway Clerks. (Jacksonville, Fla.) (MD Fla., #63-120-Civ-J.) Facts: IX DOCKET 32.*

Earl M. Johnson, Esq., 625 W. Union St., Jacksonville, Fla.

575. Racial Discrimination by Unions

575.15. Sells v. Intl. Bro. of Firemen and Oilers. (WD Pa., #60-216.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 67. May 3, 1962: DC held for Def. Case closed.

Reed and Bastacky, Esqs., 1304 Law & Finance Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.

575.18. Howard v. St. Louis, San Francisco RR and Bro. of RR Trainmen. (ED Mo., #62-C-358(3)) Facts: VIII DOCKET 67.*

Margaret B. Wilson, Esq., 43 32a Easton Ave., St. Louis.

575.19. Randolph v. Intl. Exec. Bd., Am. Federation of Musicians. (DC Ohio, #6727.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 148, IX DOCKET 32. Feb. 22, 1964: DC granted Def's. motion to dismiss.
575.20. Lefkowitz v. Farrell, Pres., Local 28, Sheet Metal Workers' Intl. Assn., Joint Apprenticeship Comm. (N.Y. State Comm. for Human Rights, #C-9287-63.) Facts: VIII

DOCKET 148, IX DOCKET 32. Mar. 20, 1964: After public hearing, Comm. found Def. did discriminate on basis of race in selecting youth for apprentice course, a prerequisite to Union membership; ordered Def. to adopt policy in selecting aprentices free from race discrimination.

- 71 -

576. Other Racial and Religious Discrimination

576.12. Lombardo, Mullally v. Queens College. (App. Div., N.Y. Sup. Ct.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 88, 148. Cite: 13 App. Div. 2d 1097.
576.13. Calhoun v. General Motors. (Michigan FEPC, #1165.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 88, 120. 1964: After 2-day public hearing, FEPC adjusted complaint, Comp. admitted to Def's. man-in-training program. Remaining issue: Will Comm. order Def. to list Comp's. date of employment as 1960, when complaint filed, to prevent early lay-off?

And see San Francisco employment sit-in cases, 58.16-58.18.

577. Nationality Discrimination
578. Sex Discrimination

578.1. Beary v. Queens Co. Bar Assn. (N.Y. Sup. Ct., Queens Co., #5394-1960.) (209 NYS.2d 893.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 67. Respondent adopted by-law making women lawyers eligible for membership if found acceptable and qualified as any other member of N.Y. Bar in good standing. Dismissed as moot.

Patrick Beary, Esq., 146-01 89th Ave., Jamaica, N.Y.

579. Age Discrimination
580. Civil Actions under Civil Rights Law Not Otherwise Covered (see 304)

580.5. Patterson v. Smith. (ED Mich., S. Div.) Facts: VIII DOCKET 68. Nolle prosequi orders entered on obscenity charges; alleged obscene materials restored to Pl.; Pl's. fingerprints returned; settled and dismissed with prejudice.
590. Criminal Prosecution under Civil Rights Law

590.5. U.S. v. Donald Jones, Wm. King. (Birmingham.) (ND Ala.)*
600. Suits Involving Constitutional Rights of American Indians
601. Civil Actions between Individual Indians and Indian Tribes
602. Civil Actions Against Indians on Reservations
Comment: Problems of state jurisdiction over Indian reservations. 13 De Paul 74-98.
603. Criminal Actions Against Indians on Reservations
604. Actions Involving Property Rights
605. Condemnation of Land of American Indian Reservations

604.5. Washington Depts. of Game and Fisheries v. Kautz. (Thurston Co. Super. Ct., #158824.) 1854: U.S. signed treaty with Puyallup Indian Tribe guaranteeing Indians' right to fish in traditional places. Main source of livelihood for reservation Indians: fishing. Feb. 1964: Super Ct. issued injunction forbidding Puyallup Indians on reservations from using nets to catch fish. Mar.: Indians and friends fished-in with nets; arrested: contempt of ct. order. Mar. 17: Defs. convicted; 30 days. Mar. 30: Wash. Sup. Ct. heard appeal; pending.

Jack E. Tenner, Esq., 812 Puget Sound Bank Bldg., Tacoma.