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Human Rights Casefinder

1953-1969 • the Warren Court Era


Finding Citations:

Following the title of each case is a number. The part of the number before the decimal point is the Classification Scheme number, indicating the subject matter of the case. The number after the decimal point indicates the individual case in that class. When you have found the unique number of the case you are interested in, go to that number in the Numerical Table of Cases to find citations to a description of the case and to court opinions. (See Explanation, page 9.) Listing Case Names

Cases have at least two entries: one for plaintiff and one for defendant:

Allen v Jones
Jones; Allen v

(No cases are entered under "US" or "US Army," only under opposing party.)

Where there is more than one plaintiff or defendant, the names of several parties are entered. "Et al" is deleted.

Cases named "City of," "Township of," "State of," "State Commission," "People of," etc., are entered under name of city, state, etc., e.g., California.

Cases involving school districts, and state, county, or local boards controlling primary or secondary education, are under Board of Education or Pub Inst/Muni Sep School Dist, e.g.:

Brown v Bd of Educ of Topeka, Kansas is entered under Board of

(Topeka); Brown v and Brown v Bd of Educ (Topeka).

Cases involving trustees or regents of junior colleges, colleges, and universities, and state boards of education administering state college systems, are placed under Board of Higher Education/Regents/Trs. Cases are placed according to the name of the college or university, or under the geographical word, e.g., Meredith v Fair (U of Mississippi) is entered under Board of Higher

(Mississippi, University of); Meredith v and Meredith and Fair.

Selective Service cases are entered under, e.g., Selective Service System, Local Board #3 v Jones.

Union cases, e.g., "Local #5 v Jones," are under the name of the union.

"Anonymous Mother" is under the noun, e.g., Mother, Anonymous.

Cases against demonstrators whose names are not known are under Rioters, (City).

Municipal housing authorities are under Housing Authority, (City).

Alphabetical Order

Cases are alphabetized letter-by-letter, disregarding punctuation and spaces between words, e.g.: New York follows Newark.

Names of organizations, agencies, etc., are spelled out, with the following exceptions: ACLU, AFL, AFL-CIO, CORE, FEPC, MFDP, NLRB, SCLC, SNCC, UNESCO, YMCA. Abbreviations are placed in normal alphabetical order, e.g., FEPC follows Fenton.

Procedural phrases are ignored, e.g., "Adoption of Smith" under Smith, Adoption of, and precede all other Smith cases.

The case of a prisoner suing for release on habeas corpus involves a Petitioner, Respondent, and State. It is placed after other cases involving the same party, e.g.:

Alabama v Zweig
Alabama ex rel Alexander v Finch.

Companies are placed under first names or initials, e.g., "W.T. Grant" under W.T. not "Grant."

Numbers are alphabetized as if spelled out, e.g., 2 Benedictine Sisters placed as if "Two Benedictine Sisters."

"Mac" and "Mc" are both under "Mac" and interfiled with names beginning with "M."

New York City and New York State cases are interfiled in one sequence.