MoA II Update, Presented at CNI on December 7, 1998


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Table of Contents

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Today’s Agenda

I. MoA II Project Background

MoA II Project Background (Cont.)

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II. MoA II White Paper Organization

Part 1: White Paper Executive Summary

Part 2: The MoA II Model

The MoA II Model: Assumptions

Assumptions (Cont.)

MoA II Model and Sub-models

MoA II -- Digital Library Service Model

Service Model (cont.)

Service Model (cont.)

Detour Object Oriented Design

MoA II -- The Digital Object Model

Object Model (cont.)

Review: Digital Library Service Model

MoA II Architecture Model

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MoA II Applet/CORBA Implementation

Part 3: Implementing the MoA II Model

MoA II Model Implementation (cont.)

Part 4: Best Practices for Imaging

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MoA II --Progress to Date

1) MoA II White Paper

2) The MoA II DTD

2a) File Inventory

2b) Administrative Metadata

2c) Structural Map

3) Digitization Management Software

3a) MoA II Database

3b) MoA II Object Builder

4) Tools -- MoA II Compliant Viewer

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Author: UC Berkeley Library