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Santa Barbara: Departments

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Geological Sciences
German, Slavic, and Semitic Studies

Geography courses were first offered at Santa Barbara when it became a campus of the University in 1944. Faculty members of various departments taught these courses, notably J. Fred Halterman, professor of economics, and Robert W. Webb, professor of geology. In 1961, Robert B. Johnson was named lecturer in geography and began to expand the curriculum. Johnson was joined by Patrick J. Tyson in 1962. Five courses in geography were offered that year and five in 1963.

The geography program, which had been administered by the Department of Social Sciences, was included in the Department of Sociology-Anthropology in 1961, when the former department was split up. In 1963, anthropology and sociology became separate academic departments and geography was put under the direct charge of the dean of the College of Letters and Science. In July, 1963, Berl Golomb and Robert W. McColl, then Ph.D. candidates at the Los Angeles campus and the University of Washington, respectively, were named lecturers in geography. In January, 1965, Golomb and McColl were appointed assistant professors. Ronald J. Horvath was named acting assistant professor of geography in July, 1965. He became assistant professor in July, 1966.

A minor in geography was established in 1965. In February, 1966, the A.B. program in geography was instituted. Twenty-three majors were enrolled at the end of spring semester, 1966. The program remained under the chairmanship of the dean of the College of Letters and Science, pending formal organization of the department. source

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Geological Sciences
The first course in geology at Santa Barbara State College was taught in 1939 by Ernest L. Bickerdike, professor of chemistry in the science department. In 1940, courses in mineralogy, petrography, and ore deposits became available following the appointment of C. Douglas Woodhouse. Woodhouse contributed to the college, both through his teaching and by the excellent research collection of minerals that he gave to the University. Woodhouse also established an annual senior award for outstanding geology majors.

In 1948, after Santa Barbara State College became a part of the University (1944), a separate Department of Physical Sciences was established, and Professor Robert W. Webb transferred from the Los Angeles campus to develop additional work in geology. Webb served as chairman of the physical sciences department from 1953 to 1959; under his leadership a geology major was introduced, three additional geologists were added to the faculty, and the number of courses increased to 15.

In 1960, the physical sciences department separated into the present Departments of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. Geology, under the chairmanship (1960-63) of Robert M. Norris, offered 20 separate courses, had 22 undergraduate majors, and enrolled over 300 students in elementary geology.

Aaron C. Waters joined the faculty in 1963 and under his chairmanship, a period of rapid growth ensued. Graduate study leading to the doctorate was approved in 1964; ten graduate students enrolled for advanced degrees in this first year. Excellent laboratories equipped in part by extramural grants became available in 1965. By 1966, there were more than 800 students enrolled in undergraduate courses. source

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German, Slavic, and Semitic Studies
There is no history currently available for this department.

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